Tuesday, 2013-09-24

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flaper87al-maisan: ping07:19
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al-maisanhello flaper87 !07:50
al-maisansitting at the airport -- can talk for 10 minutes :-P07:50
flaper87al-maisan: ah, just wanted to know if you could update your patch07:51
flaper87or if I can do it for you07:51
flaper87kinda need that to move on07:51
al-maisaneither is good -- what would you like changed?07:52
flaper87if you don't mind and you agree with the comments I wrote07:52
flaper87I reviewed it yday07:52
al-maisanI pushed  a new patch set07:52
flaper87mmh, the last one is PS number 407:52
al-maisansorry, new review07:52
al-maisanI should have pushed a new patch set (#5) instead?07:53
al-maisansorry -- learning the ropes still07:53
flaper87let me do that for you, if you don't mind?07:53
flaper87no worries at all07:53
flaper87I'll push a new patch set in your old review07:54
flaper87to keep track of history07:54
al-maisanflaper87: can we leave at least 'operation' as an explicit property of request.Spec?07:54
al-maisanflaper87: I can do that as well -- give a me 2 mins07:54
flaper87al-maisan: awesome, thanks a lot! Thought you were jumping into the plain07:55
flaper87we can keep that explicit for now, TBH, I don't think it should07:55
al-maisan5 minutes left07:56
flaper87we'll always need an operation07:56
flaper87al-maisan: cool, thanks man!!!07:56
al-maisanlet's discuss explicit vs. param later today07:56
al-maisanyou are welcome07:56
flaper87al-maisan: okey-dokey07:56
openstackgerritMuharem Hrnjadovic proposed a change to openstack/python-marconiclient: This adds a transport layer request spec class  https://review.openstack.org/4753808:08
al-maisanflaper87: ^^08:08
* al-maisan runs to the airplane08:08
flaper87al-maisan: thanks08:08
flaper87al-maisan: have a safe flight08:08
al-maisanflaper87: my flight is delayed :-P is patch set #5 any good?08:21
flaper87al-maisan: it looks good, thanks a lot! We can discuss the required thing later if you want08:23
flaper87we can let that land in a separate patch08:23
* al-maisan abandons the new/unneeded review (https://review.openstack.org/47892)08:26
al-maisanflaper87: why did you suggest the ".copy()" bit for common.api.info() ?08:29
flaper87al-maisan: just as a security thing, trying to avoid obscure bugs caused because that dict was modified in some place08:32
flaper87that dict shouldn't be modified anywhere08:33
flaper87but you know....08:33
al-maisanhmm .. I see .. a bit of paranoia can be handy at times ;-)08:33
flaper87don't want the whole think to break just because of a silly .pop() or something08:33
flaper87al-maisan: thank you :)08:34
flaper87I'll submit my patch very soon08:35
* flaper87 is signing the contract for his new ISP08:35
flaper87Optical fiber FTW08:36
al-maisanhmm .. that should result in many happy streaming bits ;)08:40
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openstackgerritMalini Kamalambal proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Add Tests for Queue Stats  https://review.openstack.org/4801211:10
openstackgerritMalini Kamalambal proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Add Tests for Queue Stats  https://review.openstack.org/4801211:14
flaper87malini: goood morning11:32
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cppcabreraGoood morning!12:28
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flaper87cppcabrera: GOOOD MORNING12:45
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cppcabrerahow go things, flaper87? :)12:48
flaper87cppcabrera: allllllll gooooood, you?12:49
cppcabrerapretty sweet. It's been a good morning so far. :D12:49
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cppcabreraI see we have a patch working to get marconi into devstack.12:51
flaper87cppcabrera: Fuck Yeah!!!12:54
flaper87and it works pretty nice12:54
flaper87it sets up marconi+keystone12:54
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cppcabreraawesome. :D12:55
cppcabreraI'll be reviewing that patch shortly.12:55
* cppcabrera is on the morning review train12:55
kgriffscppcabrera: is mpanetta in teh house?12:56
cppcabreraI believe not, kgriffs. I'll check.12:56
kgriffsflaper87: the internet works sooooo much better once you upgrade from 56k12:56
cppcabrerampanetta's not here yet, kgriffs.12:57
kgriffsalso, guys, need a final review on this: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/47272/12:57
kgriffssee my last comment (and email)12:57
flaper87kgriffs: LOOOOOOL12:57
kgriffscppcabrera: ok12:57
flaper87kgriffs: will review that soon12:57
kgriffsjust want to make sure he knows he is *invited* to join this channel12:57
flaper87kgriffs: I read your email12:58
flaper87who is mpanetta ?12:58
kgriffsMike Panetta12:58
flaper87I saw him / her yesterday12:58
flaper87ah ok12:58
kgriffshe is a new Rackspace d00d12:58
kgriffsworks with Oz on devops stuff12:58
flaper87kgriffs: btw, was there a meeting yday? Didn't see any znc backlog12:59
kgriffsthere was, but we got started really late12:59
cppcabrerayeah, we started at like...12:59
kgriffsmostly just discussed the proxy12:59
flaper87oh, ok, will check the logs in the wiki then12:59
cppcabrera4:30 UTC. :P12:59
cppcabreraflaper87: ^12:59
cppcabrerakgriffs was sidetracked discussing requirements/deps in -infra.13:00
flaper87sorry for not being around yday13:00
cppcabrerano worries, flaper87. sometimes other things come up. :)13:00
flaper87cppcabrera: yeah, the Pecab / Falcon discussion was pretty intense. I had to leave and abandone kgriffs there13:00
cppcabrerathe big discussion point, as kgriffs mentioned, was the proxy. By the end of the day, kgriffs worked with me to identify the remaining issues with the proxy based on the initial storage driver patches.13:02
cppcabreraThose issues continue to live here: https://etherpad.openstack.org/marconi-proxy-issues13:02
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cppcabreraboth the memory and mongodb proxy storage driver patches have been approved and merged (with notes) at this point. The next steps are finalizing the caching and transport-mirror patches while I work on fixing issues and adding tests.13:03
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cppcabreraah, and we found a negative age bug. I'll fix that one up after reviewing patches this morning.13:03
flaper87cppcabrera: awesome, I'd really appriciate it if you could takle the pending TODOs first13:04
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cppcabrerawill do, flaper87.13:04
flaper87cppcabrera: awesome, thanks d00000000d13:05
* flaper87 learnt d00d from kgriffs :D13:05
cppcabreraeverytime I hear d000d, I think of Prinnies.13:05
