Monday, 2015-09-14

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openstackgerritWang Wei proposed openstack/tuskar: Replace 'nova_overcloud_config.yml' with 'nova_overcloud_config.yaml'
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untriaged-botNo untriaged bugs so far! \o/03:00
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/puppet-tripleo: loadbalancer: use http mode for Horizon haproxy config
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openstackgerritDerek Higgins proposed openstack-infra/tripleo-ci: Remove heat temprevert
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spredzyI had instack-virt-setup deploying fine on thursday but since friday it keeps stopping at this point
spredzyderekh, jistr gfidente any idea of what that could be ? ^08:21
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jistrspredzy: yes, i'll send a patch shortly. i had to hack around that myself08:21
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spredzyjistr, great. Thank you :)08:22
openstackgerritJiri Stransky proposed openstack/diskimage-builder: redhat-common: don't fail on existing grub package
jistrspredzy: ^^ try with this08:33
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spredzyjistr, well it goes belong the previous error but stops with mkdir: cannot create directory 'instack.d/': Permission denied08:42
spredzyjistr, command was + mkdir -p instack.d/08:42
jistrspredzy: yeah i think you need to be in a writable dir when running instack, instack is `pwd`-sensitive08:42
jistrspredzy: so usually `cd` should solve it08:43
spredzyjistr, ack. This make sense as I was on the redhat-common element dir08:43
spredzymy bad, havent thought about that :)08:43
spredzyyour patch does work08:50
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jistrcool :)08:51
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untriaged-botNo untriaged bugs so far! \o/09:00
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spredzyjistr, by the way did the inspector issue I told you on friday did work for you?09:01
jistrspredzy: yes it did, thanks! :)09:01
spredzycool :)09:02
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pino|workjistr: I1acd19da8567ab93b5003caf67673cc70efea5fa, already merged09:08
pino|workspredzy: which version of dib are you using? see also ^09:10
pino|workspredzy: can you please provide a full log of disk-image-create -x ...?09:11
spredzypino|work, diskimage-builder-1.1.0-0.99.20150824.1843git.el7.centos.noarch09:12
pino|workso that does not contain the above patch, i guess, at it got merged 11 days ago09:13
jistrspredzy, pino|work: yeah then i guess we just need to update the RPM, i'll abandon the new patch09:15
jistrspredzy, pino|work: there might be an RPM which contains the patch in delorean current already, but i think both me and spredzy used the pinned down version which is in the docs (i was expecting higher stability)09:24
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openstackgerritYanis Guenane proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Start the nova-cert service in HA setup
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openstackgerritLucas Alvares Gomes proposed openstack/os-cloud-config: Fix nodes registering with fake_pxe driver
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openstackgerritLucas Alvares Gomes proposed openstack/os-cloud-config: Fix nodes registering with fake_pxe driver
slaglederekh: i saw you had a PR merge to update rdo.yaml to build instack-undercloud from, but do you know if the actual delorean instance get updated?11:19
slagledont see any new builds at
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derekhslagle: I'll check11:19
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gfidentederekh, congrats for the switching :)11:44
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trownderekh: if you havent checked on the delorean instance yet, mind pulling this in too?
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openstackgerritValeriy Ponomaryov proposed openstack/tuskar-ui: TEST. DO NOT MERGE
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derekhtrown: if I pull that in now, we'll break tripleo-ci, need to see why this failed and get it merged first
dprinceslagle: hi, when you booted fedora atomic last what did your flavor look like?12:35
derekhtrown: I'm looking at the ha job at the moment, and will take a look at it after if somebody hasn't gotten there first12:35
trownderekh: ack, I will try to look into that12:36
derekhtrown: I've just blindy rechecked it incase it was during some of last weeks breakages12:36
slagledprince: it was just the normal looking baremetal flavor12:36
slagledprince: i have that environment shut down atm, but can start it up if needed12:37
jprovaznshardy: hi12:37
dprinceslagle: BTW, I did discover an issue where the keystone_auth settings in ironic.conf for instack are incorrect. Fixing that resolved my issue... but I think that may have been the red herring. I think the reason you were able to boot it was because you had boot_option: local set, and I didn't12:37
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dprinceslagle: the error messages were really confusing to me but once I read the ironic code I realized it was doing something it shouldn't have been if local boot was enabled12:38
