Wednesday, 2016-03-23

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ZaraI'm reviewing more today10:36
Zarawill hopefully get to the end of the list10:36
Zarahave left a coupla comments so far10:36
Zara1) do ui patches depend on api stuff; have assumed so; should prolly be -A'd until that's merged ?10:37
Zara2) worklist ui patch needs rework ; no 'add items' button in empty worklist (or maybe any worklist, can't remember)10:37
Zaraalso not an existing comment but 'add task to existing story' button would be ace, may get to it today, or may be too busy reviewing/testing.10:39
* SotK does 110:39
* SotK is working on 210:39
Zaraah, okay, I wasn't sure if it had got lost in a flood of emails, sorry for noise10:39
* Zara gets distracted looking at socket.io10:55
ZaraI like it when I mistype commands like ` cd storyboarde`11:06
Zaraye olde storyboarde11:06
* Zara gets the odd message again11:13
Zara' 400: GET /api/v1/users/preferences: Invalid input for field/attribute user_id. Value: 'preferences'. unable to convert to int '11:13
Zarawhen I restart and first login to my instance11:14
Zaraseems to be a remnant of the dreaded 40111:14
Zara(so hahaha, have a ping, krotscheck-- but this isn't very disruptive really, and all works once I refresh. I assume it's to do with an error posting the refresh token since otherwise I have no idea what triggers it.)11:16
krotscheckEh wha?11:22
krotscheckProbably a lack of token during the initial app phase while it's trying to resolve user prefs.11:22
ZaraI wondered why it didn't affect more things, but I guess user prefs are the only thing that need the token... well, maybe there's other oddness that I can't see.11:24
krotscheckUser prefs are initialized super early because of things like page size. It could just be a race condition between a directive and the app itself.11:30
Zaraahh, right, that should help me investigate when I get to it. (I had a glance at it because I feel bad about the number of console errors accumulating in general. (the subscriptions ones are definitely my fault; I thought ng-show/hide would stopthings being called sometimes, so atm $scope.subscriptions is undefined when user isn't logged in...))11:45
SotKng-if stops things being called I think, but stuff using ng-sho/ng-hide is always rendered and just hidden with css if necessary11:45
Zarayeah. really I should have coded the js properly, I think, so that $scope.subscriptions still has a value when nobody's logged in11:47
ZaraI have a strong suspicion I got very confused by angular control flow and didn't know how to do it.11:47
Zaraperhaps I still don't know how, hm.11:47
* Zara finds $scope.subscriptions = $scope.subscriptions;12:00
Zarain her old code12:00
Zarawell that doesn't bode well12:00
Zaraso I thiiiink the issue is that we do this on initialisation                 $scope.subscriptions.$promise.then(resolveSubsList);12:05
Zarabut the promise is undefined if user isn't logged in12:06
Zarain the subscribe directive12:06
Zaraso the if statement above that bit needs tweaking, to say the least12:07
* Zara goes back to review for now, depressed at confusion12:08
pedroalvarezare you applying for queen in the north?12:08
pedroalvarez:) you can do it!12:08
pedroalvarezat least this bug is not happening a lot in production, right?12:09
Zarawell, that error's a different thing, anwyay; the 400 is the slightly disruptive one; the thing I was looking at was the subscriptions one in the web console12:09
Zarawhich doesn't affect things much, I just know it's  my fault, and bad practice to leave things undefined12:09
Zaraso just a bit annoyign seeing it when debugging somethign esle12:09
Zarayay spelling12:09
Zarabut yeah, the 400 is infrequent12:10
Zaraneither matters much; I was giving sotk some time to rework a ui patch before going back to review so I could check for any odd interactiosn between things12:10
openstackgerritAdam Coldrick proposed openstack-infra/storyboard-webclient: Allow an update of the SearchCriteriaController to be triggered
openstackgerritAdam Coldrick proposed openstack-infra/storyboard-webclient: Improve the worklist UI
openstackgerritAdam Coldrick proposed openstack-infra/storyboard-webclient: Add a resource abstraction for worklist filters
openstackgerritAdam Coldrick proposed openstack-infra/storyboard-webclient: Improve the tag-complete directive
openstackgerritAdam Coldrick proposed openstack-infra/storyboard-webclient: Allow filters to be set on automatic worklists
