Thursday, 2022-04-28

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jamesbenson@ironfoot: ping17:38
ironfootHey 17:39
jamesbensonSo I was able to get all of swift working properly and passing all of the refstack tests17:39
jamesbensonHere's what we needed to do:
ironfootNice! Thanks for sharing! 17:39
jamesbensonno problem :-) 17:40
jamesbensonIf you check out the rest of the repo, this is what we deploy locally for our 'production' servers where I work.  It's still internal, but it's a one click solution from a clean OS deployment using maas to installing kolla17:42
jamesbensonWe are open to suggestions, input and insight :-) 17:42
jamesbensonGranted, the project was written by an army of 2. So might be confusing too....17:46
ironfootHaha, nice! Will definitely have a look to see what I can get from there :) 17:50
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