Wednesday, 2017-05-17

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gongysh#startmeeting tacker05:30
openstackMeeting started Wed May 17 05:30:08 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is gongysh. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.05:30
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: tacker)"05:30
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'tacker'05:30
gongyshhelo guys05:30
gongysh#topci roll call05:30
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gongyshhi dkushwaha05:31
dkushwahagongysh, hi05:31
gongyshany other guys here for tacker meeting?05:31
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gongyshok, 705:33
gongysh#topic summit info05:33
*** openstack changes topic to "summit info (Meeting topic: tacker)"05:33
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gongyshlast week, I am on the summit. delivered the tacker on boarding forum05:34
gongyshthere are about 10 people in the room.05:34
gongyshtwo of them came from korean as students.05:34
gongyshthey talked about the vnffg's way to select vnf according to member vnfd.05:35
sridhar_ramany etherpad used to document ? any operators attended ?05:35
gongyshcurrently, we are selecting vnf randomly, they are thinking about an algorithm according to some metrics.05:36
gongyshsridhar_ram, no, it is just an onboarding forum.05:36
sridhar_ramgongysh: okay05:36
gongyshI presented a ppt and show the system.05:36
trinathsgongysh: what is the basic idea they are thinking to .. algorithmic approach ?05:36
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gongyshtrinaths, for example, the cpu-utils of vnf.05:37
gongyshvnffg to select the least loaden vnf to do the chaining.05:37
trinathsgongysh: then what is the use of dynamic scaling ?05:37
gongyshtrinaths, that is different case.05:38
gongyshother two sessions related to tacker is one from china mobile05:38
gongyshchina mobile is doing the vnf stuff05:38
sridhar_ramchina mobile using tacker is a wonderful news !!05:38
gongyshsridhar_ram, they are evaluating tacker.05:39
trinathswe have china-mobile guys in tacker team too05:39
dkushwahagongysh, can you share the ppt?05:39
gongyshif the evaluation comes to a good result, they will devote more resources.05:39
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sridhar_ramwe sure can prioritize any asks from them ..05:40
gongyshso we tacker team have to oil up  our progress05:40
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sridhar_ramwhich the other session on tacker ? I can only see the chinamobile one05:40
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gongyshsridhar_ram, I think vnf, vnf configure is the big part for the china mobile.05:40
gongyshother is from senlin team.05:41
sridhar_rami see .. do you have a link?05:41
gongyshthere is a patch hanging there.05:41
gongyshso this is the part for summit briefing.05:42
gongyshdkushwaha, I will upload it and share the url to team.05:42
dkushwahagongysh, thanks05:42
gongyshone more information from community is the project management.05:43
gongyshI think community is thinking about the way of managing the projects that are not active.05:43
gongyshthey will come up a way to remove inactive projects.05:44
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trinathswe are active !05:44
gongyshso please make our project active05:44
gongyshthat leads to our activity stats topic.05:44
gongysh#topic project activity stats05:44
*** openstack changes topic to "project activity stats (Meeting topic: tacker)"05:44
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gongyshtrinaths, thanks for the review effort.05:45
trinathshappy to help tacker05:45
gongyshour review comes to about 40 across the openstack projects05:46
gongyshbut commit data lacks behind.05:46
gongyshabout review I have a proposal.05:47
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*** litao__ has joined #openstack-meeting05:47
gongyshI want to say:05:47
*** pcaruana has joined #openstack-meeting05:48
gongyshcore member can merge feature code,  (not the refactor code.)  once there is a +2 and have tested and there is no -1 after 7 days.05:48
trinathswhere to find this '40' count across openstack projects? how we move the project forward05:49
trinathsgongysh: good idea. its it a self merge ?05:49
*** reedip has quit IRC05:50
gongyshnot self merge.05:50
gongyshcurrently, there are many complaints to say openstack patches get merged too slow.05:50
sridhar_ramin essence, you are proposing one +2 rule instead of two +2s ?05:51
gongyshsome projects even quit the big tent due to the long process.05:51
gongyshsridhar_ram, right.05:51
*** unicell1 has joined #openstack-meeting05:51
gongyshbut +2 and the test.05:51
sridhar_ramgiven where we are in the project .. i think it is a reasonable move.. i support05:52
*** unicell has quit IRC05:52
sridhar_ram.. but self merge is absolute NO05:52
gongyshand wait one week in case other cores find problem.05:52
gongyshsridhar_ram, the patch must not from core himself.05:53
gongyshmust not be from core himself.05:53
gongyshinclude co-author.05:53
*** sridharg has joined #openstack-meeting05:53
gongyshdkushwaha, Kanagaraj , any opinions?05:53
trinathsgongysh: there it requires commitment between the author and reviewer.05:53
dkushwahagongysh, IMO it is a nice approach, if it tested and pending for more than a week05:54
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gongyshKanagaraj, your idea?05:54
*** wanghao has joined #openstack-meeting05:54
*** tobberydberg has joined #openstack-meeting05:56
gongysh#agreed core can merge codes after one +2 with passed test and pending for more than 7 days.05:56
Kanagarajgongysh: self merge may not be the case. otherwise fine. good to go05:56
gongysh#topic features and bp05:56
*** openstack changes topic to "features and bp (Meeting topic: tacker)"05:56
*** smili has joined #openstack-meeting05:56
gongyshfrom me, there is the vim monitoring bp05:57
gongyshI got comments from sridhar_ram05:57
gongyshand update it.05:57
gongyshsridhar_ram, thanks for the comments.05:57
*** ralonsoh has joined #openstack-meeting05:58
sridhar_ramgongysh: sure .. i would encourage other cores to review this spec .. it proposes two significant additions - tacker-conductor component and gRPC05:58
gongyshthis is the rendered spec doc.05:58
gongyshsridhar_ram, I have removed the gRPC05:58
gongyshto speed up the approval process.05:59
gongyshbut tacker-conductor, we have to add it.05:59
sridhar_ramgongysh: ah, i haven't checked the latest version .. so, sticking with oslo.messaging ?05:59
gongyshsridhar_ram, yes.05:59
trinathstacker-conductor == nova-conductor ?06:00
sridhar_ramgongysh: good idea06:00
gongyshsince mistral is part of our system, which probably introduced the rabbitmq, we can use it.06:00
sridhar_rammake sense06:00
*** dfflanders has joined #openstack-meeting06:01
gongyshso please review the new spec version.06:01
gongyshI will later write other spec for our vnf monitor policy.06:01
*** Julien-zte has joined #openstack-meeting06:02
gongyshif someone wants to implement the vim monitor spec, welcomed.06:02
dkushwahagongysh, I can join.06:03
gongyshpike-2 is on june 5.06:03
gongyshdkushwaha, you are on ns bp.06:03
gongyshfor the official release plan. before that day, we have to merge all the bp specs in the pike cycle.06:04
dkushwahagongysh, yup. Working on that.06:04
gongyshpike-3 is the deadline for code freeze.06:04
gongyshdkushwaha, it is your turn to talk about NS bp06:05
*** tung_doan has joined #openstack-meeting06:05
dkushwahaIn vnffg-ns bp, I got comment from gongysh.06:05
trinathsgongysh: is this bug a valid one ?
openstackLaunchpad bug 1577354 in tacker "No output when tacker vnf-list, vnfd-list is empty" [Low,Triaged] - Assigned to Trinath Somanchi (trinath-somanchi-m)06:06
dkushwahaI am referring for this06:06
*** xuan0802 has joined #openstack-meeting06:06
gongyshdkushwaha, so?06:07
gongyshtrinaths, we will talk about bug later.06:07
dkushwahaCurrently looking for the way to expose CP as per Tim comment in
*** piyushks has quit IRC06:07
dkushwahaI am planing to update the spec by today06:08
gongyshdkushwaha, ok06:08
gongyshdkushwaha, make it tight. ping me if need my comments.06:09
dkushwahagongysh, sure, I will gear up now06:09
gongyshbarbican spec is merged,  YanXing_an  is working on patch at bug smash days in china.06:09
YanXing_anyes. I will rapidly response to the review comments these days.06:10
gongyshso since it is an event,  our core members should help this bug fix race.06:10
YanXing_anPlease help to review it.
