Thursday, 2022-02-10

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patokhi there, I'm desperately trying to find some method of optimal rebalancing VM instances in Openstack cluster, or rather something that will suggest optimal rebalancing, then execute it itself. Can the Placement service do this by itself? Or do I use things like Neat framework? Thanks in advance for any help. 10:22
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luccaHi! Is this an appropriate channel to ask questions about Microstack as well?18:45
luccaI'll just ask away: I configured a network in Microstack according to this guide:18:49
luccaThis worked for a while, the Network was working and the physnet1 bridge (which shows up as br-ex in the underlying ubuntu host) had a working IP.18:51
luccaCue me restarting the server after a while and the network no longer worked. No access to instances or the like, only horizon (which runs from a different nic).18:52
luccaThe br-ex bridge had lost the assignment to the Pool and instead adopted as its new assocication, which is afaik the default ip address pool, created with the default network on first init (which is weird since i deleted that network).18:53
luccaBare in mind: I don't know a lot about Openstack, so I'm not even sure where to look for for errors.18:54
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