Tuesday, 2022-05-31

felixhuettner[m]Hi guesswhat, we are doing that. We are using a openstack port bound to a specific node. Then we manually assign an IP on the interface on this node and use that for the controller06:36
guesswhatAnyone is running Octavia with OpenVSwitch ? Seems its does not work by default and it can not, unless some provider external network is involved. Thanks08:58
jrosser_guesswhat: it might be worth studying how openstack-ansible or kolla set up the networking for octavia09:08
jrosser_there are lots of ways to do it09:08
guesswhatjrosser_ there isn any advice how to it, https://stackoverflow.com/questions/65885301/how-configure-octavia-in-o, for openvswitch is a problem and theĀ  octavia_network_type: "tenant" is not recommended for "production" ( https://docs.openstack.org/kolla-ansible/latest/reference/networking/octavia.html ), I have a clue to use external vlan network,09:10
guesswhatbut only external networkg i have experience is wan, not sure how to create vlan without involving additional router09:10
jrosser_for openstack-ansible (no openvswitch required) you'd do this https://satishdotpatel.github.io/openstack-ansible-octavia/09:13
jrosser_obviously it all depends on what choices you've made for your deployment09:13
jrosser_but ultimately you need a neutron network on the compute nodes that somehow is connected L2 to the right part of the control plane09:13
jrosser_that doesnt really need a router09:14
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