gongyshYanXing_an, remove the WIP if ready for review.06:11
YanXing_angongysh, ok06:11
gongyshtung_doan, hi06:11
tung_doanYanXing_an: Do we need Barbican client in local conf. file?06:12
tung_doangongysh: Hi all :)06:12
*** liusheng_ has quit IRC06:12
gongysh#topic bugs06:12
*** openstack changes topic to "bugs (Meeting topic: tacker)"06:12
*** LanceHaig has joined #openstack-meeting06:12
gongyshtrinaths, do you have any bugs to talk about?06:13
openstackLaunchpad bug 1577354 in tacker "No output when tacker vnf-list, vnfd-list is empty" [Low,Triaged] - Assigned to Trinath Somanchi (trinath-somanchi-m)06:13
*** liusheng_ has joined #openstack-meeting06:13
gongyshtung_doan, the E2E service?06:13
trinathsnova client give an empty table putput,  other projects give an empty putput06:13
*** dfflanders has quit IRC06:13
YanXing_antung_doan: we need barbicanclient installed06:13
tung_doangongysh: After finish my bug lists i will move forward to this bp06:14
gongyshtung_doan, we are trying to finish spec before June 5.06:15
tung_doanthat 's serious bug i think06:15
tung_doangongysh: got it06:15
gongyshtung_doan,  462690, then fix it.06:15
tung_doanYanXing_an: in that case, we need to update dependency in
*** thorst has joined #openstack-meeting06:17
gongyshwe also need someone to track senlin scale patch06:17
*** Daisy_ has quit IRC06:17
tung_doanYanXing_an: similar to Gongysh's patch
*** Daisy has joined #openstack-meeting06:18
*** rcernin has joined #openstack-meeting06:18
gongysh#topic meeting time rescheduling06:18
*** openstack changes topic to "meeting time rescheduling (Meeting topic: tacker)"06:18
trinathsgongysh: my bug ?06:18
dkushwahagongysh, i have to discuss one more bug06:18
gongyshI want to make tacker meeting one hour earlier so that USA team member can join us.06:19
gongyshor make them feel better or work better on the meeting.06:19
tung_doangongysh: totally agree06:19
dkushwahagongysh, +106:20
dkushwahasridhar_ram, :D06:20
*** dfflanders has joined #openstack-meeting06:20
gongyshYanXing_an,  it means we have to have the meeting with our launch box.06:20
trinathsgongysh: you can have yummy meetings06:21
*** SerenaFeng has joined #openstack-meeting06:21
sridhar_ramgongysh: thanks for proposing this .. it helps a LOT06:21
gongysh#agreed make the tacker meeting one hour earlier.06:21
gongyshsridhar_ram, I have to look if there is a time lot on this channel.06:22
*** Daisy has quit IRC06:22
gongyshor other meeting channel.06:22
YanXing_angongysh, ok. we need have launch more earlier and faster06:22
*** thorst has quit IRC06:22
gongyshsridhar_ram,  what is the process to change the meeting time?06:22
*** ykatabam has quit IRC06:22
*** vishnoianil has joined #openstack-meeting06:22
sridhar_ramyou need a patchset to irc-meetings repo06:22
sridhar_ramwill send a link06:23
gongyshsridhar_ram,  ok. thanks06:23
gongysh#topic open discuss06:23
*** openstack changes topic to "open discuss (Meeting topic: tacker)"06:23
gongyshdkushwaha,  your one more bug please.06:23
dkushwahagongysh, sridhar_ram In the current code, anyone can delete a VNF even it is the part of an active NS, it needs to be fixed. I will log a bug for this. Currently I was working on it and want to know your opinion  for the right approach to fix it.06:23
gongyshVNF event?06:24
*** smili has quit IRC06:24
*** SerenaFeng has quit IRC06:24
dkushwahagongysh, "vnf"06:24
sridhar_ramgongysh: see for meeting time change06:24
openstackLaunchpad bug 1577354 in tacker "No output when tacker vnf-list, vnfd-list is empty" [Low,Triaged] - Assigned to Trinath Somanchi (trinath-somanchi-m)06:24
gongyshjust make the EVENT delete as admin priviledge on tacker's policy.json.06:24
gongyshtrinaths,  no need to change it. 157735406:25
YanXing_anif a vnf is used by NS or vnffg, it should not be deleted?06:25
*** SerenaFeng has joined #openstack-meeting06:25
dkushwahaYanXing_an, right06:25
sridhar_ramit is not about privilege .. but NS still owns that VNF and it shdn't be deleteed underneath06:25
tung_doandkushwaha: I met this issue. I think VNFs should be locked when NS are still active06:25
gongyshYanXing_an, right, we should check the logic when we remove a vnf.06:25
*** SerenaFeng has quit IRC06:25
trinathsgongysh: thank you, I will close this bug.06:25
*** SerenaFeng has joined #openstack-meeting06:26
*** henrynash has joined #openstack-meeting06:27
*** SerenaFeng has quit IRC06:27
gongyshdkushwaha, I mistook 'delete a VNF even' as 'delete a VNF event'06:27
*** SerenaFeng has joined #openstack-meeting06:27
dkushwahagongysh, sridhar_ram should we add ns_id column in vnf table ?06:27
KanagarajYanXing_an: you may want to enable the casecade delete mode in db schema and i believe vnf can't be deleted until its reference entities get deleted06:27
sridhar_ramdkushwaha: no06:27
YanXing_anin vnffg/ns db, vnf id/name is saved in json text06:27
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dkushwahasridhar_ram, gongysh tung_doan any suggestion on this ?06:28
sridhar_ramdkushwaha: we are better off with an func call across plugin boundary06:28
tung_doansridhar_ram: sridhar_ram: I really hope to have ns_id column in vnf table06:28
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gongyshdkushwaha,  please talk it at bug page06:28
*** SerenaFeng has joined #openstack-meeting06:29
tung_doansridhar_ram: just imagine how we heal vnfs inside NSs06:29
sridhar_ramtung_doan: it will break modularity .. let's avoid06:29
gongyshtung_doan, what about vnf refered by the vnffg06:29
dkushwahagongysh, sure, I will raise a bug for this06:29
*** SerenaFeng has quit IRC06:29
gongyshsridhar_ram, we have to fix it in this or that way.06:29
sridhar_ramVNFM / vnf shouldn't know it is participating in a NS ..06:29
tung_doansridhar_ram: if ping failed, we need to know which ns VNFs point to06:29
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"06:30
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openstackMinutes (text):
gongyshthanks guys.06:30
gongyshlet back to tacker channel06:30
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smcginnis#startmeeting Cinder16:00
smcginnisping dulek duncant eharney geguileo winston-d e0ne jungleboyj jgriffith thingee smcginnis hemna xyang1 tbarron scottda erlon rhedlind jbernard _alastor_ bluex karthikp_ patrickeast dongwenjuan JaniceLee cFouts Thelo vivekd adrianofr mtanino karlamrhein diablo_rojo jay.xu jgregor lhx_ baumann rajinir wilson-l reduxio wanghao thrawn01 chris_morrell watanabe.isao,tommylikehu mdovgal ildikov wxy16:00
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smcginnisviks ketonne abishop s16:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: Cinder)"16:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'cinder'16:00
rawanhHi !16:00
*** mickeys has quit IRC16:00
*** xyang has joined #openstack-meeting16:00
smcginnisDuncanT! :)16:01
*** lpetrut has quit IRC16:01
jungleboyjIt's DuncanT !!!16:01
tommylikehuhey DuncanT :)16:01
* DuncanT waves16:01
* smcginnis imagines DuncanT walking into the Cheers bar16:01
diablo_rojoHello :)16:01
SwansonI thought DuncanT was dead.16:01
*** DavidPurcell has joined #openstack-meeting16:01
* mdbooth can't imagine the Cheers bar serves anything DuncanT would drink?16:01
DuncanTmdbooth: It's a real bar now, isn't it?16:02
DuncanTmdbooth: I shall have to go check16:02
jungleboyjmdbooth:  Ah, he isn't that picky when he is thirsty.  ;-)16:02
smcginnisDuncanT: It's actually in Boston.16:02
mdboothDuncanT: +1 ;)16:02
smcginnisBut I heard the inside isn't anything like the TV show.16:02
smcginnis#topic Announcements16:03
*** openstack changes topic to "Announcements (Meeting topic: Cinder)"16:03
xyangsmcginnis: 80+/90+ degrees here in Boston this week now that the summit is over:)16:03
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  That was what I heard too.  :-(16:03
smcginnisxyang: Wow!16:03
smcginnis#link Review focus16:03
*** rbowen has quit IRC16:03
smcginnisI've seen some progress being made for some of the new drivers.16:03
*** pradk has quit IRC16:03
xyangsmcginnis: switching from heat to AC:)16:03
smcginnisLet's give them some attention before the last couple days before the P-2 milestone.16:03
ildikovxyang: can confirm that, weather got awesome by the time I flew out... :/ :)16:04
smcginnisToo hot for me. :)16:04
xyangildikov :)16:04
*** sivn_ has joined #openstack-meeting16:04
smcginnisAlso wanted to bring up there is an intermittent issue with py27 tests completely falling apart.16:04
smcginnisSome work being done, mostly by eharney, to try to troubleshoot that.16:04
smcginnisBut if anyone has any ideas, we could use the help.16:05
tommylikehusmcginnis:  would like to have a try16:05
jungleboyjildikov: 90 degrees is awesome?16:05
smcginnistommylikehu: That would be great. And very appreciated.16:05
smcginnisI'd love to know what's going on there and get rid of those failures.16:05
