Thursday, 2014-04-03

openstackgerritJoe Gordon proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Add specific doc build option and gate on warnings
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/python-marconiclient: Updated from global requirements
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alcabreraGood morning. :D13:20
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alcabreraflaper87: ping13:37
flaper87alcabrera: pong13:38
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* flaper87 failed at being a good community guy13:38
* flaper87 didn't send any doodle to the mailing list13:38
alcabreraheh. :P13:38
* flaper87 completely forgot13:38
alcabreraI forgot, too.13:38
alcabreraI even forgot we were doing this today.13:38
alcabreraHonestly, I was hakyll-ing most of the night and reading up on gadts.13:38
alcabrerasomeone else tackled the HKT question for me:
flwangflaper87: may I get your attention on this ?13:39
flaper87alcabrera: AWESOME!!!!!13:39
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flaper87alcabrera: ah yeah. He's a really cool guy13:40
alcabreraflwang: sure thing13:40
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flwangalcabrera: haha, morning and thanks :)13:40
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alcabreraflaper87: TheHydroImpulse...? (re: He's a really cool guy)13:41
alcabrerathat guy? There's a lot of people in that thread. :P13:41
flaper87alcabrera: yeah13:41
alcabreraah, alright. :)13:42
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* flaper87 hadn't seen this thread13:42
* flaper87 is in Rome today and spent his morning traveling13:42
flaper87damn, soooo long!13:42
flaper87alcabrera: so, thoughts about GADTs ?13:42
alcabrerayeah, so much to read/watch13:43
alcabrerare: gadts13:44
alcabrerathe biggest reason to use them/have them in a language is to facilitate the construction of type-safe EDSLs13:44
alcabrerathey also go by the name "phantom types"13:44
alcabrerathe example I keep seeing is the trivial interpreter, in which you define data types to represent the terms of your syntax tree13:45
alcabrerasyntax tree -- meaning interpreter13:45
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alcabreradata Term a = I Int | B Bool | Add (Expr a) (Expr a) | Mul (Expr a) (Expr a)13:46
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alcabreraand when you define Add13:46
alcabreraAdd :: Expr Int -> Expr Int -> Expr Int13:46
alcabreraYou constrain it using the 'a' from13:47
alcabreraTerm a13:47
alcabrerathe user never sees the a13:47
alcabrerabut as an implementor of the EDSL13:47
alcabrerayou take advantage of the presence of the type variable 'a'13:47
alcabreraflaper87: that's the intro-level of it13:47
alcabreraanother example13:48
alcabreralet's extend this interpreter with Eq13:48
alcabreradata Term a = ... | Eq (Expr a) (Expr a)13:48
alcabreraEq :: Expr Int -> Expr Int -> Expr Bool13:48
alcabreranow we have type-safe comparison13:48
alcabreramalini: good morning! :)13:49
maliniGood Morning!!13:49
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maliniI started looking at the non test part of Marconi y'day night..It is simple & beautiful13:50
maliniI felt bad I didnt start doing this sooner :D13:50
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alcabreramalini: hahaha, it really is well-organized. :D13:51
alcabreraflwang: -1 - whitespace nit13:51
alcabreraflwang: I'm ready to +2 after that minor fix. :)13:51
mpanetta_Morning all13:51
alcabrerampanetta_: good morning! o/13:51
malinihello mpanetta!13:51
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* flaper87 back13:53
alcabreracpallares: heeeey! :D13:53
malinihello cpallares13:54
cpallareshello alcabrera!13:54
cpallareshello malini :)13:54
cpallareshooooola flaper8713:54
mpanetta_How goes?13:54
cpallaresgood morning, mpanetta_!13:55
flaper87alcabrera: so yeah, however, Term could also be implemented with inhabited variants13:55
flaper87cpallares: hoooola caracola!13:55
mpanetta_mornin cpallares13:55
flaper87alcabrera: or not, actually13:56
flaper87there's still some lack of flexibility when defining the content values of the type13:56
flaper87so, are we all set for the Marconi FAQ hangout ?13:56
alcabrera1 minute to go! :)13:59
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* flaper87 goes to a conf room14:00
malinihello kgriffs!14:00
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* flaper87 is on-line14:03
alcabrera"This live broadcast will begin soon"14:03
maliniflaper87: do you want to email the dev ML ?14:04
flaper87mmh, wait, you shouldn't open the live broadcast, the core team should join the hangout14:04
flaper87otherwise you won't be able to talk14:04
flaper87I *think*14:04
flaper87malini: I didn't do it because I thought it was already too late14:05
flaper87I thought about running this FAQ ourselves and then inviting the dev list for the next hangout14:05 time14:05
flaper87I'm fine either way14:05
flaper87so, people, join14:05
* flaper87 is feeling lonely14:05
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alcabrerawhere can I join? >.>14:05
maliniALl I have is the hangout air link14:05
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* flaper87 sent the invite again14:06
flaper87there you are14:07
alcabrerabrb going to find a quiet conference room14:07
flaper87alcabrera: cool14:07
amitgandhiim watching the live stream14:09