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cppcabrerampanetta: o/13:05
cppcabrerakgriffs was looking for you. :P13:06
openstackgerritFlavio Percoco proposed a change to openstack/python-marconiclient: Add keystone backend  https://review.openstack.org/4804113:06
openstackgerritFlavio Percoco proposed a change to openstack/python-marconiclient: Authentication API + NoAuth backend  https://review.openstack.org/4733413:06
kgriffsjust making sure you saw my email13:06
kgriffsand would love to get that −1 removed if you agree13:06
mpanettaOh, yes.  Will do13:06
flaper87btw, this babies here need some love https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/python-marconiclient,n,z13:07
cppcabreraflaper87: I'm happy to see marconiclient coming along awesomely.13:07
cppcabreraNew patches everyday13:07
cppcabreraI'm already got most of the marconiclient patches open for review in my tabs. ;D13:07
flaper87yeaaaah, I really want to have the lib ready sooooooon!13:07
cppcabreraI'm tackling kgriff's marker patch atm.13:08
flaper87yeah, I'll do that as well13:08
mpanettaOk, updated.  Probably should have done that from home last night but didn't think about it.13:09
cppcabrerano worries, mpanetta. :)13:10
mpanettaI assume it is ok for me to move on to next patch now?13:11
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/python-marconiclient: Update requirements and pbr version  https://review.openstack.org/4625913:13
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/python-marconiclient: Remove mox from test-requirements.txt  https://review.openstack.org/4748613:13
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/python-marconiclient: Adding first oslo module and config  https://review.openstack.org/4627513:14
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/python-marconiclient: Added a base class for tests  https://review.openstack.org/4628813:15
cppcabreramy, my - look at all those patches.13:16
cppcabrerabusy day to be a reviewer.13:16
* flaper87 is going to cry13:17
flaper87all those babies growing up so fast13:17
flaper87they're all landing together13:17
cppcabrerakgriffs: marker patch reviewed - I'm -1 on it because of a testing decision, but I can be convinced that the random approach is okay.13:17
cppcabreraflaper87: I know, right? :')13:18
kgriffswell, my thinking there was that you run 3 envs13:18
kgriffsso chances are it will run at least once13:18
kgriffsi guess I guess i could change it to 33%13:18
cppcabreraSince it occurs only in the mongo tests, wouldn't it *never* be run in the jenkins gate jobs?13:19
kgriffsthe alternatives are to always run, which is really annoying because it takes 1 minute13:19
kgriffscppcabrera: true, but what about flaper87 and myself who always test against mongo?13:19
kgriffsother alternative is to only run when some env variable is set or something, but I am worried that eventually everyone will forget to do that13:20
kgriffsother ideas?13:20
cppcabrerawe already have the case of MONGODB_TEST_LIVE13:20
cppcabreraAs long as the env variables follow a convention of some sort...13:20
cppcabreraI'm fond of X_TEST_LIVE since I can usually grep for _TEST_LIVE to see what we have13:21
cppcabreraI'm sayuing I like the environment variable approach. :D13:21
flaper87cppcabrera: I like cppcabrera idea about MONGODB_SLOW_TEST13:22
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flaper87dunno why I mentioned cppcabrera 2 times in my last message, I guess I just wanted to mention him again cppcabrera and again cppcabrera and again cppcabrera13:23
cppcabrera"person: Hey, there, person" gets me from time to time because I know I want to address {person} but I don't realize I'm going to refer to {person} again by the end of my statement. (flaper87)13:24
flaper87the other thing could be not testing expired messages at all for mongod since they are managed by mongodb's internal which we *don't control* but between those options I prefer the MONGODB_SLOW_TEST13:24
flaper87cppcabrera: indeed T_T13:24
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kgriffsok, let me do MONGODB_SLOW_TEST13:26
kgriffsany other comments?13:26
cppcabreraOne more - self.assertIsNotNone13:27
flaper87kgriffs: I'm still reviewing it13:27
cppcabreraI'm +2 on the patch after MONGODB_SLOW_TEST, though.13:27
kgriffsshould we just have a MARCONI_SLOW_TEST13:27
kgriffsmake it more generic?13:27
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kgriffsso we can use it elsewhere later if we need to?13:27
flaper87kgriffs: +113:28
cppcabrera+1 kgriffs13:28
flaper87btw, why is the test_expired_messages a private method ?13:28
kgriffsso that we can pass different sleep times to it dep on the backend13:29
kgriffssqlite doesn't need the sleep, for example13:29
flaper87kgriffs: what about having a `gc_timeout` class attribute ?13:30
kgriffshmm, that could work13:30
kgriffsre envs13:30
kgriffshow about13:30
flaper87I don't like having to explicitly call that method in the TestCase, sounds like we could forget about it for new implementations13:30
kgriffs(renaming the latter from MONGODB_TEST_LIVE)13:31
flaper87kgriffs: +113:31
flaper87sounds like something for a different patch, though13:31
flaper87at least the rename13:31
cppcabreraRenaming later and settling on a good convetion sounds good to me.13:32
cppcabreraI'm favoring MARCONI_TEST_X for a general approach.13:32
cppcabreraMARCONI_TEST is the namespace, and X is the aspect we want to activate.13:32
cppcabreraLends itself well to scripting/automation (for aspect in desired_aspected: os.environ['MARCONI_TEST_{aspect}'] = 1)13:33
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flaper87kgriffs: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/47272/7/marconi/queues/storage/mongodb/messages.py13:35
flaper87line  56513:35
flaper87why would we usually endup in there?13:35
flaper87end up13:35
flaper87doesn't _inc_counter return the new counter ?13:35
kgriffsif window is specified, then _inc_counter will add it to the query which may result in the marker not being incremented13:37
flaper87kgriffs: kk, makes sense13:37
flaper87btw, what about adding a test case for a "duplicated-counter" scenario?13:38
flaper87I think we could simulate that by mocking the _get_counter method13:38
flaper87and making it return an already used counter13:38
kgriffshmm, it would be nice to be able to test that automatically13:40
kgriffslet me see what I can do there13:40
kgriffsalternatively I could just inject some messages into the collection without incrementing the counter13:41
flaper87kgriffs: that should work too13:42
flaper87patch LGTM btw13:42
cppcabreracool, cool - we're keeping a good pace with reviews this morning!13:45