Zara now seems fine to me; please review!12:36
Zarawell, please review all of them, but ya know12:37
ZaraI assume people sometimes use my reviews as a filter, might be wrong.12:37
pedroalvarezyou are right12:38
pedroalvarezbut sorry, patch is really big for me right now :(12:39
* pedroalvarez used to have more spare time..12:39
Zarayeah, it's tricky. :( that's why I generally take my time over reviewing, because other people might not have enough time to check everything. but then it means it takes other people longer to start looking, if they wait for me, so... idk.12:41
Zaraooh, the tag complete patch makes the search box bold when loading13:05
Zarawhy? how?13:06
Zaranot thtat I mind, just wondering13:12
SotKoh yeah, that is strange...13:12
ZaraIt also now goes 'undefined' in the searchbar accessed from the sidebar13:14
Zaramaybe there's no $scope.placeholder ?13:19
Zaraand hm, the 'Error: setting a property that has only a getter' has changed a bit to mention the tags13:23
Zaraso guessing it's caused by something in that area of the code13:23
* Zara is best detective13:25
SotKyeah, its caused by autoresize-width I think13:38
Zarayou have said, sorry.13:38
* Zara has sieve-memory13:38
Zaraput a counter on how many times I mention it13:38
Zaraso I'd rather not +1/+2 tag complete patch until it doesn't say 'undefined' as a placeholder in the sidebar search14:04
* SotK is fixing it :)14:04
Zaraahhh, I should just shush xD14:05
ZaraI wasn't sure if I'd been explicit or if I'd just assumed that it was implied14:05
openstackgerritMerged openstack-infra/storyboard-webclient: Improve the worklist UI
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Zarahuh, worklist looked weird, refreshed page, is fine14:29
Zaranoting for if we see that again in the futu14:29
Zarait seems to take a while to display the list of stories14:31
* persia was imagining "futu" as being like "tutu", only more skillfull14:31
Zarahm, could be a way to attract people to the storyboard meeting. 'for one afternoon only, persia will be performing Swan Lake in a splendid tutu.'14:33
* persia would definitely need some sort of fu enhancement to be capable of that.14:34
Zarabelieve in yourself! and in your ability to do ballet! :D14:35
ZaraI think it'll be a real hit.14:35
Zaraokay, automatic worklists ui patches can't be merged until api is merged; that patch awaits review here:
Zarait's sort of merge today or don't merge for a couple of weeks, because we still have tomorrow to fix things, but sotk goes on holiday after that, and I don't want to merge a new feature and then be unable to put out fires if they occur (pleased to say no fires during my testing, but we've been surprised before).14:47
Zarameeting in 714:53
persiaHrm.  Looking at the implementation, I suspect there will be any number of feature requests surrounding automatic worklists, and at least some user confusion, but I can't imagine another implementation that wouldn't have the same effect :)14:54
* SotK_ wonders where exactly persia is expecting confusion14:55
persiaMostly that the UI looks very similar for automatic and non-automatic, but some of the operations that are easily performed on automatic (card archive, card sorting, etc.) don't appear to apply for automatic.14:55
persiaBut I don't think we can know the set of things that will confuse folk, or how to annotate things without input from more users.14:57
SotK_I agree14:57
persiaAnd, as someone who mostly cares about manual worklists, I'm ill-suited to constructively criticise the implementation, other than noticing the confusion.14:58
persiaMy hope is that this can land, and folk who want the automated kanban view can use it, and that input can be used to address things.14:58
Zarastoryboard meeting nowish anyway14:59
persiaThe data model is tricky, but one thing that comes to mind is that some users may want to manually select the set of cards that can appear in the automatic lists somehow (so as to avoid seeing all the extras).  This can be done with assignment, but that's a heavy tool.14:59
* persia subsides14:59
SotK_at that point they should make a manual worklist imo :D15:00
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persia(yes, my first thought was some way to select from a worklist: for a project with thousands of issues, for which some team wants a kanban view of the few tens of tasks they expect to complete in the next timeframe, this becomes interesting, but the nature of the board view precludes having a "backlog" lane which is used as a filter, etc.  There is probably a sensible model, but it doesn't fit in my head right now)15:03
