Wednesday, 2021-12-29

DK4im testing a little bit around how to deploy multi-region setups. i dont want to do some shared keystone stuff so im testing keystone federation for that use-case. would that be viable?07:20
admin1gueswhat, when you create a new instance, there is a checkbox that says use volume in horizon . if you say yes, your nova boots via cinder .. 08:56
admin1else it goes to what is defined in the flavor and from there the hypervisor 08:56
admin1some "appliances" when virtualized, always need a 2nd disk by default .. so root disk =  /dev/vda  = where the os is installed,   ephemeral disk = 2nd disk which appears as /dev/vdb 08:58
admin1both root and ephemeral will get deleted when the instance is deleted 08:58
admin1if you create a volume, that that gets saved when the instance is deleted .. it gets deleted only when you delete it from cinder 08:59
gueswhatadmin1: yes, but instances created over magnum does not support this, there is a volume driver cinder option in cluster template, but still it consume local disk on compute node09:17
gueswhatis possible to have two tiers in cinder? ( ssd and hdd ) how does it work? do i need to map it to flavours? 09:22
admin1gueswhat, you need to change config and have nova use ceph .. so that everything is via ceph and not local disks12:30
gueswhatadmin1: do you have experience with single node ceph ? 12:40
admin1:) 13:06
admin1been deploying openstack fulltime  since 2014 .. i think i have seen my fair share of config options .. 13:07
DK4admin1: what would be the best way to upgrade openstack versions?13:33
admin1depends on the way you installed it ..  kolla, redhat, ansible,salt , puppet etc .. if manual, then manually 13:59
gueswhat2admin1: what do you recommend for single node ceph ? is worth to replace swift with radosgw ?14:06
admin1gueswhat2, it depends .. if you are testing yourself or for your own .. you can use anything that works for you and utilizes the resources/hardware you have .. if its for customers, take into account what they except from cloud ( multiple nodes on fault tolerance, 3x copies on ceph) , and future growth aspects  of what will happen if you get 10X14:19
admin1customers demand .. how easily you can grow  etc 14:19
admin1so the answer is not straight black and white yes and no 14:19
admin1you can look into eventual consistency vs strong consistency .. to decide between swift or radosgw ..  each have their usage .. but you cannot have 2 object storage .. well you can have, but you have to override the RC file with the url to use the 2nd one 14:20
gueswhat2i see, its a personal project, mostly i want to use mangum (6clusters, 50instances), i have single node proxmox, but storage in openstack is quit confusing,...14:33
gueswhat2where is defined path for local disk in nova? 14:34
admin1nova.conf 14:51
gueswhat2state_path = /var/lib/nova ?14:59
admin1instances_path 15:07
gueswhat2thanks, not sure hwo its working in kolla, its probably path inside nova privileged container15:11
admin1kolla, ansible etc are just means to deploy .. once its deployed, its the same ..   so instances_path /var/lib/nova/instances is correct 15:19

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