Thursday, 2021-10-07

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OpenstackThundeHello Team,  WHat is the right tool to use to monitor Openstack Services 06:29
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nconcettiHi all! anyone willing to give me hints about floating ips without a NAT setup?18:34
nconcettii have added an external network with an additional host route for the neutron router to reach the gateway, but floating ip's don't work, do i have to set up some kind of arp advertisement or should this work by default? i'm using kolla-ansible with OVS. br-ex and the like are present and i can reach the internet from within a vm18:38
nconcettiany hints appreciated :-)18:39
lotyrinI am working on a lab cloud following the Installation Guide(s) and the High Availability Guide and running into some trouble with Octavia and possibly Neutron linux bridge agent23:03
lotyrinFrom what I understand I need to have the octavia-interface script run on all my controller nodes so that the Octavia control plane can communicate over the bridge to my Amphora instances23:04
lotyrinBut I am finding that the bridge is not available on all my controller nodes for some reason23:05
lotyrinSo the octavia-interface script fails23:05
mlozalotyrin: which deployment you use23:23
mlozadeployment tool*23:24
lotyrinInstallation Gude (manual with distro packages)23:24
lotyrinUssuri on Ubuntu23:24
mlozaoh, manual install23:25
mlozahaven't done manual install for years23:25
mlozawhy don't you use a deployment tool? e.g. devstack23:26
mlozacan you send me the direct link to the installation guide23:26
mlozai'll take a look23:26
lotyrinI wanted to get familiar with all the moving parts before trying something else, but I think maybe I've mostly gotten that low level experience at this point so I'd revisit a deployment tool23:27
lotyrinDoesn't cover HA, and HA guide doesn't cover Octavia :)23:27
mlozawhich step is failing23:28
lotyrinstarting octavia-interface.service, it fails because the bridge to my amphora network doesn't exist "bridge brqce94ce98-05 does not exist!"23:31
lotyrinIt exists on some controller nodes but not others23:33
lotyrinSo I think what I'm missing is how the linux bridge agent decides when/if to create bridges to my networks23:35
mlozacan you run `systemctl cat octavia-interface.service`23:35
lotyrinIt matches the install guide's unit, but I could pastebin it somewhere if you like23:36
mlozayou can force it to create the bridge by running the script /opt/ 23:36
lotyrinThat's what fails:23:37
lotyrinOct 07 23:31:01 hammer[2957419]: + brctl addif brqce94ce98-05 o-bhm023:37
lotyrinOct 07 23:31:01 hammer[2957432]: bridge brqce94ce98-05 does not exist!23:37
mlozais neutron-linuxbridge-agent.service running ?23:38
lotyrinIt is23:38
lotyrinAnd it doesn't seem to be logging anything failure-looking23:39
lotyrinIs there a setting where neutron only creates the bridges on demand (like it might on a compute node?) vs always creates them (like it maybe should on a control/network node?)23:40
lotyrinDo any of the deployment tools have a high availability story aside from Helm (which is still a bit intimidating to me) or MAAS (which requires dedicating nodes to the MAAS control plane)?23:48

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