Wednesday, 2017-08-30

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zhiyuanhi all, let's start our meeting01:01
zhiyuan#startmeeting tricircle01:01
openstackMeeting started Wed Aug 30 01:01:40 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is zhiyuan. Information about MeetBot at
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*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: tricircle)"01:01
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'tricircle'01:01
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zhiyuanat the beginning, just to remind that our PTG will be held on Sep 15th. I set the time from 9:00am to 17:00 pm, is that fine for you?01:02
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zhiyuanok, then I would to have a discussion of one of our configuration options01:04
zhiyuan#topic auth_url-and-identity_url01:04
*** openstack changes topic to "auth_url-and-identity_url (Meeting topic: tricircle)"01:04
zhiyuancurrently we have two options about keystone url01:04
zhiyuanI scan our code and find that only auth_url is used01:05
zhiyuanI am just thinking that these two options may make users confused, especially only one of them takes effect01:06
joehuangyes, too many terms in keystone configuration, quite confused01:06
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zhiyuanthis comes to my mind because about two days ago sapd pinged me in the #openstack-tricircle channel01:07
joehuanggood idea to refine the configuration items01:08
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zhiyuansapd failed to access the local neutron server because of keystone auth error.01:09
zhiyuanafter modifying the code a bit and use identity_url, sapd succeeded to access the server, so I guess the options are mis-configured01:09
zhiyuanhi ronghui01:10
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joehuangit would be great if sapd can submit a patch to enhance the configuration01:11
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zhiyuansapd fork our repos and modify in his own repos, but I have told him the git-review way01:12
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zhiyuanhe tries to use session instead of directly using token in his modification01:13
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joehuangis the configuration guide not clear enough, then there is space to improve it.01:14
zhiyuanbut I think improve our configuration options are also fine, since the CI shows that our code works in the default configuration01:14
zhiyuanwhat about improving our doc to tell that auth_url is the used one01:16
zhiyuanand also tell users how to correctly configure it01:16
zhiyuanlater we can remove the identity_url option01:17
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zhiyuan#action improve configuration guide about auth_url and identity_url01:18
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joehuangmaybe we can have a chat in #openstack-tricircle with sapd, he is not in the meeting now01:18
zhiyuansapd seems to be online at about 11:0001:19
zhiyuanwe can ping him after the meeting01:19
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zhiyuanhe is trying to intergrate trio2o and tricircle :)01:20
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zhiyuanok, next let's sync our progress01:22
zhiyuan#topic development-progress01:22
*** openstack changes topic to "development-progress (Meeting topic: tricircle)"01:22
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dongfengfor me, the patch for job pagination in tricircleclient is committed.01:24
Yipeifor lbaas, working on improving get_subnet and fixing the wrong route configuration. already tested the code in the environment, it works01:24
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zhiyuanI have a patch about supporting network direct deleting, but need to evaluate whether it also works in concurrency scenario01:25
zhiyuanto dongfeng, yes, I see virtor already posts +201:25
joehuangwill review soon01:25
dongfengen, I test it, it works.01:26
zhiyuanto yipei, what's the wrong route configuration?01:26
Yipeiafter adding member, the route table is updated01:27
Yipeitwo entries for east-west traffic are replaced01:27
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zhiyuanoh, I recall the issue. we have discussed that01:28
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zhiyuanso you can submit both the patch for improving get_subnet and fixing route01:29
RongHui11a question for QoS configuration, the configuration of central neutron is according to the driver method, and not very understand for this method01:29
Yipeito zhiyuan, ok, got it01:30
zhiyuanto ronghui, add QoS pluin to the service plugin, then set the QoS driver as your implementation, have you tried that?01:31
RongHui11just trying01:32
zhiyuanI think it should be similar to SFC:
zhiyuanso the problem is that your driver is not called?01:32
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zhiyuanthe central neutron server log may also show what drivers are loaded01:35
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RongHui11ok we will check the log and try to fix it01:35
zhiyuanone second, let me check the neutron code01:36
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zhiyuanthe registration of qos driver is not based on configuration01:41
zhiyuanit's becaused on notification01:41
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zhiyuanafter receiving the AFTER_INIT event of QOS_PLUGIN, the driver registers itself01:42
RongHui11you mean we dont need to add QoS to the service plugin?01:43
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RongHui11sorry QoS plugin01:44
zhiyuanQoS plugin should be added to service-plugin, but no extra driver options01:44
RongHui11got it01:44
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zhiyuancould you check what drivers are loaded by add some print commands in the code?01:47
zhiyuanyou may need to modify qos plugin in neutron01:47
RongHui11not check yet01:48
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zhiyuanyou already call qos_driver.register() in the __init__ of central plugin, so I am confused why the driver is not called01:50
zhiyuanwe can have further discussion on #openstack-tricircle channel01:51
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zhiyuan#topic open-discussion01:51
*** openstack changes topic to "open-discussion (Meeting topic: tricircle)"01:51
zhiyuanany other topics?01:52
zhiyuanthen let's end our meeting, thanks for attending, bye01:52
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"01:53
openstackMeeting ended Wed Aug 30 01:53:10 2017 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)01:53
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oneswig#startmeeting scientific-wg11:01
openstackMeeting started Wed Aug 30 11:01:11 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is oneswig. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.11:01
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: scientific-wg)"11:01
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'scientific_wg'11:01
oneswigHello all11:01
*** kiennt has quit IRC11:01
*** martial has joined #openstack-meeting11:01
verdurinAfternoon, oneswig11:01
*** caowei has quit IRC11:01
*** caowei_ is now known as caowei11:01
oneswig#link Agenda for today
oneswigTop of the afternoon to you all :-)11:01
oneswig#chair martial11:02
openstackCurrent chairs: martial oneswig11:02
*** b1airo has joined #openstack-meeting11:02
oneswig#chair b1airo11:02
openstackCurrent chairs: b1airo martial oneswig11:02
oneswigThe three horsemen of the apocalypse, reunited at last...11:02
oneswigHi b1airo11:02
oneswigIn other words11:02
b1airohow's things? feeling refreshed oneswig, one week wouldn't cut it for me!11:03
*** Manuel_112 has joined #openstack-meeting11:03
b1airohonestly still fantasizing about being on the beach11:03
oneswigI was fully recharged for at least a day...11:03
martialglad you gents had "hopefully relaxing" vacations :)11:03
*** bkopilov has quit IRC11:04
oneswigIt's almost back to school time, alas11:04
oneswigOK lets get going - just the second edition to discuss on the agenda today11:04
oneswig#topic second edition of the Scientific OpenStack book11:04
*** openstack changes topic to "second edition of the Scientific OpenStack book (Meeting topic: scientific-wg)"11:04
oneswigOK, I read most of the first edition again, a real page turner11:04
*** abalutoiu_ has joined #openstack-meeting11:04
martialoneswig: maybe oenstack days london if that is still something to finalize?11:05
b1airoit was certainly gripping stuff11:05
oneswigKathy Cacciatore and Chris Hoge from the Foundation are keen to produce a revised edition, as you'll probably know by now11:05
*** abalutoiu__ has quit IRC11:06
oneswigEnol has stepped up to lead the creation of a sixth chapter on federation - correct enolfc?11:06
oneswigmartial: OS days London - good point11:06
oneswigThere are three major tasks to cover in the second edition:11:07
enolfconeswig: yes ,starting to work on this11:07
oneswig1) refresh the good bits11:07
oneswig2) cut out and replace the bits that have 'gone off'11:07
oneswig3) add the federation chapter11:07
oneswigenolfc: that's great to hear.11:08
oneswigI will contact the contributors to the original book and ask for updates11:08
priteauI hope the Chameleon chapter is considered one of the good bits, as I have started to refresh it ;-)11:09
oneswigThe book was assembled in a set of google docs, and then transcribed to markdown (in one direction) and something more graphic-design oriented (for print)11:09
*** jkilpatr has joined #openstack-meeting11:09
b1airohi priteau!11:09
oneswigThanks priteau, that's one less email to send :-)11:10
priteauoneswig: We'll work directly on the scientific-wg repo this time?11:10
oneswigpriteau: that's something I wanted to ask people about.11:10
verdurinoneswig: on Github, it says it's in RST11:10
priteauYes, it's RST11:10
oneswigverdurin: markdown/rst, whatever, I get them mixed up, apologies11:11
priteauMarkup format overflow11:11
*** thorst_afk has joined #openstack-meeting11:12
*** sankarshan has quit IRC11:12
*** sankarshan has joined #openstack-meeting11:12
priteauoneswig: I am used to gerrit so it's not a problem for me. Maybe more complex for newcomers?11:12
oneswigThe question I had was, do people prefer to use the gerrit process, or suggestion mode on a google doc?11:12
b1airoi am yet to see a Turing complete markdown...11:12
priteauEspecially with the strict deadline11:12
enolfcI'm fine with sending reviews to gerrit also11:13
oneswigOK, that sounds fine by me.11:14
davehollandhaven't used gerrit but happy to learn (assuming it's like github pull request?)11:14
b1airoif it will ultimately be typeset and published from there then it makes sense to stay there11:14
verdurinI'm rusty with Gerrit, happy to go with the consensus11:14
b1airobut perhaps if it suits anyone in particular we could let them edit in Docs and do the reviews for them (rather than miss out on content)11:15
oneswigWe have the advantage that all changes are disjoint from one another.11:15
oneswigOnly one person is responsible for each section of text.11:15
priteauoneswig: Does it mean that all authors need to sign the Contributor License Agreement, and potentially their employer need to sign the Corporate Contributor License Agreement too?11:16
oneswigSo we can do either - but the final handover to Kathy is a google doc.  I can transfer patchsets from gerrit.11:16
*** thorst_afk has quit IRC11:16
oneswigpriteau: I don't know about that.  Is that applied to all OpenStack repos?11:17
*** caowei has quit IRC11:17
oneswigIt didn't come up last time because it was done in Google doc - outside of the OpenStack repos.  The document is creative commons licensed.11:17
b1airohmm, sounds like a question for governance peeps11:18
oneswigDo we have a case where that might be contentious?11:18
b1airoi recall some changes happening around this recently so that it was less of a blanket requirement, but i wouldn't be surprised if gerrit access relied on it11:19
priteauoneswig: I had a collegue start contributing to an OpenStack project recently, and he couldn't push to Gerrit until he had signed the CLA11:19
priteaub1airo: I believe the change is that you don't need to join the OpenStack foundation anymore11:19
*** genek has joined #openstack-meeting11:19
oneswigThe simple way around this is to migrate editing to google docs.11:19
b1airoah yep, thanks priteau11:19
b1airo(for anyone not willing or able to sign?)11:20
priteauoneswig: Not sure if it can be contentious, but potentially lengthy if one has to deal with their legal department11:20
oneswigpriteau: right - I once worked in such a place.11:20
priteauUChicago was quite efficient, I was impressed :-)11:21
oneswigOK, it's not insurmountable.  I will provide both options.11:21
*** iyamahat has joined #openstack-meeting11:21
b1airodepends very much on the objectives of the org.!11:22
oneswigenolfc: are you working on the RST in git?11:22
*** trinaths has left #openstack-meeting11:22
*** iyamahat has quit IRC11:22
enolfconeswig: yes, but don't mind moving to google doc11:23
*** iyamahat has joined #openstack-meeting11:23
martialb1airo: as much as people are willing to sign, sometimes their organization make it hard for them11:23
oneswigenolfc: entirely up to you.  Whichever way is simpler for managing and combining contributions.11:24
b1airoyep, that's what i meant - some legal departments are all about protecting company IP at all costs and no matter how measly11:24
oneswigenolfc: the final output should be a google doc, that's all we require.  The process is not important11:24
priteauSo should we leave it to each author to choose between gerrit and GDocs?11:25
b1airosounded like that was the outcome11:26
oneswigpriteau: either works for me, once editing is complete it's easy to combine into the final doc11:26
*** abalutoiu_ has quit IRC11:26
b1airoso oneswig, will you ping everyone with those details and a drop-dead date on edits, with links to the current/last version of the docs?11:26
oneswigb1airo: I will do that11:27
martialhow are we organizing the editor/reviewer jobs?11:27
verdurinmartial: my offer to be a reviewer stands11:27
martialverdurin: thank you11:27
b1airolikewise i am happy to review one or two others11:27
oneswigverdurin: can you (and anyone else able to review) add yourself to
martialif we are going to use Google docs, we can ask people to male "suggestions" and "comments" on the individual documents11:28
oneswigmartial: agreed11:29
