Thursday, 2021-11-25

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manuvakery1Hi . It is noticed that in case of ubuntu18 instance when created with --config-drive true option, the vendor data file /var/lib/cloud/instance/vendor-data.txt was found empty .. once i restarts the instance the vendor data is present in the file .. Am i missing something here?11:08
fricklermanuvakery1: that sounds like a bug, is this really only happening with that specific ubuntu version (I'm assuming you are talking about Ubuntu 18.04 LTS) for you or with any cloud image?11:24
manuvakery1frickler: yes its happening only with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS11:25
manuvakery1other distributions working as expected11:26
fricklermanuvakery1: might be an issue with cloud-init then. can you check whether the file is present on the config-drive? maybe check the cloud-init log for possible issues11:27
manuvakery1did not see any issue in the cloud-init log
fricklermanuvakery1: I tried to reproduce, but it seems I'm failing completely, can you share how your vendordata look like? I'm seeing data in the sources but not in the instance data no matter what I try14:52
jpichi all, i'm facing a really weird situation, it all starts with : Failed to attach 6f96dc86-3648-4125-8d5c-fce114cd2813 at /dev/vdg: libvirt.libvirtError: Requested operation is not valid: target vdg already exists17:07
jpicfine, but vdg is not in virsh domblklist, nor in virsh dumpxml ... it is however, still in virsh edit!!17:07
jpica ceph rbd disk is present in virsh edit <instance>, at the same time it is not visible in virsh domblklist <instance> nor in virsh dumpxml <instance>, any idea what is going on?17:09
jpicthat same volume is at the same time attached to another libvirt domain: the one that corresponds to it's actual attachment in openstack database17:11
jpicremoved it with virsh edit: openstack could attach. I'm guessing it's definitely not an openstack bug, because if openstack is basing its opinion of free devices on the same code that virsh dumpxml executes: it's normal it doesn't see the volume17:31

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