kgriffswe could put the FAQ into a slide deck and do a talk next time, then we have something recorded we can put on our wiki14:10
amitgandhiif you arent talking please mute14:11
amitgandhii hear background discussions from someone14:11
amitgandhikgriffs: i think its you14:11
flaper87kgriffs: that sounds like a very good idea14:11
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flwangalcabrera: ping14:14
flaper87flwang: I invited you to the G+14:14
flaper87are you going to join?14:14
flaper87flwang: now14:15
flaper87It's live14:15
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alcabreraso very live. :)14:15
flwangjoining, but my son is sleeping, so I can't talk aloud :D14:15
flaper87cpallares: pls, join :)14:16
flaper87flwang: kk14:16
alcabrera5/5 core -- would hangout again. ;)14:16
flwangi'm in14:21
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flwanghow to join the hangouts?15:06
flwangnow I'm just watching15:06
alcabreraflwang: I think you needed a direct invite15:06
alcabrerathe link didn't do it for me. :/15:06
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flwangok, I will check my  mailbox to check for invitation15:07
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flaper87malini: ^15:21
alcabreracool, thanks flaper8715:21
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flwangalcabrera|afk: around?16:03
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alcabreraflwang: o/16:07
flwangalcabrera: as for your comment16:07
flwangseems pep8 didn't blame me, so is it a blocker?16:07
alcabreraflwang: ah16:08
alcabreranever mind16:08
alcabreraI see16:08
alcabreraheh. :P16:08
alcabreraI thought that pep8 required 2 newlines after a function definition16:08
alcabreraflwang: +2. :)16:08
flwang:-D thanks16:09
kgriffsfolks, are we about ready to cut RC1?16:24
kgriffsmalini: ping16:26
maliniI believe we are ready for RC116:26
maliniflaper87|afk had the marconi-server fork patch merged y'day16:27
kgriffsmalini: is that patch working well?16:27
kgriffs(in devstack)16:27
malinikgriffs: it re-introduces the original bug16:27
maliniSo we reopened it16:27
maliniThe plan is to pass in a command line arguments when we need to send marconi to the background, instead of always send it16:28
kgriffsoh, is USE_SCREEN not set in the gate?16:28
maliniUSE_SCREEN is set to false at the gate16:28
maliniBut gate always pulls from the master16:29
maliniSo provided we can fix ASAP, we should be able to get the gate job working again16:29
kgriffsbut isn't marconi-server still forking then?16:29
malinikgriffs: yes16:29
kgriffsI'm confused. :p16:29
flwangmaybe we should check if USE_SCREEN is True explicitly16:29
kgriffs"Don't fork marconi-server unless USE_SCREEN=False"16:30
maliniit is not an env variable & is just set at localrc in devstack16:30
maliniso we cannot really the env check :(16:30
kgriffsoh, so that env check isn't working16:30
maliniWe need a different way of specifying when to fork16:30
malinikgriffs: yes16:30
maliniflaper87|afk has 'volunteered' to fix the bug16:31
kgriffsso do we want to still cut RC1? I guess that gate is non-voting still, and now we basically don't fork by default16:32
malinikgriffs: yes16:33
maliniwe have two bugs to fix before we make the tempest gate voting16:33
openstackgerritKurt Griffiths proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Open Juno development
kgriffsok folks, I would like to get all core members to sign off on this before someone approves it16:34
kgriffsflwang, alcabrera, flaper87|afk, malini: ^^^16:34
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alcabrerakgriffs: +216:35
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tellesnobregahi, i have one question, can i use marconi outside openstack? for example in samza?20:31
malinitellesnobrega: I dont know what samza is20:33
maliniBut you can run marconi-server standalone even in your laptop20:33
maliniyou wont have keystone etc though20:33
tellesnobregamalini: hum, samza is a realtime processing tool like storm, and it uses kafka as message queue (but it pluggable) , i was wondering if i could plug marconi in for performance testing20:34
malinikgriffs/flaper87|afk might be better folks to answer that20:35
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kgriffstellesnobrega: interesting use case!20:40
kgriffsso, as long as you don't enable the keystone auth (disabled by default) you won't need any other openstack bits20:40
kgriffsyou'll want to deploy using a production-ready WSGI server such as uWSGI or gunicorn, and in either case be sure to use an async worker type (e.g., gevent)20:41
kgriffsthe MongoDB driver is pretty fast, but FWIW we are planning on adding some other drivers, such as Redis, that may be better suited to your needs.20:43
tellesnobregakgriffs: i see. I'm just browsing questions that i can start researching, i think comparing marconi with kafka will be something interesting and also samza and storm, so i can have some configurations changing queues, all that on openstack, i'm thining about implementing enabling realtime processing in openstack. i will be back here once i have more definitions and if im actually testing marconi so i can get more directions20:46
kgriffsok, cool. All those projects you mentioned have their own strengths, and it will be interesting to see what you learn.20:48
tellesnobregakgriffs: i will try my best :)20:56
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kgriffsttfn all23:11
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