Thursday, 2021-12-30

gueswhatcan designate create internal only zone ? without exposing to the internet? 13:05
gueswhatadmin1: is possible to resolve domain in designate from internal networks only? in other words, is possible to have internal dns only ? thanks13:59
admin1gueswhat, not clear what you are asking .. just stop the server from listening to public ip ? 14:23
gueswhatadmin1: yes, azure, aws are supporting private and public dns as a service... private = not reachable from internet, reachable from internal networks and viceversa...14:24
gueswhatlets say that i want to create private network, instances should use this private dns, cuz there is no point to use external dns with private address records, thats agains RFC14:25
admin1nothing prevents you to setup a dns server and then have your domain use it .. how you create that server over public or route it internally is upto you 14:26
gueswhatbut i am talking about designate..14:28
gueswhatnot about another instance which is running dns server14:28
admin1its the same 14:28
admin1designate is not a dns server 14:28
admin1or a system 14:28
admin1its just an api that pushes records to your own dns server 14:28
admin1how you plan to use your dns server, how you want to route it has nothing to do with designate14:29
gueswhatso its just a plain api, right? so i need to deploy my own instance with dns with afrx and ddns support, right ?14:29
admin1yep 14:30
gueswhatoh :(14:32
gueswhatand is for what exactly ?14:32
gueswhatthats just a mutlitenant command for creating instance of designate api ?14:33
admin1no idea :) never used that command actually 14:33
gueswhatadmin1: is possible to use containers in openstack to actually serve bind9 for example ? should be better that spinning instance 14:58
gueswhat*than , or is possible to find some template that would provision dns backend with proper configuration ? zone name and tsig key 15:00

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