kgriffsok, so let me fix up the tests and submit an update13:45
malinigood morning!!13:46
malinicppcabrera: thanks for the review..that was an embarassing one :-$13:46
cppcabreramalini: morning! No worries - it's what code review is for. To catch all the things that escape one person. :D13:47
malinibetween y'day evening & this morning, my circuit broke :D13:48
maliniwhile we are all here, I also wanted some thought on testing proxy13:49
cppcabrerasure thing, malini. I'm open for discussion on that while I review all the patches.13:50
openstackgerritMalini Kamalambal proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Add Tests for Queue Stats  https://review.openstack.org/4801213:50
malinicppcabrera: Do you have the proxy wiki url handy ? forgot to bookmark13:52
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cppcabreramalini: https://wiki.openstack.org/wiki/Marconi/specs/proxy/v113:55
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malinithanks cppcabrera13:56
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maliniw.r.t  adding functional tests for proxy, it is easy to test each api independently13:56
malinibut its going to be really hard to test this functionally13:57
malinias in add a new partition & verify that the requests are routed to the new partition13:57
*** nosnos has quit IRC13:58
cppcabreraI have an idea on that, malini13:58
malinibring it on13:58
cppcabreraAlright, so let's say we register a set of partitions13:58
cppcabreraNow we create a queue13:58
cppcabreraWe want to verify that the queue was created13:59
cppcabreraSo then...13:59
cppcabreraHow about checking through each partition and verifying that exactly one partition contains that queue?13:59
malinilet's take one step back,13:59
kgriffsthat always returns None or a string, right?14:00
cppcabrerakgriffs: yes - verified it just now14:00
cppcabreraunless you do os.environ.get() => {str: str}14:00
maliniregistering a set of partitions assumes that we have a number of partitions available :(14:01
cppcabreramalini: yeah, that would depend on a test environment consisting of >1 partition. :/14:01
cppcabrerapartitions can be small, too, for the sake of the test14:01
cppcabreraIMO, it's enough to have a partition consist of 2 hosts and 1 storage node.14:01
maliniI am thinking of just starting up another marconi server, thouhts ?14:02
cppcabrerathey can all be 512MB (or smaller instances)14:02
cppcabrerasounds good to me, malini14:02
cppcabrera2 partitions, 1 proxy14:02
cppcabreraI think that's good enough to cover many of the basic functional cases14:02
malinithat will make our tests very complex (creating new 512 MB instances)14:02
cppcabreramalini: I'd just let the tests assume that such an environment exists, esp. for now. No need to have the tests spin up/tear down envs14:03
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malini cppcabrera: if the tests assume that the env exists, it'll break our tox compatibility:/14:04
cppcabreraI have another idea!14:05
cppcabreraThis one preserves tox14:05
cppcabrera(thanks for mentioning that!)14:05
cppcabreraSo, given that we functionally test the proxy using the memory driver14:06
cppcabreraand that the marconi-servers themeselves use some kind of persistent storage (sqlite is fine)14:06
cppcabreraIt can all be done on localhost14:06
cppcabrera1. Spin up two marconi servers on different ports14:06
cppcabrera2. Have each of them use a different storage location14:06
cppcabrera3. Spin up one proxy14:06
cppcabrera4. Test away14:07
cppcabreraThat's representative of 2 partitions and 1 proxy14:07
cppcabrerathoughts, malini?14:07
*** EmilienM has joined #openstack-marconi14:07
malini2. means just pointing to two different dbs, rt?14:08
openstackgerritFlavio Percoco proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Move tests/unit/storage/base under m/tests/storage  https://review.openstack.org/4805714:08
openstackgerritFlavio Percoco proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Move tests/unit/storage/base under m/tests/storage  https://review.openstack.org/4805714:11
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*** mpanetta_ is now known as mpanetta14:14
flaper87guys, there are just 3 design sessions for Marconi, please, add there topics you would like to discuss during the summit14:15
flaper87we've got 4 slots14:15
cppcabreramalini: That's correct14:16
cppcabreraflaper87: ooohh, I'll check that out!14:17
openstackgerritFlavio Percoco proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Move test_default_limits to the new tests location  https://review.openstack.org/4805914:17
cppcabreraI'd love to see alternate transports addressed, all the moreso since there's much more opportunity for doing interesting things with zeromq, websockets, etc. than in HTTP14:17
malinicppcabrera: How easy is spinning up a proxy with the tests ?14:17
cppcabreraas of the latest patch, malini, it should be as easy as launching a proxy.transport.wsgi.app in a multiprocess call.14:18
cppcabrerazyuan did this in one of his test patches14:18
cppcabreraI'll look it up.14:18
malinicppcabrera: do I hear that we are already doing the stuff we just discusses?14:19
cppcabreramalini: I believe that's correct - I think zyuan is already doing some of this launching of proxy/queues_servers in the unit test suite.14:20
cppcabreraCheck out this patch: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/46963/4/tests/unit/proxy/test_forwarding.py14:20
cppcabreraflaper87, kgriffs: We've got an operational request for modifying the proxy a little.14:22
cppcabreraThe idea is to separate it into two wsgi apps - one that does almost strictly forwarding and the other that allows for partitions management.14:22
cppcabreraI've got on how to do this going off of the latest patch.14:22
cppcabreraI just wanted to check out what you guys think.14:22
malinicppcabrera: that is interesting..so it wouldn't make sense to repeat this in functional tests14:22
cppcabreramalini: marconi is a strange beast when it comes to testing - the lines between unit/functional tests are quite blurred. :)14:23
maliniyeah :)14:24
maliniits  a good problem to have ;)14:24
malinicppcabrera: do you feel there areas in proxy that need to be in functional tests?14:25
flaper87cppcabrera: mmh, not sure I follow14:26
flaper87I mean, I understand what you want to do, I don't understand why that's needed14:26
flaper87cppcabrera: malini re unit/functional I would prefer having both if possible and at least 1 of them, always14:27
amitgandhiflaper87: security purposes, the proxy admin calls are more sensitive which require bettter security around who can access them and how.  the forwarding calls can be open to public14:27