*** mriedem_afk is now known as mriedem16:05
smcginnis#topic Reproducible DB deadlocks when doing parallel deletions16:05
*** openstack changes topic to "Reproducible DB deadlocks when doing parallel deletions (Meeting topic: Cinder)"16:05
hemnarm -rf tests16:06
smcginnisarnewiebalck_: Hey16:06
smcginnishemna: ;)16:06
arnewiebalck_smcginnis: hi16:06
openstackLaunchpad bug 1685818 in Cinder "Parallel deletion triggers DB deadlocks " [Medium,Triaged]16:06
openstackLaunchpad bug 1613947 in Cinder "Cinder Volume deadlock in quota_reserve and reservation_commit" [Medium,New]16:06
arnewiebalck_as mentioned during the summit, help with this prob would be appreciated16:06
smcginnisSpeaking of failures I'd love to see go away. :)16:06
*** armstrong has quit IRC16:06
jungleboyjsmcginnis: ++16:07
smcginnisI still can't get it to happen with LVM.16:07
smcginnisarnewiebalck_: You've seen this with ceph, right?16:07
arnewiebalck_smcginnis: yes16:07
hemnacan we reproduce this with the fake driver ?16:07
arnewiebalck_smcginnis: couldn’t reproduce on devstack16:07
smcginnisarnewiebalck_: Oh really? Devstack with ceph?16:07
arnewiebalck_smcginnis: on devstack with LVM16:07
smcginnisAh, OK.16:07
jungleboyjI brought this up at my Scrum today and have opened a work item to look at this on our Ceph cluster.16:07
arnewiebalck_smcginnis: we can hook a devstack to ceph16:08
*** LanceHaig has quit IRC16:08
arnewiebalck_but since it is 100% reproducible on our test instance (and in prod) ...16:08
smcginnisFor folks with access to other external backends, would be great if you could try and see if you can hit this.16:08
smcginnisRepro steps in the bug report.16:08
arnewiebalck_some other folks apparently see the saem issue as the bug got some “upvotes” :)16:08
jungleboyjsmcginnis arnewiebalck_  So, I am hoping I can recreate it and then we can work together on debugging.16:08
smcginnisMy guess is the external communication changes the timing, but just a hunch.16:08
smcginnisjungleboyj: ++16:08
hemnacan we reproduce this with the fake driver ?16:08
*** rderose has joined #openstack-meeting16:09
*** gouthamr2 has joined #openstack-meeting16:09
arnewiebalck_jungleboyj: that’d be great16:09
*** hieulq_ has quit IRC16:09
*** hieulq_ has joined #openstack-meeting16:09
arnewiebalck_any suggestions what I could try to gather more information16:09
arnewiebalck_I know which lock it is16:09
smcginnishemna: That could make it a lot easier to troubleshoot. Haven't tried that.16:09
*** DavidPurcell has quit IRC16:09
arnewiebalck_as when I remove it, the problem goes away :-D16:09
hemnasince this isn't really related to the driver, but a timing issue16:10
hemnafake driver would just noop16:10
*** pradk has joined #openstack-meeting16:10
smcginnisI'm guessing it's a timing issue, but we need more data I think.16:10
rawanhHey guys, I'm wondering if you have plans for NVME in the coming pike release ?16:10
*** hieulq_ has quit IRC16:10
*** gyee_ has joined #openstack-meeting16:11
*** pcaruana has quit IRC16:11
smcginnisrawanh: No one has submitted a driver, if that's what you're asking.16:11
smcginnisarnewiebalck_: OK, anything else on this? Or just putting up the "help wanted" sign?16:11
xyange0ne: any comment?16:11
jungleboyjrawanh: I have gotten questions about that but no one has proposed to add it.16:12
xyange0ne: I thought you and Michal did some work on that16:12
smcginnisWe're almost to open discussion. Let's stay on topic.16:12
hemnarawanh, not sure what cinder has to do to support NVME16:12
e0nexyang, rawanh: IMO, it will be done not earlier than Q :(16:12
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  Sorry.16:12
hemnait's just a local attached storage.  you could use lvm on it.16:12
arnewiebalck_smcginnis: no, that’s basically it, I simply don’t know the quota/reservation part ofthe ode, so debugging is slow16:12
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  Do we have anyone who knows that code well?16:12
smcginnisarnewiebalck_: OK, thanks again for sticking with this. It's appreciated.16:12
xyange0ne: I thought you have a driver somewhere already?16:12
e0nehemna: there was an idea to use nmve over fabric16:13
smcginnisjungleboyj: Not sure, but if they do, please step up. :)16:13
e0nexyang: we stucked with snapshots impl and CI16:13
smcginnisWe're almost to open discussion. Let's stay on topic please.16:13
xyange0ne: ok16:13
smcginnis#topic Bug smash event taking place16:13
*** openstack changes topic to "Bug smash event taking place (Meeting topic: Cinder)"16:13
smcginnis#link Bug list16:13
*** hieulq__ has joined #openstack-meeting16:13
arnewiebalck_so no suggestions what to I could try to get further to the bottom of this?16:13
smcginnisarnewiebalck_: Hoping others (Jay?) can repro and help troubleshoot.16:14
rawanhas @e0ne commited before in your cinder, nova and os-brick, but you've used spdk with it, is there a reason why it hasn't been merged to openstack then ?16:14
hemnae0ne, nvme over fabric kinda doesn't make sense.   the entire purpose of nvme is fast local attached storage.16:14
arnewiebalck_smcginnis: ok, thx16:14
* jungleboyj is laughing16:14
* smcginnis starts tapping his kickban stick on the table...16:15
xyangsmcginnis: are you traveling to Suzhou this time?16:15
e0nehemna: some customers want use it with over RDMA16:15
smcginnisNo, couldnt' go this time.16:15
jungleboyjarnewiebalck_ smcginnis  Right.  I will try to fit that in soon.16:15
smcginnisIt started yesterday.16:15
arnewiebalck_jungleboyj: great, thx16:15
smcginnisSo there are a team of devs actively working on bugs and looking for feedback.16:15
hemnae0ne, couldn't you do it with just LIO exporting over FC?16:15
jungleboyjarnewiebalck_:  Welcome!16:15
smcginnisSo please help out with reviews and and suggestions if you can.16:15
hemnae0ne, anyway side convo.16:15
smcginnisThat etherpad has what they are currently looking at.16:16
e0nehemna: I'm not sure what is faster16:16
tommylikehusmcginnis: I can do some help when you guys are sleeping16:16
*** ociuhandu has joined #openstack-meeting16:16
smcginnisIf we can help move any of those along, I'm sure it will be very much appreciated.16:16
smcginnistommylikehu: Just don't forget to sleep too. ;)16:16
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  Link?16:16
tommylikehusmcginnis:  :)16:16
*** jaugustine has joined #openstack-meeting16:16
smcginnisjungleboyj: Etherpad linked above between all the NVMe comments. :)16:17
jungleboyjtommylikehu:  Thank you.16:17
smcginnisOK, the moment you've all been waiting for...16:17
*** matrohon has quit IRC16:17
smcginnis#topic Open discussion16:17
*** openstack changes topic to "Open discussion (Meeting topic: Cinder)"16:17
smcginnisNVMe, NVMe, NVMe!!16:17
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  Oh, there it is.  Missed that with all the excitement.16:17
smcginnisNothing now? I'm disappointed. :D16:18
jungleboyjWhat should we talk about now?16:18
smcginnishemna: Oh yeah, your PSA> :)16:18
*** hieulq__ has quit IRC16:18
hemnaOk so for driver developers, It's a good idea when you make major changes, new features available in your drivers, to make sure you bump the VERSION string in your driver.16:19
hemnathat version string is dumped into the cinder log file at startup16:19
hemnathat is used by folks later on to debug issues in deployments.16:19
hemnaand can be put into bug reports to help driver maintainers know what the codebase is of the driver.16:20
*** belmoreira has quit IRC16:20
lhx_there are some error tests16:20
lhx_but I couldn't find the reason16:20
hemnaso I've been -1'ing reviews on drivers that don't update their VERSION string and add a comment block, when new features are added and major refactors are done.16:20
*** gyee has quit IRC16:20
*** bobmel has quit IRC16:20
tommylikehuhemna:  any guideline  or links ?16:20
lhx_someone help?16:20
hemnatommylikehu, no, not really.16:20
hemnamaybe add something to the wiki ?16:20
*** bobmel has joined #openstack-meeting16:20
*** ykarel has quit IRC16:20
tommylikehuhemna:  that would be great :)16:21
hemnait's just good s/w development practice to version your code for support later.   that's all really.16:21
sivn_Can we talk about the new driver "veritas access driver"
hemnaremember, most deployments of openstack are on very old releases.16:21
smcginnishemna: Adding a comment to the wiki could help.16:21
DuncanThemna: Even for fairly minor bug fixes it is worth bumping the version...16:21
hemnaDuncanT, yup.16:22
DuncanThemna: It's one way to see if a fix really worked16:22
hemnaif you take a look at the 3PAR driver, that's what I've done over the years.16:22
SwansonI'm going to bump it on every push.16:22
jungleboyjDuncanT:  ++16:22
SwansonMajor only.16:22
tommylikehuhemna: thanks16:22
hemnait makes it so much easier for people trying to deal with support issues.16:22
hemnafor example.16:22
smcginnisGets nicely formatted in the output too if you format it right:
hemnaoh nice16:23
lhx_smcginnis, have you seen this?
