Saturday, 2022-04-09

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jas02Hi. I am playing with DevStack (master branch) on Apple M1 processor. I am using Ubuntu 20.04 for the VM. I was able successfully deploy and start OpenStack, but I can't see any hypervisor, so I can't start any Nova instance. According nova.conf it should use emu hypervisor. DO you have any idea what's missing, how to debug it?15:08
jas02*Qemu hypervisor15:09
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jas02Hello, I am playing with DevStack (current master branch) on Apple M1 processor architecture. I was able successfully deploy DevStack withou any error, but I cant see any Nova hypervisor, so I can't deploy any Nova instance. What could be wrong? It should support Qemu hypervisor ( as specified in nova.conf ). How to proceed, how to debug it?16:14
rezabojnordiHi gus, I have problem on Openstack? this is my error on Server  16:56
rezabojnordi2022-04-09 20:09:34.836 2912 ERROR stevedore.extension [req-089ca62f-02ee-49f9-a305-75f426102ebc - - - - -] Could not load 'oslo_cache.etcd3gw': No module named 'etcd3gw': ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'etcd3gw'16:56
rezabojnordiCan you help me to fix it 16:56

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