flaper87if there's a doubt whether a feature should be functionaly tested or not, it means it needs botht tests :D14:28
amitgandhiif the partition management calls are in its own app, they can be deployed seperately to a secure server which is not accessible by public14:28
cppcabreraamitgandhi: thanks for explaining!14:28
cppcabreraThat's the gist of it, flaper87.14:29
flaper87I'd rather have an admin CLI tool for adding / removing partitions instead of 2 wsgi apps14:29
cppcabreraLock down on /v1/partitions*14:29
amitgandhiwe cant rely on just eom auth to provide the security as if that had a bug that allows someone to bypass the security, then they could add/delete partitions and create havoc14:29
flaper87I see the need14:29
flaper87mmh, ignore my last message14:30
flaper87that would work but, it's definitely nice to have an admin API14:30
amitgandhilol - damn i was about to reply to it haha14:30
flaper87which we already have14:30
flaper87and cppcabrera already worked on that14:30
flaper87amitgandhi: HA!14:30
flaper87i mean, it'd be lot easier to have a CLI that talks directly to the database (as glance-cache work, nova db_sync, nova-manage etc)14:31
flaper87but that requires the admin to ssh to the server and what not14:31
cppcabreraadmin API (starts at L91 and ends at L101): https://review.openstack.org/#/c/47642/4/marconi/proxy/transport/wsgi/driver.py14:31
flaper87if we have an API for the whole thing, it can be done remotely from a secure network14:31
flaper87and it can be bound to private IPs14:31
flaper87aaaaand whatnot14:31
cppcabrera+1 flaper87. :D14:31
amitgandhiyup thats our thought14:31
amitgandhiwith the admin api14:32
flaper87so, +1 from me to me and to cppcabrera and to amitgandhi and everyone in this channel for being sooo amazing14:32
amitgandhilets celebrate with poptarts14:32
cppcabreramy plan is to split that off and provide an admin_driver.py along with driver.py, an admin_app.py along with app.py, and an admin_bootstrap.py along with bootstrap.py14:33
cppcabreraI may end up using directories to make this feel more elegantly organized. :P14:33
openstackgerritFlavio Percoco proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Move queues' unittests under tests/unit/queues/  https://review.openstack.org/4806514:33
cppcabrerayaaay, restructuring. :D14:34
kgriffsok, so the idea here is to separate out the apis so you can run the admin one as a separate service and lock that sucker down14:34
cppcabrerakgriffs: yup!14:35
kgriffsis that the gist?14:36
flaper87kgriffs: dude, we were already celebrating14:37
kgriffsrock on14:37
flaper87or should I say, d000d14:37
* kgriffs goes to get some pop-tarts14:38
cppcabrerakgriffs: you're heading over to ATL tomorrow, eh?14:38
flaper87kgriffs: you can also go and get some reviews, they are right next to pop-tarts14:38
cppcabrerasweet - which reminds me...14:39
cppcabreraI'm considering hosting a py3k discussion tomorrow in the place of tech cinema and/or tech talks - want to join up for that?14:39
flaper87kgriffs: btw, any news re Pecan / falcon discussion? I had to leave at some point14:40
flaper87Can I? Can I? Can I??????? :D14:40
flaper87Py3k FTW14:40
cppcabreraI'd love to have you join, flaper87. :D14:40
flaper87btw, I was thinking to start running some `sed` commands on Marconi's codebase to improve PY3K compat14:41
flaper87there are some really basic stuff we could start doing14:41
cppcabrera.encode/.decode, u'literal'14:41
kgriffscppcabrera: i may not be there in time, but if i am, i'd love to join14:42
cppcabreraimport future_builtins14:42
cppcabrerakgriffs: around what time do you expect to arrive?14:42
kgriffsflaper87: re wsgi framework, i just touched bases with mordred and assured him that the pecan driver was a "real thing"14:42
kgriffshe just didn't want us to say "it's too hard to switch"14:43
kgriffsso, the plan of record is to write up enough of a Pecan-based driver so we can benchmark and also gauge developer productivity and stuff14:43
kgriffsif Pecan is awesome and fast enough we will use it14:43
openstackgerritFlavio Percoco proposed a change to openstack/python-marconiclient: Authentication API + NoAuth backend  https://review.openstack.org/4733414:44
openstackgerritFlavio Percoco proposed a change to openstack/python-marconiclient: Add keystone backend  https://review.openstack.org/4804114:44
kgriffsotherwise, we will need to decide as a community whether to:14:44
kgriffsa. fix Pecan (if it is fixable)14:44
kgriffsb. allow three frameworks (Pecan, Falcon, swob)14:44
kgriffs(and by being fixable I mean not totally breaking backwards compatibility or something)14:45
flaper87ok, that's exactly what I tried to explain to them, I guess I didn't explained it well :P14:45
flaper87anyway +114:45
flaper87I like the approach (jus as we mentioned in the TC meeting)14:45
cppcabrera+1 here, too. I like that there's a plan in place and that the talk has been talked.14:45
flaper87btw, what about that 'requirements' patch?14:45
flaper87will that get in soon ?14:45
kgriffsso, we have 3 patches there14:46
kgriffsI think the falcon one can go in if we want to get an exception14:46
kgriffswe could also get mmh3 in if we need it, but I'm thinking we could just use crc32 and call it a day14:46
kgriffsand I'm not convinced we need pylru at all14:46
kgriffsi can haz data?14:47
kgriffs(someone needs to benchmark)14:47
cppcabrerapylru is not needed unless we use pypy + mmh3.14:47
cppcabreraIf we use crc32, we're good.14:48
cppcabrera(wanted to run ipypy)14:48
openstackgerritFlavio Percoco proposed a change to openstack/python-marconiclient: This adds a transport layer request spec class  https://review.openstack.org/4753814:49
openstackgerritFlavio Percoco proposed a change to openstack/python-marconiclient: Authentication API + NoAuth backend  https://review.openstack.org/4733414:49
openstackgerritFlavio Percoco proposed a change to openstack/python-marconiclient: Refactor client's structure to reflect Marconi's  https://review.openstack.org/4716914:49
openstackgerritFlavio Percoco proposed a change to openstack/python-marconiclient: Add keystone backend  https://review.openstack.org/4804114:49
kgriffscppcabrera: +114:49
kgriffsand we can use try_import to use zlib.crc32 and fallback to binascii14:49
kgriffsbtw, I did a little test14:49
kgriffsassuming we mod over ~4 dbs14:49
kgriffsthe distribution looks pretty uniform for crc3214:49
cppcabreraunder pypy, binascii.crc32 runs faster than zlib.crc3214:50
kgriffsso, we don't really need a fancy hash in this case anyway14:50
cppcabrera+1 kgriffs - that was my concern with crc3214:50
kgriffscppcabrera: lol14:50
cppcabreraI'm happy to hear the distribution is satisfactory14:50
