Wednesday, 2022-07-27

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Moincan anyone pls share some resources on openstack multinode HA deployment using puppet. 15:29
muertosI have an issue with resizing an instance and am seeking assistance with it. Relevant logs from nova-scheduler -> .. perhaps more than anything I'm looking for guidance for which logs I can look in, and perhaps what search criteria I could use. To start, I'm using the Request ID from the instance's Action Log tab. I've enabled debug in nova-scheduler and can see the 19:53
muertosorbidden trait COMPUTE_STATUS_DISABLED gets set, but I'm not sure why.19:53
muertosI'm looking in the placement log next based on the messages in the nova-scheduler log.19:58
muertosLooks like the flavor we're downsizing to was allocating too much RAM. I'm all set. Peace.20:18
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