derekhslagle: the instack(-undercloud) changes are on the server, we need something to be merged for it to take effect, new packages are build on upstream changes or packages changes12:39
derekhslagle: but not changes in rdoinfo12:39
slagledprince: ok. yea, i definitely have boot_option:local set12:39
dprinceslagle: yep, I will update the instructions here to mention that,cm12:39
dprinceslagle: because otherwise it doesn't work w/ instack12:39
derekhslagle: ahhh fickit, I know what else could have happened, the remote needs to be changed on the cloned repositories on the delorean server12:40
trownderekh: looks like the image build failed and it failed in a way that I do not think is related to that change
* trown crosses fingers for recheck12:40
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slaglederekh: ok. we did have a merge this weekend, but no new build, so that might be it12:41
derekhtrown: yup, that looks like it was during a problem with the delorean server one of the nights last week, lets see what happens ;-)12:42
derekhslagle: yup, I'll get it sorted12:42
shardyjprovazn: hi!12:42
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jprovaznshardy: thanks for looking at , it seems that getting list of all resources on a stack with 60 nodes takes quite a lot of time, I wonder if it would be possible to optimize the query "give me all stack resouces" on heat server side?12:45
trownderekh: I do not understand the purpose of building any of those RPMs...why wouldnt we just get all of those packages from delorean?12:46
jprovaznshardy: if we want to use heat in real life deployments, it seems to me that it's important/cirtical to have responses to such queries sooner than 90s12:46
shardyjprovazn: how are you getting the resources, via a list, or one by one?12:47
jprovaznshadower: list12:47
shardyjprovazn: you can pass a detail option to list, which should mean that you get all the resources in one DB query12:47
shardyjprovazn: I guess you're passing nested_depth too, maybe we can further optimize that..12:49
jprovaznshardy:        all_resources = self.heatclient.resources.list(12:49
jprovazn  , nested_depth=self.nested_depth)12:49
derekhtrown: Ideally you would be correct, but at some stages we are on a delorean repository that is weeks behind, for some packages we would want the change reflected in our ci immediatly  when its merged, slagle was talking about a tripleo repository which would run from trunk but until we do that we gotta build some of them12:49
jprovaznnested_depth is set to 512:49
jprovaznshardy: I'm not sure I get the detail option list - you mean that by restricting the list of attributes I could minimize query on engine side to 1?12:50
jprovaznIOW that by default some attribute of resource is included which causes that thousands of queries is done?12:51
shardyjprovazn: No, I misunderstood your problem initially, I thought you were getting each resource e.g resource-show12:51
shardyjprovazn: sec, let me look at how we're doing the recursion12:51
jprovaznshardy: have to relocate, will ping you when I get back12:53
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spredzyslagle, to which extent could we integrate steps marked here directly into the instack-vm element ? its already the case for the user creation. Can't we push it for repo + packages (yum-plugin-priorities & python-tripleoclient) so basically by default the user only have to log into the instack VM and run openstack undercloud install13:01
spredzyyet if the the user wants to use a different delorean.repo he still can do it by changing the delorean.repo file before running the command13:02
slaglespredzy: so we did have that at one time, it was fraught with user error13:02
slagleb/c apparently enabling/disabling yum repos is hard13:02
slagleso just decided to doc it explicitly13:02
slaglebut, anything is up for revisiting13:03
pino|workdisabling repos with s-m, you mean?13:03
slaglespredzy: also, docs are published now in the officaly spot:
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spredzyslagle, uh? ok... thing is if you redeploy frequently the undercloud (and the instack-vm) it is quite repetitive and I thought it could be automated. But ack for your feedback13:04
slaglespredzy: uh? what?13:04
spredzy<slagle> b/c apparently enabling/disabling yum repos is hard13:05
slaglejust seems to confuse a lot of people, that's all13:05
slagleor they forget, etc13:05
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slaglewhat that's the case? i don't know. just got tired of saying RTFM a million times13:06
slagleso it was a doc'd in a way such that it forced reading the docs13:06
slaglebut like, i said, everything is always up for revisiting :)13:07
slaglewe could also have an undercloud install script, that scripted all those steps13:08
spredzyWhat I had in mind was to create those two .repo file directly during disk-image-create instack-vm so regular workflow wouldn't even require the need to know that those repo should be enabled13:08
slaglesure, we could do that13:08
spredzyuse would simply run the openstack undercloud install command, more advanced used would require you to pin point the deloream commit you want to13:09
