Friday, 2022-04-08

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cbedfordGood Day openstack15:13
cbedfordI'm a bit new to openstack, and have a few newbie questions.15:13
cbedfordbut a rather more advanced problem, as I've inherited an old installation, and now it appears I've broken ceph15:14
cbedford1: how do I know what version of openstack I'm running?15:14
DHEeach package is version'd with the release as its major number, but the offset varies by which package/project. nova's version will directly map to the version. 1=A, 26=Z and everything in between...15:27
cbedfordgot it - thanks DHE15:39
jamesbenson@ironfoot, Did you do anything special with your swift policies?  Ours are set apparently in the `radosgw-admin zonegroup get` and `radosgw-admin zonegroup list` but don't show up in the horizon and the CLI commands fail with a 404.20:52
jamesbenson@ironfoot, endpoints and curls are all working fine, as far as I can tell at least20:54

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