Thursday, 2022-07-28

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lz1irqHey. I am trying to use python-ironicclient, both the last 2 version from pypi and the system packages in Ubuntu 20.04 give this error: "ImportError: cannot import name 'config' from 'openstack'"14:03
lz1irqThis happens when importing the package, e.g. `from ironicclient import client as ironic_client`. The Glance and Nova clients work fine in the same codebase and package install.14:04
lz1irqI have the python3-openstacksdk package installed in both scenarios, files appear to be in the appropriate locations, at the very least there is `dist-packages/openstack/config/`14:07
lowercas_install python3-ironicclient14:47
lowercas_@lz1irq 14:48
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TerryCIs there a way to rename a flavor, I am aware that will break any templates etc that reference it by name.14:53
lowercaseWould setting the flavor to private and creating a new flavor suffice?15:05
lowercaseand no, you can only delete and create.15:05
lowercase@TerryC 15:06
TerryCsetting them to private makes them show as not available in the instance list, it's more of a cosmetic change15:06
TerryCalso you can't set one to private once it's public15:07
TerryCwithout poking in the db15:07
TerryCwe've tested renaming a test flavor via the db and it seemed to be fine, but we don't know what we don't know :)15:08
TerryCjust not aware if it is referenced by name anywhere else15:10
lowercaseWell that's interesting. I def tried to remove public access and couldn't15:13
lowercaseI would make sure to go back through everything that presently uses that reference in the DB and update the reference to the new flavor15:15
lowercaseor i wonder if oyu just create a new flavor as the OLD flavor's name and set that to private will help prevent any pitfalls15:15
lowercaseI'm thinking around instance recovery and rebuilds 15:15
TerryCyeah, you can only edit metadata, I totally understand not being able to edit cores and ram15:16
lowercaseos-flavor-access:is_public | True is a property set but im not able to modify that attribute.15:16
lowercasecause here is the thing, every other project gets the flavor for free when public. When moving it or modifying it im really worried about the reference being broken. 15:18
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