#openstack-meeting: OpenStack I18n Meeting

Meeting started by ianychoi at 07:18:23 UTC (full logs).

Meeting summary

  1. User survey translation status (ianychoi, 07:18:31)
    1. Skipping since no language coordinators are here unfortunately in today irc meeting (ianychoi, 07:19:02)

  2. Reviewing I18n current activities (ianychoi, 07:19:10)
    1. Translated PDF support - ianychoi investigated on some implementation details and he will propose a spec to docs-specs (ianychoi, 07:20:04)
    2. Proposing a translate-support governance tag: slow progress but ianychoi will do :) (ianychoi, 07:20:35)
    3. Python 3 support in i18n repo: need to define how to test some tools and I have recently found that some Python scripts look fine but output generation is error (ianychoi, 07:21:32)
    4. translate-dev.o.o currently uses openstackid-dev. ianychoi and openstackid developer discussed for future directions and some details how to support authentication in translate-dev.o.o for existing users (ianychoi, 07:23:28)
    5. I18n PTL is curious on new functionalities in newer version of Zanata and fortunately newer version of Zanata (4.2) can be rather easily deployed to current openstack-infra (since Java 8 and Wildfly 10 are the same). (ianychoi, 07:25:17)
    6. Zanata team will have a webinar: What are new features on newer version of Zanata since 3.9 (ianychoi, 07:25:54)
    7. Turkish glossary needs review from Turkish translators: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/467240/ (ianychoi, 07:28:40)

  3. Next week: a webinar for Zanata new features since 3.9 instead of IRC meeting (ianychoi, 07:31:26)
  4. Discussion on IRC meeting participation (ianychoi, 07:36:57)
    1. Let's skip this today since only two are online now. However, creating a poll might be an alternative instead of discussing through IRC. (ianychoi, 07:37:29)

  5. Open discussions (ianychoi, 07:37:37)

Meeting ended at 07:58:48 UTC (full logs).

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  2. jpich (21)
  3. amotoki (21)
  4. openstack (3)
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