Tuesday, 2020-11-10

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openstackgerritGhanshyam Mann proposed openstack/nova master: Improve policy doc for supported scope info  https://review.opendev.org/76201300:31
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openstackgerritMaAoyu proposed openstack/os-traits master: bump py37 to py3 in tox.ini  https://review.opendev.org/75743200:44
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openstackgerritMerged openstack/nova stable/victoria: Update pci stat pools based on PCI device changes  https://review.opendev.org/76170001:09
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openstackgerritjichenjc proposed openstack/nova master: Print more helpful info when qemu validation failed  https://review.opendev.org/76203504:52
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openstackgerritXinran WANG proposed openstack/nova-specs master: SRIOV Enabled Nic Support Specification  https://review.opendev.org/74278506:28
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openstackgerritXinran WANG proposed openstack/nova-specs master: SRIOV Enabled Nic Support Specification  https://review.opendev.org/74278507:03
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bauzasgood morning Nova09:05
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gibi"Delay in Elastic Search: Up to date"11:22
gibihm, did infra cleared the 144 hours of queue?11:22
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stephenfinlyarwood, gibi, kashyap: Could you folks cast your eye over https://review.opendev.org/#/q/topic:bp/smarter-usb-devices this week?11:32
gibiadded to my list, but it is now behind the cyborg shelve/unshelve patch where I'm really late already.11:34
kashyapstephenfin: On a phone; will queue, sir11:35
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sean-k-mooneylyarwood: is "libvirt.libvirtError: internal error: missing block job data for disk 'vda'" something that is currently happening on bionic12:04
sean-k-mooneyit looks like that is what is calling the grenade multi node job to fail during a paused live migratrion12:05
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lyarwoodsean-k-mooney: yeah https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/1901739 - I should move this back to open12:07
openstackLaunchpad bug 1901739 in OpenStack Compute (nova) " libvirt.libvirtError: internal error: missing block job data for disk 'vda'" [High,Fix released] - Assigned to Lee Yarwood (lyarwood)12:07
* lyarwood looks at https://review.opendev.org/#/c/742056/12:09
sean-k-mooneyok do w ehave a workaround e.g moving master to focal for grenade12:09
sean-k-mooneyvictoria should have been focal anyway right12:10
lyarwoodsean-k-mooney: correct12:10
lyarwoodsean-k-mooney: and we are going to backport moving these jobs to focal to stable/victoria AFAIK12:10
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sean-k-mooneyoh you removed the parent of the grenade job by mistake but https://review.opendev.org/#/c/742056/ corrects it and movs to v312:16
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sean-k-mooneylyarwood: could we make the multinode grenade job nonvoting until  https://review.opendev.org/#/c/742056/  is merged12:31
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sean-k-mooneyi think we also will need to use the cloud archive to get libvirt 6.0 for some of the other stable branches12:32
sean-k-mooneythat have to run on bionic12:32
sean-k-mooneyam i correct in assuming ussuri proably has support for blockdev too or was that added in victoria12:34
sean-k-mooneyhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/1901739/comments/6 is the root cause right?12:34
openstackLaunchpad bug 1901739 in OpenStack Compute (nova) " libvirt.libvirtError: internal error: missing block job data for disk 'vda'" [High,In progress] - Assigned to Lee Yarwood (lyarwood)12:34
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sean-k-mooneyi think im going to repopose https://opendev.org/openstack/devstack/commit/7f7f488bc385dd707a3a6d8dae7859bbe72182e5 with victoria instead12:40
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kashyapsean-k-mooney: Yeah; the workaround is mentioned in the bug as a comment13:06
* kashyap hopes he "committed' the comment13:06
sean-k-mooneyusing libvirt 6.0.013:07
sean-k-mooneyreally that just means we are not fixing the issue form openstack and raising the min libvirt13:07
sean-k-mooneywhich is not really a good thing13:07