martialI would keep each article separate until it is time to merge, because people editing at the same time create chaos ;)11:29
priteauMy availability for September will be patchy, so I can't commit to review, but if available I will try to look at what's been proposed11:29
enolfcmartial: +111:29
oneswigpriteau: if you can refresh the chameleon case study, that would be a great help.  Reviewing elsewhere is a bonus11:30
oneswigdaveholland: Are you and James still able / interested in contributing a case study on Lustre at Sanger?11:30
priteauThe Chameleon case study should be no problem11:30
zioprotoI probably will not have time to participate into this, but I think google docs is much better for this kind of review/edits. We are not really reviewing code here, where Gerrit is perfect. To work on text documents Google Docs works just fine.11:30
davehollandoneswig: yes, we spoke about it this morning. Do you have any guidance on e.g. number of words, audience knowledge level...?11:31
oneswigzioproto: I tend to agree, but we can offer both options11:31
martialdaveholland + oneswig: I agree, we ought to place a number of pages limit and style11:31
martialwhat we know:  Selected 8"H x 10"W.11:32
oneswigdaveholland: only the first edition as a guide.  Roughly, it works out as a page, including a picture and a quotation.  So about half a page of text, including some particular details11:32
b1airodaveholland, it's mostly digital so length is not a big deal but take a look at the existing book - the sections are relatively short11:33
davehollandoneswig: OK that's less than we expected (depending how much explanation of Lustre routers we need to put it)11:33
martialoneswig: 10 pages limit, single column11:33
oneswigdaveholland: in terms of the level of technical detail, assume you're writing for somebody attending Supercomputing who knows about OpenStack.  Technical architect types11:34
b1airoshould we review the list of V2 suggestions that Kathy provided?11:34
oneswigmartial: thanks - that's for a chapter, IIRC?  And the pages are google doc pages11:35
oneswigb1airo: mostly they were typos etc?11:35
*** hashar_ is now known as hashar11:36
*** yamahata has quit IRC11:37
oneswigWe should look at case studies for federation - enolfc have you thoughts on how to get diverse coverage of case studies?11:37
*** iyamahat has quit IRC11:38
*** edmondsw has joined #openstack-meeting11:38
oneswigAnd we also need a new case study for bare metal infrastructure management11:38
martialenolfc: are you working with Khalil on content as well?11:39
enolfconeswig: not yet11:39
*** abalutoiu_ has joined #openstack-meeting11:40
enolfcI need to contact Tim for the possible CERN input11:40
martialstig: do we have a directory in google drive for people to populate11:40
oneswigI'd suggest we include three, chosen to take different approaches and (ideally) be geographically spread11:40
martialwith their content and then we can act as editors as well as writers to integrate content once it is vouched for?11:41
oneswigmartial: There was one, I'll check11:41
b1airoenolfc, i would imagine Wilfred could pull together some content about how the Nectar federation works (and how we see it evolving)11:41
martialif there was one, it needs to be linked into the etherpad11:41
enolfcblairo, oneswig: so we can have Nectar, CERN, and EGI11:41
oneswigenolfc: that would work - provided they don't all use the same solution!11:42
martialmake it "v2" or something, we let people put new content there and we integrate when we are ready11:42
oneswigmartial: good point, will do11:42
enolfcsomething from the US would be nice11:42
martialthanks Stig11:42
b1airoalong the lines of oneswig's question re. the same solution - is CERN's cloud federated heavily in any particular dimension?11:42
oneswigenolfc: agreed.11:43
martialenolfc: Mike Lowe, Robert Budden and Time Randles were talking about adding content11:43
b1airothey are big users of Cell's, but I am not sure if that is Cell's across multiple orgs?11:43
oneswigb1airo: they use federated authentication for access to CERN tier-0 resources IIRC11:43
*** edmondsw has quit IRC11:43
oneswigso not multi-site so much for the infras11:43
oneswigapart from Hungary I guess, but it's still logically the same 'site'11:44
b1airooneswig, but i presume much like our Australian Access Federation that the Federation part is actually a separate and previously established service?11:44
b1airoperhaps it is more deeply integrated into the cloud access?11:45
*** dprince has joined #openstack-meeting11:45
b1airoe.g. SSO?11:45
oneswigI don't think the federated auth pre-dates OpenStack, I am not sure.  I have notes from a workshop I attended (with zioproto - perhaps he remembers better...)11:46
oneswigand enolfc - weren't you atteding remotely?11:46
b1airono sign of of noggin or belmiro unfortunately11:46
b1airoanyway, we shall see i guess - i am certainly curious11:47
zioprotooneswig: in the NREN context federated out came much earlier than Openstack and it is used for many other services11:47
zioprotos/federated out/federated auth/11:47
zioprotooneswig: yes11:47
b1airoShibboleth has been around quite a while now, for example11:48
martialI understand we have two more topics to cover in the next few minutes (OpenStack Days London + SC17 notes), so I am going to see if we can move on to the next topic at 5011:48
oneswigOK - thanks martial.  enolfc - I'm sure you can find diversity in the case studies?  There are others that might also work - SNIC in Sweden, the Finnish one, for example11:49
oneswigWe just like to see good coverage.11:49
*** coolsvap has joined #openstack-meeting11:50
oneswigOK, final comments?11:50
oneswiglets move on11:50
martialif you have more comments on the book chapter, please refer to the ehterpad at11:50
oneswig#topic AOB11:50
*** openstack changes topic to "AOB (Meeting topic: scientific-wg)"11:50
oneswigLondon OpenStack11:50
*** enolfc_ has joined #openstack-meeting11:50
oneswigcoming up on the September 26th and we have a WG session, arranged to be lightning talks11:51
oneswigFor those that will be going - lets have a short talk from you on something interesting going on where you are!11:51
*** enolfc has quit IRC11:51
enolfc_had a network glitch... not sure my last message was sent, but I will contact people and let you know11:52
oneswigOK, thanks enolfc_11:52
oneswigI will ask around for an "incentive" for good talks11:53
verdurinoneswig: I could talk about what I plan to do where I will be next? Still sketchy, though...11:53
oneswigverdurin: Your last talk was largely in the past tense, why not?11:54
verdurinHopefully there will be others talking in a more stable situation11:55
oneswigThe other item was SC - martial would you like to update on last week?11:55
*** lhx_ has joined #openstack-meeting11:55
*** thorst_afk has joined #openstack-meeting11:56
b1airoooh goodie - i haven't read last week's logs yet11:56
*** egallen has joined #openstack-meeting11:56
martialbasically Mike Lowe mentioned that "<jmlowe> I have the green light for a round of lightning talks in the IU booth just like last year"11:56
*** psachin has joined #openstack-meeting11:56
martial"<jmlowe> I'll have 1 to 1.5 hours, so divide by volunteers and..."11:56
b1airoah dang, i think i knew that already *deflated* :-)11:56
martialthat is the working document, we will need to coordinate with Mike next week, but is gauging interest11:57
oneswigb1airo: are you going?  Given you're barely travelling the week before...11:57
b1airomaybe by then i will have a talk on "what workloads not to virtualise" :-)11:58
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-meeting11:58
oneswigb1airo: ooh, interesting, based on what?11:58
b1airoyes i'll be there oneswig11:58
verdurinReasonable chance I'll be there11:58
b1airobased on when we see THP defrag going mental11:58
oneswigb1airo: ah, that11:59
oneswigFinal comments anyone?11:59
oneswigb1airo: does it do that for CryoEM?11:59
zioprotoit is the same dates as Sydney ?11:59
oneswigweek after11:59
b1airoyeah, my analysis of that stalled, but also the incidence of *known* occurrences has dropped off sharply since we started aggressively dropping caches12:00
martialNov 12-17 I think12:00
b1airobut i will go back and get more data12:00
oneswigOK, we are out of time, alas.12:00
b1airoreally want to know why having used page cache makes the VMM stupid12:00
oneswigThanks everyone, got to close12:01
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"12:01
openstackMeeting ended Wed Aug 30 12:01:13 2017 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)12:01
openstackMinutes (text):
priteauBye all12:01
*** enolfc_ has quit IRC12:01
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martialanother good meeting :)12:02
*** martial has quit IRC12:03
b1aironot sure how to make a thumbs up single line ascii martial , but yep - catch you later12:03
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nseyvet_op5Hello, anyone here for monasca meeting?13:04
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witek#startmeeting Monasca Team Meeting14:00
openstackMeeting started Wed Aug 30 14:00:52 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is witek. Information about MeetBot at
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witekhi shinya_kwbt14:01
*** marst has joined #openstack-meeting14:02
shinya_kwbthi, It's been a long time.14:02
*** Tom_ has joined #openstack-meeting14:02
witekI'll try to moderate this time14:03
witekthe agenda is pretty light14:03
*** Manuel_112 has quit IRC14:03
witek#topic Specifications repository14:03
*** openstack changes topic to "Specifications repository (Meeting topic: Monasca Team Meeting)"14:03
witekI would like to propose adding monasca-specs repository14:04
*** mlakat has quit IRC14:04
witekpreviously we had blueprints in Launchpad to describe new feature requests14:04
*** links has joined #openstack-meeting14:05
*** alexchadin has quit IRC14:05
witekthe problem with blueprints was that it was not easy to review and work together on them14:05
rhochmuthwould this follow what has been done on other projects14:05
rhochmuthsuch as
witekmany projects use specs repositories for that reason14:05
witekyes, most of projects do that14:06
witekthe specs are then published to specs.openstack.org14:06
*** links has quit IRC14:06
*** pcaruana has quit IRC14:06
*** jgu has joined #openstack-meeting14:07
scI like the idea, I never liked launchpad14:07
witekin that case
rhochmuthsounds like a good improvement14:07
*** edmondsw has joined #openstack-meeting14:07
*** aagate has joined #openstack-meeting14:07
*** mriedem has joined #openstack-meeting14:07
witekas you can see it's also a place to hold project priorities for development14:08
*** gyee has quit IRC14:08
witekI'll start and create the repo then14:09
*** awaugama has joined #openstack-meeting14:09
witekgood to see that you like the idea14:09
witekin the process of preparing for that I have prepared Contributor Guide14:10
witekit describes shortly which tools we use for bug tracking and new features14:12
witekit will end up here
*** hongbin has joined #openstack-meeting14:13
*** eharney_ has joined #openstack-meeting14:13
witek#topic Open Stage14:13
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Stage (Meeting topic: Monasca Team Meeting)"14:13
*** eharney has quit IRC14:13
witekare there any other topics for today?14:13
*** eharney_ is now known as eharney14:14
*** baojg has joined #openstack-meeting14:14
rhochmuthmid-cycle prep14:14
nseyvet_op5Pike release14:14
rhochmuthgridDB, cassandra update?14:14
rhochmuthgrafana discussion14:14
witek#topic mid-cycle14:14
*** openstack changes topic to "mid-cycle (Meeting topic: Monasca Team Meeting)"14:14
scthe idea of using gnocchi as TSDB?14:14
*** armax has joined #openstack-meeting14:14
*** rbrndt has joined #openstack-meeting14:14
witekthe agenda is here:
witekthere is still a lot of place14:15
witekso feel free to add topics14:16
rhochmuththx witek14:17
witekPike has been officially release today14:17
*** jeblair_ is now known as jeblair14:17
witekit takes the last tags from the stable/pike branch14:17
witek#topic TSDB14:18
*** openstack changes topic to "TSDB (Meeting topic: Monasca Team Meeting)"14:18
witekwhere should we start?14:19
*** Manuel_112 has joined #openstack-meeting14:19
witekGridDB, akiraY provides new patchsets14:20
witekdo we want to try this out?14:20
rhochmuthIt would be nice to know performance on a three node cluster14:20
rhochmuthto compare against other DBs14:21
witekyes, the resources in internet come down to one benchmark14:21
rhochmuthone and three nodes has been the platform we've used for influxb and cassandra compares so far14:22
*** mlakat has joined #openstack-meeting14:22
nseyvet_op5there is a large patch set to review for GridDB.14:23
nseyvet_op5how do you feel about that?14:23
witekit would be nice to collect a list of requirements or criteria based on which we judge14:23
shinya_kwbtakiraY said he(NEC) doesn't have 3 node cluster which have 256GB RAM.14:23
*** Manuel_112 has quit IRC14:24
jgu+1 on "it would be nice to collect a list of requirements or criteria based on which we judge" and even shared performance testing scripts14:25
nseyvet_op5we plan an AWS based test for Influx (both single instance and enterprise), so +1 on list of requirements14:26
scif you have an idea of the hardware requirements and the test process I can see what it's available in our lab, I don't promise nothing but to try14:26
witeksc: that would be great14:28
nseyvet_op5 under Hardware Requirements14:28
nseyvet_op5Entry scale (TBD) Mid Scale (TBD) Carrier Grade Minimum 3 baremetal nodes each node: 256 GB RAM minimum Two SSDS: commit log disk 256GB; data disk: 2TB Dedicated VLAN for the replication data link, 10 gb14:28
nseyvet_op5Is this correct witek?14:28
nseyvet_op5It could be interesting to first define what is "Entry scale" and "Mid Scale"?14:29
witekI guess jgu has used smaller system for tests14:29
*** VW has joined #openstack-meeting14:29
witekand also, I think it's more important to define the test load and not hardware14:30
jgunseyvet: I've changed down to one ssd.14:30
*** sekelso has joined #openstack-meeting14:30
jguyes I think it's  important to specify the test load benchmark first14:30
nseyvet_op5Sounds fair14:31
*** skelso has quit IRC14:31
witekshinya_kwbt, jgu, nseyvet_op5 is that something you could work on together?14:32
shinya_kwbtI will review patchset, cause I have no benchmark resources.14:33
witekI mean specifying the test load and judgement criteria14:33
shinya_kwbtOh Sorry I'm not specialist for benchmark I could not advice.14:34
witekand akiraY?14:34
