Wednesday, 2014-04-23

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flwangany Atalanta guys around?03:11
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openstackgerritKurt Griffiths proposed a change to openstack/marconi: fix(metadata): Fix inconsistent error response under v1.1
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* flaper87 back15:30
flaper87kgriffs: yo yo yo15:30
flaper87kgriffs: I added some things to the sitemap etherpad15:30
kgriffsflaper87: cool, thanks15:37
flaper87alcabrera: hey, great slides15:54
alcabreraflaper87: thanks!15:54
flaper87there were... many of them15:55
alcabreraoh yes15:55
flaper87but I enoyed each one of them15:55
alcabrerathat's what happens when you put me together with pandoc + markdown15:55
alcabreraI want to present again next month15:56
alcabrera"Going Further with Haskell, Types, and Functional Programming"15:56
alcabreraand show that you can rule out race conditions by construction15:56
AAzzaalcabrera: oh, slides about Haskell? where? may i see? (shy) :)15:59
alcabreraAAzza: oh yeah, certainly! :D15:59
alcabreraAAzza: I presented on Haskell yesterday:
flaper87alcabrera: that sounds like a good idea16:05
flaper87I've a Rust preso on 29th16:05
flaper87wait, 29 is next week16:06
flaper87WAIT, 29th is next Tuesday16:06
flaper87holy crap16:06
alcabreraoh my, flaper8716:11
alcabreraso soon!16:11
flaper87yeah, I haven't prepared anything :(16:11
flaper87I... forgot about it16:11
flaper87erm, anyway, still enough time16:12
flaper87but so many things to do16:12
flaper87for the LTO curious:
alcabreraflaper87: good luck! what about Rust were you planning on covering?16:16
flaper87alcabrera: it's an introduction to the language. From syntax to lifetimes, memory management and regions16:17
kgriffsso guys16:18
kgriffswe need to nail down the contest(s) we will hold to give away some ARM hobby boards16:18
kgriffsI have thought of two ideas so far:16:18
kgriffs1) have a raffle for new contributors. Anyone who submits their first patch by the deadline will get a virtual raffle ticket and we will pick one or more lucky winners randomly16:20
alcabreraflaper87: sweet, looking forward to it!16:20
kgriffs2 ) people submit a demo or POC (give us a github URL to it). We give prizes for best submission in 3 categories, such as "most useful" or "most creative"16:21
flwangbtw, if we have to rename Marconi, then the t-shirt I got last summit will be OUT OF PRINT, wahahahah16:21
kgriffswhat do you guys think about those, and are there other ideas you have?16:21
kgriffsflwang: srlsy. you'll be able to sell it on ebay for like $10,00016:22
alcabreraI'm dubious about (2)16:22
alcabrerain that "best" is very subjective16:22
flwangkgriffs: yep!16:22
alcabreraI feel better about (1), tbh16:22
flwangI think 2) is difficult for most of the guys16:22
kgriffs2 is basically following the hackathon model16:23
flaper87kgriffs: those sound really good16:23
flaper87re (1) we need to have some tasks ready for people to contribute to16:23
flaper87I think 2 is the most exiting one16:23
kgriffs3 ) best app in under N lines of code (LOC)16:23
flaper87I'm kinda leaning towards to just making it (2)16:23
flwangflaper87: yep, it would be nice if we can figure out some low-hanging-fruit bug list16:24
alcabrera(2) feels exclusionary by design, and it might discourage people from participating that might have otherwise16:24
alcabrerapeople that don't feel they're "good enough"16:24
kgriffswhat if we do (2) but have a category like "best app under 64K" :D16:24
flwangalcabrera: +116:24
kgriffsalcabrera: can we come up with a couple categories that would would allow junior devs to participate?16:24
kgriffswhat if...16:25
kgriffshybrid contest16:25
kgriffsso, everyone who submits and entry gets entered into the raffle16:25
cpallareskgriffs: wut there's Marconi shirts?16:25
kgriffsplus winners of some categories also get a prize16:25
kgriffscpallares: we had some for Hong Kong16:26
