Wednesday, 2014-07-23

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wpfpeoplemerge:  ping05:20
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prashanthr_flaper87: Hello :)06:23
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openstackgerritPeng Fei Wang proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Correct the test instructions in README
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vkmchey prashanthr_!13:39
prashanthr_vkmc: Hi :) good morning !13:39
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vkmcprashanthr_, how is it going?13:48
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prashanthr_vkmc: It's going good :)13:53
prashanthr_kgriffs|afk has given me 52 comments :)13:53
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prashanthr_vkmc: I was actually reading your amqp code13:54
prashanthr_i needed it for one new change in the blueprint13:54
prashanthr_which kgriffs|afk has suggested13:54
vkmcprashanthr_, haha yeah I saw him mentioning it yesterday13:57
vkmcit's awesome, he always provides such great feedback13:57
vkmcprashanthr_, what do you need AMQP for?13:57
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prashanthr_prashanthr_: Yeah great feedback. i woke up in the morning to a gentle shock :)13:59
prashanthr_not AMQP actually13:59
vkmcoh :)13:59
prashanthr_need to write an event loop using trollius13:59
* vkmc googles trollius 13:59
prashanthr_you actually mentioned to me about ur event loop14:00
prashanthr_So I was just checking it up.14:00
vkmchi malini o/14:00
maliniheyy vkmc!14:00
prashanthr_malini: Hi ! Good morning !14:00
malinigood evening prashanthr_!14:00
vkmcprashanthr_, cool!14:00
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prashanthr_trollius is a event loop + protocol library14:01
prashanthr_for py2 and py314:01
sriramasyncio like functionality in py2714:01
sriramreturn becomes Raises14:01
prashanthr_hi sriram :) good morning !14:01
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vkmcnice, I didn't know it!14:01
sriramyield from becomes yield FROM(blah)14:02
prashanthr_vkmc: Yup same here. Learnt about it today morning14:02
prashanthr_this is a great intro14:02
prashanthr_by Guido Van Rossum14:02
sriramprashanthr_: haha, I watched the same video last week14:02
sriraminfact im using some asyncio stuff after seeing that.14:03
sriramand, yes its a great video14:03
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* prashanthr_ Hi-Fies _|_ sriram :)14:03
srirambtw good morning all :P14:03
vkmcprashanthr_, thanks, it may be useful for AMQP too!14:03
sriramprashanthr_: :)14:03
prashanthr_vkmc: Welcome!14:03
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prashanthr_vkmc: Just a question?14:10
prashanthr_why does a connection have many links ?14:11
prashanthr_is connection synonymous to a single socket ?14:11
vkmcprashanthr_, well in the context of AMQP a single connection can be made up of many links14:13
vkmca link is an unidirectional channel of communication... so nodes can establish as much links as they require14:14
vkmca connection, though, correspond to a single socket14:15
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prashanthr_vkmc: That's pretty interesting14:16
prashanthr_just a small observation from the code14:17
prashanthr_i think you need to add your sender and receiver links14:17
prashanthr_to the respective sets14:17
prashanthr_when they are created14:17
vkmcprashanthr_, it's done like that :) it's in the SocketConnection class14:20
vkmc(if I understood correctly)14:20
vkmcthe event loop only manages SocketConnections14:21
vkmcwhen there is a client requesting to send or receive, a SocketConnection is created and then the SocketConnection creates the sender or receiver links as required14:21
vkmchere precisely
prashanthr_vkmc: Ahh okay :) really sorry to question you14:26
prashanthr_without properly understand14:26
prashanthr_I guess i must put in some effort for that14:26
prashanthr_Do you have any good places to start learning ?14:26
vkmcprashanthr_, oh no, it's ok! if you find something odd or that might be done in a better way please tell me14:27
prashanthr_vkmc: Sure :) Do send me any good references to start learning AMQP !14:27
vkmcprashanthr_, unfortunately there is not much about AMQP14:28
vkmcI read the standard14:28
prashanthr_vkmc: That must have been a lot of effort14:28
vkmcand there is some helpful documentation in the Apache Proton (there is not a doc per se... just the documentation generated by Javadoc I think)14:29
vkmcprashanthr_, hope I can finish it for the deadline :/14:31
prashanthr_vkmc: I am sure you will ! The code i am looking looks great.14:32
vkmcprashanthr_, thanks!14:32
vkmcprashanthr_, btw... kgriffs|afk asked us if we could create a general 3rd-party driver dev guide14:33
vkmcso it can be added to the docs in some future :)14:33
prashanthr_vkmc: That's a great idea. :)14:34
prashanthr_I can do it for the storage part14:34
vkmcawesome, I'll do the transport then14:34
prashanthr_perfect !14:34
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prashanthr_kgriffs: Good morning :)14:57
prashanthr_kgriffs: Thank you for the comments ! :)14:58