kashyapsean-k-mooney: It's using the legacy "-drive" approach; and the modern one ("-blockdev") should fix it13:07
kashyapsean-k-mooney: It's not an OpenStack issue13:08
sean-k-mooneyyep i know13:08
sean-k-mooneyand i also know we cant force libvirt to only use drive or blockdev13:08
sean-k-mooneywhich is why we can workaournd it form nova13:08
* kashyap nods13:09
sean-k-mooneymy point is for all deployments that cant use libvirt 6 there is no way for them to work around this13:09
sean-k-mooneywell excpet upgrade13:09
sean-k-mooneyanmyway i think the victoia cloud archive had 6.0.013:09
kashyapYeah; the whole backports / how far back should upstream support is a tricky thing13:10
sean-k-mooneyso im going to bump the version we use in devstack on the older branches13:10
kashyapThe answer is: "if you want such backported fixes", use an "enterprise" distro13:10
kashyap(So goes the argument)13:10
sean-k-mooneywell no13:10
sean-k-mooneythe anser is that libvirt could actully maintain branches and do backports13:10
kashyapWell, they do that13:10
sean-k-mooneythey dont which forces distros to do it13:10
kashyapBut how you have to backport is an upstream decision13:11
sean-k-mooneyyep its just a strange one13:11
kashyapThey maintain several "stable" branches13:11
sean-k-mooneyvery few work the way they do13:11
sean-k-mooneyanyway this is simple tweek13:11
sean-k-mooneysince it packaged in the uca13:12
kashyapI never claimed it's all perfect :)13:12
sean-k-mooneyif it means i dont have to keep rechecking stuff then thats good enough13:12
lyarwoodsorry just back from lunch13:13
sean-k-mooneylyarwood: im assuming the zuulv3 patch will take a while to merge13:13
lyarwoodhmm that's a good point about the UCA, why isn't the grenade bionic job using it?13:13
sean-k-mooneylyarwood:so im just going to swap to victoria uca which has 6.0.013:13
sean-k-mooneyit is but train13:13
lyarwoodright kk13:14
sean-k-mooneywe when with train when we tought the other qemu detach thing was a focal issue13:14
lyarwoodand yeah either way the multinode grenade change isn't simple13:14
sean-k-mooneythat gives us 5.2.013:14
sean-k-mooneyon tain i think13:14
lyarwoodeven calling the old scripts is borked as it assumes we are using devstack-gate etc13:14
lyarwoodsean-k-mooney: ack13:14
lyarwoodhttp://ubuntu-cloud.archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/dists/bionic-updates/ I don't see Victoria listed here however13:16
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kashyapstephenfin: Really nice rework here - https://review.opendev.org/#/c/756551/13:18
kashyap(Also the commit message :))13:18
sean-k-mooneyi kind fo feel like using tabels in a commit is cheating but ya it explains things well13:19
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kashyapsean-k-mooney: Hehe; what else would you use?13:30
kashyapIn my books, it's perfectly fair game to see tables in a commit message :)13:31
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stephenfingibi: Have you seen the comment on https://review.opendev.org/#/c/738482/ ?13:42
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stephenfingibi: There's a bug report filed for it here https://bugs.launchpad.net/tripleo/+bug/190365513:46
openstackLaunchpad bug 1903655 in tripleo "Compute component jobs in master branch are failing with ERROR nova nova.exception.DBNotAllowed: nova-compute attempted direct database access which is not allowed by policy" [Critical,Triaged]13:46
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gibistephenfin: thanks for the notification, I haven't seen it13:50
gibiI have to be on a call, but after It I will look into it13:58
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openstackgerritLee Yarwood proposed openstack/nova-specs master: WIP - Image and flavor defined ephemeral storage encryption  https://review.opendev.org/75228414:11
lyarwood^ reviews welcome on that spec now btw, still WIP but hopefully ready for serious reviews. I'll have PoC code updated this week once I've written the func tests.14:13
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* bauzas is about to cry about duplicate code in the unittests for build_and_run_instance() method :)14:53
sean-k-mooneythat does a lot14:56
sean-k-mooneyim guessing the duplicaiton is a result of that but havent looke at the test for it in a long time14:57