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openstackgerritMerged openstack-infra/storyboard: Add API functionality for automatic worklist filters
Zaramy thorat is a bit sore15:58
Zarathen again, it was a bit sore last week15:58
Zaraand then it was fine again15:58
Zarawhatever will happen next.15:58
ZaraI've noticed it also removes the odd blank line, not sure if that makes a difference in puppet conf.16:02
Zara^ sotk, krotscheck, anyone who has a stake in this16:06
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Zara#success sends emails now!16:31
openstackstatusZara: Added success to Success page16:31
Zaramaybe I should use successbot more often :)16:32
ZaraI've been worried I'll start using it for everything xD16:32
Zara  '#success my chair is comfy today' etc16:33
Zaraso items remaining for review are ui patches for automatic worklists and boards. I'm probably gonna be in late double/triple checking these, but it'd be good if anyone with a spare moment could see if they look good enough for +1 in the meantime (I don't expect many others to be in late) we have , and https://review.openstac16:50
Zaragreat link at the end three16:50
Zara^ actual link16:51
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Zaragetting a sudden mass of 401s on my test instance17:43
Zarait was okay earlier...17:43
Zaragoing to go back a few patches to narrow it down, yay17:43
Zarahm, things seem calmer on an older patch, though not totally calm17:48
Zara('stop updating the board in place')17:48
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Zarastill getting 401s *everywhere*17:59
ZaraRequest URL:
ZaraRequest Method: GET18:00
ZaraStatus Code: HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized18:01
Zarawhy would that ever give a 40118:01
* Zara tries to send screenshot to imgur; imgur doesn't complete the upload18:04
persiaCan project groups be private?18:04
Zarathere we go:
Zaranot particularly useful, more for the general feeling of it18:04
SotKpersia: no18:07
persiaThat was the only excuse for 401 I could imagine18:08
ZaraI'm not seeing any of this behaviour on s.o.o.; concerned it might be on its way18:08
Zarawondering if the change to the db could have possibly been involved18:08
Zarasince I get it on older webclient patches, too18:08
Zarabut didn't see it until today18:08
* SotK hasn't seen anything like it whilst developing the change18:09
SotKthat screenshot looks like every single request is raising a 401...18:09
Zarasometimes it happens, sometimes not18:10
Zarasometimes 1 401, sometimes a page18:10
Zarait's fine when logged out, bad when logged in18:11
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Zara :/18:27
ZaraI can't test at all like this (well, except for testing for this).18:32
Zarathis persists when going back to a webclient version from several weeks ago18:33
ZaraI'm gonna vanish for a bit, be back shortly, am completely blocked by this ;_;18:36
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* Zara fiiiiiiiinally gets back to looking at things20:04
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Zarastill no +1s for those, though; really not keen on merging anything tomorrow...20:41
Zaraokay, ui issue possibly21:17
Zarait seems it doesn't save your automatic preferences when you first set them21:17
Zarawhen creating a new worklist21:18
Zaraif you create first, then set, seems to work21:18
ZaraSotK ^21:18
Zaraahhh, I know what I did21:19
Zaraso it is confusing ui, a bit , but does work21:19
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zara____________aaaaaaaargh computer froze21:20
zara____________okay so the issue was that21:20
zara____________I only clicked the big 'save'21:20
zara____________without saving the filter first21:21
zara____________so a bit confusing but something that can be tweaked later21:21
zara____________my computer has completely died so resetting it now, might take me a little while to get all my windows back, gah21:21
zara____________on the upside, ui seems to work fine so far!21:22
zara____________in terms of doing the things it's asked to do, anyway21:23
Zarathe real me is back21:26
Zarabe nice in the future to have an 'edit criterion' button, rather just delete and then make a new one21:32
Zarain general this works really well so far =D21:37
ZaraI can replicate a project story list page by using the filters, and so on21:38
