Friday, 2022-02-11

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thanhnbhello, is there anyone in COA support team here?02:44
thanhnbI had an COA exam in 26/01/2022 but I still have not received any result yet03:09
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nikparasyrhello, I have a question regarding shelving/unshelving. We have a flavor with `hw:cpu_policy='dedicated', hw:cpu_thread_policy='isolate'` and pci_passthrough 2 gpus. When we try to unshelve we get this error " Insufficient compute resources: Requested instance NUMA topology together with requested PCI devices cannot fit the given host NUMA topology.". My question is to what extent does Nova require to find the 08:39
nikparasyrexact same cpu set available on the target host? We have enabled the PCIPassThrough filter for the scheduler but not the NUMATopologyFilter. If I understand well the NUMATopologyFilter will make sure that the scheduler picks a node that has the required topology available. Even so, if Nova requires the exact same cpu set to the target host we will still have an issue even with the numa filter... So, any idea 08:39
nikparasyrto what extend does nova require the exact same cpu set when cpu pinning is enabled?08:39
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fricklerfungi: ^^ do you have any contact towards COA?09:29
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fungifrickler: i can ask around at the foundation to find out what company's running the exams13:02
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jairHello all, hope you are doing well.  I have been trying to install a `all-in-one` type of openstack stable/xena using kolla-ansible, ended on an error, also tried devstack, another bug, I am running ubuntu 20.04 LTS and other deployment tool that you can recommend?13:44
jairHere is the error on devstack:
fricklerjair: that is a known issue which ubuntu doesn't seem to have an intention to fix, see
jairHere is the bug on kolla-ansible:
fricklerjair: best run without that service13:48
jairfrickler: how can I alter the script? hmm13:49
fricklerjair: it should not be running by default, so you likely explicitly enable it in your local.conf13:50
jairfrickler: I found this as well
fricklerjair: for the kolla issue, best ask in #openstack-kolla13:50
jairOK to be honest I just want to find a way to install the program successfully, just to install it at least13:51
jairthen start learning about each the services but I have been wasting about day and a half :(13:52
jairI have the very basic in the local.conf file just the password13:52
jairas shown here13:52
jairfrickler: I think I need to add some information to the local.conf file I created13:53
fricklerjair: which branch of devstack have you been using?13:53
fricklerjair: oh, wait, we only disabled that in the CI. so add "disable_service dstat" in your local.conf. also simply rerunning should be a workaround13:56
jairfrickler: ohh OK I am using the devstack from github > git clone
jairfrickler: I will add the "disable_service dstat" option to the local.conf and re-run13:58
jairLet's cross my fingers and pray as well13:59
fungifrickler: thanhnb: i spoke with james mcarthur at the openinfra foundation, and he said he'd already been contacted about that case and reached out to mirantis (the company who handles the coa), but will check with them again on it14:02
jairfrickler: I am sorry but I just add the line like that > "disable_service dstat" ? or should I add something like: SOMETHING=disable_service dstat14:02
jairmaybe something like this > DISABLE_SERVICE=dstat14:18
jairfrickler: something like this > DISABLE_SERVICE=dstat14:19
jairor SERVICE_DISABLE=dstat14:20
fricklerjair: nope, just like I wrote, without the "" quotes14:22
fricklerjair: see
jairfrickler: alright, giving that a try14:24
jairfrickler: running14:25
jairfrickler: still running ;-) using a HDD not SSD15:01
jairfrickler: ohh no! OSError: [Errno 28] No space left on device15:04
jairI will need to grow this disk :(15:04
jairfrickler: the installer is still in process but I saw this in red:
jairThe installer reported the error but continued16:07
jairfrickler: at the moment is installing rabbitmq etc16:08
fricklerjair: those errors are harmless16:09
jairfrickler: alright, good to know, I really hope it completes...16:10
jairfrickler: the installer has been definitely gone farther than before, but just curious, what is your choice of install tool?16:23
jairfrickler: I am not sure if devstack will be an installed for a production environment... I checked kolla-ansible and failed with an error that I will need to continue finding out the cause.16:24
fricklerjair: devstack is only meant for testing and development, for production kolla would be my first choice, too16:25
jairI haven't tried anyother way yet besides devstack and kolla-ansible, but I was thinking on trying the ansible installer16:25
jairfrickler: in that case I will follow up on their channel16:25
jairfrickler: this is a dumb question but if I join other channels using irssi I am not sure what key combination will allow me to switch between channels16:29
jairI tried alt+1 or 2 etc16:29
fricklerjair: I use either ctrl-n and ctrl-p for next or previous channel or esc-2, esc-3, ... also the second row below the numbers for 11-1916:31
jairlet me check16:31
frickleras a last resort, you can use "/win 2" etc., or "/win goto #openstack"16:32
jairctrl + p works16:32
jairThank yiu!16:32
jairthank you!16:32
jairfrickler: you been really helpful, I really appreciate it.  I think the installer is looking pretty good16:36
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jairfrickler: ohh come on, there is a mysql keystone connection error17:05
jairfrickler: ERROR keystone oslo_db.exception.DBConnectionError: (pymysql.err.OperationalError) (2003, "Can't connect to MySQL server on 'assword@' ([Errno -2] Name or service not known)")17:05
jairThe script is cutting part of the password I am useng "mypassword" for example17:06
jairthe script is cutting part of the password and obviously cannot connect17:06
jairI wonder how can I correct this accessing the mysql database?17:07
jairfrickler: WARNING oslo_db.sqlalchemy.engines [-] SQL connection failed. 10 attempts left.:17:07
jairbecause I can see that the password that is trying to use is wrong17:07
jairseems like the affected service is keystone17:08
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jairfrickler: I believe the issue is at the line 1 >
jairI will check if ai can alter that config file17:18
jairfrickler: I meant to send this paste >
jairfrickler: the error is clear, the script is cutting part of the complete password: (2003, "Can't connect to MySQL server on 'assword@' ([Errno -2] Name or service not known)")17:34
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jairIs there anyway I can tell the keystone portion to correct the password is using "incomplete" as shown here in the error >

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