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gibistephenfin dansmith:  I've looked into https://bugs.launchpad.net/tripleo/+bug/1903655 and it seems that tripleoo configures [api_database]/connection for the nova-compute service and that causes that the service version check assumes that we are in a top level controller service which can access the api database https://github.com/openstack/nova/blob/master/nova/utils.py#L1064-L107215:16
openstackLaunchpad bug 1903655 in tripleo "Compute component jobs in master branch are failing with ERROR nova nova.exception.DBNotAllowed: nova-compute attempted direct database access which is not allowed by policy" [Critical,Triaged]15:16
dansmithgibi: yeah I saw your analysis and I'm sure you're right15:17
gibiis ther a smarter way to decided if we are inside a cell?15:17
dansmithwe have other such checks I think, so this is probably just the first time they've hit something fatal to even notice15:17
dansmithno, I think this is a good thing15:17
dansmithalthough, hmm15:17
dansmither, yeah, this is just compute that's failing15:18
dansmithso yeah, I think this is good15:18
gibisame could happen with a cell controller as well15:18
gibiI mean a cell conductor15:18
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dansmithyep, but that's fine15:18
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dansmitha cell conductor shouldn't be, but can be configured with api_connection (for the last few reasons why you might need it), but it'll just survey the whole cluster instead of the cell, but that should be fine15:19
gibiI see, the remaining upcalls15:20
stephenfingibi: That sounds reasonable. What's the remedy though? I assume we can't simply say "don't do this", at least not without a deprecation window?15:22
gibiOK then now I feel better about asking tripleoo folks to check and fix there nova-cpu.conf15:22
gibistephenfin: if this is an invalid config then nova-compute is allowed to fail on it15:23
dansmithgibi: definitely. we don't deploy it that way in devstack, and I'm pretty sure we've had and fixed this issue downstream15:23
dansmithI'm surprised the upstream tripleo is still doing it15:23
stephenfinOkay, can we add a check to nova-compute startup to hard fail on that config being present?15:23
stephenfinSo the error is more obvious?15:23
gibistephenfin: that is a good point, but I think the current service level check runs first and fail first15:24
gibistephenfin: so I cannot add this to the _inithost15:24
gibior I can but it is pointless15:24
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gibibuuut I might be able add someting to the cmd15:24
dansmithso, we have another such check in rpcapi, and a catch for them doing it wrongly, with a warning to explain15:25
dansmithso, I'm guessing they've also not configured upgrade_levels=auto,15:26
dansmithelse they would be exploding there too15:26
gibicould be, my tripleoo knowledge is close to 015:26
sean-k-mooneyi think we have a down stream bug for this15:27
dansmithpoint being, this is not a new behavior or requirement15:27
sean-k-mooneyowalsh was fixing it15:27
dansmithsean-k-mooney: I thought he did a while ago, which is why I'm surprised we're still seeing it15:27
sean-k-mooneywe hilighted that there nova.conf was wrong15:27
gibidansmith: thanks for the pointer I will add that to my comment in the bugreport asking tripleoo to fix the conf15:27
sean-k-mooneyim not sure if it has merged15:27
dansmithgibi: ++15:28
sean-k-mooneyhe was rewriting the config gen to not put the db creds in the compute nodes15:28
sean-k-mooneywe merged a hack to make 16.0 work but i dont know if the real fix is merged15:28
sean-k-mooneyill check15:28
dansmithgibi: we have another check for api.connection in conductor, which is how it knows if it's a cell or global conductor. doesn't affect compute, but just FYI for prior art15:29
sean-k-mooneythat is the ooo fix15:29
sean-k-mooneyits not merged yet15:29
dansmithsean-k-mooney: ah yeah, from april.. hence my assuming it was done15:29
dansmith2020 has been a bit of a time warp15:29
sean-k-mooneydansmith: they used to config auto15:29
sean-k-mooneythe hack was to not15:29
dansmithsean-k-mooney: ah, heh15:30
sean-k-mooneyowalsh: o/15:30
sean-k-mooneythis is the bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/tripleo/+bug/187148215:30
openstackLaunchpad bug 1871482 in tripleo "nova-compute must not configure api database" [High,In progress] - Assigned to Oliver Walsh (owalsh)15:30
sean-k-mooneythis was the hack https://review.opendev.org/#/c/737287/15:30
sean-k-mooneywhich is train only15:30
sean-k-mooneynot on master15:30
sean-k-mooneythat is why tehy are hitting this now15:31
sean-k-mooneyvictoria and train dont have it15:31