kgriffsI think you only get in trouble when you have a lot of buckets to hash into14:50
cppcabrera-1 to mmh3, -1 to pylru14:50
flaper87yeah, tried to point that in the review. Also, depending on more external things makes installing marconi more painful14:50
flaper87if we don't need those patches anymore, lets make sure we comment there asap14:51
kgriffsi will say that mmh3 is still a little faster than crc32, but i am hoping that 200 nanoseconds won't matter14:51
flaper87so -infra guys don't approve them14:51
mpanetta200ns is unacceptable! :P14:52
kgriffsand… crc32 screams on pypy, unlike mmh314:52
cppcabreraflaper87, kgriffs: I -1'd pylru and mmh3 patches14:52
kgriffsalthough, I am still tempted to add cffi support to mmh314:53
kgriffsjust for fun14:53
cppcabreraover at openstack/requirements14:53
flaper87cppcabrera: thanks14:53
cppcabrerakgriffs: go for it, and then put together a lightning talk about porting packages to cffi14:53
cppcabrera"cffi: For the Rest of Us"14:53
cppcabreraRegarding the openstack design summits... that page makes me feel like I should only submit a design session proposal if I'm attending. >.>14:54
*** reed has joined #openstack-marconi14:54
cppcabreraIs that the case, flaper87? ^14:54
* cppcabrera is not attending HKG14:55
kgriffscppcabrera: thanks for the comments!14:55
flaper87cppcabrera: that's the case but, in our case, I think it is fair to submit topics that folks attending could discuss as well14:56
cppcabreraalright, flaper87, then I'll go through with submitting the alternate transports design session proposal. :)14:57
flaper87cppcabrera: +1 :D14:57
flaper87we could also prepare an etherpad as reference for your proposal14:57
cppcabreracool, I'd like that14:58
cppcabreraI'll bring one up now, though I won't write too much atm. I'll work on that proposal over the duration of the day, while I work on those proxy fixes/updates.14:58
flaper87cppcabrera: erm, re breaking py3k15:12
flaper87it's not my fault, keystoneclient breaks it15:12
flaper87I was thinking about not depending directly on it15:12
cppcabreraI figured it was something like that, flaper87. :/15:12
flaper87so pissed off about that15:13
cppcabrerawe need keystoneclient for easy auth, but as I understand, keystoneclient isn't quite py3k-compliant yet. Is this presumption correct?15:13
flaper87Marconi's default behavior is no-auth15:14
cppcabreraI'd take working auth right now over py3k-compat, as long as marconiclient code itself doesn't break py3k compat.15:14
flaper87but lets face it, noone will deploy marconi on production without auth15:14
amettsflaper87:  Here's what's on my whiteboard for potential summit design session topics:15:14
flaper87so, the default auth should be keystone15:14
ametts1) Support for notification semantics (e.g., foghorn)15:15
flaper87cppcabrera: got ad porn idea :)15:15
flaper87cppcabrera: what if we skip that test for py3k ?15:15
cppcabrerathat'd be sweet, flaper87. :D15:15
ametts2) Direction on alternate transports/drivers15:15
flaper87ametts: al-maisan already proposed the foghorn one :)15:15
flaper87ametts: +1 for the 2nd15:15
al-maisanyup :)15:15
cppcabreraametts: I'm writing up the 2nd proposal.15:15
flaper87al-maisan: weren't you on a plain?15:15
al-maisanon and off :)15:15
flaper87cppcabrera: btw, https://review.openstack.org/#/c/48057/15:16
flaper87cppcabrera: the patch depending on that one does exactly what you asked15:16
ametts3) Routing and Exchange protocol (this is yours I think)15:16
*** jraim has joined #openstack-marconi15:16
flaper87ametts: correct15:16
al-maisanflaper87: the flight was delayed for 2.5 hours because of fog in Heathrow :-P15:16
cppcabreraI'll brb.15:16
ametts4) Message Tagging/filtering (a feature we were considering in the early days)15:16
flaper87al-maisan: ah, that lovely weather of London15:17
al-maisanindeed :)15:17
flaper87ametts: I also added this http://summit.openstack.org/cfp/details/49 and this http://summit.openstack.org/cfp/details/4815:17
* al-maisan needs to run15:17
al-maisanbye for now!15:17
flaper87I think we could re-order some of those15:17
ametts5) Other "big" features we were considering as part of the roadmap (I haven't looked to see what those might be yet)15:17
flaper87al-maisan: have a safe flight15:17
flaper87or squash them15:17
flaper87ametts: I think 4 and 3 can be squashed15:18
flaper87I can see messages being routed based on their tags15:19
amitgandhiis eom worth a talk?15:19
kgriffsI think we could just have a single session for "roadmap" or something15:19
kgriffsso we can have a forum to discuss what's next, get feedback on priorities, suggestions from the community15:20
flaper87kgriffs: that sounds like a good idea, I'd also have a backup plan for that session15:21
cppcabrera+1 for roadmap session15:21
flaper87something like, if no one comes to that session we should talk about X15:22
amettsflaper87, kgriffs: So is it really ok to submit these design session proposals as one-liners like this?  I haven't submitted anything, because I thought they needed to be well-thought-out with blueprint refrerences and such.15:22
cppcabreraI know getting non-GPL drivers in is a big deal to some deployments.15:22
ametts... which seems like work.15:22
ametts... and I haven't had time for work.  :)15:22
flaper87ametts: you can submit them, they'll then be approved /rejected by kgriffs15:22
flaper87I'm pretty sure kgriffs will reject all your proposals15:22
kgriffsI don't think many of the proposals have elaborate descriptions15:23
flaper87because you aint buy him nutella, which I'm doing15:23
amettsYeah, but I do his performance reviews. :D15:23
* kgriffs accepts bribes15:23
kgriffsametts: excellent point15:23
* flaper87 just saw his sessions flying away15:23
*** vkmc has quit IRC15:25
flaper87ametts: btw, no long description is required. It's important that people understand what we'll discuss in the session so they can decided wether to attend or not15:25
flaper87I think you can use real titles and then put "We'll give nutella, wine, beer and stickers away" in the description15:26
* amitgandhi nutella and beer is a weird combo15:26
cppcabrerathat'll bring people to the design session. :P15:26
amettsflaper87:  LOL  You have everything submitted that you wanted to submit?  Maybe when kgriffs is in Atlanta, we can hone/refine the four slots into decently-described session submissions that we really want to spend the time on.15:26
cppcabreraametts: https://etherpad.openstack.org/marconi-alternate-transports15:26
flaper87amitgandhi: hahaha, it depends. You can start with nutella, take some rest, and then start with beer / wine15:27
flaper87ametts: I submitted 2, I haven't submitted the routing one15:27