shinya_kwbtI guess akiraY isn't there today.14:36
*** galstrom_zzz is now known as galstrom14:37
witekjgu: do you have any update on Cassandra?14:37
shinya_kwbtHe and mine office are different14:37
witekshinya_kwbt: oh, I see, I'll contact him14:37
*** lpetrut has quit IRC14:38
jguwe'got some good news... the write performance # is better after we switched the use of SSD from data to commit log. The latest # is updated on the etherpad.14:38
*** Tom_ has quit IRC14:39
*** kjw3 has joined #openstack-meeting14:39
jguwe will send a patch for the devstack cassandra deployment and Java persister for review soon (hopefully next week)14:40
*** Manuel_112 has joined #openstack-meeting14:40
nseyvet_op5So, the Java persister remains the benchmark component. Correct?14:40
*** artom has joined #openstack-meeting14:40
*** cbellucci has quit IRC14:41
*** egallen has quit IRC14:42
witekjgu: I know the performance is better for Java, but I think we need Python implementation as well14:42
jguour plan is to also deliver a python driver for Cassandra.14:42
witeknseyvet_op5: I guess it's fair to test Cassandra with Java, although not optimal14:42
jguapi will only have the python version14:42
witekjgu: thanks14:43
*** egallen has joined #openstack-meeting14:43
jguPython version could work for small deployment.14:44
*** abalutoiu__ has quit IRC14:44
*** Manuel_112 has quit IRC14:44
witekhaving two implementations is additional maintenance effort14:45
witekbut I guess we have to live with it14:45
jguyes I am feeling that pain right now :-=)14:45
witekJulien Danjou from Gnocchi project has suggested using their TSDB14:46
nseyvet_op5what is the push for having two implementations?14:46
rhochmuthmight as well throw this one in too,
witeknseyvet_op5: all OpenStack infrastructure is optimized for Python14:47
witekand we wanted to deprecate Java14:47
rhochmuthso, does anyone have any performance info on gnocchi?14:47
*** annegentle has quit IRC14:48
witekin the mailing list they have cited two benchmarks14:48
*** Songming has joined #openstack-meeting14:49
*** rbartal has quit IRC14:49
nseyvet_op5I will throw in RiakTS14:49
witekTimeScale is really interesting, based on Postgres14:50
witekbut they don't have clustering14:51
rhochmuthnot yet as far as i know14:51
*** Songming has quit IRC14:51
rhochmuthreading the gnocchi benchmark i wonder what a batch is14:52
rhochmuthis a batch a batch of the same metric14:52
rhochmuthas in cpu utilization for host 1 at various time samples14:52
*** Songming has joined #openstack-meeting14:52
*** Songming has quit IRC14:52
rhochmuthor is a batch a set of metrics for different hosts/resources at a single time sample14:52
rhochmuthit has been a while since i've looked into this14:53
witekI don't know, only the second case would make sense for us14:53
rhochmuthbut they way we do benchmarking is with the latter14:53
*** Songming has joined #openstack-meeting14:53
rhochmuthunless there was an intermediary in-memory representation (clustered and fault-tolernat) that could buffer the data temporarily until it is flushed and persisted to disk14:54
witeknseyvet_op5: did you run some tests with RiakTS?14:54
*** slaweq has quit IRC14:55
nseyvet_op5No I have not used RiakTS.  It is conceptually a solid DB.14:55
nseyvet_op5It scales and is open source14:55
*** slaweq has joined #openstack-meeting14:55
nseyvet_op5there are benchmarks available online for it14:56
witekwe will have to wrap up soon14:56
*** edmondsw has quit IRC14:56
witeknseyvet_op5 jgu would you create the document for the testing reference?14:56
witekpreferably rst, so we can put it to the new spec repo :)14:57
nseyvet_op5jgu could u start and then share?14:57
*** kgiusti has joined #openstack-meeting14:57
jguwitek: sure14:57
*** abalutoiu__ has joined #openstack-meeting14:57
*** Songming has quit IRC14:57
witekgreat thanks14:57
*** VW has quit IRC14:58
witeknext week I will be in vacation14:58
witeklast week of school holidays14:58
*** VW has joined #openstack-meeting14:58
*** rcherrueau has joined #openstack-meeting14:59
witekI have to close the meeting14:59
rhochmuththx witek, bye-bye14:59
witekthank you everyone14:59
*** parus has joined #openstack-meeting14:59
witekthanks rhochmuth14:59
*** rhochmuth has quit IRC14:59
*** georgk has joined #openstack-meeting14:59
*** baoli has quit IRC14:59
jguthanks Witek14:59
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"15:00
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openstackMinutes (text):
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*** msimonin1 has joined #openstack-meeting15:00
*** baoli has joined #openstack-meeting15:00
*** baoli has quit IRC15:00
*** ad_rien_ has joined #openstack-meeting15:00
*** shinya_kwbt has left #openstack-meeting15:00
*** ArturoM has joined #openstack-meeting15:00
ad_rien_#startmeeting fog-edge-massively-distributed-clouds15:00
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openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'fog_edge_massively_distributed_clouds'15:01
ad_rien_#chair ad_rien_15:01
openstackCurrent chairs: ad_rien_15:01
*** dsantoro has joined #openstack-meeting15:01
*** eharney has quit IRC15:01
ad_rien_#topic roll call15:01
*** openstack changes topic to "roll call (Meeting topic: fog-edge-massively-distributed-clouds)"15:01
ad_rien_Hi guys,15:01
ad_rien_#chair parus15:01
openstackCurrent chairs: ad_rien_ parus15:01
ad_rien_parus I just added you as chair15:01
ad_rien_hi kgiusti15:02
ad_rien_let's wait one minute more15:02
*** annegentle has joined #openstack-meeting15:03
ad_rien_#info agenda15:03
*** msimonin1 has quit IRC15:03
ad_rien_#link (line 1059)15:03
*** ansmith has joined #openstack-meeting15:03
*** msimonin has joined #openstack-meeting15:03
msimonino/ (get my nick bacl )15:04
georgkthere was a typo15:04
ad_rien_ok so let's start15:05
ad_rien_First of all, like probably a few of us, I was on vacations last time so I'm not sure whether there is an important point to discuu15:06
ad_rien_please go through the agenda and feel free to add something (I may have forgotten something).15:07
ad_rien_#topic announcements15:07
*** openstack changes topic to "announcements (Meeting topic: fog-edge-massively-distributed-clouds)"15:07
*** rbrndt has left #openstack-meeting15:07
ad_rien_From our side,15:07
*** janki has quit IRC15:07
parusWelcome back! Good to have you here.15:07
ad_rien_the EnOS presentation has been selected and I just saw that the parus' one too15:08
ad_rien_Excellent !15:08
ad_rien_Moreover I receive an email regarding our needs for our F2F in Sydney15:08
*** rcernin has quit IRC15:09
ad_rien_Could you please add your name to see who is planning to attend the summit in Australia15:09
ad_rien_(see line 1115)15:09
*** ijw has joined #openstack-meeting15:09
ad_rien_from my side it is still not sure but dpertin will replace me in case of15:09
ad_rien_the second point is related to Ericsson Sweden that contacted us15:10
*** baoli has joined #openstack-meeting15:10
ad_rien_They will be present at SF and they want to take part to some activities.15:10
ad_rien_they cannot attend this meeting but will be present next time15:10
ad_rien_and that's all from my side.15:11
ad_rien_so the floors is yours15:11
ad_rien_ok so let's go on15:12
ad_rien_#topic previousaction items15:12
*** openstack changes topic to "previousaction items (Meeting topic: fog-edge-massively-distributed-clouds)"15:12
ad_rien_so who starts ?15:12
ad_rien_Because I was absent I will be pleased to know a bit more about all those actions15:13
msimoninAMQP ?15:13
*** pbressan has joined #openstack-meeting15:13
kgiustiyes - msimonin has done great work on the testplan15:13
ad_rien_I just want to go through the pending action first ;)15:13
parusI had action to dive into details of use case presentation.15:13
msimoninhey kgiusti thanks :)15:13
kgiustiwell deserved!15:14
parusThere was progress and slides have been updated.  But action is not complete.15:14
ad_rien_parus:  will samP announce the next meeting? it would be nice if we can define the agenda in a more collaborative way and announce sometime from our side sometime from yours15:14
paruswe can talk about it when we get to use cases15:14
jamemccline 1082 - this came from talk that SamP gve about the LCOO Extreme Testing effort15:14
*** eharney has joined #openstack-meeting15:15
jamemccSorry - it was in fact earlier today their weekly meeting15:15
ad_rien_ok ..15:15
ad_rien_my bad15:15
jamemccNext session is to be held in the PTG next week15:15
ad_rien_I though he was the parus colleague15:15
parusno pb.15:15
ad_rien_jamemcc:  to work on Control Plane use-case ?15:15
ad_rien_jamemcc:  do you have something to share?15:16
jamemccIs anyone else here going to be at PTG?15:16
*** alexpilotti has quit IRC15:16
ad_rien_I'm not15:16
jamemccSorry - I did not work on control plane user stories yet15:16
*** chyka has joined #openstack-meeting15:16
ad_rien_jamemcc:  no problem just to put it in the pedning actions15:16
*** weshay is now known as weshay_interview15:17
*** chyka has quit IRC15:17
ad_rien_ok I think that's ok15:17
ad_rien_other actions have been commented in the pad. thanks15:17
ad_rien_so let's move to the next topic in the agenda15:17
ad_rien_#topic on-going activities15:17
*** openstack changes topic to "on-going activities (Meeting topic: fog-edge-massively-distributed-clouds)"15:17
jamemccSO the following meeting for Extreme Testing will be before this meeting in 2 weeks. I will get the UTC times and WebEx to join and add it to the agenda. And will work with SamP to announce it in the ML and tag to both LCOO and FEMDC15:17
ad_rien_so msimonin kgiusti ansmith the floor is yours15:18
parusjamecc: thank you!15:18
kgiustiI'll take ombt and driver status15:18
ad_rien_jamemcc:  ACK thanks15:18
kgiustiombt - now that msimonin et al have started to define test metrics15:18
kgiustiombt will need a few tweaks (issues recorded in epad)15:18
kgiustito gather the proper metrics15:18
*** itzdilip has joined #openstack-meeting15:18
*** cdub has joined #openstack-meeting15:19
*** slaweq has joined #openstack-meeting15:19
*** trinaths has joined #openstack-meeting15:19
kgiustidrivers (non-rabbit): still failing nova-related tests15:19
kgiustidue to vhost support.  Fix in progress (see epad 1104)15:19
*** chyka has joined #openstack-meeting15:19
kgiustiand thats pretty much it on those topics.  ansmith msimonin?15:19
msimoninCurrently we are iterating on a test plan15:20
msimoninkgiusti: helps a lot to formalize it :)15:20
kgiustimsimonin: +115:21
msimoninso we are now on the resilience part15:21
ad_rien_Thanks guys …. this looks really good15:21
ad_rien_I'm just seeing the proposal on gerrit15:21
msimoninso there will be a new version soon15:21
msimoninThe idea after this is to instanciate this test plan using qpidd/rabbit …15:22
ad_rien_ok great15:22
*** gmann has quit IRC15:22
ad_rien_Is the performance WG taking part to this work?15:22
*** gmann has joined #openstack-meeting15:22
ad_rien_I see only people from FEMDC team?15:23
kgiustistill marked work in progress15:23
*** baoli has quit IRC15:23
msimoninThere might be reviewed by some people15:23
msimoninonce ready :)15:23
*** slaweq has quit IRC15:23
parusmsimonin: I am a little confused with the review linke you shared. What is the link to the latest version of the test plan? I would like to read again.15:23
ad_rien_will be nice to see other folks interested by these evaluations15:23
*** baoli has joined #openstack-meeting15:24
*** Tom_ has joined #openstack-meeting15:24
msimoninparus: in you can see the file modified, if you click on one of them you'll be able to see it15:24
*** Tom_ has quit IRC15:24
*** Tom_ has joined #openstack-meeting15:25
*** nseyvet_op5 has quit IRC15:25
*** baoli has quit IRC15:25
ad_rien_anything else regarding AMQP?15:25
parusmsimonin: Thanks. I will figure it out.15:25
ad_rien_Maybe we can add that we found our engineer at Inria15:25
ad_rien_that will work on that starting from October15:26
*** baoli has joined #openstack-meeting15:26
ad_rien_ok so let's go15:26
ad_rien_rcherrueau:  news regarding coackroach ?15:26
rcherrueauYep, big news15:26
*** Guest33267 has quit IRC15:27
rcherrueauWe have a POC of Keystone over CockroachDB15:27
ad_rien_from the agenda I'm seeing in this devstack-based15:27
ad_rien_any chance to test it with EnOS ?15:27
*** itzdilip has quit IRC15:28
rcherrueauThe github project consist in a VAgrant file that spawns a VM with a CockroachDB and then installs keystone with Devstack15:28
rcherrueauad_rien_: Yes, don't worry15:28
*** cdub has quit IRC15:28
rcherrueauWe first go with devstack because devstack makes things easier when you have to update the code.15:29
*** cdub has joined #openstack-meeting15:29
rcherrueauWe have to tweak few things15:29
rcherrueauOne file in Oslo.db and another one in keystone15:29
rcherrueauI don't know if we have the time for details?15:30
*** egallen has quit IRC15:30
ad_rien_so first of all thanks guys15:30
ad_rien_I should take more vacations because you look to be more efficient when I'm out ;)15:31
ad_rien_the work is excellent15:31
ad_rien_this is really awesome, in just two months15:31
ad_rien_so then some technical questions: what will be the work to be able to test it with EnoS15:31
*** alexpilotti has joined #openstack-meeting15:31
ad_rien_(i.e. switching from devstack to openstack vanilla)15:31
rcherrueauActually, both OpenStack and CockroachDB are well engineered, so it wasn't so difficult15:32
*** cdub has quit IRC15:32
rcherrueauMy intern already looked into that and it's easy15:33
msimoninMaybe we should also gather use cases of using such a distributed backend15:33
ad_rien_Is the process of switching from devstack to enos documented ?15:33
ad_rien_if not it would be great15:33
ad_rien_it would be one more valuable thing you can do with enos15:33
*** gyee has joined #openstack-meeting15:33
msimoninThere are multi region deployment that can benefit from it (just a guess)15:33
ad_rien_+1 msimonin15:33
rcherrueauwe just have to containerized our modified keystone and oslo.db and then everything should *almost* work with enos15:33
ad_rien_ok let's complete the note in the agenda15:33
*** trinaths has left #openstack-meeting15:34
*** cdub has joined #openstack-meeting15:34
ad_rien_#action identify possible use-cases for keystone/cockroach DB15:34
msimonin(maybe qpid + cockroach will lead to get rid of the cells) not saying it too loud15:34
*** Manuel_112 has joined #openstack-meeting15:34
ad_rien_msimonin:  :-P15:35
kgiustimsimonin: tell that to the nova folks ;)15:35