tommylikehuthat's clear, just a feature history and announce the current version16:24
smcginnislhx_: Yes, see beginning of meeting.16:24
jungleboyjFor reviewers, please enforce the versioning.16:25
hemnaanyway, just my PSA.   If anyone objects to me -1 reviews for not bumping versions for new features/major changes.....speak now :)16:25
hemnatimes up.16:25
*** ociuhandu has quit IRC16:25
pewpjungleboyj (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻16:25
pewphemna (/ .□.) ︵╰(゜Д゜)╯︵ /(.□. )16:25
SwansonFirst they came for the micro versions and I said nothing. Now they've come for the versions.16:25
lhx_smcginnis, you discussed too quick to catch it, lol16:25
hemnasmcginnis, ok I'm done.16:25
*** msimonin1 has quit IRC16:26
xyanghemna: ok, I have a comment here:)16:26
smcginnislhx_: If you have any ideas there, we could use it.16:26
smcginnislhx_: Just at the point of trying to figure out what's even happing there.16:26
xyanghemna: we initially tried to bump version on every change, but ran into so many merge conflicts that it was almost impossible to merge all patches.  So the compromise now is to only bump version once but with description of the change for major update16:27
*** bobmel has quit IRC16:27
xyanghemna: I can show you how it look like later and see if it looks ok to you16:27
jungleboyjAhhhh Shots Fired, Shots Fired!16:27
DuncanTxyang: Stop changing your driver so much!16:27
smcginnisxyang: That's because Helen puts up 5 different conflicting patches at the same time. :D16:27
jungleboyjsmcginnis: ++16:28
hemnaxyang we had that issue for a while too, but found that in the long run it was really worth the effort.16:28
xyangDuncanT: need to fix bugs:)16:28
xyangsmcginnis: yes:)16:28
lhx_smcginnis, sorry, have no idea, I'm looking into it16:28
smcginnisOh, another announcement I wanted to bring up, just to raise awareness.16:28
xyanghemna: help with reviews and may be that won't be a problem to merge them:)16:28
*** gouthamr_ has quit IRC16:28
smcginnisThere's a push to move in-tree tempest tests into their own repo.16:28
smcginnisIt fixes some issues by having them separate.16:28
DuncanTxyang: Stop writing bugs in the first place?16:28
smcginnisSo we can't incude temptest tests with the code change itself.16:29
hemnalike a tempest repo?16:29
xyangDuncanT: right, then we will be all out of job:)16:29
smcginnisBut I don't think we ever have, so not really too big of a deal.16:29
smcginnishemna: Yep, something like a cinder-tempest repo.16:29
hemnasmcginnis, wasn't the entire point of having in tree tempest tests was that cinder folks could write them?16:29
smcginnisProblem with entry points and pbr I think.16:29
smcginnishemna: We'll at least still have full control over what gets let in, it just will have to be a separate patch to a separate repo.16:30
hemnayuhk, I can see this getting lost in the weeds.16:30
hemnawe already are overloaded with repos to do reviews on.  :(16:30
smcginnisWe could enforce having it with a depends-on tag if we really want to make sure the tests are ready before merging code.16:30
smcginnishemna: Yeah, I pushed back at first.16:31
eharneywould the cinder-tempest repo have branches?16:31
hemnaI mean, we aren't even writing them now.16:31
smcginnishemna: But it does solve some problems, and I was definiteyl in the minority.16:31
smcginniseharney: That would definitely be my preference.16:31
*** aarefiev is now known as aarefiev_afk16:31
smcginnisI don't buy the branchles arguments.16:31
eharneyi think it would have to16:31
smcginnisOK, anything else?16:32
jungleboyjThe future is *less16:32
sivn_Can we have a discussion on the new drivers please?16:32
smcginnissivn_: What needs to be discussed?16:32
tommylikehusivn_:  which one?16:32
sivn_Veritas driver is ready16:32
sivn_Can we talk about the new driver "veritas access driver"
smcginnissivn_: What needs to be discussed?16:32
*** harlowja has joined #openstack-meeting16:32
sivn_It needs merge16:33
sivn_+2 needed16:33
hemnait's not even passing jenkins16:33
smcginnissivn_: Again, what needs to be discussed?16:33
hemnasivn_, the cinder channel would be a better place to discuss16:33
sivn_We have taken care of all review comments16:33
sivn_Its because of python-27 failure16:34
hemnasivn_, there are questions from eharney not answered16:34
hemnasivn_, it's not ready.16:34
sivn_Do u have any other issues?16:34
sivn_We will take care of them16:35
sivn_In the next commit16:35
smcginnisFeedback is in the comments on the review. One more time - what needs to be discussed?16:35
*** neiljerram has joined #openstack-meeting16:36
smcginnisOK, thanks everyone. Please feel free to jump in on troubleshooting the py27 test failures.16:36
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"16:37
openstackMeeting ended Wed May 17 16:37:01 2017 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)16:37
openstackMinutes (text):
*** abishop has left #openstack-meeting16:37
*** mickeys has joined #openstack-meeting16:37
jungleboyjhemna:  You need a bot that makes Chewie's sound when you do that.16:37
rawanhthanks all16:38
*** galstrom is now known as galstrom_zzz16:38
SwansonIf Chewbacca lives on Endor, you must acquit!16:38
*** ltomasbo is now known as ltomasbo|away16:40
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zara_the_lemur__anyone about for the storyboard meeting?19:00
SotKI am!19:00
fungii guess so ;)19:00
zara_the_lemur__#startmeeting storyboard19:00
openstackMeeting started Wed May 17 19:00:33 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is zara_the_lemur__. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.19:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: storyboard)"19:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'storyboard'19:00
zara_the_lemur__#topic Announcements19:00
*** openstack changes topic to "Announcements (Meeting topic: storyboard)"19:00
diablo_rojoHell o :)19:00
zara_the_lemur__#info It was the summit last week, and we did a talk!19:01
zara_the_lemur__standby while I retrieve a link19:01
SotKwe did!19:01
zara_the_lemur__apparently that's the last way I found that link19:01
SotKthanks for the question answering assistance fungi19:01
zara_the_lemur__looks like I searched myself, how embarrassing...19:02
fungithanks for giving the talk--it was awesome!19:02
zara_the_lemur__thanks to everyone involved! :D19:02
zara_the_lemur__I very much appreciated SotK's videos, diablo_rojo's slideshow knowhow and fungi's Q&A19:02
diablo_rojoNow we can send that out with the blog posts and hopefully people will stop asking the same questions :)19:03
SotKwe can hope19:03
zara_the_lemur__+ a big thank you to everyone who attended! :)19:03
fungithere is no hope... people never stop asking questions19:03
*** lpetrut has joined #openstack-meeting19:03
diablo_rojofungi, I was only half serious :)19:04
fungibut maybe they will ask fewer/different questions now!19:04
zara_the_lemur__(all talks were recorded, so there is a video at that link, in case anyone is unaware)19:04
zara_the_lemur__(so all is not lost if you were unable to attend!)19:04
zara_the_lemur__(weep not)19:05
zara_the_lemur__okay, I don't think we have any other announcements19:05
zara_the_lemur__#topic Urgent Items19:05
*** openstack changes topic to "Urgent Items (Meeting topic: storyboard)"19:05
diablo_rojoExcept that you didnt get to see the greatness in person19:05
fungior come out to eat with the infra team at the salty pig19:05
*** mordred has quit IRC19:05
fungiyou know, important stuff19:05
zara_the_lemur__that was indeed extremely important19:06
zara_the_lemur__so, I gather Craton and Cloudkitty are planning to migrate next Monday19:06
*** mordred has joined #openstack-meeting19:06
diablo_rojoyay for more migrations!19:07
zara_the_lemur__yep! \o/ I intend to run a test migration between now and then just to check nothing has changed, since it was a little while ago that we tested.19:07
zara_the_lemur__but that shouldn't block anything19:07
diablo_rojoHow are other test migrations going? I know things got a little hairy with prepping for the summit19:08
zara_the_lemur__hah, I haven't done anything since I last mentioned doing one19:08
zara_the_lemur__I think the story should be up to date19:08
diablo_rojoFair enough :)19:08
* SotK has been too busy catching up on sleep since summit to do much19:08
* diablo_rojo goes to look19:08
fungioh, right. adding that migration to my reminders now just so i don't double-book myself in the interim ;)19:08
*** imcsk8 has joined #openstack-meeting19:08
* zara_the_lemur__ looks for a link to the relevant story19:09
*** donghao has joined #openstack-meeting19:10
zara_the_lemur__(maybe one day I'll prep all my links *before* a meeting; sorry)19:10
diablo_rojozara_the_lemur__, no worries19:10
diablo_rojoyou still found it faster than me19:11
zara_the_lemur__okay, to me, that story looks suspiciously like I have noted my to-test-migrations list but not everything is on there19:11
zara_the_lemur__I'm sure this isn't the first time we have tested craton and cloudkitty but I don't see them listed19:11
diablo_rojoYeah I didnt put them on there since we had already tested them once19:12
diablo_rojobut we can make tasks for them19:12
zara_the_lemur__ah, right, so we made that after, makes sense19:12
* zara_the_lemur__ will make a coupla tasks now then19:13
diablo_rojoSounds good.19:13
*** artom has quit IRC19:13
diablo_rojoIf you need more projects to test I can get you more too :)19:13
zara_the_lemur__\o/ I don't think we have anything else urgent, just a ton of in-progress stuff19:13
zara_the_lemur__#topic In-Progress Work19:13
*** openstack changes topic to "In-Progress Work (Meeting topic: storyboard)"19:13
zara_the_lemur__I have a massive review backlog and spent most of last week practicing speaking while drying my hair19:14
