Wednesday, 2022-06-01

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guesswhatHas anyone deployed Octavia in Ubuntu with Openvswitch? How can worker and healthmanager reach amphoras?19:56
johnsomguesswhat Yes, works great.19:57
johnsomIn fact I think most of the Octavia test jobs still run with that setup19:57
guesswhatjohnsom: I am can make it work... Are You using hm-0 interface ?19:58
guesswhat*I can not, ehm, its late..19:58
johnsomYeah, you can call it whatever you want, but the test jobs call it hm-019:58
guesswhatBut thats working only for linuxbridge, not for openvswitch19:59
johnsomNope, works for linuxbridge, OVS, OVN19:59
guesswhatAnd is it secure? According to the docs, its not for "production" use20:00
johnsomWe run with all three in the test gates20:00
johnsomThat says reliable and must be a kolla issue.20:01
johnsomIt's very secure, the traffic on that network is all signed or two-way TLS authenticated and encrypted.20:01
johnsomThe lb-mgmt-net is very simple. It's just a neutron network of your choosing (provider, vxlan, etc.). The only tricky part is getting the controllers, o-cw, o-hm, o-hk to have access to that network.20:02
guesswhatHm, I did not get any info from kolla community ...20:03
johnsomYou can do that by popping a port of OVS/OVN (as we do in the gate jobs), using provider networks, or setting up a router path to it20:03
guesswhatI tried external L2 network, but I have problem without routing from host, where is controller running ( healthchecks, worker )20:03
johnsomYeah, I'm part of  the Octavia team. We can't participate in all of the deployment tool teams, there are just too many of them.20:03
johnsomHere is how our gate jobs do it:
johnsomWhich is very simple.20:04
johnsomIf you are doing production, you may want to setup a more robust way of getting the port from OVS/OVN, etc.20:05
guesswhatSeem they are doing the same thing, but according to  kayobe , it's not persistent for debian based distro20:07
guesswhatEvery restart will break it..20:08
johnsomYeah, you would need to setup ovs to create the port in a systemd unit or something like that.20:08
guesswhatKolla covers this
guesswhatStill dont know why its not reliable...20:10
johnsomThat service doesn't create the port in OVS/OVN. it looks like that is maybe just for linuxbridge?20:11
guesswhatI have virtual env, not production, just one controller and node and router ( pfsense ), I am basically using two networks ( wan as neturon external and plan as management network ), now I probably need to do this with with veth pair + bridge plugged to the openvswitch, or know sure what else...20:11
guesswhatStill learning stuff, so it really hard to understand to this "problem" with Octavia20:12
johnsomYeah, I see that service is related to docker, so... don't know how they have it wired up there.20:12
johnsomI think if you just keep in mind that lb-mgmt-net is just a neutron network, and the tricky part is getting the controllers access to it, you should be able to narrow down what is wrong in kolla or your deployment.20:13
guesswhatSeems its one time only action
guesswhatWhat if  lb-mgmt-net would be an external vlan provider network, should I use gateway and router for it ? Or how would be routing done from controllers?20:17
johnsomYeah, vlan provider networks work fine. You can then either create a port for the controllers directly on the VLAN, or setup routing such that the controllers have a route to reach the amphora on the VLAN and the amphora can route back to the controllers.20:19
guesswhatHere ..20:23
guesswhatShould I add another network ( vlan trunk ), add L2 external network with vlan range and create  lb-mgmt-net on this network with specific segment id ?20:25
johnsomI requested access20:26
johnsomYeah, then connect that VLAN to the node, for neutron to manage ports, then connect controller container directly to the VLAN and create an interface on that VLAN.20:28
johnsomThat would be the easiest way20:28
johnsomIt does not need external access for anything.20:29
guesswhatI tried this, and octavia management network range was, but i couldn't get it working, routing didn't work from host20:33
guesswhatMaybe I need to create router  lb-mgmt-net network and set static routing on trunk.octavia interface to route via this neutron router20:35
johnsomIn general that should work fine. With a port directly on the VLAN there is no routing needed, it would be local20:35
guesswhatMaybe I need to read some docs, cuz I am not sure what exactly is a port20:38
johnsomOk, yeah, maybe read some about setting up neutron provider networks and adding a port on a VLAN in the container.20:39
johnsomGood luck. BTW, the octavia team IRC channel is #openstack-lbaas if you have Octavia questions20:40
guesswhatDoes it enable routing from the host if I add port ?20:41
johnsomNo, you don't need to enable forwarding on the host. But the host or container would have access onto the network depending on how you setup it up.20:43
guesswhatoh, okay, thanks :)20:45
johnsomNo problem, good luck!20:45
guesswhatEverything is running correctly in my install ( zun, magnum, cinder, etc ), but last thing I wanted to enable is octavia and i have a hard times...20:46
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