*** witek_ has joined #openstack-meeting15:35
*** witek has quit IRC15:35
ad_rien_actually people will continue to use cells to segregate the cluster instead of using the host aggregate capability ;)15:35
ad_rien_ok so let's be serious15:35
ad_rien_rcherrueau:  anything else?15:36
rcherrueauI would add that it's just a POC right now, so everything works (we pass rally tests) but I don't know about performances15:36
*** cdub has quit IRC15:37
rcherrueauespecially, CockroachDB manage transactions without lock15:37
*** felipemonteiro has joined #openstack-meeting15:37
ad_rien_#action evaluate performance impact of cockroach backend15:37
*** sc has left #openstack-meeting15:37
rcherrueauthis leads to lot of contention in case of concurrency15:38
*** alexpilotti has quit IRC15:38
*** felipemonteiro_ has joined #openstack-meeting15:38
ad_rien_hmmm this point should be clarified15:39
rcherrueauIn case of conflict, the client has to replay the request15:39
ad_rien_It looks to be important15:39
*** sekelso has quit IRC15:39
parusdo we have a plan to expand cockroach to other db (not just keystone)?15:39
*** cdub has joined #openstack-meeting15:39
*** Manuel_112 has quit IRC15:39
ad_rien_yes found budgets to hire people15:39
rcherrueauSo CockroachDB offers mechanism to handle that properly. But implementing these mechanisms in oslo.db would be more difficult15:39
ad_rien_or find an organisation that is interested by doing that  ;)15:39
*** salv-orlando has quit IRC15:41
ad_rien_let's move to the third point15:41
ad_rien_parus: ?15:41
parusThanks. As I mentionned before my deck was updated.15:41
*** felipemonteiro has quit IRC15:41
parusI am hoping for some other eyes to take a look and provide input.15:42
*** sekelso has joined #openstack-meeting15:42
ad_rien_I will before the opendev event. you can count on me15:42
*** salv-orlando has joined #openstack-meeting15:42
parusAbout way forward.15:42
ad_rien_#action ad_rien_ watch the parus updates on use-case slides15:42
msimoninparus:  have you looked at the P2P option ?15:43
msimoninslide 1015:43
jamemccSeems to me this should be presented at the OPENDEV with request to get more reviewers and collaborators15:43
*** Manuel_112 has joined #openstack-meeting15:43
*** alexpilotti has joined #openstack-meeting15:43
*** felipemonteiro_ has quit IRC15:44
jamemccI know emphasis on OPENDEV is past use cases and on to solutions but still is good to anchor in use cases.15:44
parusmsimonin: I looked at the presentation you mentionned. Do you have any contact with these folks that they could provide more details?15:44
parusmsimonin: at least we should set-up to meet them in Sydney15:45
msimoninparus: this would be great :)15:45
ad_rien_parus:  these are the guys from Ericsson15:45
ad_rien_see line 108215:46
ad_rien_funny meeting today15:46
ad_rien_lot of fun15:46
parusSo we will hear from them next week. It would be great if they could comment before next week.15:46
parus(or week after next)15:46
parusjamecc: Do you have more details on what to expect at OpenDev? I would be happy to present some of this.15:47
*** Manuel_112 has quit IRC15:48
*** egallen has joined #openstack-meeting15:48
parusWho can hook me up? jamecc? ad_rien_?15:48
parusThe third thing I would like to discuss is how to test some of these use cases.15:48
jamemccI do not.  Where I was thinkinking this was going was that you or Adrien as Chairs would reach out to Foundation staff involved in the event and look for the cross collaboration15:49
*** jamesmcarthur has joined #openstack-meeting15:49
ad_rien_parus:  as mentioned Ericsson folks should take part to our meeting from mid of september15:49
ildikovparus: OpenDev is a work event to understand the Edge Computing related use cases and what they demand better and to start to take the next steps towards solutions15:49
*** iyamahat has joined #openstack-meeting15:50
*** strigazi is now known as strigazi_AFK15:50
ad_rien_from what I know they are currently writtng a white paper. I exchanged a couple of emails.15:50
ildikovparus: also for connecting the different organizations and people who're looking into addressing these use cases and to encourage collaboration onwards15:50
ad_rien_I can send one more and put you in CC parus if you want to15:50
*** sekelso has quit IRC15:50
parusad_rien: please do!15:51
ad_rien_so 10 minutes before the end of the meeting15:51
parusI would like to propose  try to text some of the control plane use cases (e.e.g Commissioning of an edge node) and try to make some sequence diagrams15:51
ad_rien_parus:  do you want to elaborate a bit more on the third point ?15:51
ad_rien_+1 too15:51
*** yamahata has joined #openstack-meeting15:52
paruscould we use osp_profiler, maybe on the use case from dsantoro and get a trace?15:52
ad_rien_if we can run the use-case with enos you can do what you want ;)15:52
*** bbzhao has quit IRC15:52
dsantoroOk so Let me quickly share status from our side15:53
ad_rien_and AFAIK, the use-case is ok with enos15:53
msimonindsantoro: +1 :)15:53
dsantoroAs specified in the agenda we have updated our slides following ad_rien_ suggestion about i) k8s on top of OS motivation ( and ii) better emphasis on the network connection between edge and cloud15:53
*** bbzhao has joined #openstack-meeting15:53
dsantoroDue to the Holidays period we did not progress too much on the use-case side but thanks to msimonin Daniele Pizzolli (in CC) completed successfully the EnOS installation on our testbed15:53
*** HeOS has quit IRC15:53
dsantoroI am setting up another testbed15:53
*** gouthamr has quit IRC15:53
dsantorobased on Kubernetes and OpenStack connected with real cameras15:54
*** pcaruana has joined #openstack-meeting15:54
dsantoroWe count to have more information to share and discuss with you by the mid of September15:54
dsantoroCurrently EnOS is installed but we did not have much time to play with it15:54
*** egallen has quit IRC15:54
ad_rien_dsantoro:  just to avoid possible missunderstandings. No one from FBK will attend the opendev event?15:54
dsantoroand dancn who is carrying that activity is on holiday this week15:55
msimonindsantoro: let's keep in touch15:55
dsantoroI confirm no one unfortunately15:55
ad_rien_dsantoro:  if you want to visit us, you can ;)15:55
parusdsantoro: thanks! this sounds great.15:55
ad_rien_I already mentioned  but it is good to remind  ;)15:55
msimonindsantoro: would be nice to know more about your testbeds actually15:55
parusI would be happy to participate, if we set-up some sort of a session like that.15:56
dsantoro@ad_rien_: thanks we could discuss to plan a visit during next weeks15:56
ad_rien_4 min left15:56
*** Rockyg has joined #openstack-meeting15:56
parusI yield15:56
ad_rien_we should switch to the open discusisons.15:57
ad_rien_parus:  nothing important regarding the use-cases ?15:57
parusall good for now.15:57
ad_rien_can you please add some notes regarding what we discussed in the pad?15:57
ad_rien_#topic open discussions15:57
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussions (Meeting topic: fog-edge-massively-distributed-clouds)"15:57
ad_rien_regarding the first point.15:57
*** sridharg has quit IRC15:57
ad_rien_as mentioned I have been in touch with Ericsson folks. We can invite them to make a webconf to present their work.15:58
ad_rien_People interested by that please add your name/email line 113015:58
*** sridharg has joined #openstack-meeting15:58
*** abishop has joined #openstack-meeting15:58
ad_rien_regarding the pending actions, from my side I didn't make any progress15:59
ad_rien_but I keep in mind I have too15:59
ad_rien_1 min left ?15:59
ad_rien_does anyone want to highlight something?15:59
ad_rien_if not. Thanks guys for attending the meeting15:59
dsantoro@msimonin: Sure let me talk with dancn and we can setup a call maybe next week or the next one to show what we did with our testbeds15:59
ad_rien_ok time to end16:00
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"16:00
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openstackMinutes (text):
msimonindsantoro: ack, cool :)16:00
jungleboyj#startmeeting cinder16:00
openstackMeeting started Wed Aug 30 16:00:28 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is jungleboyj. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.16:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: cinder)"16:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'cinder'16:00
smcginnisWoot woot16:00
jungleboyjCourtesy ping: dulek duncant eharney geguileo winston-d e0ne jungleboyj jgriffith thingee smcginnis hemna xyang1 tbarron scottda erlon jbernard _alastor_ bluex karthikp_ patrickeast dongwenjuan JaniceLee cFouts Thelo vivekd adrianofr mtanino karlamrhein diablo_rojo jay.xu jgregor lhx_ rajinir wilson-l reduxio wanghao thrawn01 chris_morrell watanabe.isao,tommylikehu mdovgal ildikov wxy viks ketonne abishop16:00
SwansonOh, ptlboyj is running the show!16:00
* smcginnis grabs a beverage and sits back16:00
diablo_rojo_phonHello :)16:00
geguileohi! o/16:00
jungleboyjHey now smcginnis  be nice this time.  :-p16:01
*** kgiusti has left #openstack-meeting16:01
*** ArturoM has quit IRC16:01
ildikovsmcginnis: no popcorn? :)16:01
*** toscalix has quit IRC16:01
*** pbressan has quit IRC16:01
jungleboyjOooh, if he does he needs to share.16:01
smcginnisildikov: Hah, we'll see if it's popcorn worthy.16:01
abishop o/16:01
ildikovsmcginnis: fair enough :)16:01
jungleboyjIt is a short agenda.  Hopefully not popcorn worthy.16:01
bswartzI'm guessing it's an adult beverage16:02
*** marios has quit IRC16:02
smcginnisbswartz: Just a little too early by my standards for that.16:02
smcginnisOnly a little though. :D16:02
DuncanTPopcorn? I bought these rotten tomatoes16:02
bswartzit's noon on the east coast...16:02
smcginnisbswartz: After 5 somewhere...16:02
ildikovsmcginnis: 6pm here :)16:03
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  ++16:03
smcginnisI don't want him to feel left out, so...16:03
jungleboyjOk, so lets get started.16:03
*** dpertin has quit IRC16:03
jungleboyj#topic announcements16:03
*** openstack changes topic to "announcements (Meeting topic: cinder)"16:03
*** weshay_interview is now known as weshay16:03
jungleboyjSo, RC2 went out for Cinder as the Pike release!16:03
jungleboyjLots of work went into the release and I just wanted to say a note of gratitude for all the work that went into it.  I know there have been changes in job situation and responsibilities during the release.16:04
*** esberglu has quit IRC16:04
jungleboyjWe, however, continued to work as a team and kept making progress.  Thank you!16:05
*** parus has left #openstack-meeting16:05
jungleboyjbswartz:  Thanks.16:05
*** esberglu has joined #openstack-meeting16:05
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  Thanks for being our fearless leader through that and the 3 previous releases.16:05
* jungleboyj claps for smcginnis :-)16:06
*** alexpilo_ has joined #openstack-meeting16:06
*** rcherrueau has quit IRC16:06
*** esberglu has quit IRC16:06
smcginnisjungleboyj: Here's to new leadership! :)16:06
jungleboyjAnd thank you also team for trusting me to lead us into Queens.  I will try not to let you all down.16:06
jungleboyjI am excited to give this a shot and think there are good things to come for Cinder and OpenStack.16:07
bswartz+1 for peaceful transitions of power16:07
jungleboyjbswartz:  Indeed.  smcginnis  and I have been joking about that.16:07
jungleboyjI won't be firing any missiles at the Twin Cities.16:07
*** alexpilotti has quit IRC16:08
smcginnisbswartz: Unlike those dictatorships where the PTL just won't step aside. (jk)16:08
jungleboyjooooh!  Shots Fired!16:08
jungleboyjOk, moving on.16:08
*** salv-orlando has quit IRC16:08
diablo_rojo_phonEnough with all the touchy feelies ;)16:08
jungleboyjI have a work item to look at the specs review tracking:
jungleboyjI will work to get that update before the PTG.16:09
*** cdub has quit IRC16:09
smcginnisjungleboyj: I evolved that from what scottda started, so feel free to make it into whatever works for you.16:09
jungleboyjWe will continue to use that, however, as it seems to have worked in the past.16:09
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  Sounds good.  I don't see a reason to stop using that.16:10
*** alexpilo_ has quit IRC16:10
jungleboyj#action Jay to bring spec-review-tracking up to date for Pike.16:10
jungleboyjThe usual reminder to please add topics to the PTG etherpad:
*** msimonin has quit IRC16:11
*** tobiajo has quit IRC16:11
jungleboyjWe have a good list in there.  I am going to get the topics organized before our next meeting.16:11
jungleboyjAlso going to make sure that we have cross project topics for 9 to noon on Thursday as that is when we are meeting with Nova.16:11
jungleboyjHopefully everyone is registered and put their attendance in the etherpad:
jungleboyjIf not there is the link for the registration again.  :-)16:12
jungleboyjLast announcement is that we need to do a cinderclient release today now that Pike is out.16:12
jungleboyjAny lingering patches or concerns that need to be addressed before I do that?16:13
* jungleboyj hears crickets16:13
diablo_rojo_phonNeither of those links are the ptg etherpad link?16:13
diablo_rojo_phonThey are both registration?16:14
diablo_rojo_phonOh, I have something ptg related.16:14
ildikovjungleboyj: as far as I know we're good on the client side16:14
jungleboyjI included the PTG Etherpad above it.16:14
jungleboyj^^^ Queens etherpad.16:14
diablo_rojo_phonIf you haven't registered, do so by Friday before the 50$ price hike.16:14
*** dsantoro has left #openstack-meeting16:14
diablo_rojo_phonGot it.16:14
jungleboyjAh, good to know.  Thanks diablo_rojo_phon16:14
diablo_rojo_phonYou can technically register there but the price goes up a week out.16:15
jungleboyjildikov:  Great.  I will cut the client later today then.16:15
ildikovjungleboyj: jgriffith approved the last fix two days ago and nothing client related came up since then I know of we would need right now16:15
ildikovjungleboyj: sounds great, thanks16:15
jungleboyjildikov:  Welcome.  Thanks for all the continued work there.16:15
jungleboyjAnything else for announcements or can we move on?16:16
*** alexpilotti has joined #openstack-meeting16:16
jungleboyj#topic Doc team needs help with Install Guide testing16:16
*** openstack changes topic to "Doc team needs help with Install Guide testing (Meeting topic: cinder)"16:16
jungleboyjSo, the doc team is seeking help with testing the install guide as they no longer have the resources to do it as a doc team.16:17
jungleboyjSo, they are asking for help from the projects.16:17
jungleboyjAnnouncing it here to see if there is anyone who would be willing to help out with that effort.16:17