slaglethe other aspect to it is keeping the instructions the same for virt and baremetal13:09
slagleor at least as close as possible13:10
slagleso it would still need to be doc'd for the baremetal case13:10
slaglebut could use baremetal admonition13:11
spredzyslagle, ack, will try to provide review and we could talk more from there13:11
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jprovaznshardy, back, did you find something?13:31
shardyjprovazn: Yeah, basically we load each stack via a separate DB query in heat, which can probably be improved13:33
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shardyjprovazn: that said, it shouldn't be *that* inefficient, compared to, say, polling the events for hooks13:33
shardyin that case you have all the API overhead as well13:34
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shardyjprovazn: is it kilo heat?13:34
jprovaznshardy, I think slagle used kilo heat13:34
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jprovaznshardy, on pkg update, I don't poll events on all resources, only UpdateDeployment resources, so the most expensive API query is "get me all stack resources"13:36
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jprovaznshardy, hm, actually let me check one more thing13:38
shardyjprovazn: Ok, well it's definitely something we can probably improve13:40
jprovaznshardy, I should do more measuring - it's more probably caused by doing 60 API calls when getting events for each UpdateDeployment resource13:40
shardyI knew the recursive event-list was bad, but I didn't think this would be that big an overhead13:40
shardyjprovazn: Ok, cool, in that case it's a known issue, and the fix is adding a "nested-depth" type option to the event list API13:41
jprovaznshardy, I don't do recursive event-lsit13:41
shardyjprovazn: well, I mean the event-list -n5 in heatclient does tons of API calls just like you're presumably doing13:42
shardyand it's really slow as a result13:42
shardyjprovazn: can you do time heat resource-list -n 5 overcloud?13:42
jprovaznshardy, I don't have access to the deployment13:43
jprovaznshardy, already pinging james if he has :)13:43
shardyjprovazn: Ok, cool - I can help look at optimizing but probably best to dig a bit further to ensure we're optmising the worst/slowest places first :)13:44
jprovaznshardy, thanks, will ping you with more numbers later13:45
slaglenot sure of the exact timing, but resource-list -n 10 was not taking all that long really as i recall13:46
gfidenteshardy, I think I need some more help with the HOT language13:49
gfidenteshardy, seems something similar to what we saw already but not exactly the same13:49
gfidenteshardy, wait I might have figured myself, sorry13:51
slagleshardy: did you see i posted
slagleshardy: it's a been a little while since i've tested it, but am going to do so again this week13:54
shardyslagle: Sorry I missed that one, nice! :)13:57
shardyslagle: I've landed the patches in heat now so hopefully it should work w/master heat and zero hack patches13:57
slagleshardy: i saw that, cool. will give it a go this week hopefully13:58
shardy and
shardyslagle: cool, if I get a chance I'll pull the templates and give it a try too14:00
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derekhSo as far as I can see the current problem with our HA job is that we are using overcloud_controller.pp when we should be using overcloud_controller_pacemaker.pp14:14
derekhis there a flag in the overcloud deploy command that is supposed to switch between them ?14:15
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slaglederekh: i dont think there is, we might need to use a custom environment file14:17
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derekhslagle: ok, will have a look, is that how the downstream HA job did it ?14:19
*** shardy_ has quit IRC14:20
*** shardy has joined #tripleo14:21
slagleprobably, i'm not sure14:22
slagleor, actually, there may be a patch to change the default14:22
derekhslagle: ok ,thanks will poke about at it and find out14:23
slaglederekh: yea, there's a patch14:23
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jistranyone seen this yet when installing undercloud?14:41
jistrError: Could not find resource 'Keystone_domain[heat_domain]' for relationship from 'Class[Keystone::Roles::Admin]' on node instack14:41
spredzyjistr, I did this morning14:42
jistr^ when using the same delorean pin as CI14:42
jistrspredzy: did you manage to solve it somehow?14:42
spredzyI admit that I haven't fixed it per-se just rolled back from Keystone_domain[heat_domain] to Exec[heat_domain_create]14:42
jistrack, so by amending the undercloud puppet manifest?14:43
spredzyin /usr/share/instack-undercloud/puppet-stack-config/puppet-stack-config.pp14:43
jistrack thx!14:43
spredzyand then re-run openstack undercloud install14:43
spredzyjistr, I dont think you want to spend more time on installing it today :/14:43
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spredzyI have had packaging issue all day14:43
*** dprince has joined #tripleo14:43
jistrouch :(14:43
spredzypython-passlib, python-scss and python-django-pyscss14:44
spredzycf #rdo14:44
spredzyI couldn't make it run yet, stumbling across new packaging issue14:44
spredzyjistr, I think they are busy fixing all this, so I ll retry tomorrow14:45