amettsDoes anyone but kgriffs review/approve them?15:27
flaper87ametts: you're siriously considering to use the description I mentioned, aren't you?15:28
kgriffsbrainstorming page for that roadmap session thingy: https://etherpad.openstack.org/marconi-summit-roadmap15:28
kgriffsfeel free to add/update/reference15:28
flaper87ametts: mmh, as for the approval process, I think it's completely up to the PTL15:28
amettsflaper87: Whatever gets people in the door. :D15:29
amettsAnd are we sure we have EXACTLY four sessions to fill?  No one at OpenStack will decide to give us more or less after everything is submitted?15:29
kgriffsThierry said he thought we should have 4 but if some other projects get incubated, we may need to give up a slot15:31
kgriffsso, I'd plan on 3 slots, maybe 415:31
kgriffsand there's always the unconference slots we can try to nab15:32
cppcabreraas well as the hallway track. ;)15:33
amettskgriffs: Let's plan on 4,-5 with 1-2 being lower-priority.  If it doesn't look like we have the slots filled with meaningful discussions, we're more likely to lose the time.15:33
amettsWe can come up with session topics like "Achieve world peace", "End the middle east crisis", "solve world hunger"15:34
amettsThose would be WAY too important to eliminate.15:34
cppcabreraametts: They'd just be delegated to another conference. :P15:35
* cppcabrera sees the news reports - "OS does not support world peace!"15:35
ametts... but they solved World Hunger with gnutella for everyone.15:36
cppcabreraNutella, pop tarts, and beer - let it be known that team marconi is decadent. :D15:36
cppcabrera(and has a sweet tooth)15:37
flaper87ametts: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gnutella ? :D15:37
flaper87the shipped nutella through gnutella15:37
cppcabreraA FOSS variant on Nutella? Copyleft sharing?15:37
* cppcabrera clicks15:37
cppcabreraOh, right - the p2p sharing system. :P15:37
cppcabreraI'd forgotten about that package.15:38
amettsflaper87: I was hoping someone would notice how clever I was to work nutella into a legitimate discussion on open source15:38
* cppcabrera imagines copyleft sharing for Nutella15:38
flaper87ametts: LOL15:38
amitgandhigithub for recipes: nutella cookies: http://forkthecookbook.com/recipes/paleo-nutella-cookies-bcfa115:39
cppcabrerawoah, paleo nutella - that's insane.15:41
kgriffsguys, I'm thinking that Pecan driver needs to happen before the summit15:45
kgriffsI need some data to bring with me15:45
flaper87kgriffs: I can dedicate some time to that15:45
amitgandhiis that worth a dedicated talk: wsgi frameworks for openstack15:46
amettskgriffs:  Anyone on the Pecan team that might be interested in helping out?15:46
*** ayoung has joined #openstack-marconi15:47
kgriffsametts: thing is, we need someone who has experience with Falcon to do it so we can compare their experience in writing both15:48
kgriffsI want to know, for example, which one is more productive15:49
kgriffsthe one thing we can't measure i guess is how easy it is to debug production problems15:49
kgriffsi have heard from the swift guys that webob obscures some details that can make it hard to diagnose issues15:50
kgriffsbut, I don't know of a great way to verify that. :p15:50
flaper87mmh, not sure if I'm that *experienced* with falcon15:51
flaper87I'd definitely have this in a separate repo, though15:51
flaper87as a third-party transport15:51
flaper87until we figure out the whole thing15:51
flaper87HA, guess who just restored PY3K compat in marconiclient...15:52
cppcabreraflaper87: you? ;)15:52
kgriffsso… I can do the pecan thing, but I'm not exactly a neutral party. :p15:54
amettsIs Marconi itself PY3 - compatible?15:54
flaper87kgriffs: lets let the numbers speak and do our best15:54
flaper87ametts: not yet15:54
flaper87the client is though15:54
flaper87and we're seriously meaning to keep it that way15:55
flaper87cppcabrera: why does the pt.get_string thing break Py3K ?15:55
flaper87I think I'm missing something there15:55
* ametts just heard flaper87 say we have a client. Sounds like we're "done" and ready for launch. :D15:56
cppcabreraflaper87: It's not the pt.get_string15:56
cppcabreraIt's the print statement next to it.15:56
flaper87now I'm confused, don't see any print15:57
flaper87cppcabrera: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/47334/5/marconiclient/common/utils.py15:57
flaper87line 5315:57
* cppcabrera double checks15:59
cppcabrera"print pt.get_string(sortby=field_labels[sortby])"15:59
cppcabrera ^^^^^15:59
flaper87holy moly, I need a doctor15:59
cppcabrerahaha, I missed it the first time around, too, heh.15:59
flaper87somehow I read `return` instead of print16:00
cppcabreraI just read 'pt.get_string...'. My mind's eye did not want to acknowledge that print there, but I knew there had to be one because the function is named 'print_list'.16:00
cppcabreraSo Ctrl+F to save the day16:01
openstackgerritFlavio Percoco proposed a change to openstack/python-marconiclient: Authentication API + NoAuth backend  https://review.openstack.org/4733416:01
openstackgerritFlavio Percoco proposed a change to openstack/python-marconiclient: Add keystone backend  https://review.openstack.org/4804116:01
flaper87there you go, Py3K happy patches16:01
cppcabrerarequest spec - I see, that ties in with al-maisan's patch.16:02
cppcabreraThe notion of request spec continues to confuse me.16:02
cppcabreraIs that a pattern that's been used in other client impls.?16:02
cppcabreraIt just seems like an unnecessary layer of indirection. :x16:02
cppcabreraflaper87: +2'd16:04
flaper87no, that's something al-maisan and I came up with during our Geneva's brainstorm (I just mentioned Geneva to make kgriffs jealous)16:04
flaper87cppcabrera: so, the whole idea is to be able to go through all the auth and request prepartion chain 'til we get to the transport without any transport specific object16:05
flaper87that abstraction will allow us to have a more common API between transport and it'll make it easier to split the client API in 2 levels16:05
flaper87a higher level API and a lower level one16:06
flaper87in other words, when we get to the `authenticate` call, we still don't know what transport we will use16:06
cppcabreracool, cool - that makes sense.16:06
flaper87for instance, keystone could return a zmq://blah.blah.blha endpoint16:06
flaper87which we'll then parse and load the right transport for it16:07
cppcabreraWhat bugs me is the "operation" aspect of it.16:07
flaper87cppcabrera: ah yeah, that part is not 100% clear yet16:07
cppcabreraWhere we seem to be duplicating the work of the Python interpreter16:07
cppcabreraoptional vs. required args, arg names, etc.16:07
