Friday, 2021-10-08

lotyrinThat's not it because I just forced a VM to be created on each node connected to the "lb-mgmt-net" and it didn't cause the bridges to be created on the nodes where they are missing00:07
lotyrinOr maybe it was because now they are all there...00:19
lotyrinAnd octavia-interface.service is up on all nodes now, very curious00:22
lotyrinThanks for the help mloza00:26
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nconcettii am having some trouble making floating ip's work. anyone willing to give me a hint? all machines (3x controller, 2x hypervisor) are bare-metal, each has 4 nic interfaces connected to separate networks (no VLAN). iface1 has wan connectivity (64 ip's) via a switch. there is no dhcp present, so everything static. i created an external network reflecting the wan network, added a host-route like 09:24
nconcetti0.0.0.0/0,<ip of the gateway> and created a vxlan network. Both are connected with a router, as described in the tutorials. That works flawlessly, i can reach the network from within a VM, but when assigning a floating ip which is in the public wan range, packets don't reach my vm's. My Question is, do i need to forwards packets via a 1:1 NAT or can neutron advertise floating-ip's via ARP?09:24
nconcettiif it does, i need a hint at where to look. Maybe a security policy?09:25
fricklernconcetti: security groups might be an issue. outgoing traffic froma vm is allowed by default, but you need to create rules if you want to allow anything to go into your vm09:32
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nconcettifrickler: thank you! that helps me very much. i always thought floating IP's are something like a 1:1 NAT equivalent. Didn't think about that11:05
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weezelhello everyone, can someone help with any kind of hints on the following problem? 13:36
weezeldetaching volumes from an running openstack instance fails with the following error: except nova.exception.DeviceDetachFailed: Device detach failed for vdb: Run out of retry while detaching device vdb with device alias virtio-disk1 from instance ebc55b0c-3c 13:36
weezeli've tried to debug it but without any success... i'm using wallaby deployed with kolla-ansible13:36
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