sean-k-mooney*victoria and master15:31
owalshok, they need to stop doing that. RPC version pinning is pointless with FFU15:31
dansmithowalsh: note that this new failure is unrelated to pinning,15:32
dansmithbut to a check for service versions which fails on the compute if they have api_database.connection set on the compute15:32
sean-k-mooneyyep that was the root cause of the orginal issue15:32
sean-k-mooneyso its the same thing15:33
dansmithsean-k-mooney: right, they just can't work around this new one by disabling =auto15:33
sean-k-mooneyah ok15:33
sean-k-mooneywell i think they only get this check if we have auto set15:33
dansmiththis is now done at compute startup15:33
sean-k-mooneyoh instead of condtionally15:34
sean-k-mooneygot it15:34
owalshok, this is master only?15:34
dansmiththe fail is master only,15:35
sean-k-mooneyso ya not a nova bug https://review.opendev.org/#/c/718552/ just need to be finished15:35
dansmithwe backported it to V but as a warning only15:35
gibidansmith: I'm affraid the backport also blows15:35
sean-k-mooneywe shoudl be backporting the ooo change in anycase15:35
dansmithohh, right right15:35
dansmithbecause it tries and explodes before it warns15:35
dansmithgibi: we could catch DBNotAllowed and warn on stable15:35
gibidansmith: yes, I will do that15:35
dansmithgibi: maybe just do that on master too, to satisfy stephenfin's concern and then we can backport it cleanly15:36
sean-k-mooneywell do we need to15:36
gibidansmith: good idea15:36
sean-k-mooneywe can but we shoudl be fixing ooo15:36
sean-k-mooneythey are genering an invalid config15:36
dansmithsean-k-mooney: we're just talking about logging more helpful messages,15:36
dansmithand avoiding a breakage on stable15:36
dansmithbut yes, this is a ooo thing to fix15:37
sean-k-mooneyyep and it was orginally a 16.1 relase blocker15:37
gibiyes, I want to keep stable stable, or else elod will haunt me15:37
dansmithsean-k-mooney: we backported this as a warning, but we'll explode before we warn now, if they have this config, so we need to also catch this error and warn for that too to avoid introducing a new startup fail on stable15:37
sean-k-mooneysure that a good thing to do15:38
sean-k-mooneyim just going to find the downstream bz and bump it with a blocker flag request before 16.215:38
owalshack, I think https://review.opendev.org/718552 is pretty much done but I wanted to run some manual tests for corner cases before removing the -W15:39
stephenfinGoing with a warning rather than exploding on master would be less aggressive, for sure15:42
dansmithwe still need to abort startup on master,15:43
stephenfinyup, agreed15:43
dansmithwe can just catch the DB error, and log something relevant before we then abort15:43
stephenfinI know you already know, but the addition of the abort needs a reno15:44
dansmithand since the error is compute specific, we can do that in utils and know that it will only happen on computes, for the log15:44
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dansmithgibi already added one yeah?15:44
dansmiththis is going to abort for the same reason15:45
gibiyepp, reno is there15:46
gibiit is a bit different reno on the master15:46
stephenfinI thought it would abort because we had API DB configuration on a compute node?15:46
gibithis is the master one https://review.opendev.org/#/c/738482/10/releasenotes/notes/prevent-starting-services-with-old-compute-fc80b4ff58a2aaea.yaml15:46
bauzasdansmith: just a quick question, amirite to delete https://review.opendev.org/#/c/761452/1/nova/compute/manager.py@a5115 for the RPC API 6.0 ?15:46
gibistephenfin: I can extend the reno to explain the api config issue too15:47
dansmithgibi: you could catch the db exception and then do the single-cell check if you get it,15:47
gibidansmith: that is a good point too15:47
dansmithgibi: avoiding the different behavior, although that won't help get people to stop configuring their computes wrong15:47
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stephenfingibi: I think that would be good15:48
dansmithso I guess decide whether you want to lump that in or not15:48
gibiI think if the rule is not to configure api db for the compute service, then it is clearer to fail on it15:48
bauzasdansmith: because even if the wallaby computes would use 5.11 (as it's the victoria API version) in case of a rolling upgrade, then they will only get objects ?15:48
dansmithgibi: so, you could make this not explode, and then follow up with a separate check of just that config thing with a separate abort, separate reno, etc.. just saying you _can_ separate them I think, if you want15:49