smcginnisOne of those things I've wanted to do, but just can't get it to the top of the todo list.16:18
smcginnisNew things keep taking priority.16:18
*** esberglu has joined #openstack-meeting16:18
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  Yeah, I have a feeling that that is the case for many people.16:18
*** wxy- has joined #openstack-meeting16:19
*** iyamahat has quit IRC16:19
jungleboyjWhat would the team think of working through that during the PTG if there is time?16:19
*** gouthamr has joined #openstack-meeting16:19
smcginnisMight be a good Friday activity.16:19
jungleboyjAs we have a new focus on documentation it might be worth looking at together.16:19
*** iyamahat has joined #openstack-meeting16:19
smcginnisOr ealier depending on how things work out.16:19
diablo_rojo_phonsmcginnis: +1 for Friday16:19
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  Exactly what I was thinking.  I wonder how many of us even know what all is in there.16:19
jungleboyjOk, so we have at least three of us ok with that idea.16:20
smcginnisI would guess that number is low.16:20
lhx__any statistics from OpenStack official?16:20
*** alexpilotti has quit IRC16:20
e0neit depends on how many of us will be at PTG on Friday16:20
jungleboyj#action jungleboyj  to add looking at the install guide to the PTG agenda.  Work on it Friday or earlier if time allows.16:20
*** iyamahat has quit IRC16:21
jungleboyj#action jungleboyj to take initial first look to see how we can best use the time.16:21
*** iyamahat has joined #openstack-meeting16:21
jungleboyje0ne:  Good question.16:21
jungleboyjWho will not be there Friday?16:21
jungleboyjOf those planning to go ...16:21
e0neunfortunately, I have a flight at 2pm on Friday:(16:22
jungleboyje0ne:  Ok, so you will be there a bit in the morning.16:22
e0nejungleboyj: not sure yet, TBH16:22
diablo_rojo_phonI actually have to leave early Friday so I won't be around.16:22
smcginnisI leave later Friday afternoon.16:23
e0nebut I'll be there Mon-Thu for sure16:23
diablo_rojo_phonBut I can work on stuff in the airport.16:23
jungleboyjI leave late afternoon.16:23
*** iyamahat has quit IRC16:23
e0nediablo_rojo_phon: did we book some meeting room in the airport? :)16:23
*** iyamahat has joined #openstack-meeting16:23
jungleboyjlhx__:  What was your question on statistics ?16:24
diablo_rojo_phon@eOne Haha no, but I can get into the Delta sky lounge for free now I think.16:24
diablo_rojo_phonLol slack..16:24
jungleboyjSo, I will add this to the PTG agenda and we will do what we can to get to it.16:25
jungleboyjIf we can at least look at it and plan out some work we don't necessarily all have to be in the same room.16:25
jungleboyjAnything else on this?16:25
smcginnisGood plan.16:25
*** alexpilotti has joined #openstack-meeting16:26
jungleboyj#topic cross project meeting with Kolla team .16:26
lhx__jungleboyj, I mean the number of people that will attend PTG, supposing everyone is here from Mon to Fri :)16:26
*** openstack changes topic to "cross project meeting with Kolla team . (Meeting topic: cinder)"16:26
jungleboyjlhx__:  Oh, everyone should have their info in the etherpad if they are planning to attend.16:26
jungleboyjSo, one of my co-workers and I have been doing more work with containerizing Cinder.16:27
jungleboyjWe have discovered that the Kolla team knows little about Cinder and I, at least, know little boy Kolla.16:27
jungleboyjSo, we thought it might be useful to use some of the cross project time on Monday afternoon to get members of both teams together.16:28
e0nejungleboyj: it's great! I can help in testing a bit, but I won't have a time to contribute for this activity a lot16:28
lhx__jungleboyj, that maybe include everyone that will attend if someone didn't join in our weekly meeting, right?16:28
jungleboyjjgriffith: diablo_rojo_phon e0ne ^^^ thought you would especially be interested.16:28
smcginnisI got a lot of feedback from operators at their midcycle that they are using or planning to use kolla as their deployment model.16:28
jungleboyjlhx__:  It should.16:28
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  That is good to know.16:29
jungleboyjlhx__:  I could send a note to the ML and make sure that virtual attendees are also listed.16:29
smcginnislhx__: If they read the meeting notes they've hopefully added their name, but it is likely there will be more than what is listed there.16:29
*** alexpilotti has quit IRC16:30
lhx__cool :D16:30
jungleboyje0ne: That sounds good.  Will you be around on Monday?16:30
*** markstur has joined #openstack-meeting16:31
jungleboyjSo, that was all I had on that topic.  Rich Wellum started discussion on the ML.  He is going to coordinate.16:31
e0nejungleboyj: I'm going to attend horizon sessions too, but I think I can to manage to attend Kolla+Cinder meetup too16:31
*** witek has joined #openstack-meeting16:31
*** Apoorva has joined #openstack-meeting16:31
jungleboyjI will have an update when we have the details ironed out.16:31
*** witek_ has quit IRC16:31
e0nejungleboyj: we need to clarify what time will it be16:31
jungleboyje0ne:  Ok good.  I am going to be in the doc meetings on Monday, Tuesday as well.16:32
jungleboyje0ne:  Right, working that right now.16:32
*** markvoelker has joined #openstack-meeting16:32
*** egallen has joined #openstack-meeting16:32
e0nejungleboyj: sound like a good plan16:32
e0nejungleboyj: what about cinder+ironic session?16:32
jungleboyje0ne:  I haven't seen anything about one of those.16:33
*** tesseract has quit IRC16:33
e0nejungleboyj: it was in the same mail16:33
jungleboyjOh, yeah, I they are hoping to get ironic team members there as well.16:33
jungleboyjWill be good to have all of us in the same room.16:33
jungleboyjNot sure if Rich has heard from anyone there though.  I will follow up.16:34
jungleboyjLast topic is an important one.16:34
jungleboyj#topic Cinder Team Outing16:34
*** openstack changes topic to "Cinder Team Outing (Meeting topic: cinder)"16:34
jungleboyjSo, I am assuming that everyone would like to do an outing as we have done in the past.16:35
*** oidgar has quit IRC16:35
jungleboyjDo people have a preference on day?16:35
jungleboyjTuesday, Wednesday, Thursday?16:35
bswartznot friday16:36
jungleboyjbswartz:  Yeah, had assumed that.16:36
lhx__outing for what?16:36
smcginnisThursday might be the best.16:36
smcginnisWednesday would be my second choice.16:36
jungleboyjlhx__: Drinks, food, fun.16:36
e0nesmcginnis: +116:36
diablo_rojo_phonNot wednesday16:36
diablo_rojo_phonWoo things Wednesday16:36
jungleboyjCouple of votes for Thursday.16:37
lhx__jungleboyj, i'd love to ;)16:37
diablo_rojo_phonTuesday after the happy hour +Wednesday is my vote.16:37
*** Manuel_112 has joined #openstack-meeting16:37
jungleboyjdiablo_rojo_phon:  There is an organized happy hour Tuesday?16:37
e0nediablo_rojo_phon: do we need to be registered for happy hour?16:38
*** alexpilotti has joined #openstack-meeting16:38
diablo_rojo_phonThere is. It's like an hour and a half.16:38
jungleboyjdiablo_rojo_phon:  Ok cool.  Like in Atlanta then ...16:38
lhx__but the real question is what time of the day?16:38
diablo_rojo_phonMonday we get like ten 10% off in the hotel bar too.16:38
jungleboyjHope they have a good bar like the place in ATL.16:39
diablo_rojo_phonI hope a cocktail isn't 14$/each like in ATL16:39
*** HeOS has joined #openstack-meeting16:40
jungleboyjOk, so I am going to add a place in the etherpad to vote for the day and will send a note to the ML.  Will decide based on what works best for people.16:40
jungleboyjWill find someplace and make a reservation based on roughly how many people seem interested.16:40
jungleboyjEveryone ok with that?16:40
jungleboyj#action add space to vote for best day to have Cinder outing in etherpad.16:41
*** bobh has joined #openstack-meeting16:41
jungleboyj#open discussion16:41
smcginnisjungleboyj: Sounds like a plan.16:41
jungleboyj#topic open discussion16:41
*** openstack changes topic to "open discussion (Meeting topic: cinder)"16:41
jungleboyjThat was all on the agenda.16:41
jungleboyjsmcginnis: diablo_rojo_phon  Did you guys schedule a team photo time yet?16:42
smcginnisjungleboyj: Nope, left that up to you.16:42
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  Ok, guessed as much.16:42
*** Manuel_112 has quit IRC16:42
jungleboyjThinking after lunch Wednesday is maybe best?16:42
*** alexpilotti has quit IRC16:42
jungleboyjdiablo_rojo_phon:  Will that work for you?16:43
*** fzdarsky has quit IRC16:43
diablo_rojo_phonIf it's open in the spreadsheet go for it.16:43
*** fzdarsky has joined #openstack-meeting16:43
jungleboyjdiablo_rojo_phon:  Ok, I will check out the spreadsheet and schedule something for Wednesday afternoon.16:43
smcginnisjungleboyj: Oh, ocata is now going into phase II support phase - critical and security only.16:44
jungleboyjAnything from anyone else?16:44
smcginnisjungleboyj: We may want to land a few things sitting out there and do a final release before that.16:44
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  Oh yeah, good note.16:44
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  Good call.  I will look at those and then do a release later this week.16:45
smcginnisjungleboyj: Just keep in mind "later this week" will need to be today or tomorrow since there are no releases on Friday.16:45
smcginnisAnd I hear the new release PTL is a stickler for rules.16:45
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  Is he now?16:45
*** georgk has quit IRC16:46
jungleboyjI will have to talk to him.16:46
smcginnisI've also heard he's easily bribed.16:46
*** Manuel_112 has joined #openstack-meeting16:46
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  Now there is the guy I know.16:46
* jungleboyj hands smcginnis a beer16:46
e0neare we going to create driverfixes/ocata branch?16:46
jungleboyje0ne:  Good question.16:47
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  What have we done there in the past?16:47
smcginnise0ne: Good point, we can do that too with the "final" ocata release.16:47
SwansonNo, make em upgrade.16:47
e0neI think, it's reasonable once we'll go to phase II16:47
smcginnisjungleboyj: Still new enough that there's not a set pattern there, but with the transition to phase II that's probably a good time to create it.16:47
jungleboyje0ne:  Oh, just creating the branch.16:48
jungleboyjYeah, I agree we should do that.16:48
e0nejungleboyj: great, thanks!16:48
jungleboyje0ne: Thanks for mentioning it.16:48
e0nejungleboyj: you're welcome16:48
smcginniseharney raised a good point there. We should probably make sure unit tests still pass to make that actually useful for distros to pull changes in.16:48
smcginnisHe may set up a non-voting job for those branches.16:49
*** jamesmcarthur has quit IRC16:49
*** iyamahat has quit IRC16:49
eharneythe non-voting part of that is looking tricky16:49
jungleboyjsmcginnis:  That would be good.16:49
jungleboyjeharney:  :-(16:49
smcginniseharney: I wondered about that since we don't have any other non-voting unit test jobs.16:49
smcginnisMaybe just have it voting?16:49
eharneyhaving it voting seems good to me16:50
smcginnisThe idea was to just have these as basically a file share for driver changes, but as eharney pointed out, that can cause some issues for distros to actual use them.16:50
jungleboyjeharney:  Seems like if unit test isn't passing we have a problem.16:50
eharneyjungleboyj: yes, and, we do16:50
*** Manuel_112 has quit IRC16:50
jungleboyjWe do have a problem?16:51
eharneyyes, unit tests (if you run them) on driverfixes branches are broken, currently16:51
*** aagate has quit IRC16:51
*** fzdarsky is now known as fzdarsky|afk16:51
jungleboyjShould we try to fix that?16:52
e0nejungleboyj: at lease, we can try if16:52
eharneyi'll be poking at fixing it if people are willing to land changes etc16:52
eharneybecause i intend to do that kinda thing downstream anyway so i can run unit tests16:52
smcginniseharney: Yep, I watch those patches and will support getting those through.16:52
e0neeharney: +116:52
*** egallen has quit IRC16:52
*** alexpilotti has joined #openstack-meeting16:53
jungleboyjeharney:  +116:54
jungleboyjOk, so I think we are in agreement we should fix up the existing driver fixes branch, cut the ocata one and work on getting a voting UT job in place.16:54
e0ne5 mins reminder16:55
*** alexpilo_ has joined #openstack-meeting16:55
jungleboyje0ne:  Thanks.16:55
eharneyjungleboyj: +116:55
jungleboyjI think we are wrapping up.16:55
e0nejungleboyj: np16:55
jungleboyjAnything else from anyone?16:56
*** phuoc_ has left #openstack-meeting16:56
jungleboyj3 ... 2 ... 1 ....16:56
*** fzdarsky|afk has quit IRC16:56
e0nesee you next week!16:56
jungleboyjOk, thank you all for a good first meeting for me.16:56
jungleboyjThanks for your work on Cinder.16:57
jungleboyjSee you all same time, same place next week.16:57
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"16:57
openstackMeeting ended Wed Aug 30 16:57:39 2017 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)16:57
openstackMinutes (text):
*** jniesz has joined #openstack-meeting16:58
*** alexpilotti has quit IRC16:58
*** abishop has left #openstack-meeting16:59
*** rm_mobile has joined #openstack-meeting16:59
*** ad_rien_ has quit IRC16:59
johnsom#startmeeting Octavia17:00
openstackMeeting started Wed Aug 30 17:00:09 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is johnsom. Information about MeetBot at
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*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: Octavia)"17:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'octavia'17:00
johnsomHi folks17:00
*** JudeC has joined #openstack-meeting17:00
johnsom#topic Announcements17:00
*** openstack changes topic to "Announcements (Meeting topic: Octavia)"17:00
johnsomPike has been released!17:01
johnsomThat said, the release was a bit bumpy, so....17:01
johnsomPost-Pike release coming17:01
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johnsomBasically there was some confusion on my part due to the switch to milestone releases and the release went out with bad diffs in the announce e-mails.17:02
johnsomSo, in less than 24 hours we are doing a dot release to clean it all up.17:02
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johnsomAnyway, Thank you to all of you that contributed to Pike.  We made a ton of progress, especially given our head winds....17:03
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johnsomThe new release will have the full diffs in the announce e-mail.17:04
johnsomAny questions about the Pike release?17:04