SotKso I sent a patch that fixes/works around the 401 error19:14
SotKwe should merge that :)19:14
zara_the_lemur__I'm glad you're more useful than me19:14
diablo_rojoSotK, the one I reviewed yesterday?19:14
fungiwhich 401 error? the one where you have to log out and back in when you've been idle for a while?19:14
diablo_rojofungi, yep19:14
diablo_rojoI think lol19:14
SotKdiablo_rojo, fungi: yes to both19:15
zara_the_lemur__yeah, we hid the actual 401 message but there's a leftover 400 message19:15
fungiHUGE thanks! i think that's probably the #1 most visible bug in the webclient for a long time now19:15
*** donghao has quit IRC19:15
zara_the_lemur__I will try to get to that tonight or tomorrow19:15
zara_the_lemur__whine at me until I do it19:15
fungithat bug alone was probably going a very long way toward making new users wonder whether the software was actually maintained/production-ready19:16
zara_the_lemur__(I want to check it doesn't break anything else, but it'd have to be pretty interesting to make things *worse*)19:16
zara_the_lemur__definitely agree there19:16
* fungi is thrilled someone got to the bottom of it19:16
zara_the_lemur__it's my most hated bug19:16
SotKyeah, it was mentioned at summit so I thought I would do some investigating19:17
*** rossella_s has quit IRC19:17
zara_the_lemur__I don't go on about it because I looked into it and couldn't work out to fix it, so wasn't productive19:17
zara_the_lemur__but there is a very long story about it19:17
SotKthe "fix" is just to refresh the page when the tokens are all expired, but I don't think there will be many neater ways to fix it without a large pile of work19:17
diablo_rojoMuch appreciated either way19:18
* zara_the_lemur__ is somewhat concerned that might reintroduce some of the original issues, but will test first19:18
SotKs/the tokens are all expired/both access and refresh tokens are expired so we can't get a new access token without re-authenticating/19:19
zara_the_lemur__I think a lot of sites do things that way19:19
* SotK too19:19
SotKthe other option was a "you've been logged out" page, but that would be extremely annoying if you paste a link after not using it for a month19:20
zara_the_lemur__one thing I do wonder with that-- if a user types a bunch of stuff, and their token expires midway through, before saving, what happens?19:20
zara_the_lemur__I would assume the content is lost19:21
SotKindeed, but that would be extremely unlikely if my understanding of things is correct19:22
*** jamesmca_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:22
SotK(that is, the refresh token gets refreshed if it is nearly expired whilst you are actively using storyboard)19:22
* zara_the_lemur__ isn't sure exactly what would be 'active' there19:23
zara_the_lemur__ie: is typing in a text field enough for that, or does it require making api calls?19:23
SotKdoing anything that makes a request to the API I believe19:23
zara_the_lemur__so it's not a massive deal, I'm thinking that a surprise refresh might be sliiiiightly more prone to losing data than a 'I know I've left this alone for ages but can keep typing and just copy my text before sending because I know it'll log me out then'19:24
zara_the_lemur__it's not a reason to block anything, just thinking, sorry19:24
zara_the_lemur__other in-progress things?19:25
SotKnp, thinking is good :)19:25
zara_the_lemur__there are boards patches19:25
zara_the_lemur__oh so many boards patches19:25
SotKand a search thing to support browsing for multiple tags in a way that isn't a lucky hack19:25
diablo_rojoSotK, had questions for you about your comment on my patch19:25
diablo_rojoMore clarification19:26
* SotK goes to look19:26
diablo_rojoI am checking to see if 'branch' == project and if it does add master, otherwise..?19:26
*** piyushks has quit IRC19:27
*** mkoderer has quit IRC19:27
*** awaugama has quit IRC19:28
*** pradk has quit IRC19:28
diablo_rojoAlso I should probably add pike to the list of releases..19:28
SotKah, so that will currently add a master branch for each thing that doesn't have a release defined, and if another project has a bugtask there then we'll add multiple branches named master doing that19:28
*** rpi has joined #openstack-meeting19:29
*** rpi has quit IRC19:29
*** rpi has joined #openstack-meeting19:29
diablo_rojoOkay so needs to be tweaked a bit.19:29
SotKthen it struck me that we need to make sure the project name in the url is the name of the project we are trying to add otherwise we will have a mess19:29
diablo_rojothat makes more sense now19:29
diablo_rojoso I can do a check to see if the project in the url is project and if that is the case we will look to see if the branch exists already and if it doesnt add master19:30
diablo_rojoGot it19:30
SotKso you can probably just do something like `elif branch == project_name` instead of `else` there and fix everything (in the case where we want master the last thing in the url is the project name19:30
diablo_rojothat works too19:30
diablo_rojoI will push that change today19:31
SotKthanks :)19:31
* SotK notices that is also not merged yet, and mithers Zara for reviews :)19:31
zara_the_lemur__haha, thaks for mithering19:31
*** tobberydberg has joined #openstack-meeting19:31
zara_the_lemur__I am slowly getting through them in the order they went up there, but emphasis on the slow19:32
*** rossella_s has joined #openstack-meeting19:32
SotKthank you :)19:33
zara_the_lemur__should have more time now there's no talk stuff in the immediate future19:33
*** clenimar has joined #openstack-meeting19:34
zara_the_lemur__I will prrrrobably prioritize that 401 one though, because the world hates that bug19:35
diablo_rojoSweet :) And I should have some more time to pitch in now that the Summit is done and that the PTG isnt till September19:35
zara_the_lemur__any other in-progress work?19:36
SotKyes definitely prioritise the 401 one :)19:36
*** maeca1 has joined #openstack-meeting19:36
jpmaxmanI had a question about possibly in progress work :)19:37
diablo_rojojpmaxman, whats up? :)19:37
*** maeca1 has quit IRC19:37
jpmaxmansomebody mentioned permissions were being worked on?19:37
jpmaxmanat the summit meeting19:37 private stories and bugs?19:37
*** yamahata has quit IRC19:37
fungii think most of it's already there. you can make a story private and add people to it already19:38
* fungi frowns at the pink 400 error19:38
fungisoon to be fixed!19:38
jpmaxmanwhat about entire projects private?19:38
SotKyeah, the missing piece is adding the VMT to vulnerability things automatically19:38
SotKentire projects private is not a thing19:39
fungior at least hasn't been identified as an immediate goal19:39
SotKyeah, I mean "not a thing" as "not implemented or thought about" :)19:39
*** harlowja has joined #openstack-meeting19:39
jpmaxmanok private stories seems good for sure :)19:39
zara_the_lemur__it has been discussed in the past (though not for openstack); the general thought is that it's more sensible to spin up one storyboard instance per project in cases where they need to be separated19:40
zara_the_lemur__since it's desgined for cross-project work19:40
diablo_rojoOne thing that hasnt been done there yet is how to migrate existing private bugs19:40
fungii can imagine a fairly trivial feature where a specific project can default to new stories being created private instead of public19:40
*** msimonin1 has joined #openstack-meeting19:41
fungibut private boards and worklists would probably be a lot harder to cover?19:41
zara_the_lemur__(so where you have a situation where there should be walls between projects, it doesn't make sense to put their issues in the same tracker, because it's harder to keep track of whom can see what)19:41
*** msimonin has quit IRC19:42
SotKfungi: what do you mean by "cover" there?19:42
*** jamesmca_ has quit IRC19:42
zara_the_lemur__(and leads to situations where people put documents up that they think everyone can see, when only some subset of people can see them, and communication suffers as a result)19:42
jpmaxmanwell the description seems to indicate that private stories are also not visible to those without permissions in the worklists/boards19:42
fungiSotK: as in i don't think we have a notion of private worklists or private boards in sb presently, correct?19:42
zara_the_lemur__we do, but I don't believe it overlaps with story permissions19:43
SotKjpmaxman: correct19:43
fungiahh, right. i guess i haven't created a new worklist or board recently ;)19:43
*** xyang1 has quit IRC19:43
SotKits not quite as complete as for stories, you can't add teams yet19:44
jpmaxmanwell anyway if it was desired private projects seems the easiest of them all ;)19:44
SotKwhat happens if a story has a task from a private project and a task from a public project?19:45
fungibut anyway, as suggested i do agree that given sb is so lightweight to install and manage, projects that want entirely private defect/task tracking can have dedicated trackers pretty easily19:45
*** xyang1 has joined #openstack-meeting19:45
SotKfungi: +119:45
*** yamamoto has joined #openstack-meeting19:45
zara_the_lemur__one can have a private worklist or board. one can also have a public worklist featuring private stories if one can see those stories, and those items in the worklist will only appear to others with permissions to see those stories.19:46
zara_the_lemur__^ just adding for completeness on the current soa19:46
*** pradk has joined #openstack-meeting19:47
fungicool, so there's a fair amount of flexibility19:47
jpmaxmanok cool much thanks for the info - and yes seems very flixible19:47