slaglespredzy: jistr : i have a patch for that:
slaglei've asked for an update to openstack-puppet-modules in delorean as well14:49
slaglethat update process baffles me a bit, not sure how to propose it myself14:49
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jistrslagle: thanks, will try. I want that for undercloud, so i'll export that also before instack-virt-setup14:59
trownit looks like opm got updated in delorean14:59
*** aufi has quit IRC14:59
trownI have no idea how that works either, but there is a new one built as of an hour ago
slaglejistr: it will be set for the undercloud, based on what i doc'd there. you want it defined before "openstack undercloud install"15:00
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untriaged-botNo untriaged bugs so far! \o/15:00
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jistrslagle: ah ok15:00
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slagletrown: yea, i just saw that15:07
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slaglei'm going to work on a patch to the docs that says to enable both the pinned delorean repo, and the latest one, but the latest one will be whitelisted for tripleo related packages only15:07
slaglethat way you can use latest of the code that we are most likely to be working on, but the core stuff is all pinned to known good15:08
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openstackgerritShivanand Tendulker proposed openstack/diskimage-builder: Install 'gdisk' when building ramdisk with ironic-agent
openstackgerritGiulio Fidente proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Allow for static assignment of IPs to the Overcloud Controllers
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openstackgerritGiulio Fidente proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: external loadbalancer: Add net_vip_map_external
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openstackgerritRyan Hallisey proposed openstack/tripleo-specs: Containerize TripleO blueprint
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openstackgerritGiulio Fidente proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: external loadbalancer: Add net_vip_map_external
openstackgerritGiulio Fidente proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Make load balancer deployment optional via template param
openstackgerritGiulio Fidente proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Allow for static assignment of IPs to the Overcloud Controllers
*** hashar has quit IRC16:14
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openstackgerritDerek Higgins proposed openstack-infra/tripleo-ci: Include the puppet-pacemaker environment in the HA job
*** mcornea has quit IRC16:42
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pino|workdtantsur: hey17:02
openstackgerritEmilien Macchi proposed openstack/puppet-tripleo: loadbalancer: fix MySQL timeout HAproxy config
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dtantsurpino|work, o/17:04
*** yamahata has joined #tripleo17:05
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pino|workdtantsur: left you a reply on the virt-dib review17:13
dtantsurpino|work, thanks, I've already changed my vote17:13
pino|workdtantsur: if you have time/will, we could test it one of these days?17:14
dtantsurpino|work, will - yes, time - well, no :) we're very close to upstream releases, too many things to do, sorry17:14
pino|workdtantsur: feared that :/ but in any case, when you have some, i'd be glad to be poked about testing it17:19
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egaffordHi all. I'm seeing a persistent issue with my upstream dev env: the stack is infinite looping on ControllerOvercloudServicesDeployment_Step4, with a /var/log/messages trace leading to ToozConnectionError: Error 113 connecting to EHOSTUNREACH. In each case, the Redis VIP is pointing at a ctlplane IP that doesn't exist (in this case 21 is compute and 22 is controller), and I certainly don't believe I'v done a thing to Ceilom17:33
egaffordRedis is totally unnecessary for Sahara, so I could always just try turning it off, but I'd like to make certain I'm not breaking extant functionality...17:34
*** lucasagomes has joined #tripleo17:38
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egaffordshardy, dprince: Hi guys, any immediate thoughts on the issue I posted about :30 ago? If this is brand new and unique to my code, that's fine and I'll keep researching; just trying to see if it is or was a known issue.18:07
*** lucasagomes is now known as lucas-dinner18:08
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dprinceegafford: are you using DELOREAN_CURRENT URL? perhaps some unrelated dependency change has crept in18:16
*** openstackgerrit has joined #tripleo18:16
dprinceegafford: also, curious if you've made any local changes (is there a posted patch showing what you are doing)18:16
dprinceegafford: nothing comes to mind, but perhaps give more data and someone could help18:17
*** yamahata has quit IRC18:18
egafforddprince: I'm not using Delorean; I'm trying to field an upstream-on-downstream env (patching in os-cloud-config, puppet-tripleo, openstack-tripleo-heat-templates, openstack-tripleo-puppet-elements, and python-tripleoclient).18:18
