Tuesday, 2021-11-02

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souHi, 08:14
souI am trying to setup a loadbalancer with a VIP on IPv6. What is the suggested values for ipv6_ra_mode and ipv6_address_mode for the VIP ipv6 subnet?08:16
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EugenMayerHello. What would be the best place to ask a question about Freezer?13:44
EugenMayeris freezer still actively maintained and developed?14:30
cz3EugenMayer: https://opendev.org/openstack/freezer/commits/branch/master14:40
cz3hard to say14:42
cz3recent changes are related mostly to tests and docs14:42
EugenMayeryes, that's my observation too. Anybody actually using it?14:43
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