*** Sukhdev has quit IRC19:47
zara_the_lemur__(sotk wrote all boards and worklists things with no permissions originally, then ended up effectively rewriting the whole implementation, so we remember it well xD)19:47
*** lpetrut has quit IRC19:47
diablo_rojojpmaxman, did you still want us to send some work items your way?19:47
jpmaxmanyou're welcome too - would help to get familiar with it19:48
jpmaxmanright now we are working on some comps for possibly adding time tracking to story board19:48
jpmaxmanhopefully should have something to share next week19:48
diablo_rojoSotK, zara_the_lemur__ anything off the top of your head you want help with?19:48
fungidown the road for vmt needs, i'm leaning toward adding a custom reporting form as a separate rethemed storyboard-webclient. that might allow us to simplify reporting of new potential vulnerabilities while reducing risks of reporting them incorrectly/unsafely19:49
zara_the_lemur__makes sense19:49
fungiactually getting teh feeling we'll end up with several storyboard-webclient instances sharing one api server eventually19:49
zara_the_lemur__I would really like there to be multiple frontends19:50
diablo_rojoTen min left btw19:50
zara_the_lemur__I don't have anything specific; priorities for us are fixing migration scripts and merging patches currently in review19:51
* SotK also has nothing specific off the top of his head19:51
zara_the_lemur__I don't have a lot of bandwidth and can't take more on anyway19:51
diablo_rojoOkay well I can look into open items and find some things19:51
zara_the_lemur__(so if people send a ton of patches, they'll have to wait to get attention from me, so I'd feel weird soliciting them personally.)19:52
zara_the_lemur__I'd like there to be more reviewer bandwidth and bugfixes in general19:53
*** harlowja has quit IRC19:53
fungihopefully as more people get involved proposing and reviewing changes, we'll find some you feel comfortable sharing core review responsibilities with19:54
*** myoung is now known as myoung|biab19:55
*** myoung|biab is now known as myoung19:55
zara_the_lemur__it's a project that takes a long time to ramp up on19:55
zara_the_lemur__well, that's probably true for a lot of projects19:56
diablo_rojoI feel like I dont know even a quarter of everything there is to know19:56
fungii feel like that about everything i work on, if that's any consolation19:56
*** harlowja has joined #openstack-meeting19:57
diablo_rojofungi, if you only know a quarter of everything I have no hope of getting anywhere near you.19:57
*** matrohon has joined #openstack-meeting19:57
fungithe socratic paradox19:57
* zara_the_lemur__ hopes it doesn't end in hemlock19:58
zara_the_lemur__we're out of time19:58
zara_the_lemur__well, 1 min19:58
diablo_rojoXenos paradox? If you are the halfway point between me and where I want to be and you you keep moving, I will never make it :)19:58
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"19:59
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openstackMinutes (text):
zara_the_lemur__I was sorry to stop mid-philosophy jokes19:59
zara_the_lemur__to #storyboard !19:59
SotKthanks everyone!19:59
diablo_rojozara_the_lemur__, probably for the best19:59
*** harlowja has quit IRC20:00
*** dprince has quit IRC20:02
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*** timburke has joined #openstack-meeting20:58
*** timur has joined #openstack-meeting20:59
*** pdardeau has joined #openstack-meeting21:00
notmynameswift team meeting time21:00
notmyname#startmeeting swift21:00
openstackMeeting started Wed May 17 21:00:46 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is notmyname. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.21:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: swift)"21:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'swift'21:00
clayglet's do this!21:00
notmynamewho's here for the swift team meeting?21:00
*** rledisez has joined #openstack-meeting21:01
*** Apoorva_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:01
notmynamegood to see everyone21:02
notmyname#topic happy birthday21:02
*** openstack changes topic to "happy birthday (Meeting topic: swift)"21:02
notmynamefirst up, today is swift's birthday!21:02
*** armax has quit IRC21:02
notmynameseven years ago today, swift was put into prod21:02
*** piyushks has joined #openstack-meeting21:02
jrichlihappy bday swift21:02
notmynamemattoliverau: kota_: (or yesterday, in your tz) ;-)21:02
jungleboyjHappy Birthday!21:03
*** thorst_afk has quit IRC21:03
*** rfolco has quit IRC21:03
mattoliverauYeah, I had a cake.. or donut (or now have an excuse for eating one)21:03
*** haleyb has quit IRC21:03
notmynameright. go get yourself some cake, and celebrate21:03
mattoliverauMMM, guilt free cake21:04
*** jrist has quit IRC21:04
notmynamethank you to everyone who has offered code, bug reports, use cases, advice, and time to the community21:04
notmynameI ws talking to someone yesterday and the question of "what is swift" came up. it's the people. :-)21:04
notmynamethanks for being involved21:04
acoleswait, did somebody mention cake?21:04
notmyname#topic summit recap21:05
claygnom nom nom21:05
*** openstack changes topic to "summit recap (Meeting topic: swift)"21:05
*** Apoorva has quit IRC21:05
mattoliverauacoles: your welcome21:05
notmynameok. we had a summit last week. how was it?21:05
*** Sukhdev has joined #openstack-meeting21:05
notmynameif you weren't there, we missed seeing you21:05
notmynameif you were there, I'm glad you made it21:05
claygif you weren't there - you won a productive week!21:05
*** unicell1 has joined #openstack-meeting21:05
*** unicell has quit IRC21:05
mattoliverauIt was good to catch up, but would've loved more time to talk swift things21:05
notmynamedoes someone have a link to the feedback form? I must have missed it21:06
kota_mattoliverau: +121:06
notmynamemattoliverau: yeah, that's the general sentiment I got21:06
mattoliverauAlthough the ops turn out was awesome21:06
mattoliverauGreat seeing more people in ops feedback then normal, and it usually is always a good turn out21:07
*** msimonin has joined #openstack-meeting21:07
mattoliverauSo that was very positive21:07
notmynamethere are two ideas that came up last week that we should bring up again here21:07
notmynamefirst, the idea of having a regular meeting in addition to this one for people in different timezones21:07
*** hongbin has quit IRC21:08
notmynamespecifically, mahatic and pavel/onovy/seznam. but of course we've all seen various chinese contributors too21:08
notmynameI am going to coordinate with mahatic to find a time and agenda for that meeting21:08
notmynamebut the point is that it's a place to bring up stuff that those in the other time zones are working on21:09
notmynameI think it's a terrific idea21:09
tdasilvai bet the guys working on tape would like that too21:09
* clayg pours one out for mahatic21:09
mattoliverauAny idea on how regularly?21:09
*** simon-AS559 has left #openstack-meeting21:10
notmynameare there any other general things/topics/themes that should be included for that meeting?21:10
notmynamemattoliverau: probably once every two weeks?21:10
notmynamemattoliverau: but how often would you want it, if it were more convenint for you?21:10
*** msimonin has quit IRC21:11
notmynameif there's one thing clayg loves, it's daily meetings21:11
mattoliverauLol, 2 weeks is a good start21:11
acolesmattoliverau: note that you still have to attend this meeting, notmyname said "in addition", so no sleeping in :P21:12
mattoliverauacoles: damn... But depends on when it is.. it could just as easy be harder for you as I'm closer to Chinese time ;)21:12
notmynamemy goal is to find a time for it that is so horrible for US timezones that it will be obvious that not everyone needs to be there21:12
*** donghao has joined #openstack-meeting21:13
notmynameok, the second thing from last week... a virtual hackathon idea21:13
notmynamethis one is an idea that is very much unformed21:13
notmynamebut given the less-than-great experience from the summit, some of us talked about figuring out a way to try a hackathon without all of us having to make a long flight21:14
*** gouthamr has joined #openstack-meeting21:14
mattoliverauAgain timezones make it hard. Ironic did it and mrda (Australian team mate) had to do crazy hours.. but he did say it was beneficial21:14
notmynameseveral of our community also contribute to ceph, and I know they have these virtual events21:14
notmynamemattoliverau: ah, interesting. good feedback21:15
zaitcevYeah, if only there was a way to send a message... like a mail... to a list of people. And then it could be stored on a computer somewhere, ready to be read in any timezone recepient is in.21:15
*** ijw has joined #openstack-meeting21:15
notmynamemattoliverau: what if it were something like "we're doing it for the next 30 hours, and here's the schedule". and I might have a topic from 11pm to 1am in my tz and someone else might have a topic from 7am to 8am, etc21:15
*** hongbin has joined #openstack-meeting21:16
notmynamezaitcev: crazytown!21:16
mattoliverauzaitcev: now your just talkin crazy21:16
*** kylek3h has quit IRC21:16
notmynameso I don't know exactly what it would look like21:16
*** donghao has quit IRC21:17
timburkei think it's supposed to be more about the concerted effort than the actual messaging :-) i'm imagining something like the review sprint to land crypto or something21:17
claygi love it!21:17
notmynameit's certainly not an original idea, so we could definitely learn from others21:17
notmynamezaitcev: how does ceph do it? have you participated in those events?21:17
*** artom has joined #openstack-meeting21:17
mattoliverauSure, I guess 30 hours is more doable. It's more what if the people working on setting is in all the timezones.. but I guess only 30 means only 1 bad night21:17
