Wednesday, 2021-11-24

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bacarrdy_Hello, have an issue with rabbitmq cluster and openstack. I have 3 controllers and on each of it running rabbitmq, I was following tutorials and reached gnocchi and ceilometer task. I have configured it following manuals, but now I can see in nova logs: Failed to publish message to topic 'nova': Exchange.declare: (406) PRECONDITION_FAILED - inequivalent arg 'durable' for exchange 'nova' in vhost '/': received 'false' but current is 'true'06:58
bacarrdy_I have deleted all durable queues in Rabb cluster06:58
bacarrdy_I have checked all configs and commented out all lines with #rabbit_ha_queues = True #rabbit_durable_queues = True06:59
bacarrdy_Or should I put everywhere #rabbit_ha_queues = True #rabbit_durable_queues = True ?06:59
bacarrdy_May be some one had similar issue07:03
bacarrdy_daryll, be sure that you have in /etc/neutron/plugins/ml2/linuxbridge_agent.ini correct port for bridge and line should look like this: physical_interface_mappings = physnet1:eno2 if you have eno2 interface for bridging.07:17
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DanielHHi there, I'm looking for support on OpenStack + Vmware combination, especially the services I need to install09:26
DanielHParticularly installing openstack-nova-compute would install all the qemu / kvm packages which I probably don't really need. Could you poiint me to some documentaiton in this regards?09:27
bacarrdyDanielH, Im not sure 100% bus as I understand you need to install nova-compute and set compute_driver and [vmware] section09:33
bacarrdyAnd then probably if there is something missing error will suggest the way :)09:34
DanielH@bacarrdy thanks for your reply! Yes, thats my understanding as well. installing nova-compute comes with a lot of package depencencies though, it would install basically all Qemu / KVM packages on the node. I wonder if thats required, I don't need the node to be a KVM host, do I?09:34
admin1bacarrdy, doing a manual install vs using ansible/kolla-ansible ? 09:39
bacarrdyadmin1, manual because I want to understand how everything works :). Dont like ansible, chef, knife, pupet, underclpud, devstack and other tools. I have fixed my issue by placing in all cfg files amqp_durable_queues = True09:43
bacarrdyDanielH, it is default packages :) later just remove them is they are not needed09:44
DK4im still having problems creating instances in a new deployment. instance is stuck in creating/spawning state, any hints or advices?10:01
DanielHbacarrdy - I'm currently doing yum based installation, it will uninstall packages which depend on them as well. So uninstalling the qemu packages does trigger an uninstallation of nova-compute as well. But I'll play around a bit, thanks10:27
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holtgreweHi, I have two external networks, one "internal", one "external". If I want to provide a "hop node" between both that allows SSH to from the public network and from there on SSH to the private network - what's the best way to do this? Do create a server that I attach to both private and public network or do I create an pure virtual network "vnet" and add routers between private/vnet and public/vnet? Would the routers route traffic from privte to 12:19
holtgrewepublic via vnet then?12:19
M0nk3Eeholtgrewe I would suggest an ssh bastion host with interfaces on both networks and then ssh config on your client to proxy the connections to hosts on your private network via the bastion host eg.
holtgreweM0nk3Ee, thanks, but then misconfiguration of the VM could enable traffic routing, right?14:18
M0nk3EeIf the private network is running with private ip address space then traffic routing isn't going to work anyway without some kind of NAT configuration.14:20
holtgreweM0nk3Ee, both are private networks, I'm working in an intranet situation here.14:20
holtgrewebut thanks for the suggestion, would be sane if I was combining public and private networking14:21
M0nk3Eeport security is turned on by default which would restrict the traffic to the source addresses of the bastion host.14:22
holtgreweport security in the linux vm?14:23
M0nk3Eeso unlikely that traffic routing would be enabled via this virtual machine by accident.14:23
holtgrewethat's useful insight, thanks14:23
M0nk3Eeno on the openstack virtual port that gets attached to the instance (bastion host)14:23
M0nk3EeIP forwarding would also have to be enabled on the linux vm as that is not enabled by default.14:24
M0nk3EeAnd then all of your clients on these two networks would need static routes or their default gateway updated to point traffic via this vm now acting as a router.14:25
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holtgreweCan I create an RBAC policy to allow a project to allocate floating IPs on provider networks? If so, how do I do this?15:36

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