flaper87ah, got it. Well, IMHO, endpoint and operation should always be required16:08
flaper87we won't be able to succeed without knowing what to do and where to do it16:08
cppcabrera+1 flaper87 - some way to identify the endpoint, and some way to match up to an operation.16:08
cppcabreraI'm just concerned about the way we identify the operation atm.16:08
flaper87yeah, TBH, I'm a bit concerned about that. My thinking is that we'll improve that code when we'll start using it16:09
flaper87which means, the next couple of patches or so16:09
cppcabreraAh, I can totally understand. :D16:09
* cppcabrera went through that messy improve/revise process with the proxy16:10
cppcabreraI'll remove my -1 on that request spec patch.16:10
malinicppcabrera: qn abt proxy - do we store the queue metadata in the catalogue?16:11
cppcabreraflaper87: I'll leave a few comments on the request spec patch along the lines of => I feel like using some combination of enums and/or interfaces and/or dicts + lambdas would be easier to use.16:12
cppcabreramalini: yes, for now16:12
flaper87cppcabrera: +1 thanks for that feedback!16:12
flaper87I just +2'd that patch16:12
malinicppcabrera: why ? (sorry, if its already dissussed)16:12
cppcabreramalini: It's currently needed to make the listing operation efficient (e.g. GET /v1/queues), because only the proxy knows where all the queues for PROJECT_ID live.16:13
cppcabreramalini: There's a cool idea in the works to eventually replace that by using a concurrent request/merge operation.16:13
cppcabreraThat way, metadata won't have to be stored any more.16:13
*** mpanetta is now known as mpanetta_afk16:14
cppcabreraAt the proxy/catalogue level, anyway.16:14
*** mpanetta_afk is now known as mpanetta_lunch16:14
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/python-marconiclient: Refactor client's structure to reflect Marconi's  https://review.openstack.org/4716916:14
flaper87cppcabrera: after commenting on that patch, could you take a look here as well? https://review.openstack.org/#/c/48041/16:14
cppcabrerawill do, flaper8716:16
flaper87cppcabrera: thank you sir!16:17
cppcabreraflaper87: regarding enums, I learned this is the official backport - https://pypi.python.org/pypi/enum34/16:17
*** iampims has left #openstack-marconi16:18
flaper87cppcabrera: awesome, I think it'll be definitely more organized with enums16:18
Alex_GaynorSo it looks like marconiclient's tests currently pass on py33, do we want to make that voting now, to ensure it doesn't regress, or are we not sure we're ready to commit to that?16:20
cppcabreraAlex_Gaynor: I'm +2 on commiting to voting w/ gate-py33, esp. since flaper87 proposed skipping non-py33 compatible test cases atm using conditionals.16:21
cppcabreraflaper87: thoughts?16:21
flaper87Alex_Gaynor: I was about to do that :D16:21
flaper87Alex_Gaynor: go ahead16:21
Alex_Gaynorflaper87: Ah! Well, don't let me stop you :)16:21
cppcabreralet's do it!16:21
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/python-marconiclient: This adds a transport layer request spec class  https://review.openstack.org/4753816:21
flaper87kgriffs: could you take a look at this 2 patches https://review.openstack.org/#/q/status:open+project:openstack/python-marconiclient,n,z16:22
cppcabreraflaper87: I left a hefty thought-comment w/ the request spec patch. :D16:22
flaper87cppcabrera: I'll copy that comment into the client etherpad, don't want it to get lost16:23
cppcabrera+1 flaper8716:23
cppcabreraI lost the client etherpad. >.>16:23
* cppcabrera bets it's linked on the wiki16:23
flaper87cppcabrera: https://etherpad.openstack.org/marconi-client-api16:23
flaper87cppcabrera: and yes, it's linked on the wiki16:24
flaper87under the Python client page16:24
*** jcru has joined #openstack-marconi16:24
cppcabrerawhich reminds me...16:24
* cppcabrera links proxy issues pad to front page of wiki16:24
cppcabrerathanks, flaper87. I cleaned up the comment a little to make it 10% more readable.16:26
cppcabreraflaper87: keystone auth patch reviewed - +216:29
flaper87cppcabrera: w0000000t16:30
flaper87thanks a lot16:30
flaper87Alex_Gaynor: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/48089/16:30
flaper87cppcabrera: ^16:30
Alex_Gaynorflaper87: boom!16:30
flaper87Alex_Gaynor: danke, sir! :)16:31
cppcabreraawesome, Alex_Gaynor!16:34
cppcabreraflaper87: requesting review on this proxy patch where I add oslo.cache: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/47475/16:34
cppcabreraI've already gone through and made note of the big things that are fixed in the patch that follows from it.16:35
* flaper87 looking at it16:36
* cppcabrera is very thankful that the proxy is starting to stabilize and that the patches are getting smaller as a result16:37
flaper87cppcabrera: we may want to have a separate config file for the proxy16:40
cppcabreraThat thought crossed my mind.16:41
cppcabreraHow would I go about making that happen?16:41
flaper87not 100% sure about that but I'm 65% in favor of splitting those files16:41
cppcabreraThe split feels even more important now that there's going to be an admin API and a public API for the proxy16:41
cppcabrerabecause they're both going to require separate bind:port pairs16:42
cppcabreraAnother note - for small use cases, there's no reason a user should ever need to see the proxy configuration details16:43
cppcabreraThat's my primary rationale for having >1 conf files16:43
flaper87cppcabrera: yeah!16:44
flaper87cppcabrera: so, 2 things about the config code16:44
flaper871) I'd prefer not using marconi.common.config, TBH, I think we should get rid of that code.16:45
*** ykaplan has quit IRC16:46
flaper872) Lets not use a global config instance. The proxy is just starting so we can work on that since the very beginning16:46
cppcabrerare: 2, hmm...16:46
cppcabreraHow's this look? https://review.openstack.org/#/c/47642/4/marconi/proxy/transport/wsgi/driver.py16:46
cppcabreraThat's the updated version.16:46
cppcabreraAhh, I see.16:46
cppcabreraYeah, that's still global16:47
*** reed has quit IRC16:47
maliniI am running the tests with tox locally &am getting errors with py26 on the tests  I am trying to add - '  'expected count = {}'.format(expectedCount) +16:47
maliniValueError: zero length field name in format' . Any pointers?16:47
cppcabrerare: 2) again - how do you propose we handle the configuration? Will it be similar to oslo.cache.get_cache()16:47
flaper87and 3) You can tell oslo.config what file you want to load, if you don't it'll try to load sys.argv[0].conf16:47
cppcabreramalini: '{0}'.format16:47
flaper87malini: {0}16:47
cppcabrerapy26 doesn't support empty format specifiers16:48
malinicppcabrera: so what do we do about it?16:48