claygzaitcev: only uses email - then someone in the hack-a-thon reads the email to everyone in the video conference21:18
notmynamemattoliverau: one bad night for everyone. or what timburke said and more of the global handoff...21:18
* mattoliverau is typing on phone so autocomplete is a pain21:18
zaitcevoh god, Ceph is the worst. They have a stand-up every morning, like characters in a Japanese anime about workplace21:18
tdasilvanotmyname: I imagine they would have to be a lot more organized than our typical hackathons. So like you said, schedule a specific time and subject21:18
notmynamezaitcev: lol21:18
tdasilvanotmyname: maybe we can start small, with just scheduling a discussion in one topic and see how that goes21:18
claygtdasilva: scheduled time and subject!?  this doesn't even sound like a hack-a-thon anymore21:19
tdasilvait's really not a hackathon, more like a video conference meeting to talk about specific topic21:19
*** ijw has quit IRC21:19
claygoh... that's a thing21:19
tdasilvaclayg: exactly, I agree21:19
*** esberglu has quit IRC21:19
tdasilvaclayg: but I can't think how else we would do it virtually?21:19
zaitcevCeph also has a hackathon, which is very similar to ours, but stricter. Actually, we did end-of-day round table too in ours. Theirs is like... Have you implemented this function today? Why not?21:20
notmynameIMO it's an interesting idea (but I don't know what it looks like) that sounds a *lot* more valuable than flying to sydney for only 3 days for the next summit :/21:20
mattoliverauHow else, 3D visors ;)21:20
*** ijw has joined #openstack-meeting21:20
claygtdasilva: it is a good point - i have no idea how to do a virtual hack-a-thon21:20
*** ijw has quit IRC21:20
mattoliveraucough LCA cough21:20
*** ijw has joined #openstack-meeting21:20
zaitcevThe food at Ceph hackathons was amazing though.21:20
notmynamemattoliverau: yes, that would be awesome21:20
acoleswait, did someone mention food?? :D21:21
zaitcevI just did21:21
notmynameok, so it's an idea. might be terrible. might be great. we don't have to make a decision on it right now or plan it out today21:21
zaitcevI saved pictures somewhere, I was so impressed.21:21
mattoliverauacoles: are you hungry?21:21
notmynamemattoliverau: lol, no! we just had a potluck. we're all stuffed21:21
tdasilvaacoles: are people in SF not feeding you?21:22
timburkespeak for yourself. brb21:22
notmynameok, so think about it. let's bring it up again21:22
*** sdague has quit IRC21:22
acolesmattoliverau: tdasilva: it's terrible21:22
notmyname#topic follow up on tc goals21:22
*** kylek3h has joined #openstack-meeting21:22
*** openstack changes topic to "follow up on tc goals (Meeting topic: swift)"21:22
notmynameAFAIK, status is "nothing has changed. still gotta do it"21:22
mattoliverauzaitcev: I assume the great food wasn't at a virtual hackathon.. or maybe it was :p21:23
acolesnotmyname: I think it is worth trying, see how it works21:23
notmynameclayg: py3 and running under mod_wsgi^Wuwsgi21:23
notmynameacoles: agreed (a virtual hackathon)21:23
acolesnotmyname: I looked at the uwsgi/mod-wsgi goal requirement, I think we are almost compliant alredy21:23
*** matrohon has quit IRC21:24
clayg"python3 doesn't matter" --unnamed wise man21:24
notmynameacoles: thanks. I'll talk to you later about getting something written up to say "here's the things we need to do"21:24
notmyname#topic LOSF21:24
*** openstack changes topic to "LOSF (Meeting topic: swift)"21:24
claygi heard someone say onetime the apache stuff doesn't blow up if you're using replicated objects - since devstack doesn't use EC - I think we're golden21:24
timburkemmm queso21:24
notmynamerledisez: this is your stuff21:24
notmynameclayg: move the requirements to be whatever we've already done?21:25
clayghow about LOLF?  it sounds funnier21:25
rledisezok. so, we need some outlook on what we are doing right now (OVH and iQIYI)21:25
rledisezlong story short: we discussed with Jeff on our implementations of the small file optimization21:25
*** ijw has quit IRC21:25
rledisezthe goal is to have  the same on-disk format so that we can work in parallel on python and golang version21:25
rledisezsome of the work could be easily done, but we could not agree about the meta (maybe we just missed time to debate)21:26
zaitcevimpressive you found it possible21:26
rlediseziQIYI implementation stores metadata only in K/V. OVH implementation stores metadata only in volume files.21:26
*** ijw has joined #openstack-meeting21:26
rledisezstoring in KV could help with HEAD requests if you don't have too much meta to store (otherwise it fulfill memory)21:27
*** edmondsw has quit IRC21:27
rledisezstoring in volume allow to rebuild KV in case of corruption and save memory (at the cost of IO on HEAD requests)21:27
acolesrledisez: thanks for the etherpad notes21:27
*** edmondsw has joined #openstack-meeting21:28
mattoliverauHmm, I think I need time to read21:28
notmynamerledisez: what's your plan to choose a single way to do it?21:28
rledisezright now we are still discussing with jeff. i think he is trying our implem21:29
notmynamerledisez: do you want us to read over and discuss later in irc or next week?21:29
notmynameoh ok, so he's looking at your implementation21:29
rledisezin the end, either one of use make a very good point to convince the other, or we are stuck until somebody decide for us :)21:29
*** askb has joined #openstack-meeting21:29
rlediseznotmyname: yeah, reading ehterpad and having a discussion about it would be very nice21:29
mattoliverauWe store container metadata in Sqlite, so that's something, but yeah, I assume we tend to store more object metadata then container21:30
notmynamemattoliverau: yeah, but this is more about the xattr/.meta metadata21:30
notmynamerledisez: ok, thank you for bring this up21:31
notmynamerledisez: how about the rest of us read over and comment, then we talk in -swift about it. and get a status update next meeting?21:31
notmynamerledisez: is jeff in irc?21:31
*** edmondsw_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:31
rlediseznotmyname: good for me21:31
rledisezi'm not sure. it's 5am for him now21:32
*** jaugustine has quit IRC21:32
rledisezso right now probably not21:32
rledisezi'll ask him by mail21:32
notmynamerledisez: kota_ has no sympathy ;-)21:32
*** edmondsw has quit IRC21:32
kota_for me21:32
notmynamekota_: pretty much the same thing ;-)21:32
kota_make sense21:32
notmynamerledisez: ok, we *need* him to be in irc. please mention it when you talk to him next21:33
rledisezi will ask him again if he can join21:33
notmynamerledisez: anythign else for this meeting that we need to go over on this LOSF topic?21:33
*** e0ne has quit IRC21:33
rlediseznot i can think of for the moment21:33
notmynameok, thanks for bring it up21:34
claygcan we make it LAFS or LAWLS21:34
*** ijw has quit IRC21:34
*** rfolco has joined #openstack-meeting21:34
notmyname#topic global ec patches21:34
*** openstack changes topic to "global ec patches (Meeting topic: swift)"21:34
notmynamecomposite rings21:34
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-meeting21:34
*** ijw has joined #openstack-meeting21:35
notmynamehas composite rings landed yet? acoles timburke clayg cschwede_ kota_??!?!21:35
*** e0ne has quit IRC21:35
cschwede_notmyname: i didn't had a chance today to look at it :/21:35
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-meeting21:35
acolesnotmyname: almost, we have 2 +2 but it would be great for kota_ to have chance to add a vote21:35
*** patchbot has joined #openstack-meeting21:35
acolessince we've all had some involvement in authoring21:36
*** e0ne has quit IRC21:36
clayglook at it!  merge it!  I'll +A it right now!21:36
*** edmondsw_ has quit IRC21:36
patchbotpatch 441921 - swift - Add Composite Ring Functionality21:36
acolespatch 44192121:36
patchbot - swift - Add Composite Ring Functionality21:36
kota_notmyname: i had not yet but absolutely i'll have time today21:36
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-meeting21:36
timburkei did a solid read-through on the docs yesterday; look good to me. popped out, addressing some other ring doc stuff along the way21:36
patchbotpatch 465184 - swift - Ring doc cleanups21:36
kota_sorry i had short day offs in the early of this week.21:36
acoleskota_: thanks!21:36
notmynametimburke: wanting to land after or wanting to merge in?21:36
*** e0ne has quit IRC21:36
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-meeting21:37
timburkei'm perfectly content for that to be a follow-up. a lot of it is out-of-scope for composite rings21:37
*** ykatabam has joined #openstack-meeting21:37
notmynamekota_: thanks. when you look, please +A if you like it, that way it's landed during our night and we don't lose another day on it21:37
*** e0ne has quit IRC21:37
acoleskota_: please go ahead and +A if you are ok with it, i think that is fine with other +2 votes21:37
notmynameacoles: clayg: what comments were you looking for from cschwede_?21:37
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-meeting21:37
claygnotmyname: we got a chance to talk about it in BOS21:38
kota_notmyname: thanks for the info, I concerned if i could give +A for my patch :P21:38
kota_and acoles:^^21:38
*** e0ne has quit IRC21:38
notmynameclayg: ah,ok good21:38
claygnotmyname: cschwede_ had the *really* good idea about taking an existing ring and splitting it into composites for upgrade21:38
*** piyushks has quit IRC21:38
notmynamekota_: yes you can :-)21:38
acolescschwede_: IIRC had better idea how to force a builder file write21:38