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johnsomThe other announcement I have today is about the PTG.  I will be setting up a tentative schedule with our discussion items today.17:05
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johnsomWe will be announcing topics in the #openstack-ptg room and on the web schedule as well.17:06
johnsomPlease make sure all of your topics are on there so we can set an appropriate schedule.17:06
johnsomAny other announcements today?17:06
johnsom#topic Brief progress reports / bugs needing review17:07
*** openstack changes topic to "Brief progress reports / bugs needing review (Meeting topic: Octavia)"17:07
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johnsomI have started work on cleaning up octavia-dashboard17:07
*** bobmel has quit IRC17:08
johnsomI hope to have a version up in the next week or so that uses the octavia API as opposed to going through neutron17:08
*** yamahata has quit IRC17:09
johnsomI have also opened a number of bugs against the dashboard so if someone is looking for a project:17:09
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*** salv-orlando has joined #openstack-meeting17:09
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johnsomOtherwise, we have a bunch of open patches that need reviews.17:10
johnsomIn octavia, octavia-dashboard, python-octaviaclient, etc.17:11
johnsomAny other progress updates  or priority bug reviews?17:11
* johnsom wonders if there is an IRC net split and he is talking to himself....17:11
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johnsom#topic Open Discussion17:12
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Discussion (Meeting topic: Octavia)"17:12
johnsomOk, other topics for today?17:12
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rm_mobileNo I just fell asleep at my keyboard17:14
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johnsomWow, ok...  hahaha.  I guess I'm that boring eh?17:14
*** dprince has joined #openstack-meeting17:15
rm_mobileEarly meeting is early17:15
*** ricolin has quit IRC17:15
johnsomWell, if we don't have anything more for today, we can end early and work on reviews....17:15
johnsomOk, thanks folks!17:16
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openstackMinutes (text):
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bh526r#startmeeting gluon18:01
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bh526r#topic Roll Call18:01
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bh526r#info Bin Hu18:01
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*** VW_ has joined #openstack-meeting18:02
bh526r#topic Admin Update18:03
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krenczewski#info Kamil Renczewski18:03
bh526r#info Congratulations on everyone who have worked hard to make Gluon Pike Release18:04
bh526r#info Gluon Pike Release is available
bh526r#info Tagged 1.1.018:04
bh526r#info Major features in Gluon Pike Release are:18:05
bh526r#info (1) Proton Version Management18:05
bh526r#info (2) Authentication and Authorization / RBAC18:06
bh526r#info (3) Move many hardcoded constants in configuration proton.conf18:06
bh526r#info (4) and bug fixes18:07
bh526r#info Thank you everyone18:07
bh526r#topic Planning for PoC in OpenStack Summit in Sydney18:07
*** openstack changes topic to "Planning for PoC in OpenStack Summit in Sydney (Meeting topic: gluon)"18:07
bh526rHi Kamil, how are you?18:08
*** witek_ has joined #openstack-meeting18:08
*** witek has quit IRC18:08
krenczewskiHi Bin, great thanks18:08
bh526rglad you joined18:08
bh526rDo you have any feedback regarding the PoC?18:08
krenczewskiNot really, Sukhdev is on vacation18:09
bh526rI see.18:09
krenczewskiI was hoping that we can discuss some topics here18:09
krenczewskiHe will be back in two weeks if I remember vorrectly18:09
bh526rI see. Did you get a chance to read the document I shared with you, regarding the scenario?18:09
krenczewskiYes, I did18:09
*** markvoelker has joined #openstack-meeting18:10
bh526rYup, middle of September18:10
bh526rAny feedback on th scenario?18:10
krenczewskiI have a question regarding creating L3VPN via Neutron18:10
krenczewskiDo you have any proposal about this?18:10
*** salv-orlando has joined #openstack-meeting18:10
krenczewskiI assume that normal scenario (with other SDNs) is done via etcd entries18:11
krenczewskiBut I am not sure how this could be done on with Neutron-Contrail calls18:11
*** s3wong has joined #openstack-meeting18:11
*** msimonin has joined #openstack-meeting18:11
bh526rI am not familiar with how to create L3VPN via Neutron-Contrail calls, while in a proposal in the past, Nachi and Marco said they could.18:12
krenczewskiCurrently we have done great work to better integrate with neutron. New project is available here:
bh526rThat's why in the document, I left it open for your team.18:13
bh526rI am aware of it. Is it the Mechanism Driver for Open Contrail to work with Neutron?18:13
krenczewskiPreviously what we did was to setup BGP peering, but AFAIK neutron don't have any stable API to do this18:13
*** dprince has quit IRC18:14
krenczewskiYes, it is a new mechanism driver (build on top of the old one)18:14
bh526rThat's right, BGP peering between Contrail and ONOS, and ODL, VTS, Nuage etc.18:14
*** jamesmcarthur has joined #openstack-meeting18:14
bh526rYes, the new Mechanism Driver will replace the old Monolithic Driver, as far as I know18:14
krenczewskiAre you aware of this:
bh526rI assume the new mechanism driver is based on the mechanism driver code that you developed, right?18:15
*** salv-orlando has quit IRC18:15
bh526rYes, I am aware of this BGPVPN.18:16
bh526rSo the scenario will be:18:16
bh526rOn Gluon side, we create L3VPN through 1+ SDN-Cs18:17
bh526rsai VPN Blue18:17
bh526rOn Contrail side, you can create / join this VPN Blue18:18
bh526rThus Contrail and other SDN-Cs will be able to share the same L3VPN (VPN Blue)18:18
bh526rSo we need to know - if it is possible to achieve this in Neutron/Contrail side18:19
krenczewskiWhe it will be possible to test this scenario?18:20
krenczewskiSetting up BGP peering is not a problem for me, but I am not sure if this will be possible via Neutron18:21
bh526rWe try to present this scenario in a PoC in early November in OpenStack Summit in Sydney18:22
krenczewskiOK, but when do you plan to test it?18:23
bh526rWe already know the backend BGP peering is working. So this step is to make sure that at API level, the setup can be done via Gluon APIs and Neutron APIs (because Contrail chooses Mechanism Driver route)18:24
*** jamesmcarthur has quit IRC18:24
bh526rIf Contrail supports Shim Layer via Gluon, you need to go via Neutron18:24
bh526rsorry I meant you don't need to go via Neutron18:25
krenczewskiI think we need to stay with Neutron18:27
*** witek has joined #openstack-meeting18:28
bh526rThat's fine, as long as you can achieve it via appropriate Neutron-Contrail calls18:28
*** witek_ has quit IRC18:28
*** gouthamr has quit IRC18:28
krenczewskiBut then on Neutron-Gluon side, does Gluon will think that resource is Gluon and don't pass it to Neutron?18:29
bh526rwhich resource?18:29
*** alexpilotti has joined #openstack-meeting18:30
krenczewskiI was thinking about step 2 and step 3 from PoC document18:30
*** e0ne has joined #openstack-meeting18:30
*** VW_ has quit IRC18:31
bh526rStep 2 is to create an VPN object owned by Gluon. The key here is the RT value (1000:1000 in the example), which will be passed by Gluon to SDN-C via etcd18:32
*** Tom_ has quit IRC18:32
krenczewskiI am not aware of similar API for Neutron18:34
*** VW has joined #openstack-meeting18:34
*** VW has quit IRC18:34
*** alexpilotti has quit IRC18:34
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*** msimonin has joined #openstack-meeting18:35
bh526rAnd I missed bgpeering API, but we also need to use bgppeering API to pass local_ip_address and peer_ip_address18:35
*** msimonin has quit IRC18:35
bh526rso that SDN-C will be able to ping each other, and create the datapath18:35
*** msimonin has joined #openstack-meeting18:36
*** msimonin has quit IRC18:36
*** VW has joined #openstack-meeting18:36
bh526rThe step 3/step 4 will just create port which is also managed by Gluon18:36
*** msimonin has joined #openstack-meeting18:36
*** VW has quit IRC18:36
*** jamesmcarthur has joined #openstack-meeting18:37
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*** VW has joined #openstack-meeting18:37
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*** msimonin has joined #openstack-meeting18:37
bh526rThe step 5/6 to bind the port to VPN Blue with IP address in VPN Blue18:37
*** msimonin has quit IRC18:38
*** witek_ has joined #openstack-meeting18:38
*** witek has quit IRC18:38
*** msimonin has joined #openstack-meeting18:38
*** cloudrancher has joined #openstack-meeting18:38
krenczewskiYes, that is clear for me18:38
bh526rTherefore, in step 7/8 creates VMs with VPN port, meaning the VMs are in VPN Blue network, and they can communicate with each other18:38
bh526rin this VPN Blue18:39
*** msimonin has quit IRC18:39
jinli#info JinLi18:39
*** msimonin has joined #openstack-meeting18:39
*** cdub has quit IRC18:39
*** msimonin has quit IRC18:39
bh526rOn Neutron side, equivalent thing should be for Neutron to pass the parameters (RT, local ip, peer ip) to Contrail so that Contrail can create the same data path for this VPN Blue18:40
*** msimonin has joined #openstack-meeting18:40
krenczewskiAnd I understand that all the steps are executed by Gluon and information about them goes to etcd, so there is no way to pass it via Neutron18:40
*** msimonin has quit IRC18:40
bh526rNo information is passed to Neutron18:40
bh526rThus we need the equivalent APIs in Neutron side to pass the same information (RT, loca ip and peer ip) to Contrail. Then Contrail can create data path with VPN Blue18:41
krenczewskiSo for Contrail we need additional calls to Neutron to setup VPN Blue18:41
bh526rThat's right18:41
krenczewskiOK, I will try to look into Neutron18:42
*** alexpilotti has joined #openstack-meeting18:42
*** Manuel_112 has joined #openstack-meeting18:42
krenczewskiI also ask Sukhdev if he have something in mind about this.18:43
bh526rMaybe Nachi too when Sukhdev is on vacation18:43
*** markvoelker has quit IRC18:43
krenczewskiI'll try with him also18:44
bh526rGreat, thank you.18:44
bh526rThe key here is the Neutron API that can pass those parameters18:44
*** gouthamr has joined #openstack-meeting18:45
bh526rLet me know your input after you talk with Sukhdev/Nachi18:45
bh526rThank you18:46
bh526r#topic Planning for Gluon Queens and Beyond18:46
*** openstack changes topic to "Planning for Gluon Queens and Beyond (Meeting topic: gluon)"18:46
*** jprovazn has quit IRC18:47
*** Manuel_112 has quit IRC18:47
bh526rAs we discussed above, in order for Gluon to pass information to Neutron, we will consider to implement Gluon as Neutron service plugin18:48
*** witek has joined #openstack-meeting18:48
bh526rso that Gluon can reuse Neutron's DB, and store necessary information there.18:48
*** witek_ has quit IRC18:48
bh526rThis idea was discussed with Kevin in Boston, and we will discuss with Neutron team meeting in PTG, and look for feedback18:49
*** Manuel_112 has joined #openstack-meeting18:51
bh526r#info (1) Refactor Gluon as Neutron Service Plugin - we will discuss it in Neutron PTG, and look for feedback18:52
bh526r#info (2) Alignment with etcd318:52
*** xyang1 has joined #openstack-meeting18:52
bh526r#info (3) Improvement Shim Layer by removing hardcoded parts, and supports multiple models18:53
bh526r#info (4) and bug fixes18:54
bh526rAnything else everyone can think of?18:54
*** Manuel_112 has quit IRC18:56
*** witek_ has joined #openstack-meeting18:56
bh526rHow about you, Jin?18:56
*** witek has quit IRC18:56
bh526rIf nothing else, we can adjourn the meeting18:57
bh526r#info meeting adjourned18:57
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"18:57
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openstackMinutes (text):
krenczewskiThanks, bye18:57
bh526rThank you everyone. Bye all18:57
bh526rHave a great night, Kamil18:57
SotKanyone around for the storyboard meeting?19:01
SotK#startmeeting storyboard19:01
openstackMeeting started Wed Aug 30 19:01:27 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is SotK. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.19:01
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: storyboard)"19:01
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'storyboard'19:01
SotK#link Agenda19:02
SotKstill somewhat outdated, I'll make a note to actually update it after the meeting19:02
Zarathat's my kind of agenda19:03
SotKthere are again no announcements or urgent items19:03
SotK#topic In Progress Work19:03
*** openstack changes topic to "In Progress Work (Meeting topic: storyboard)"19:03
*** artom has quit IRC19:03
* SotK finally got round to providing some review and testing of things again19:04
*** edmondsw has quit IRC19:04
SotKI will send a fix for in a little while too19:05
Zaraoh, neat19:05
diablo_rojo_phonHello :)19:05
*** markvoelker has joined #openstack-meeting19:06
SotKhey diablo_rojo_phon19:06
diablo_rojo_phonSotK: were you able to test Mistral?19:06
*** edmondsw has joined #openstack-meeting19:06
SotKdiablo_rojo_phon: not with the latest version, its on my todo list for this evening19:07
diablo_rojo_phonAlso johnsom is here for Octavia's migration.19:07
Zaracool :)19:07
johnsomHi folks19:07
Zarahi, johnsom19:07
SotKhi there!19:08
johnsomThank you for letting us finish up Pike (a huge release for us).19:08
diablo_rojo_phonNo problem :) Happy to work with you.19:08
johnsomNow that it is done, let's talk about the migration and what needs to happen.  I am just now reading the migration doc and looking at the video.19:09
*** msimonin has joined #openstack-meeting19:09
diablo_rojo_phonWe will probably run a practice migration against prod one more time to make sure things are kosher.19:09
diablo_rojo_phonAfter that we pick a date and time- usually in off hours to run the script.19:10
Zaraam I right in thinking I'm the one who should be testing it?19:10
Zaraor have I just volunteered? :P19:10
diablo_rojo_phonZara: if you have time ;)19:10
*** edmondsw has quit IRC19:10
johnsomMy ask would be that the switch over be after next Wednesday so I can give a heads up to the team at our weekly IRC (we missed this morning).19:11
*** salv-orlando has joined #openstack-meeting19:11
diablo_rojo_phonjohnsom: if you can work on closing out bugs that are invalid and whatnot the migration will go faster. Not as much of a problem since you don't have anywhere near as many as like.. Nova, but still. Every little bit helps.19:11
