Wednesday, 2017-09-06

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Zaratest octavia migration worked btw00:02
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diablo_rojo_phonZara: SotK the Octavia meeting is happening now if you're interested. I'll be around in like 15 min.17:02
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* Zara has been lurking, seems like everything's on track :)17:16
diablo_rojo_phonLooks like a success to me :)17:19
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johnsomYeah, no comments back, so let's go!17:34
Zarafungi ^17:36
ZaraI believe you are our infra volunteer17:37
fungiheh, yep i skimmed the meeting and johnsom pretty much talked to himself for the duration of that topic17:38
Zarathose sorts of meetings are calming :D17:38
fungidoesn't look like a preferred time was stated... is now okay or should i wait a little?17:38
johnsomHahaha, yeah.  The team has been quiet recently...  Makes me nervous, grin.17:38
johnsomNah, let's just go for it.17:39
fungicool, i'll get started. thanks!17:40
fungiZara: any notes/caveats from the test migration?17:41
Zarathere were no hiccups for me17:41
ZaraI wandered out of the room while it was running so I'm not sure exactly how long it'll take (plus I'd already tested it a few months ago so some things were already imported)17:42
Zarabut I wouldn't expect it to be longer than a couple of hours at the most.17:42
Zara(and I think that's a very roomy estimate)17:43
fungithanks Zara!17:44
fungijohnsom: just to confirm, i'm migrating the deliverables listed at
fungi(which is to say copying bugs for any of them from lp to sb)17:45
johnsomYes.  We have mostly consolidated down to the octavia launchpad17:46
fungiokay, thanks for confirming17:49
Zarastoryboard meeting in 40min!18:23
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fungiis this a bug?!/project/list?q=interop19:28
fungioh, nevermind, we have stackforge/refstack and openstac/refstack in there19:28
fungii guess the former should be cleaned up19:28
fungier, no, merged19:29
fungithey both have stories19:29
fungii suppose that'll take a bit of surgery19:29
SotKI assume the same is true of the other stackforge/ things in SB:!/project/list?q=stackforge19:29
diablo_rojo_phonUx isn't a project anymore so can that just go away?19:30
fungiux also has no stories associated, so yes19:30
fungistackforge/refstack-client does have a story though19:30
fungii think these must have predated the addition of sb db updates to our project renaming process19:31
fungistarting import now20:02
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fungistill going, but i expect it to take a while20:43
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Zarayeah, it shouldn't be toooooooo long but I didn't time it20:44
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fungiit's done21:57
fungijohnsom: looks like stories were imported for neutron-lbaas-dashboard and octavia, there were no projects in lp corresponding to octavia-dashboard, python-octaviaclient, octavia-tempest-plugin or neutron-lbaas21:58
johnsomCool, yes, we have mostly consolidated down to octavia launchpad21:59
johnsomClear to lock launchpad?21:59
fungiwell, now you have an octavia project group in sb, so any tasks in a story for any of your deliverable repos will be associated with that octavia group22:00
fungiyeah, you should be safe to close down shop on lp22:00
fungi#success Octavia has migrated from Launchpad to StoryBoard22:03
openstackstatusfungi: Added success to Success page22:03
diablo_rojo_phonWoot woot!22:12
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johnsomDo automatic worklists always show 0 items?23:17

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