Thursday, 2023-08-03

opendevreviewsuzhengwei proposed openstack/project-config master: Allow masakari-core to act as osc/sdk service-core
opendevreviewVishal Manchanda proposed openstack/project-config master: Update job template for xstatic-angular-fileupload
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opendevreviewVishal Manchanda proposed openstack/project-config master: Add job template for xstatic-angular-fileupload
opendevreviewMerged openstack/project-config master: Add job template for xstatic-angular-fileupload
opendevreviewMerged openstack/project-config master: Allow octavia-core to act as osc/sdk service-core
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amothukuHi All, I created a Ubuntu One account under the email I can access with this email. I need to add my work email namely to, and it throws the following error   11:36
amothukuError 422: Identity '' in use by another account.11:37
amothukuI'm not able to access ubuntu one account got created using from
amothukuMy issue is more or less similar to this ->, Anyone available to help me out?11:38
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tonybYeah it was upstream removing things not us.13:44
tonybI didn't realise that would happen that way.  If I had I'd have prioritised the zuul mirrorinfo work13:45
fricklerinfra-root: system-config periodic jobs started failing more than usual, in particular the meetpad LE run that I triggered didn't run, maybe one of you has time to dig a bit more?
fungilooks like our gerrit hook scripts that talk to launchpad are failing, this is the exception:
fungiamorin: i can take a look in a few minutes13:47
fungier, sorry amorin, i meant amothuku (tab complete failed because they changed their nick after commenting)13:48
amorinno worries13:48
amothuku_thanks @fungi13:49
fungilooks like the launchpad connection error may be related to (i'll try to do the cleanup step mentioned there)13:52
fungi seems to be a better link13:54
fungi#status log Moved launchpadlib's cache aside on the Gerrit server in order to address failures related to
opendevstatusfungi: finished logging13:56
opendevreviewMerged openstack/project-config master: Change zuul tenant ansible version to 8
fungiamothuku_: if i "retire" the old account (switch it to inactive and remove its associated e-mail addresses) then you should be able to add the addresses it used to your new account. would that be acceptable?14:16
funginote that any activity you had under the old account won't be associated with the new account in any way. if the old account was in any groups for special review permissions, for example, whoever manages those groups will need to remove the old account and add your new one14:18
fungiamothuku_: is that solution acceptable?14:26
amothuku_Yes please, retire the old account, any account associated to amanpandae.mothukuri@windriver.com14:39
fungiamothuku_: no problem, i'll get to work on that but the steps are baroque so it will take me a few minutes to remember how to do that safely. i'll let you know when it's done14:40
amothuku_sorry to ask this much. I had an account with even prior to this mishap. Please retire that as well. I fell into a trap of linking and accounts and now I'm interwoven between my old accounts14:41
amothuku_Please take your time, Thanks a ton for your help14:41
opendevreviewMichael Johnson proposed openstack/project-config master: Allow designate-core as osc/sdk service-core
fungiamothuku_: thanks for letting me know about the other account. i'll get both your old accounts cleaned up and let you know once it's done14:45
fungifrickler: looks like the infra-prod-base job failure was because of a (stale?) /var/lib/dpkg/lock-frontend on storyboard01 when trying to `apt-get autoremove`14:50
fungii'll take a look at the server and see if it was temporary14:50
fungifrickler: i can run the same command on the server fine, so i think it must have collided with unattended-upgrades or something14:51
fungii don't expect the same error for the next run, but if it does happen again then we may need to adjust timing of something14:52
fricklerfungi: that sounds like a bad coincidence indeed, thanks for checking14:59
fricklerany idea about all these goaccess jobs? I never heard about them. seem to be failing with a bad ssh key on static.o.o
fricklerlast success almost 4 months ago15:00
fungifrickler: those are (were for the moment i guess) performing web access log analysis and summarization for a number of sites we host, so that people could get sanitized reports of web activity (common 404 requests, popular urls, and so on)15:01
frickleroh, right, that rings a bell somewhere very far out in my swap storage ;)15:07
fungii dug into the current state of the accounts amothuku_ mentioned, and the two "old" account addresses are currently associated with a single account, id=36249 (this may have been the result of a prior retirement for yet another account, but if so it's not part of the problem at this point). so if i clean up the external ids from account 36249 and retire it, that should be sufficient in this15:41
fungi#status log Retired and cleaned external IDs from Gerrit account 36249 at its owner's request15:53
opendevstatusfungi: finished logging15:53
fungiamothuku: try adding the address(es) to your new account again15:54
fungilet us know if you still have trouble15:54
amothukufungi: Sure, allow me some time  16:42
fungiamothuku: take all the time you need, no rush16:43
slittle1Please add me as first core to starlingx-app-intel-ethernet-operator-core17:58
slittle1on a different note... has the failure of gerrit review merges to update launchpads been noted previously?  Is there a ticket we can track?18:03
fungislittle1: there's a discussion on the starlingx-discuss mailing list, if you're subscribed there18:03
slittle1I see it18:04
fungislittle1: i've added you to starlingx-app-intel-ethernet-operator-core just now18:05
slittle1And I think we still have a gerrit >- launchpad issue.   I replied the mailing list thread18:15
fungithanks, i'll see if i logged any new errors18:56
fungihrm, no new errors logged at least19:01
fungislittle1: i see got comments from gerrit about the proposal and merger of the change, it looks like the task status wasn't updated so i guess that's what you're saying is missing?19:02
fungiand it didn't set it to in-progress when a new change was proposed19:09
fungislittle1: the good news is the hook script is at least commenting again, which it wasn't doing prior to today. i think updating the task status requires the account to be a member of the bug supervisor group for the project so that it will have permissions to do that19:15
fungii can see for example got "status: Confirmed → In Progress" when gerrit commented on that linked bug19:16
fungithough it did change the bugtask status on
fungialso 2029423 and 202941219:28
fungiand 202768519:29
fungislittle1: is there a possibility that the ones it's updating the status on don't have a "/" in their branch names? the current script logic splits that "r/stx.7.0" branch name on the "/" and looks for a corresponding "stx.7.0" series bugtask to update on the bug19:32
fungibut if there's no "/" in the branch for the change, it assumes the default bugtask for the project is what it should update19:33
fungithis originally came about because openstack projects have branch names like stable/queens and then for backports to those branches they create a "queens" series for the project in launchpad and associate the backport bugtasks with it19:34
fungiokay, replied to that ml thread. it's not that the bugtask needs to exactly match whatever's after the / in the branch name, it's that it needs to end with that substring19:48
fungiso having bugtask names that exactly match the full branch name should also work the way it's currently implemented19:50

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