diablo_rojo_phonYeah definitely. We can shoot for end of next week.19:12
ZaraI should be able to run a test by then19:12
diablo_rojo_phonfungi: you free next week?19:12
johnsomIt might be nice to have an advocate at that meeting too, just to answer any questions, etc.19:12
* fungi is reading, just quiet ;)19:13
Zarahi fungi :)19:13
diablo_rojo_phonjohnsom: can do :)19:13
johnsomDoes storyboard integrate with the new OpenStack docs theme?  I know it has a bugs link that points to launchpad now.19:14
*** priteau has quit IRC19:14
*** edmondsw has joined #openstack-meeting19:14
Zaragood question; we don't have any influence over that theme ourselves so I'm not sure how tightly bound launchpad is to the theme19:16
*** mriedem is now known as mriedem_away19:16
ZaraI imagine there could be a redirect notice on the lp page it redirects to, worst case19:16
*** annegentle has quit IRC19:16
*** s3wong has quit IRC19:16
fungii believe that is currently under discussion with the docs tools devs19:16
fungiit's less of a question of sb or lp integrating with the docs theme than the other way around19:17
johnsomOk, something I will look into as I learn about storyboard.  Currently it links in with bug tags which is super useful.19:17
*** salv-orlando has quit IRC19:17
johnsomOk, I will schedule some time to continue working on bug scrub.  There is stuff that can be cleaned out.19:18
*** edmondsw has quit IRC19:18
fungii think one thing we identified sb could add to make that a little easier would be the ability to pass some starter text for the story description in and inject it into the text field instead of starting with an empty text box, then have the docs theme pass that blob in a get parameter or something19:19
fungias opposed to trying to go as deep as parameterized story templates like we had batted around ideas for in the past19:20
fungi(not that the latter would be a bad feature, just more work to implement)19:21
johnsomGetting the project right and inserting a tag (or I guess label in storyboard terms) is probably my #1, maybe a starter title as #2 on the wishlist.19:21
SotKyeah, I was going to look at that I believe, but haven't yet gotten round to it19:22
fungiintegration could _maybe_ be done by having javascript in the docs theme make api calls instead, i guess. the real trick there is authenticating the reporter along the way19:22
*** yamamoto has quit IRC19:22
*** jniesz has quit IRC19:23
SotKI can probably find time to take a look at it this week, now I have time in the evenings properly again19:23
johnsomThis is a URL decoded version of what the bug link currently does.  Again, the comment text is lower priority in my book.19:24
fungicool, so i guess ability to set tags via url reference would help19:25
* SotK makes a note for later19:27
SotKthanks :)19:27
fungithanks for looking into it!19:27
*** dims has quit IRC19:28
SotKanything else that is somewhat like In Progress Work?19:28
*** yamamoto has joined #openstack-meeting19:28
ZaraI don't think so, I need to test the projects I said I'd test19:29
SotK#topic Open Discussion19:29
*** openstack changes topic to "Open Discussion (Meeting topic: storyboard)"19:29
ZaraI registered for ptg yesterday, looking forward to seeing people!19:30
*** julim has quit IRC19:30
diablo_rojo_phonWoot woot!19:30
*** julim_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:30
diablo_rojo_phonSotK: ? ;)19:30
SotKI'm afraid not :(19:31
*** dims has joined #openstack-meeting19:31
*** slaweq has joined #openstack-meeting19:31
*** slaweq has quit IRC19:31
fungihappy to see zara again! SotK will be missed... :(19:32
*** slaweq has joined #openstack-meeting19:32
*** msimonin has left #openstack-meeting19:33
ZaraI think he has substantially more commits than me for this cycle so it's a bit strange19:33
Zara(I may not have *any*)19:33
Zaraso... I will have to do a lot of hacking that week to catch up :)19:34
*** sridharg has quit IRC19:35
*** rmcall has joined #openstack-meeting19:36
*** rmcall has joined #openstack-meeting19:36
* SotK is sorry he can't be there19:36
*** markvoelker has quit IRC19:37
Zarathere are some notes on the infra etherpad, but essentially, we won't have a fixed room, just message in19:37
Zara#storyboard or similar19:37
Zaraif you have questions and want to meet up19:37
Zarayou will receive a bespoke storyboard q&a service19:37
Zarait got 6 stars on tripadvisor19:38
*** krenczewski has quit IRC19:38
*** markvoelker has joined #openstack-meeting19:38
johnsomGood to know, that will be right after our migration so folks might want to have a little session on storyboard in our room.19:39
*** coolsvap has quit IRC19:39
*** rmcall has quit IRC19:41
fungiwell, you're also welcome to camp in the infra room19:42
* Zara pitches a tent19:42
fungior add scheduled things to one of the schedulable rooms if you think of something you might want to get a bunch of people together for19:42
*** vito_ has joined #openstack-meeting19:43
fungistoryboard _is_ an infra project, and monday/tuesday in particular will be all about helping people who have questions with anything infra-related19:43
fungiwe even call it a "helproom" ;)19:44
*** Manuel_112 has joined #openstack-meeting19:45
ZaraI don't think I have anything else to add19:46
SotKme neither19:46
fungigreat meeting!19:47
SotKif anyone wants to find us, we'll be in #storyboard19:47
SotKthanks all!19:47
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"19:47
openstackMeeting ended Wed Aug 30 19:47:27 2017 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)19:47
openstackMinutes (text):
fungithanks SotK!19:47
*** Manuel_112 has quit IRC19:49
*** pchavva has quit IRC19:50
*** awaugama has quit IRC19:52
*** Manuel_112 has joined #openstack-meeting19:53
*** markvoelker has quit IRC19:56
*** jkilpatr has quit IRC19:58
*** Manuel_112 has quit IRC19:58
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*** weshay is now known as weshay_PTO19:58
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patchbotyay swift team meeting!20:59
*** timburke has joined #openstack-meeting20:59
notmynameswift team meeting time21:00
*** acoles has joined #openstack-meeting21:00
*** annegentle has joined #openstack-meeting21:00
notmyname#startmeeting swift21:00
*** jamesmcarthur has quit IRC21:00
openstackMeeting started Wed Aug 30 21:00:34 2017 UTC and is due to finish in 60 minutes.  The chair is notmyname. Information about MeetBot at
openstackUseful Commands: #action #agreed #help #info #idea #link #topic #startvote.21:00
*** openstack changes topic to " (Meeting topic: swift)"21:00
openstackThe meeting name has been set to 'swift'21:00
notmynamewho's here for the swift team meeting?21:00
*** Manuel_112 has quit IRC21:00
mattoliverau o/21:00
notmynamegood morning, afternoon, and evening21:01
*** joeljwright has joined #openstack-meeting21:02
notmynamehmm... are we missing anyone?21:02
joeljwrighthey everyone!21:02
timburkesam, clay21:02
notmynameclayg: ping21:03
*** torgomatic has joined #openstack-meeting21:03
timburkewell, clayg's lurking, anyway, but he hasn't said anything :-)21:03
claygis it that time already?21:03
claygthanks for the ping21:03
torgomaticit's always when you least expect it21:03
notmynameall right, let's get going21:03
notmynameagenda is there21:03
*** ad_rien_ has quit IRC21:03
*** bobh has joined #openstack-meeting21:03
notmynameseveral things to go over, but we won't do them in the order of that wiki page21:03
notmyname(except for the first one)21:04
notmyname#topic SLO *ambles21:04
*** openstack changes topic to "SLO *ambles (Meeting topic: swift)"21:04
notmynamejoeljwright: what's up?21:04
notmynamewhere are we and what needs to be done21:04
joeljwrighthad some comments from torgomatic and timburke (thanks!)21:04
notmynamepatch 36537121:04
patchbot - swift - Add Preamble and Postamble to SLO and SegmentedIte...21:04
joeljwrightI'm still chewing over tim's comments21:04
joeljwrightand I've pushed up a (very) WIP tlo dependent patch21:05
notmynamelink it?21:05
patchbotpatch 499260 - swift - WIP: Add TLO middleware21:05
joeljwrightsorry, took me a while to find it21:05
*** e0ne has quit IRC21:06
joeljwrightthis is meant to illustrate the use of the *ambles21:06
notmynamejoeljwright: is the TLO patch something you want to see land upstream or as an example of the ambles?21:06
joeljwrightit's a lot like SLO, just validates a different manifest and generates an SLO21:06
patchbotpatch 499260 - swift - WIP: Add TLO middleware21:06
joeljwrightI'd be happy for either I think21:06
mattoliverauJust for the minutes21:06
joeljwrightif this is something people are interested in I can follow it up21:06
notmyname(note for non-English speakers... "ambles" in this case isn't actually a real word. we're just using it for the shortened preamble and postamble)21:06
*** alexpilotti has joined #openstack-meeting21:07
joeljwrightif it's not generally interesting then it's standalone (just depends on patch 365371)21:07
patchbot - swift - Add Preamble and Postamble to SLO and SegmentedIte...21:07
mattoliverauI think the preambles is interesting, but also some concrete examples, so maybe something like tlos for me would help it merge, otherwise it's an interesting feature that users may not know how to use.21:08
*** alexpilotti has quit IRC21:08
notmynameaside from further review on the first patch, is there more that you need from the community yet? or anything you're expecting to write for us?21:08
mattoliverau*also need21:08
notmynamemattoliverau: yeah. that. :-) I think that's what the TLO patch is for21:08
joeljwrightI guess I'll need to update the general docs21:08
*** alexpilotti has joined #openstack-meeting21:08
mattoliverauNoting I haven't looked at tlos yet21:08
joeljwrightmattoliverau: I only pushed the tlo one this evening21:09
joeljwrightand it's not functional yet21:09
mattoliverauWell good then :p21:09
joeljwrightit's more of a taster atm21:09
notmynamejoeljwright: I know there's been some extra time pressure to get the *ambles patch landed for use at sohonet (or start working on some alternative). what's your current time frame? (IMO the *ambles patch should be reasonable, modulo the timburke and torgomatic and other reviews)21:10
*** ykatabam has joined #openstack-meeting21:10
*** alexpilo_ has quit IRC21:10
joeljwrightmy time frame is ~3weeks actively working on it, but I will continue to follow it up afterwards if I need to21:10
*** gouthamr has joined #openstack-meeting21:10
notmynameok. so that's through the PTG21:11
notmynameif anyone else is interested in this work, please take a look. it adds a very interesting (IMO) functionality to SLOs that makes SLOs efficiently usable for structured aggregations of other objects (eg tar files, zip files, maybe more)21:11
joeljwrightthanks for looking everyone!21:12
notmynameany other questions here from anyone?21:12
*** thorst_afk has quit IRC21:12
notmynameok, moving on21:13
notmyname#topic debug_logger interface for errors21:13
*** openstack changes topic to "debug_logger interface for errors (Meeting topic: swift)"21:13
notmynametimburke: this is your patch21:13
notmynamepatch 49653521:13
patchbot - swift - Simplify testing for logging at error vs exception21:13
timburkeso it is21:13
notmynamewhat's up? and what do we need to cover in this meeting?21:13
*** salv-orlando has joined #openstack-meeting21:14
timburkei'm not sure i like our logging adapter. feels like a bit much magic in and there's no guarantee that we'll actually get to use it21:14
timburkefurther, it encourages us to *always* log at exception and punt to the adapter to decide whether to include a traceback or not, which breaks from the expectations set by stdlib logging21:15
timburke...which in turn has us logging tracebacks for unexceptional things like trouble contacting memcached21:16
clayg@timburke well but that patch doesn't really address that issue...21:16
clayg@timburke that patch injects some magic lines into the fake logger so tests have to assert on what kind of traceback they expect or not?21:16
timburkenope. that all shook out because i proposed that patch (and all the parents that make us use logger.error/logger.exception per stdlib norms)21:17
claygtimburke: the memcache thing is readly fixed - an alternative solution would have been figure out if it could use a swift adapted logger when available and logged the Connection/Timeout stuff at .exception level21:17
timburkei hate logging, and i feel like i wasted some time shaving a yak that (maybe?) wasn't there. i don't even remember why this is on the agenda21:17
notmynametimburke: heh, so what is it we need to discuss about this patch?21:18
claygi added it to the agenda because I wanted to know how folks think about timburke's idea of injecting extra lines into the fake specifically to deal with how we test logging exceptions...21:18
notmynameah ha! it's clayg!21:18
claygcurrently we just assertEqual(errors, ['unexpected error was found doing xyz:'])21:19
*** georgk has joined #openstack-meeting21:19
*** salv-orlando has quit IRC21:19
clayg... but we *could* assertEqual(errors, ['unexpected error was found doing xyz:', '<magic string inserted by fake to represent expected traceback for MyExplosionErrror>'])21:20
*** krtaylor has quit IRC21:20
claygand I wasn't sure if that was a good idea - but timburke was confident enough to type it up and I felt obligated to form an opinion - but wanted help21:20
notmynamegot it21:20
claygwe could ignore it because it's too hard to form an opinion - we ignore lots of stuff21:21
timburke...except who knows whether that represents reality *any better* because of the automatic traceback-silencing21:21
notmynameso (1) does anyone have any immediate "whoa that's great" or "ewww yuk!" feedback? and (2) who can look at it in the next few days to provide more informed feedback21:21
claygtimburke: that's a good point!21:21
acolesso one outcome is that in future we get a heads up when making assertions about logs and think more about the log level?21:22
timburkeacoles: that was the goal, yes21:22
acolesso long as your test checks all the log lines21:22
torgomaticI sort of want to take all the special cases out of our logger's exception() method and have our logging work more like stdlib's logging. Everyone knows how stdlib logging works.21:22
claygtorgomatic: I think timburke is on that same page!21:23
mattoliverauSo to test if there is a traceback.. is there ever a time we actually want a traceback to actually test for it. Other then when we find something unexpected, which by definition is unexpected. I mean do users actually like tracebacks in logs21:23
acolestorgomatic: +121:23