alcabrerathat sounds healthier, in that everyone has a chance16:26
flaper87alcabrera: good point16:26
kgriffsI should have got you one. I have a couple extra in my drawer (2-3, most were given away)16:26
flaper87if we find a way to make it easier for juniors to participate, it woudl be really nice16:26
cpallareskgriffs: I'll trade you a shirt for the tech shop membership :P16:26
cpallareskgriffs: which I forgot to give to you at PyCon16:26
cpallareskgriffs: awesome16:27
flaper87cpallares: I'll give you a t-shirt for free16:27
flaper87... if you give me that tech shop membership16:27
cpallaresflaper87: :D16:27
cpallaresflaper87: hahaha16:27
flaper87at least I'm not asking anything in return16:27
cpallaresflaper87: I'm not sure what use you can give it in Italy :P16:27
* flaper87 is kidding16:27
* flaper87 will stop hijacking important discussions16:28
flaper87kgriffs: so, I love those ideas16:28
flaper87I still prefer (2)16:28
flwangcpallares: it's out of print :D16:28
kgriffsok, let's brainstorm over here:
cpallaresflwang: haha it's rare :D16:29
malinikgriffs: we should also have a prize for everybody who submits their first Marconi patch16:29
flaper87etherpad is not working for me, damn16:29
maliniI hope tht wont make us bankrupt16:29
flaper87could it be firefox?16:29
kgriffsd00d, firefox is so last decade. :)16:29
flaper87kgriffs: haha, I keep switching browsers16:30
* flaper87 feels like his sister buying shoes when it comes to tech16:30
kgriffsmalini: mmm, so you are suggesting we do both, but the new contributors one is something like a cool sticker or something16:30
alcabreraflaper87: firefox and etherpad don't play nice for me. :P16:30
kgriffsor one of these16:30
alcabreraI keep both around16:30
malinikgriffs: sticker is soo kindergarten..Tshirts?16:31
alcabrera-chrome for etherpads and ff for everything else16:31
cpallaresmalini: I'm a sucker for stickers :P16:31
alcabreramalini: I love stickers. <316:31
flaper87FTR, I hate this daylight saving thing... it just makes it more difficult to work together16:31
kgriffsmalini: come on, don't you want a star with the words "Great Job!" on it?16:31
cpallaresalcabrera: yes!16:31
* flaper87 eats stickers for breakfast16:31
maliniI take my statement back16:31
flaper87guys, gtg... be back in a bit16:32
alcabreraflaper87: o/16:32
flwangguys, is there any outlets aournd ATL can be reached by subway/train?16:33
maliniflwang: as in shopping places?16:35
flwangmalini: yep :)16:35
flaper87flwang: The US *IS* an outlet!16:35
flaper87ok, gone, for realz16:35
flwangI think I have 2-3 days for shopping16:35
flwangflaper87: good point16:35
cpallaresalcabrera: looky there's cinder stickers
cpallaresalcabrera: we need to get on the sticker boat16:37
maliniflwang: This is the only one I can think of
maliniBut I am sure there would be more16:37
alcabreracpallares: oh hey, those cinder blocks are pretty cool!16:38
sriramthere's also lennox square mall, its reachable by subway i think.16:38
flwangthank you guys :)16:39
kgriffsso, I like stickers. But also "everyone's doing it" so it isn't going to stand out as a promotion as much as something else might.16:39
kgriffswe should give away shoes. :D16:40
mpanettaperhaps a crystal radio set would be more apropos :P16:40
kgriffswell, giving away Mac & Cheese is pretty cool all by itself16:40
kgriffswe just need a prize for new contributors if we want to do that16:40
malinisocks might be easier to ship16:41
flwangi love t-shirt16:42
malinime too16:42
maliniBut the majority love stickers16:42
flwangnow i'm wearing the marconi t-shirt16:42
maliniI dont have a marconi t-shirt :'(16:43
cpallaresmalini: +1 on the socks16:43
maliniThe socks feels so wrong!16:43
cpallaresmalini: not if they're 100% cotton16:43
maliniJust as an FYI -  didnt meant it seriously :D16:44
cpallaresmalini: me neither :P16:44
maliniI am relieved!16:44
kgriffsok folks, I am taking off for lunch in a minute.16:48
kgriffsplease add some more ideas to the bottom of this:
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sriramso for the lazy create queues, instead of 404s we will be returning empty lists. Does it need to be 200 OK with body of [] ?17:14
sriramlike for querying messages of a non existent queue17:15
alcabrerasriram: -- Ctrl-F "if no messages are availabl"17:16
alcabreraso, not quite []17:16
alcabrerabut similar in spirit17:16
sriramoh yeah, got it.17:17
alcabrerayup, yup. :)17:17
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sriramany reason why we have a message_controller slot in v1_1/
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alcabrerasriram: the best reason I can imagine, is to trigger a deletion of all messages if that queue is deleted17:31
sriramOh nice!17:32
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sriramok another question: just doing a get on an non existent queue gives us a 404, doing a get on a non-existent queue's messages gives us a 204.18:19
sriramI find this slightly strange.18:19
alcabrerathat is strange18:19
sriramalcabrera, malini: ^18:19
alcabreraI feel like we fixed that at some point18:20
alcabrerait might not need a "fix"18:20
alcabrerain the sense that18:20
malinisriram: are you referring to how to do it in v1.1 ?18:20
malinior an existing issue?18:20
sriramcurrent implementation18:20
alcabrerathat's the desired behavior once we arrive at lazy queus18:20
alcabreraor something like it18:20
maliniI beleve we did tht for peformance reasons18:20
alcabreramalini: I think you're right18:21
alcabreraso we don't to issue another query18:21
maliniIIRC we had a bug at some point on this, and  a long debate18:21
alcabreraI recall the same thing18:22
alcabrerait's still a bug18:23
sriramshould we change it?18:23
sriramor leave as is18:23
alcabreraI'm inclined to leave as-is for now, 'til we begin working on lazy queues18:24
malini+1 alcabrera18:25
sriramok, I'm doing some groundwork on lazy queues now. I'll get back with more such questions :D18:26
malinithx sriram!18:27
alcabrerasriram: yes, thank you. :)18:29
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kgriffsflaper87: ETA on a new python-marconiclient release?19:09
* flaper87 back19:15
flaper87kgriffs: we can actually cut it after the iterator fix lands19:15
kgriffsok, gtk19:15
flaper87gosh, I just had *THE* dinner19:15
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* flaper87 went to an *all you can eat* pizza19:16
maliniflaper87: I hope you ate all you can :D19:16
alcabrerammm, all-you-can-pizza...19:18
flaper87malini: those guys are hating me19:18
flaper87If they go bankrupt is because of all I had today19:18
* flaper87 can't even sit19:18
malinialcabrera: you missed an important adjective 'all you can eat italian pizza'19:18
maliniI would love that!19:18
alcabreramalini: so true19:20
flaper87kgriffs: btw, there's a patch you abandoned because of the feature freeze that you should restore19:26
flaper87I don't recall which one19:27
flaper872 secs19:27
flaper87I know I commented there19:27
flaper87this one19:27
flaper87it'd be a shame to waste that work19:27
flaper87and it implements a blueprint19:27
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openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/python-marconiclient: Updated from global requirements
kgriffsflaper87: ah, good catch. restored. I'll need to rebase that sucker. :D19:33
flaper87kgriffs: ;P19:34
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/marconi: fix(metadata): Fix inconsistent error response under v1.1
kgriffsflaper87: iirc, swift was interested in using marconi for something?19:54
kgriffsI can't remember for sure19:54
alcabrerahave a good night, all. o/20:08
sriramgood night alcabrera :)20:08
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flaper87kgriffs: correct21:20
flaper87kgriffs: They've 3 different use cases21:20
kgriffscool, gtk21:21
flaper87well, there were 2 for swift and one for swiftstack IIRC21:21
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