flaper87cppcabrera: hope that feedback about the config makes sense16:48
flaper87malini: what tests are you running?16:48
flaper87seems weird it passed through the gate w/o failing16:48
cppcabreramalini: 'expected count = {0}'.format(expectedCount)16:49
cppcabrerathat should fix it16:49
cppcabrerawhere 0 is the first argument passed to .format16:49
maliniflaper87: it didnt pass thru the gate :)16:49
flaper87malini: lol16:49
flaper87cppcabrera: how much does the proxy code depend on the global instance?16:50
cppcabreraflaper87: the driver portion of it should encapsulate all the config deps16:51
cppcabreraSo lessee...16:51
cppcabrerastorage controllers depend on configuration16:51
cppcabreracache driver depends on configuration16:52
cppcabreraauth strategy16:52
cppcabrera^^^^ ^^^^^^^^ which is only ref'd in the driver.py16:52
cppcabrerathat should be it. So to make it non-global config, it'd just be a matter of adding a new param to the driver __init__ for the transport and the storage16:53
cppcabreraflaper87: ^16:53
flaper87is there an easy way to pass a config instance to all the instances needing one ?16:53
*** EmilienM has quit IRC16:53
flaper87I just missed your last message16:53
flaper87I guess I'm just starving16:54
flaper87and should stop writing :D16:54
cppcabreraIt'd just take that and modifying the app.py/admin_app.py slightly.16:54
flaper87cppcabrera: do you see that like something we could have now, as in current patch ?16:54
flaper87I'd prefer so, if possible16:54
*** EmilienM has joined #openstack-marconi16:54
cppcabreraflaper87: I need to give priority to the admin separation patch atm - otherwise, I'd work on that now.16:55
cppcabreraSo to answer your exact question... hmm...16:55
flaper87cppcabrera: I'm happy to let it land as-is as long as newer patches don't depend on the global instance. I can help you with the to-non-global migration thing16:57
cppcabreraI'd like to tackle it as a separate patch, since the theme would be clear - rm global conf.16:57
flaper87if you want16:57
flaper87cppcabrera: kk16:57
flaper87sounds good16:57
cppcabrerathanks, flaper87!16:57
cppcabreraAlso requesting assistance on the whole notion of making separate conf files.16:57
flaper87cppcabrera: could you create a bug for that?16:57
flaper87just to make sure we don't forget about it, I'll pick it and help you out16:57
cppcabrerawill do16:57
cppcabreraThat's kind of cool - we can start registering proxy bugs since it's mostly in the repo now. :D16:58
flaper87cppcabrera: yeaaahhh!!!16:58
flaper87btw, re splitting confs, it's just a matter of telling ConfOpts what file it should load, that sounds like something I'd do after getting rid of the global instance16:59
cppcabreracool, cool16:59
* flaper87 puts his hand on his heart, looks at the sky and says with a very promissing voice: "For a better world without globals"16:59
cppcabreraI'm starting to get familiar with the oslo.config system16:59
cppcabreraflaper87: Hahahaha16:59
cppcabreraBeautifully said. :')16:59
cppcabreraIt brings a tear to my eyes, and resonates with my functional heart. :)17:00
flaper87hahahaha! +117:00
flaper87damn, gotta tweet that17:00
flaper87brb, dinner17:02
*** reed has joined #openstack-marconi17:08
openstackgerritKurt Griffiths proposed a change to openstack/marconi: perf(mongodb): Combine project and queue message fields  https://review.openstack.org/4725917:18
openstackgerritKurt Griffiths proposed a change to openstack/marconi: fix(mongodb): Marker generation creates a bottleneck under heavy load  https://review.openstack.org/4727217:18
cppcabrerakgriffs: looks like patchset 8 on the markers adds a lot of mongo tests,17:23
cppcabrera@testing.slow_test - nice17:24
kgriffsso, the changes are just in the tests17:26
kgriffsper our discussion earlier today17:27
cppcabreraI'm really digging the decorator approach17:27
*** mpanetta_lunch is now known as mpanetta17:28
cppcabreraI think using the lambda as a default_arg is both self-documenting and safe, since lambdas aren't modifiable.17:28
cppcabreraref: slow_test(is_slow=lambda ...)17:28
kgriffsthe one thing is that you always have to say slow_test() instead of just slow_test17:29
kgriffs(when you want to use the default)17:29
kgriffsI couldn't think of a way around that, tho17:30
cppcabrerathat's fine - IMO17:30
cppcabrerakgriffs: +2 from me17:32
cppcabreraametts, kgriffs, flaper87: https://etherpad.openstack.org/marconi-alternate-transports (proposal text added for summit design session, requesting review)17:36
kgriffsI gotta run for a bit - be back soon17:37
cppcabrerasee ya, kgriffs. :)17:37
amettskgriffs:  Don't forget Queues meeting in 23 mins.17:37
*** kgriffs is now known as kgriffs_afk17:37
* ametts is pretty sure he didn't see that17:38
cppcabrerabrb meeting18:03
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cppcabreraI'm out for the day. I've got some errands to take care of.19:13
cppcabreraI'll tackle the admin API changes tomorrow.19:14
cppcabreraTake care~19:14
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kgriffsflaper87: this one is ready for final review. I updated the tests per our discussion earlier.20:01
kgriffsmpanetta: could you benchmark this patch for me (long test): https://review.openstack.org/#/c/47259/20:02
*** cppcabrera has joined #openstack-marconi20:02
flaper87kgriffs: awesome, thanks. I'll take a look at it20:03
mpanettaYeah, in a bit20:05
mpanettaI think I am going to have to give up on malini_afk's test env right now.  Salt is abusing me.20:06
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/marconi: Move test_default_limits to the new tests location  https://review.openstack.org/4805920:34
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openstackgerritMark McLoughlin proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Remove reference to oslo.config beta tarball  https://review.openstack.org/4814221:00
flaper87kgriffs: hey I replied to your comments here: https://review.openstack.org/#/c/47334/21:07
flaper87kgriffs: thanks for reviewing those patches21:07
*** kgriffs is now known as kgriffs_afk21:08
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openstackgerritMark McLoughlin proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Require oslo.config 1.2.0 final  https://review.openstack.org/4814221:15
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/marconi: Require oslo.config 1.2.0 final  https://review.openstack.org/4814221:24
mpanettakgriffs: Almost to your test21:31
*** ayoung has joined #openstack-marconi21:36
kgriffsmpanetta: cool, looking forward to the results21:39
mpanettaAbout 5 mins.21:45
mpanettakgriffs: I posted the link on the internal channel21:55
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