Wednesday, 2021-11-03

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hgyHello 07:38
hgyMay I ask how many companies and individuals have contributed to openstack so far07:39
hgyor how can I get the number07:39
fricklerhgy: has some answers mainly based on code distributions, which is not the total view, but might serve as a first approximation08:06
hgyfirckler: Thank you very much08:08
hgyfirckler: love you08:08
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stHi, I'm investigating an issue where instances are being 'stacked' on one host and I can't suss out what I need to do to get them to spread evenly. A default Nova configuration for Victoria is being used. I've read up on filtering and weights. I _think_ this is an issue with one host being weighted heavier than the others, but I'm not sure how I can verify the weight attributed to a host. I see how I can adjust weights, but is there an instance create 19:55
st"dry-run" command? Is there a utility I can use or place I can check to determmine host weights at the time of instance scheduling?19:55
stAw yea, I just enabled debug logs for nova-scheduler and I'm getting all kinds of noise, some of which relates to filtering logic! I think diving into that will help determine what's happening.20:17
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