kgriffsHey, I just wanted to let you know I actually learned some cool things while reviewing your patch, and I think you are doing great work. Sorry for dropping a ton of comments on you all at once... I tend to be a little more pedantic than other reviewers, for better or for worse. :p15:03
kgriffsprashanthr_: btw, what time of day is it right now for you?15:03
prashanthr_kgriffs: Ha ha nope the comments were so awesome :) I kind of fixed most of them today :P. It's 11PM Singapore time now.15:04
kgriffsah, pretty late for you then15:05
kgriffswe definitely need to alternate our team meetings at an earlier time15:05
prashanthr_kgriffs: The time is actually okay for me caz i take an afternoon nap15:06
prashanthr_the days i have a meeting :)15:06
kgriffsflaper87: if you are around, we need another +2 on this:
kgriffsmalini, flaper87, sriram, prashanthr_: I could use some more eyes on this:
prashanthr_kgriffs: Sure.15:10
kgriffsanybody know flaper87's whereabouts? He seems to be missing in action a lot lately... is he at OSCON?15:13
* malini chking out the patch15:13
vkmcflaper87 is at EuroPython15:15
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peoplemergemorning all!15:50
* peoplemerge isn't at EuroPython, but he went to a Python meetup last night15:51
maliniits still true - Python meetup in Europe15:53
malinihello peoplemerge!15:53
peoplemergeToday & tomorrow I have all-day meetings15:53
malinisorry to hear that :(15:53
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peoplemergeI have an entire team of sysadmins that need to learn Openstack that I'll be training16:01
maliniwoww…tht doesn't sound as bad 'a day of meetings'16:04
mpanettaMeetings drive me bonkers :P16:05
peoplemergetru, would rather be writing code.  I probably won't be back online until this weekend16:05
mpanettamalini: Is everyone except a few of us ops guys going to the game tomorrow?16:06
malinimpanetta: hmmmm..I thought everybody is going16:06
maliniwhy aren't the ops guys going?16:06
mpanettaNone of us wanted to apparently.16:06
mpanettaWe will be in the office :P16:06
malinitht is a shame!!16:07
maliniI don't even know what game I am going to :D16:07
mpanettaI can get work done heh16:07
mpanettaThe ironinc thing is the stadium is like 5 miles from my house heh16:07
mpanettaI am going to treat it like a mini hack day16:08
kgriffswhen the cat is away, the mice hack away...16:09
malinimpanetta: tht is a lame excuse to work :-P16:09
kgriffssriram, peoplemerge, et al.:
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kgriffsI may have to ninja-prove this one since flaper87 is MIA16:13
kgriffsbut, I'd like to get several more +1s before doing that16:13
kgriffsvkmc has already done her duty. :D16:14
malinihurry sriram, peoplemerge - Tht is one awesome patch16:16
mpanettamalini: :P16:16
kgriffsmpanetta: you can review it too16:18
kgriffs(hint hint)16:18
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mpanettathe above link?16:18
mpanettaWhy is it failing python 26 gate16:19
mpanettaNevermind I did not scroll all the way down16:20
maliniyou scared me for a moment :)16:20
kgriffsthat patch is awesome because malini is awesome16:20
mpanettaWhy was it failing? lol  Python 26 idiosyncrasy?16:20
mpanettamalini is awesome :)  Don't think she wants to be turned in to sauce tho. :P16:21
kgriffsOK folks, I've got to run for a bit, be back in ~1 hour. There better be a bunch of +1s and stuff on the patches when I get back, or else!16:23
kgriffshahah... I mean, what I meant to say was...16:25
kgriffspretty pretty pleeeeeeeease?16:25
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* kgriffs all quiet on the western front19:12
kgriffsflwang: ping19:14
maliniI will need to skip the meeting today19:15
maliniAnything I am needed for there?19:16
kgriffsmmm, I think we may hold off on much of the agenda if you and flaper87 aren't going to be there19:17
sriramI dont think I will be able to make it either.. I will be travelling for most of the meeting time, I may be able to join towards the end.19:18
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kgriffsok, the meeting may end up being a short one.19:19
kgriffsmalini, did you do this action item?19:19
kgriffsCTION: malini to create a blueprint and start a wiki page or etherpad to keep track of ideas for testing redux19:19
maliniI created a bp19:20
maliniI am trying to find tht now19:21
malinihere it is
maliniThe ideas part is pretty sparse19:22
maliniLet's keep updating this as we find new irritating stuff19:23
kgriffsok, the important thing is to create a bucket for the ideas, so we have a place to put them as we think of them19:23
kgriffsmalini: +119:23
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kgriffsflwang: ping20:05
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kgriffsflwang: i gotta run, but if you see this message please review
kgriffsthanks in advance!20:27
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*** ChanServ changes topic to "nodepool is unable to build test nodes so check and gate tests are delayed"20:41
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kgriffsanybody around to meet?21:03
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kgriffsit's quiet. too quiet.21:05
ametts<ssssh  If we all stay quiet, maybe kgriffs won't hear us... >21:05