claygi was going to do some research into some of our existing multi-region deployment rings and scope out what I think we can do21:38
claygit's a baller idea21:38
notmynamebut something to do *after* this patch, right?21:39
cschwede_acoles: that one could be an easy follow up21:39
claygyeah I think so?21:39
cschwede_yeah, no blockers21:39
claygthere's a *bunch* of stuff that we probably want to happen *after* this patch21:39
*** ijw has quit IRC21:39
notmynamecschwede_: great!21:39
timburkeseems like a great idea, but i'm having a hard time imagining how it would work in practice...21:39
acolescschwede_: +1 it's just doc so follow up if fine21:39
cschwede_clayg: are you looking into the decompose stuff?21:39
claygI think getting something like CLI support is up there - and it's possible more docs about how to use it21:39
claygcschwede_: acctually - no :\21:40
notmynamedo we have any other patches open related to global ec clusters?21:40
cschwede_clayg: ok, i might look into this next week21:40
*** ijw has joined #openstack-meeting21:40
claygcschwede_: maybe we could collaborate on that some?  I need to think more deeply about it ... :D  that would be great21:40
cschwede_clayg: absolutely!21:41
acolesnotmyname: we have patch for per policy affinity config
patchbotpatch 448240 - swift - Enable per policy proxy config options21:41
claygcschwede_: I'm curious if there would be something I could run over a replica2part2dev table that would say "XXX parts would have to move" kinda thing?21:41
notmynameacoles: that's what i was thinking of21:41
acoleswhich is related to global EC, we discussed this last week and got some consensus on the conf file format21:41
*** baoli_ has quit IRC21:41
notmynameacoles: but it has a merge conflict?21:41
claygcschwede_: assuming I want my 1.5/1.5 rings to go to 2/1 or my 2.1/1.9 rings to go 2/2 or whatever it is?21:41
acolesI just saw that is in merge conflict, will fix21:41
notmynameacoles: thanks21:41
acolesit also depends on this which should be an easy review
patchbotpatch 462619 - swift - Add read and write affinity options to deployment ...21:42
notmynametdasilva: kota_: mattoliverau: jrichli: zaitcev: timburke: after the composite rings patch lands, next up is patch 448240. if you can review it, that would be very helpful21:42
patchbot - swift - Enable per policy proxy config options21:42
cschwede_clayg: i was thinking about "take r1 from this ring and write this out to a new builder, now take r2 from the same ring (or another, whatever), and write it out to another builder - gives you full control?21:42
kota_and perhaps, is one of my homework since ec duplication landed21:43
patchbotpatch 443072 - swift - Eliminate node_index in Putter21:43
cschwede_clayg: that will result in rings with a fraction-based replica count21:43
kota_sorry i forget to bring it in BOS :\21:43
cschwede_clayg: and then you can set the replicas to your desired value, and rebalance21:43
claygcschwede_: well... but I mean how big is the replica2part2dev table in each case?21:43
acoleskota_: oh yeah, we still have duplicate frag follow-ups21:43
timburkecschwede_: currently composite rings require integer replica counts :-/21:44
*** mtanino_ has quit IRC21:44
notmynameok, I'll update the priority reviews wiki page with the global ec patches (and the stuff for after that [ie zaitcev's PUT+POST patch])21:44
claygcschwede_: idk, fractional replicas doesn't really allow for the last replica part list to be arbitrarily sparse21:45
*** cody-somerville has quit IRC21:45
claygcschwede_: but maybe we could make it work21:45
*** cody-somerville has joined #openstack-meeting21:45
*** cody-somerville has quit IRC21:45
*** cody-somerville has joined #openstack-meeting21:45
cschwede_well, the composite ring will use integer-replicas. but getting there might need to split up and change decomposed ring parts21:46
claygcschwede_: it'll be great21:47
cschwede_maybe i should draft this first to make that idea work for me and show it to you21:47
claygthat's the ticket!21:47
notmynamegreat :-)21:47
notmyname#topic open discussion21:47
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion (Meeting topic: swift)"21:47
notmynameanyone have something else to bring up?21:47
*** ijw has quit IRC21:47
*** ijw has joined #openstack-meeting21:48
* notmyname knows timburke does21:48
timburke has a bit of an api change in it... but i think it's a good thing21:48
patchbotpatch 463849 - swift - Delete a non-SLO object with ?multipart-manifest.21:48
zaitcevSo, about that PUT+POST, anyone cares about it? Tim looked at it.21:48
claygyeah timburke is the best!21:48
notmynamezaitcev: yes! let's talk right after we go over timburke's thing21:48
claygeveryone cares21:48
timburkei want a way to say "go delete this object, and if it's an SLO, go delete the segments as well"21:48
notmynametimburke: what's the current behavior and the proposed behavior?21:49
*** tobberydberg has quit IRC21:49
timburkecurrent behavior is to 400 if we get a DELETE request with ?multipart-manifest=delete for a non-SLO; patch changes that to go ahead and do the delete21:50
*** Sukhdev has quit IRC21:50
claygtimburke: if I'm reading that code right - do *all* ?multipart-manifest=delete requests turninto a GET on the backend before the DELETE verb makes its way down to the object server?21:51
claygclient niceties aside - do we *really* want to encourage that request pattern on the backend when describing "the preferred way" to empty a container?21:51
timburkethis stops making HEADs necessary to perform DELETEs (as in
*** ijw has quit IRC21:52
cschwede_why would one expect a failure on delete with the ?multipart querystring? is there a good reason for it that i didn't noticed?21:52
timburkeclayg: got a better way?21:52
*** ijw has joined #openstack-meeting21:52
notmynamecschwede_: yeah, that's what I think too. the error is what seems odd, not the proposed new behavior. client sent a delete. delete it21:53
notmynameok, so what do we need to do to move forward on this one?21:54
notmynametimburke: ? timur: ?21:54
mattoliverauBut that's from just thinking about API, not looking at code cause maybe there was a reason21:54
*** ijw has quit IRC21:54
*** slaweq has quit IRC21:54
jrichliso, if that is merged, then the client could supply the ?multipart-manifest=delete on a bulk-delete in order to have segments deleted with manifests, right?21:54
timburkei can go +A21:54
timburkeif everyone's on board21:55
timurwell, I think the patch could be merged. clayg's point is valid. However, a caller right now has to do a HEAD+DELETE when removing objects. I don't think reworking SLO to avoid the GET before DELETE is within the scope of this patch?21:55
*** ijw has joined #openstack-meeting21:55
timurjrichli: that would be awesome -- I haven't actually checked if that's what will happen21:56
claygjrichli: I think the change is a client can ?multipart-manifest=delete on a NON manifest and have the object still be deleted (possibly *not* deleting the segments behind a newer manifest that wasn't servicing the read)21:56
timburkejrichli: maybe? i'd have to look at the bulk deleter; it may think that what we intend to be a query param is part of the object name21:56
timurbut I was talking about changing the bulk deleter behavior earlier today in the swift channel21:56
mattoliverauBut yeah, delete is how would delete, the query string should only matter in if match or being caught by middle ware, as not a slo it should just be ignored (the query string not the delete)21:56
claygI think... it's worth considering... had tempest happened to have a test that hit this behavior - the change would probably already be on the floor21:56
*** jamesdenton has quit IRC21:57
jrichlitimur: correct, i was bringing up that convo about the bug (well, there are 2 dup bugs on that)21:57
mattoliverauWow my English is awesome when I type on a phone :p21:57
claygyeah... it would be nice to have a bug associated with it - i'm glad folks had the good sense to raise awareness in the meeting - kudos all21:57
notmynamejrichli: got a link to the bug?21:57
openstackLaunchpad bug 1691523 in OpenStack Object Storage (swift) "Multi-delete does not remove SLO segments" [Undecided,New]21:58
openstackLaunchpad bug 1691523 in OpenStack Object Storage (swift) "duplicate for #1691459 Multi-delete does not remove SLO segments" [Undecided,New]21:58
jrichliah, it was marked dup already21:58
*** xyang1 has quit IRC21:58
timuryea, that was my doing21:58
*** rfolco has quit IRC21:58
notmynamezaitcev: haven't forgotten you...21:58
timurI can ask Andrew to file a bug related to this patch too21:58
timurit came up in jclouds, as the behavior of HEAD+DELETE is not great21:59
*** bobh has quit IRC21:59
notmynamezaitcev: your PUT+POST patch ( is very important21:59
patchbotpatch 427911 - swift - PUT+POST and its development test21:59
notmynamezaitcev: it unblocks being able to work on the golang object server21:59
*** thorst_afk has joined #openstack-meeting22:00
notmynamewhich can be done concurrently to the other replication/reconstructor work22:00
zaitcevhopefully, you mean.22:00
notmynamezaitcev: I'm always full of hope22:00
timburkehmm... we should probably force x-newest around ...22:00
zaitcevI addressed the concerns raised in Atlanta, I think, but I haven't seen any remarks by Clay/Alastair/Kota/etc22:00
notmynamebusy busy22:01
claygoh great, so instead of every DELETE being preceeded with a GET - it's an X-Newest GET! ;)22:01
*** henrynash has joined #openstack-meeting22:01
notmynameok, need review on the delete patch and the bugs there22:01
notmynamewe're at time22:01
notmynamethank you for working on swift! here's to another seven years!22:02
*** henrynash has quit IRC22:02
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