Tuesday, 2016-03-22

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* Zara sees another new story with unformatted pasted terminal output10:37
ZaraI'm gonna be reviewing automatic worklists today, so might not get to 'add code' button I was gonna try10:38
Zarabut gah I want that soon.10:38
Zara(https://storyboard.openstack.org/#!/story/2000519 is the latest one)10:38
Zaraalso, morning!10:39
SotKother editing buttons would be nice too10:39
Zarathat's just the one I'm really feeling the lack of atm10:40
* Zara tries to be nice and format others' stories manually when she finds that, but it won't scale10:40
SotKfor the meantime, putting a note somewhere in the UI that markdown is supported, with a link to the markdown docs, might help10:40
pedroalvarezthere might be markdown editors already implemented10:41
* SotK expects there is10:41
pedroalvarez(adding a code button sounded like starting another one to me)10:41
ZaraI'm not sure that people will understand the significance of a note in the UI (ie: 'you need to double-space paragraphs to get things to display on a new line')10:42
pedroalvareza makrdown editor might allow us to edit things "directly in the preview", which might help to users without markdown experience10:44
Zarayeah, agree an editor would be preferable10:45
SotKZara: I was thinking something vaguely like the "formatting help" link on reddit10:47
pedroalvarezhm.. a markdown editor for story descriptions might be nice, but for comments... eww10:47
pedroalvareznot sure10:48
pedroalvarezmaybe overkill10:48
ZaraSotK: I'm also not sure people will read it if linked. but I don't know if people read it on reddit; maybe most do (I do see things with no line breaks faaaiirly frequently when there, but I doesn't visit that much). buuuut pasting walls of text will be more common here than on reddit, so maybe it just matters less on reddit if people don't follow the rules.10:51
Zaraand I'm not sure users are as free to say 'well, if it's not formatted nicely, I'll just ignore it' if it's an issue report or w/e10:53
Zaratbf, if we had a tutorial, I'd generally be like 'if you don't make an effort to report your problem in a way I can read it, I ain't making an effort to fix it', but that seems to be unpopular.10:54
* SotK notes that he would also prefer an editor but thought a link would be quicker to implement in the mean time :)10:54
Zarayeah, if you know where it would link to. it always takes me ages to google markdown things, so maybe it seemed more time consuming than it would really be.10:56
Zaratbf I think that's also because I've mainly been using markdown in two different places, which have slightly different rules implemented10:57
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openstackgerritAdam Coldrick proposed openstack-infra/storyboard: Add API functionality for automatic worklist filters  https://review.openstack.org/29542211:44
Zarawah more patches11:44
SotKI'd missed a '11:45
Zarahm, we're looking at https://review.openstack.org/#/c/295372/11:51
Zarathis seems to make it harder to understand what's going on11:51
ZaraKrotscheck ^11:53
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krotscheckZara: Seems like they're breaking down the variable grouping in favor of alphabetical ordering, yes?12:00
Zaralooks like it12:01
Zaraand removing comments and things12:01
krotscheckI'd ask: Why fix what ain't broke?12:01
Zara(that's just at a glance; I'm going to review when I've looked properly)12:01
Zarabut my gut is that it's more likely to introduce problems than solve them12:01
krotscheckSeems like OCD?12:01
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ZaraI did wonder what prompted it12:33
Zarahaven't seen anything in this channel about it12:33
Zarasomeone drew my attention to it via pm, or I'd've missed it12:33
krotscheckMight I recommend you set up a custom dashboard? ;)12:35
Zarahaha, might help if I added it to my watched projects12:36
Zaraapparently I only had storyboard and the webclient12:36
krotscheckI have a WTF filter set up in my preferences that's basically....12:47
krotscheckwatchedby:self -owner:self -(label:Code-Review,self) (status:open OR status:merged)12:47
krotscheckProjects I'm watching, patches that I don't own, that I didn't vote on, that are open or merged.12:47
krotscheckMy "To review" list is similar, except it removes the merged flag and adds label:Verified instead.12:48
Zaraahh, that's interesting12:49
Zarasometimes I don't recheck things waiting for review when they get a -1 because of a timeout or similar12:49
Zaraand have been assuming 'eh, no need to make the queue bigger; I'll recheck when it gets some reviews'12:49