egafforddprince: I have WIP 5 patches on review; grabbing links.18:19
egaffordThese are essentially rebases of my working OSP-d 7.0 patches, revised to use more modern puppet-sahara.18:20
egaffordIf no one's seen this, I'll keep poking though.18:20
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dprincelucasagomes_, slagle: this was the cause of the instack issues I saw Friday :/18:54
dprinceslagle: on a related note I added keystone v3 support to our Tokyo etherpad18:55
dprinceslagle: we really need to add support for that...18:55
slagledprince: i thought you said it was the boot_option?18:56
*** dsneddon has joined #tripleo18:57
dprinceslagle: this was the red herring masking the boot option though18:57
slagleoh i see. since you didnt have boot_option:local, it tried the dhcp boot but failed b/c the options werent set on the port?18:57
dprinceslagle: I didn't notice the boot option until I sorted this18:57
*** dsneddon has quit IRC18:57
slagleyea, i think i got it18:57
*** dsneddon has joined #tripleo18:57
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egafforddprince: Respinning my development environment in hope of correcting; is there any specific OS version that's suggested for upstream dev?18:59
*** dsneddon_ is now known as dsneddon18:59
dprinceegafford: instack currently requires Centos/RHEL18:59
dprinceegafford: I've switched to Centos for everything now... FWIW18:59
* dprince missing Fedora18:59
egafforddprince: Okay. Getting 404s on RHEL atm, but I can probably figure out what it wants from me.19:00
*** shivrao has joined #tripleo19:00
egafforddprince: Is maintained at this point, or has that fallen away? Not a lot of change in the doc since I first interacted with the product, so it's possible I'm barking up a dead tree.19:01
*** nijaba has quit IRC19:01
dprinceegafford: it is going out of style fast I'm afraid19:01
dprinceegafford: you can probably still use a good bit of it though while you migrate19:01
egafforddprince: Current data suggests it's out of style now. :)19:02
*** noslzzp has joined #tripleo19:02
dprinceegafford: for example, I used an instack undercloud w/ for a bit19:02
dprinceegafford: I think derekh is hard at work on a devtest_instack.sh19:02
egafforddprince: That would be glorious.19:02
*** Marga__ has joined #tripleo19:02
dprinceegafford: and another few of us will likely build a or something to test the new container goodness19:02
egaffordAt this point I'm about 80% certain I can bang out Sahara integration reasonably swiftly given an upstream dev env, but it's proving very elusive.19:03
dprinceegafford: egafford: I'd be happy to show you what I do if you want a bootstrap19:03
egafforddprince: That'd be amazing.19:03
dprinceegafford: it is very similar to the toci script however19:03
egaffordYou've pointed me at toci and told me to hack, but it's dense for an outsider.19:03
egaffordHey, if you can say "this is how I modify/use toci," that's great.19:04
*** nijaba has joined #tripleo19:04
*** nijaba has quit IRC19:04
*** nijaba has joined #tripleo19:04
egaffordI just don't necessarily have the expertise to personally modify it to purpose at the moment without help.19:04
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trownslagle: last week sometime we were talking about puppetizing the discoverd element... do you think the puppet code would go into openstack/puppet-ironic or an entirely new repo?19:34
slagletrown: we should check with EmilienM19:36
EmilienMgood question19:36
EmilienMimho, in p-ironi19:36
EmilienMimho, in p-ironic19:36
EmilienMtrown: it's in puppet backlog, let me know if you want to work on it19:37
trownEmilienM: ya, now that I am looking bifrost is already there, and that is also a sub-project19:37
EmilienMdefinitly good candidate for p-ironic19:37
trownEmilienM: I told dtantsur|afk I would work on it :)19:38
EmilienMtrown: see then19:38
EmilienMtrown: if you start working on this, please assign the card to yourself19:39
trownEmilienM: will do, thanks19:39
EmilienMtrown: sure19:40
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EmilienMslagle: I would like to create a doc to explain how to add networking drivers into tripleo (ie: tht, puppet-neutron, etc) - can I create for example?19:41
*** Marga_ has quit IRC19:50
slagleEmilienM: it feels like that could be developer docs19:53
slagleEmilienM: dunno really, guess i'll have a better idea when i see the content :)19:53
slaglewiki is always fine, then we could move it to a git repo later19:53
openstackgerritTimothy Swanson proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Support new form of servers config for ML2 cisco nexus allnodes config.
EmilienMslagle: I'll start by wiki and I will be happy to move it wherever you like later :)19:54
slagleokey doke19:55
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untriaged-botNo untriaged bugs so far! \o/21:00
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openstackgerritBen Nemec proposed openstack/puppet-tripleo: Allow haproxy to support redirects in Nova
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openstackgerritGiulio Fidente proposed openstack/tripleo-heat-templates: Allow for static assignment of IPs to the Overcloud Controllers
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