Thursday, 2017-09-07

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SotKjohnsom: yeah, that's an old bug that I think we should be able to resurrect the fix for once our worklist/board optimisation patches are merged09:02
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johnsomOh wow, yes, wroklist needs help.  This is horribly slow with the Octavia project stories.16:19
Zara should help with that16:22
SotKoh my that is very slow indeed16:22
Zarait finally loaded for me, but I think it was > a minute16:23
SotKactually the commit after that is the one that will somewhat alleviate this issue iirc16:23
SotKbut both are needed16:23
Zaraheh, I didn't realise it was an automatic worklist until it finished loading, though I should've guessed16:24
Zarawell I should have some time to review those patches soon16:28
SotK\o/ thanks!16:47
johnsomAh, I fat fingered that watchlist, it was matching merged instead of not merged.  Hopefully it is a bit better.16:58
johnsomNot much.  So, yay for fixes....17:00
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johnsomCouple of migration feedback items....20:30
johnsomBugs in Launchpad there were "incomplete" got marked "Invalid" in storyboard, thus dropping them out of the auto work lists.  Incomplete was being used in launchpad for "needs more information".20:32
johnsomSecond comment, it would probably be a good idea to have the migration script post a comment to the bugs in launchpad about the migration and the new link.  Folks with bug URLs can still access the bugs in Launchpad even though we have "disabled" bugs for the project.  So folks are still updating the old bugs not knowing of the migration.20:33
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diablo_rojojohnsom, good feedback :)20:47
diablo_rojojohnsom, I will make stories in our board to make those changes.20:47
johnsomdiablo_rojo Thanks20:49
johnsomI added this, which is similar, but not really about the migration script:!/story/200118520:50
diablo_rojojohnsom, really appreciate the feedback actually- no one else has given any and we want to improve :)20:51
diablo_rojojohnsom, looks like a good idea- if you or anyone else sees things like that you want to change we would love to review your patches :) Storyboard is an openstack project afterall.20:52
johnsomUnderstand.  We are all understaffed.  I at least wanted to capture it in case someone else had the time to work on it.20:54
diablo_rojoYeah I am starting to put those tasks together right now- I can send you the links when they are done if you want to add anythign20:59
diablo_rojojohnsom, ^^20:59
diablo_rojojohnsom, I added them as tasks to this story:!/story/200056821:06
diablo_rojoThey are 5683 and 568421:06
* diablo_rojo looks and maybe should have added them to a different place actually21:08
diablo_rojoGoing to move them lol21:08
johnsomYeah, that seems odd21:08
* diablo_rojo is doing like 10 things at once lol21:08
johnsomMe too, no worries21:08
diablo_rojojohnsom, take 2:!/story/200087621:11
diablo_rojo5685 568621:11
johnsomOk, yeah, looks good.21:11
diablo_rojojohnsom, thank you :)21:12
Zarathank you for the feedback! it might be possible to use tags + a script for something similar21:21
Zarathough the tricky thing with that would be that tags are at the story level while statuses are at the task level.21:22
Zara(I was imagining tagging a story 'incomplete' and then running a script periodically to change all tasks in 'incomplete' stories to status 'invalid' if they had had no updates within a certain timeframe)21:23
Zara(but that could fail if a story had a mix of tasks, some invalid and some not. I'm not sure how eligible such a story would be for an 'incomplete' tag in the first place, though21:24
johnsomYeah, seems like since we are tracking state at the task level, incomplete would need to be on the tasks.  The periodic job (I guess the PTL could run it if we don't automate) would look at the history, and if there have been no updates in the time period mark in invalid.21:26
johnsomI have not dug into the API yet to understand if the necessary history info is available and/or the filtering by time.21:27
diablo_rojojohnsom, I would maybe default them to 'todo' rather than 'incomplete'21:27
johnsomYeah, until we have an "incomplete" state, TODO is better than Invalid21:28
Zarajohnsom: I think it would be possible to get the history from the api from the events timeline; in the past I've made scripts to collect lists of stories edited between two dates21:38
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