Zaraso I should stop doing that.12:50
Zaraor rather, start rechecking12:50
krotscheckHow often does that happen?12:52
krotscheckThe timeout12:52
Zarafairly often for webclient patches, I don't have any stats, though12:53
krotscheckZara: RIghto, more reason for me to get the npm mirror running12:53
Zara:) I think it's been a bit better recently, but yeah, npmmmmmmmmmmmmmm13:05
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Zaraooh, think I found a fun small bug15:00
SotKgo on...15:00
Zara'My worklists' lists the number of items15:00
ZaraI think it includes items which have been archived15:00
SotKoh, it will do15:00
Zarabecause when navigating to the relevant worklist15:00
ZaraI have fewer items15:00
ZaraI scared15:01
Zarabut it was all okay15:01
* SotK will fix it15:01
Zarasame for boards15:01
Zaras/boards/lanes in boards/15:01
Zaraoh, new one15:03
Zarawhen a card is a story15:03
Zaraseems to now be no way15:03
Zarato navigate to story15:03
Zarafrom card15:03
Zarashoulda noticed that ages ago, sorry15:03
SotKoh yeah, huh15:03
SotKoh, there was a button to do it in the dropdown I removed xD15:04
Zara:) that explains it; in general probably doesn't make sense to have that in a different layout to the task card15:04
Zarawell, a very different layout anyway15:05
Zara"Error: $scope.worklist.items is undefined" uh oh15:06
Zaraa one-off? TIME TO INVESTIGATE15:06
Zaraseems like the lane just hadn't loaded15:07
Zaraworks now, anyway15:07
Zarathough I see it's still giving me the option to add tasks that've been removed15:07
Zarabut then not displaying them15:07
Zarawhich makes sense since I forgot all about that15:08
Zaraand made no effort to patch it in the last whatever.15:08
Zarawhen I move a lane my due dates vanish15:09
Zarauntil I refresh15:09
Zaraprobably also an old thing that I've just noticed15:10
Zarajust the list of them15:10
Zarathey're still on the cards15:10
SotKI think https://review.openstack.org/#/c/291786/ will fix that15:10
Zaraokay, I wanted to test that on your vm or something15:10
Zaraso I could check how it reacted to two people or more changing things at the same time15:11
Zarathat's the only reason I haven't +2 and +A'd it15:11
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Zaraso, am I right in thinking that all ui patches depend on api patch?16:50
ZaraI've assumed so but we should be explicit about it16:50
Zaraoh, huh, it does come up in the 'same topic' list16:51
Zarajust at the top, instead16:51
ZaraI thought the most depended-on ended up at the bottom16:51
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zara___my office irc connection has now gone.17:05
zara___if anyone is reading this, plz let relevant people know17:07
pedroalvarezzara___: how is life with a tail like that17:12
zara___I feel like a lemur!17:12
zara___also, cool, when you use this web thing and someone sends a message to the channel, the tab title changes to 'Activity!'17:13
zara___oooooh, emails patches!17:14
ZaraI RETURN17:16
Zarait was merrrrrrrrrrrrrrged17:25
Zaranow we wait17:25
pedroalvareztomorrow -> Spam!17:32
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Zarayeah, it's less configurable than I thought it was17:32
Zarabye bye lemur-me17:32
Zaramaybe that's the next thing to look at17:33
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Zarawhat do I want for dinner tonight17:45
Zara(I'm refraining from +ing ui patches until I've checked what happens without api patch or I know they definitely won't merge without it)17:46
Zaraam still looking at them, though.17:46
ZaraSotK is going to love the bug I just found in the 'improve worklist ui' patch17:57
Zarawill vanish for a bit soon, but should be back for 7pm18:04
* Zara has enormous review backlog ;_;18:04
anteayastoryboard id emailing18:33
anteayapleia2 got and email18:34
* pleia2 nods18:34
anteayaI can't spell or type18:34
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Zara:0 :0 :018:41
Zaraand to think, I was offline!18:41
Zarathey will get old fast18:41
Zarabut it's a first step! \o/18:41
* pleia2 cheers19:06
ZaraI suspect most of my work over the next couple of weeks will be on making them less annoying19:07
* Zara is subscribed to most everything in storyboard19:07
pleia2haha, that should be a good test of annoyance level :)19:07
Zara:) I needed it for my vital role as human notifications-daemon!19:10
Zarabut yes, just set up a filter19:10
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openstackgerritMerged openstack-infra/storyboard-webclient: Stop updating the board in-place when moving lanes  https://review.openstack.org/29178621:15
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