*** baoli has quit IRC21:23
claygno one likes tracebacks in logs except developers - when something blew up for unexpected reasons I like to know why - I also like the process not to die/shutdown/start-over.21:23
torgomaticmattoliverau: I might want to test for it sometimes if I'm testing a catchall exception handler, but that's the only one that comes to mind.21:24
claygI think the special casing in logging.exception was in response to mostly the fact that no-one likes tracebacks in lots21:24
torgomaticI like the patches that have been going by to stop logging tracebacks when we know how to handle the error.21:25
notmynameso what are we going to do? ignore this patch? commit to review it?21:25
timburkemattoliverau: there are a few places that we currently test for the traceback. the trouble is that you have to consciously go looking for it21:25
claygtimburke: did we decide that currently LogAdapter.exception *does* get executed when using a debug_logger - or not?21:25
timburketorgomatic: except i'm not sure they were actually getting logged before! there was exactly one that actually came up in logs i've seen (BadStatusLine when the proxy was talking to a backend server)21:26
*** sapd has quit IRC21:26
claygtorgomatic: so on one of those I found a case where moving from exception to error that *had* been hitting the special casing in exception caused the format to change sort of needlessly (we already weren't logging a traceback, now where weren't logging a traceback with slightly less automatic context but differently)21:26
claygseemed likely to annoy some grok patterns - which led to tim's discovery of LogAdapter.exception's weird special case behavior21:27
notmynamewe need to move on for the sake of time. what's the next thing to do here?21:27
timburkemattoliverau: fwiw, those would look like
claygumm... that's why i put it on the agenda - next step wasn't clear for me?21:28
*** georgk1 has joined #openstack-meeting21:28
*** georgk has quit IRC21:29
*** rledisez has joined #openstack-meeting21:29
timburkepunt to PTG?21:29
timburkeor grill rledisez! rledisez cares about logs :-)21:29
*** noslzzp has quit IRC21:29
rledisezsorry, i'm very late :)21:29
notmynamerledisez: and very popular it seems :-)21:29
timburkerledisez: (don't actually feel like you have to form an opinion on the spot :-)21:30
rledisezsorry, i'll have to check the logs to have a opinion21:30
claygok, so step 1 was raise awareness , we'll talk about it and timburke will do something sane-ish21:30
mattoliverauSign, phone won't goto the lines in question when following the link. I'll follow up looking today at at least add my 2 cents to the review for what's that worth in the review.21:30
notmynameclayg: ok21:30
notmynamemattoliverau: thanks21:31
acolesthanks for raising awareness, I was not fully aware of these quirks before21:31
notmyname#topic adding domain_remap functional test21:31
*** openstack changes topic to "adding domain_remap functional test (Meeting topic: swift)"21:31
notmynameacoles: did you add this item, or did clayg? ;-)21:31
patchbotpatch 435929 - swift - Functionnal tests for domain_remap middleware21:31
acolesnotmyname: I did :) and rledisez has arrived just in time21:31
notmynameok, so what do we need to cover here in the meeting?21:32
claygapchacpahcacpahp romain wrote it, timburke and acoles reviewed it and it's not mergeD!?a;lksdjf21:32
acolesI wanted to get wider opinion on a couple of things with this patch21:32
timburkewell, it's also gonna need a devstack change before it can merge21:32
patchbotpatch 494014 - openstack-dev/devstack - Allow both Keystone and Tempauth reseller prefixes21:32
claygit doesn't change any behavior?21:32
timburkeeven *if* you hit +A right now21:32
notmynametimburke: gate seems happy with it now21:33
timburkenotmyname: Depends-On21:33
acolesfirst is, I thought in the past maybe we tried to make functional tests pass against any reasonable cluster - but IDK if I imagined that? with these tests there is an assumption about the config of the cluster21:33
notmynameAIUI, functional tests should pass against anything calling itself a swift endpoint. and stuff that isn't default should be skipped based on /info results21:34
acolesi.e. storage_domain, which is not published in /info, so the tests will fail unless you have example.com21:34
claygacoles: yeah that's wrong - why is there some many + on it?21:34
acolesnotmyname: right. so the tests do skip id domain_remap is not in the pipeline21:34
claygoh, that's not *terrible* then21:34
timburkeis there any reason *not* to publish storage_domain in /info?21:34
*** armax has quit IRC21:35
acolesbut we do not publish storage_domain21:35
claygtimburke: good question!21:35
notmynamerledisez: what do you think?21:35
acolestimburke: that's a great question21:35
notmynamerledisez: any reason to hide it?21:35
rledisezactually, we run this test against our prod clusters21:35
rledisezexcept if it's not the exact same code? i should probably check it21:35
notmyname...and it fails because you don't host on ;-)21:36
timburkehey, you could always list it anyway :-)21:36
timburkewe accept *multiple* domains now, it's great!21:36
rledisezand they succeed (or we don't prod…). so, i guess i have slighty different code on our branch. i'll check it right now21:36
notmynamemy initial reaction is that there is no reason to hide the storage domain from /info21:37
notmynameacoles: what's your second "wider opinion" thing?21:37
claygacoles: if you can demonstrate: given a swift cluster X with domain remap that *works* - these tests fail - that sounds like a test bug (or at minimum a test configuration issue)21:37
claygnotmyname: I could imagine being in some list for "reasons" and not wanting to advertise it :\21:38
acolesnotmyname: second thing was about adding domain_remap to the sample proxy pipeline.21:38
rledisezacoles, notmyname: i run a different version of this test on our prod cluster, without hardcoded don't know why i submited this. i'll try to update that21:38
claygnotmyname: I think a test.conf thing could also work, or discoverability could be optional - in which case the tests either have to skip or be configurable again21:38
*** edmondsw has joined #openstack-meeting21:39
claygrledisez: AWESOME!21:39
claygrledisez: is awesome21:39
notmynameclayg: adding storage_domain seems better :-)21:39
notmynameacoles: why add it or not add it to the example pipeline?21:39
acolesclayg: yeah adding to test.conf seemed like one option but if people are happy to publish storage_domain then that works21:39
claygno... I meant like if I'm "" but I used to be "" I might want to not break the internet and also not advertise the old name?21:39
claygor typos...21:40
acolesnotmyname: what if anything governs what goes in the sample pipeline? it seems to be used as the basis for the install guide21:40
timburkefwiw, adding it was an easy way to have devstack be sure to have it enabled21:40
claygyou said "I can't think of I why I don't want to publish.." - I can imagine "reasons" - but idk21:40
*** sgrasley1 has quit IRC21:40
*** edmondsw_ has joined #openstack-meeting21:40
rledisezthere is no need to advertise it, as you can get it from the token (keystone catalog or that tempauth stuff i don't know about)21:40
*** sgrasley1 has joined #openstack-meeting21:40
rledisezthis is how our version of the test is written for now21:41
claygum... I don't think domain_remap should be in the sample pipeline right now21:41
notmynameclayg: I agree21:41
claygacoles: why do you think it should be?  IME most people don't use it21:41
claygI always forget how it works21:41
acolesclayg: I don't, but the patch puts it there, and I wasn't sure how to feel about that21:42
notmynamethe sample pipeline is governed by us. we can do whatever we want there. I think other groups (devstack?) take it as a signal because they don't know the current details of what might be configured21:42
claygwat!?  why?  because of devstack?21:42
rledisezclayg: as a number, 30% to 40% of our trafic on public cloud is about domain_remap21:42
notmynameif we need special dispensation about getting a config change into devstack that is different than the sample config, I'm happy to fight that for anyone21:43
acolesI think the in process func test setup is also driven from the sample conf - but I guess that's ok cos the new tests would just skip21:43
*** eharney has quit IRC21:43
timburkeclayg: weren't *you* the one that suggested putting it in sample configs? "I think most of the gate tests use the *other* example config? gate job logs seem to maybe confirm?"21:43
kota_why not doing like in-process func tests like encryption?21:44
*** edmondsw has quit IRC21:44
acolesoh but IIRC jrichli made it possible to have custom in process pipeline for encryption, so we could have a custom domain_remap in process func test21:44
notmynamekota_: that's a good idea21:44
acoleskota_: yeah, that! :)21:44
*** ijw has joined #openstack-meeting21:44
notmynameacoles: do you have enough based on this conversation to know what to do in gerrit (/cc rledisez)?21:45
*** lpetrut has quit IRC21:45
*** edmondsw has joined #openstack-meeting21:45
claygtimburke: past me has proven to be the biggest idiot I've ever known - don't trust anything he says.21:45
*** edmondsw_ has quit IRC21:45
joeljwrightclayg: I'm sorry, but past me is a way bigger idiot21:45
*** esberglu has quit IRC21:45
acolesnotmyname: yes, thanks everyone. rledisez sorry but I will -1 until we resolve discovering the storage_domain, and I will look at how we could customize an in proc func test job21:46
rledisezkota_: i'm not aware of that in-process func test. can i still be able to run the func test on a real cluster?21:46
acolesrledisez: no, in process tests setup their own swift services21:46
notmyname#topic PTG prep21:46
*** openstack changes topic to "PTG prep (Meeting topic: swift)"21:46
*** askb has joined #openstack-meeting21:47
notmynameok, last topic for today (14 minutes left)21:47
*** mriedem_away is now known as mriedem21:47
notmynamein that etherpad, we've got the currently collected topics of interest21:47
notmynamethat's great, and thanks for updating it21:47
notmynamewe've got 1.5 weeks before the PTG21:47
notmynameand it would help everyone if we can actually prepare instead of catching up from zero in denver21:48
*** kjw3 has quit IRC21:48
notmynamefor example, let's talk about container sharding in denver, but read the current patch before we get there21:48
notmynamethat's what I mean21:48
notmynameso i've added a new line to each topic: "what to review before the PTG"21:48
timburkethat's just the patch i was thinking i ought to load into my head :-)21:48
notmynamesome of the obvious-to-me ones I've already filled in21:48
notmyname(like contaienr sharding)21:48
notmynamebut some of the others I don't know, and I need help21:49
mattoliverauTo answer you question, yes it would help :)21:49
mattoliverauAlso gives me reading for the long flight ;)21:49
notmynameline 76. "suffix hashing protocol". acoles, rledisez, clayg, kota_?21:49
notmynamewhat should we review for that one?21:49
*** Manuel_112 has joined #openstack-meeting21:50
notmynameis there something on or an existing patch?21:50
tdasilvanotmyname: I think clayg wanted us to take a look at protbuf21:51
notmynameacoles: EC rebalance topic is empty21:51
claygyeah, i'll add the wiki link21:51
claygi'll try to sketch out some patches and add them to the etherpad21:51
notmynametdasilva: do you have any info for the HML topic? or the gnocci driver?21:51
notmynameclayg: great!21:51
rledisezmaybe starting a dedicated etherpad? i know what i would like for this, but i don't know what are clayg plans21:51
notmynamekota_: "ring rebalance strategy work" is a topic you added. anything needed more than the linked patch and bug?21:52
tdasilvanotmyname: no, I need to ping hseipp for HLM and nothing for gnocchi atm21:52
acolesnotmyname: ?"EC rebalance topic is empty"21:52
notmynamem_kazuhiro: the auto tiering topic is on the etherpad. what can we review before the PTG?21:52
mattoliveraurledisez: feel free to add both some wiki link and and etherpad.. let's just get the information so it's easy to find :)21:53
notmynameacoles: sorry. the "what to review before the PTG". is there more than the linked patch?21:53
m_kazuhironotmyname: There are some patches. I'll add links to the etherpad page.21:54
notmynamem_kazuhiro: thank you21:54
kota_notmyname: they are different topics between "ring rebalance strategy" and "ec rebalance"21:54
*** Manuel_112 has quit IRC21:54
notmynamekota_: yes, there are 2 different topics listed on the etherpad21:55
kota_the first is for *general* rebalancing issue, that link is for description WHY current rebalance is worse21:55
acolesnotmyname: OIC. I think clayg had an etherpad going on reconstructor improvements21:55
claygno i did... oh you mean this one ->
notmynamekota_: if there's anything else that would be helpful to think about before we all get to denver, please link to it on the etherpad21:56
kota_but I'm feeling the solution for the first one is not straight forward so that I'd like to gather opinions on that at PTG21:56
claygyeah that stuff is >6mo old but still relevent despite the awesome improvements to EC rebalance using mattoliverau's great idea for multi-process strategy21:56
kota_and the next one "ec rebalance" is for improvemnt on Reconstructor work for ec21:56
acolesclayg: ack I added that21:56
kota_notmyname: ok21:56
*** VW has quit IRC21:57
notmynametdasilva: ok, thanks (HML, gnocci)21:57
*** georgk1 has quit IRC21:57
claygkota_: yeah your rebalance issue is totally different than the other rebalance topic(s) - was that already ack'd21:58
notmynameI think having some prep work for topics listed will be helpful in denver. thanks for filling them out21:58
kota_the mattoliverau's link "" looks like for Suffix Hashing protocol21:58
*** Manuel_112 has joined #openstack-meeting21:59
kota_probably, we could use "rebalance" word everywhere in different topics :/21:59
notmynamekota_: heh. every problem is a rebalance problem ;-)21:59
notmynamewe're pretty much at full time for the meeting.22:00
kota_it's critical issue to discuss for us ;-)22:00
acolesnotmyname: do we have zaitcev's PUT POST patch on the list? I believe he will be in Denver22:00
notmynameacoles: I added it under the golang topic22:00
notmynameplease continue to add helpful links to the PTG topics22:00
notmynamethank you for your work on swift22:00
*** edmondsw has quit IRC22:00
notmynamethanks for coming today22:01
acolesnotmyname: ok great22:01
*** openstack changes topic to "OpenStack Meetings ||"22:01
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