* vkmc hides21:05
* kgriffs whips around, but not quickly enough to notice anyone before they duck back out of sight21:06
flwangkgriffs: yes, sir21:06
kgriffso hai!21:06
flwangI will submit a new ps for the health patch today21:08
flwangand I will review your patch21:08
kgriffsyay! thanks!21:10
kgriffsjust a sec folks, got to talk to release management about j-221:15
flwangshouldn't be 24?21:16
kgriffsok, so...21:20
kgriffsthey are going to cut the release in the morning21:21
kgriffsflwang: russellb can help answer questions about that21:21
russellbfor a milestone release on thursday,we aim to tag tuesday or wednesday, but can wait for thursday for last minute stuff21:21
russellbmost projects are already tagged, but it's OK to wait until the morning21:21
russellbat that point we really need to call it done, unless there's something very serious that's a blocker21:22
russellbfeature stuff should just defer21:22
kgriffsyeah, I was hoping to tag earlier today, but seems like lots of the team is MIA for some reason21:22
flwangkgriffs: I'm not sure if we should make the /health bp in, thoughts?21:22
russellbgood thing about mid-cycle milestones is they are just a checkpoint, not a big deal to defer features if needed21:22
russellbkgriffs: darn oscon :)21:22
kgriffsrussellb: good point re checkpoint21:22
flwangrussellb: thanks for the clarification21:22
russellbno problem!21:23
flwangkgriffs: then, I'm ok to defer the /health21:23
russellbping me if anyone has any other questions about the milestone process21:23
kgriffskk, sounds good, thanks!21:24
kgriffsflwang: ok, lets get the patch updated ASAP anyway so we don't lose momentum21:24
kgriffsI will move the bp21:24
flwangkgriffs: ok, but I think you patch is ready to be merged21:25
flwangany concern for the quality?21:26
kgriffsI feel pretty good about it. I didn't have any major work planned for a followup patch.21:28
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flwangI have reviewed some files of the patch yesterday21:28
flwangI will 30min to complete it, is it ok before you tagging it?21:28
kgriffsoh, I just realized I had replied to comments21:29
kgriffsjust submitted21:29
kgriffsflwang: yeah, that is fine. The gate is hosed right now anyway, so 30min is no big deal21:29
flwangbtw, seems we don't support policy, IIRC, any plan to support it?21:31
kgriffswe've talked about doing that several times, but haven't had time to work on it. Would be a good thing to do in K21:32
kgriffsflwang: Rackspace has just been doing AuthZ in WSGI middleware. (see
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flwangkgriffs: coooooooooool21:35
kgriffsin the case of Marconi it works pretty well because permissions are pretty coarse21:35
kgriffsI guess policy is needed if you have more fine-grained ACLs... something to discuss anyway. TBH, I haven't had time myself to dig into policy much, but that was my first impression.21:36
flwanggot it.21:37
flwangback to the patch21:37
flwangseems you're requiring the v1 to support json-format for messages-posting, is it?21:37
flwangexcept the v1.121:38
flwangor I would say besides v1.121:38
kgriffssorry, could you rephrase? I'm not sure that I understand the question.21:38
flwangkgriffs: never mind21:39
flwangI saw the code :)21:40
kgriffsah ok21:40
kgriffsyeah, I had to break up filter stream so that it work in v1 and v1.121:41
kgriffsin v1.1 I need to pull out the 'messages' field before sanitizing21:41
kgriffsso, making it separate steps let's me insert the code to extract the 'messages' field in between deserialize and sanitize21:42
kgriffsI'm not sure if that was what you were asking, but that provides a little more info on the patch in any case21:44
*** Obulpathi has quit IRC21:45
flwangI'm just wondering about this21:54
flwangkgriffs: around?21:59
kgriffswhat were you wondering about?21:59
flwangkgriffs: I think the test method name of this file should be renamed, right?21:59
flwanggiven we don't have the filter_stream method anymore21:59
kgriffsah, good point. Mind if I do that in a followup patch? I'll even submit it today.22:00
kgriffsI have to remove L125 anyway22:00
flwangI can do a nijia approve if you don't mind22:01
flwangafter your new patch got the bless from jenkins gate22:02
kgriffsI'll submit it in a few minutes22:04
-openstackstatus- NOTICE: zuul is working through a backlog of jobs due to an earlier problem with nodepool22:06
*** ChanServ changes topic to "zuul is working through a backlog of jobs due to an earlier problem with nodepool"22:06
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openstackgerritKurt Griffiths proposed a change to openstack/marconi: Minor cleanup of utils unit test
kgriffsflwang: ^^^22:11
flwangkgriffs: ah, you posted a new patch22:11
flwangthen I can approve the previous one, nice22:11
*** shakamunyi has quit IRC22:15
flwangkgriffs: done22:27
openstackgerritA change was merged to openstack/marconi: Rename remaining 'shard' to 'pool'
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kgriffsflwang: thanks man23:12
kgriffsI got to pack up to and head home... catch you tomorrow!23:12
*** itisit has quit IRC23:20
*** kgriffs is now known as kgriffs|afk23:31
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