Zaraso I'd *like* an automatic worklist to look more obviously different to a regular one, even if it's just another border or something, so that users can tell why they can't move cards21:51
Zarabut haven't yet looked at implementation and don't know how fiddly it will be; hopefully it's something I can add in the next two weeks21:51
Zarait is realy nice21:52
ZaraI think this is the smoothest a new feature has ever worked21:52
persiaThis is the data model problem I mentioned earlier.21:56
persiaEssentially, automatic worklists and manual worklists are entirely different beasts, and the current implementation offers no way to impose manual filtering on automatic worklists (excepting tags) or automatic filtering on manual worklists (so items manually put in  backlog magically moving on a board)21:57
persiaThat said, it's the beginning of cool stuff, and until there are users playing with this, it isn't clear what needs to be done to make it especially cool.21:57
Zarayeah, I flagged it up at this point because it confused me when testing21:58
Zaraeven though I was already aware of it21:58
Zarahad a brief 'huh how come I can't move cards-- oh yeah, this is an automatic one'21:58
Zarabut yeah, first steps21:58
Zaraand other than the stuff I've mentioned above, no clear idea on what to change yet either21:59
persiaOn the bright side, those who want views like "what stuff is being worked on currently in projects X, Y, and Z" can get it now.22:00
openstackgerritMerged openstack-infra/storyboard-webclient: Improve the tag-complete directive
openstackgerritMerged openstack-infra/storyboard-webclient: Add a resource abstraction for worklist filters
Zarasomething to watch out for: changing a worklist back from automatic to manual will remove all items from the worklist. so I think in the future we either want to change that, so it keeps items by default, or we want an additional warning message for that.22:20
persiaOr maybe introduce a new concept, e.g. "Lane" or "View".22:28
persiaMy current thought is that it might be interesting to have a kanban lane be an automatic selection from either a project or a worklist.22:29
persiaSo one can have the experience of populating a worklist that shows all the items being done, but then automatically spread the view of those items over several lanes as an alternate visualisation.22:29
persiaMaybe something to discuss in Austin?22:29
* persia is not very confident that the model described above actually covers the various uses, and suspects that documented requirements capture is probably a sensible step at this point22:30
ZaraI'm sleepy so heading off, but at a glance that sounds like what we're already working towards, be interesting to talk more soon, though.22:35
zara____________GOOD NIGHT22:35
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openstackgerritMerged openstack-infra/storyboard-webclient: Allow filters to be set on automatic worklists
SotKall the cards disappear when you switch from automatic to manual because the cards aren't real22:56
SotK(they are generated on the fly when the request is made and not stored in the database)22:57
SotK(that means it is theoretically possible to move things from automatic worklists into manual worklists if you have a mixture of the two in a board, but that isn't yet implemented22:58
SotKmoving things into automatic worklists is a tougher beast, since it is possible to define filters which cannot be used to set the task/story state sensibly (eg. dropping a card into a list of things assigned to one of me or Zara doesn't have a sensible way of deciding which of those filters to make the card's task match)23:00
SotKand allowing manual rearrangement of cards in an automatic list (for prioritisation) will mean storing the cards in the db, and updating all of them (plus checking they still match the filters, and adding anything that newly matches) each time a request affecting the worklist is made23:02
SotKand that implementation seems needlessly messy to me, unless people desperately want to reorder their automatic lists for some reason23:02
SotKallowing a filter to be based of a different worklist is interesting and should (theoretically) be fairly simple23:03
SotK(assuming that that means a filter like "Tasks with Status matching Todo and Worklist matching `persia's stuff`")23:04
persiaThat is the model that is tickling my brain23:06
persiaAnd yeah, making them real cards seems massive overkill.23:07
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