Friday, 2021-11-26

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manuvakery1frickler: here is my  vendordata 04:51
manuvakery1strange part is after reboot things are working as expected04:52
manuvakery1the symlink /var/lib/cloud/instances is wrong.
manuvakery1frickler: this is what the difference I noticed in ubuntu18 compared to other distros. Not sure why the secong datasoruce lookup is required only in case of ubuntu1813:28
manuvakery1in the second datasource lookup the returned reference is cloudinit.sources.DataSourceNone.DataSourceNone13:30
fricklermanuvakery1: can you check whether you are using the latest version of cloud-init? otherwise maybe ask in #cloud-init14:16
manuvakery1frickler: /usr/bin/cloud-init 20.3-2-g371b392c-0ubuntu1~18.04.115:02

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