sean-k-mooneygibi: you should not configre any db creds on teh compute not just api15:49
dansmithsean-k-mooney: indeed15:49
sean-k-mooneysince we removed the local conductor in icehouose they have not been used15:49
gibidansmith: ahh, so just split the change into two commit15:49
sean-k-mooney*icehouse ish15:49
gibidansmith: I can do that15:49
dansmithgibi: if you want.. make the existing check smart if it hits the compute error, knowing it should fall back to the single-cell check,15:50
dansmithgibi: and then a separate patch to check that no db creds are set15:50
dansmithgibi: I'm happy to write that second one if you want15:50
gibidansmith: thanks, I think I can do both15:50
gibiand I will make them separate15:50
stephenfinso in one patch, we're catching that error and logging a warning instead (or falling back to the second call), and then in another we hard fail if DB configuration is present on a compute node?15:50
dansmithgibi: okay15:50
stephenfinmaybe I should just wait for the patches :)15:51
dansmithstephenfin: yes15:51
stephenfinlovely :-)15:51
dansmithbauzas: you're asking if you can effectively only support 5.11 and not 5.0 in the bridge release that also supports 6.0?15:52
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bauzasdansmith: yeah, or whether we could wait until X15:52
*** xek_ has joined #openstack-nova15:52
bauzastbh, we would need to wait15:52
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sean-k-mooneybauzas: well 6.0 would be 5.11 right15:53
dansmithbauzas: I think technically that works, but it's cheating of course... I guess I'd prefer to wait just to make it fully clean,15:53
bauzasbut given the 5.1 version was for something like Queens, then I'm pretty sure that none of the clients would pass a legacy dict15:53
sean-k-mooneythat what we normally do15:53
dansmithbut if it's something very hard to hold across the line, then maybe worth it15:53
bauzasdansmith: okay, then I'll remove it15:53
bauzasand we would remove those for X15:53
sean-k-mooneydansmith: isnt that what we did for the 5.0 and 4.0 bumps15:54
bauzasin case people look at my change later, maybe they wouldn't understand why we would remove this15:54
bauzassean-k-mooney: we still need to support 5.x in Wallaby15:54
bauzasat least 5.1115:54
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dansmithbauzas: I'm not sure what you've decided.. are you going to leave the 5.0 stuff until X or strip it down to only be 5.11?15:54
bauzasdansmith: tbh, I don't have a opinion15:54
sean-k-mooneyi think we stiped it for 5.015:55
bauzasdansmith: but after what you told, let's not delete the 5.0 support in my change15:55
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sean-k-mooneywe could jsut check the patch15:55
dansmithif you do it now, then you've got a lot of change, right? de-5.0ing the existing code, supporting 6.0, plus anything else we add between now and then, followed by a de-5.11ing in X15:55
bauzaswe could discuss about whether we would delete the <5.11 support before X15:55
dansmithwhereas if you leave it all, then you just de-5.x the whole thing at once15:55
bauzasdansmith: yzah15:55
bauzasanyway, nevermind15:55
bauzasI'll return it15:56
dansmithsean-k-mooney: I don't think I stripped the older 4.x support when we added 5.0 until after we dropped 4.x, but I could be wrong15:56
sean-k-mooneythis was the 5.0 bump  https://github.com/openstack/nova/commit/a761e57368280b6d3e931831ecd393fd5787b3ef#diff-91f79786d7e3744c39926c88bbafe3b727630fa4eb48e845686d7f12f876d06715:56
bauzassean-k-mooney: dansmith: nevermind, again15:57
sean-k-mooneyso it loks like queens supported both15:57
dansmithsean-k-mooney: that's the drop of 4.x not the bump15:57
sean-k-mooneythen we droped in rocky15:57
bauzasfor the main change, I'll just provide a new 6.0 RPC version but we will support 5.015:57
sean-k-mooneyso i guess we do that15:57
sean-k-mooneyso drop in X15:57
dansmithand you notice all the 4.x intermediate version parameter defaults are still there15:58
bauzasand then we could do a remove in a later change that we could drop for 5.0 to 5.10, or just wait for X15:58
dansmithbauzas: wait for X IMHO15:58
bauzasit would be simplier15:58
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openstackgerritSylvain Bauza proposed openstack/nova master: WIP: Bump the Compute RPC API to version 6.0  https://review.opendev.org/76145216:25
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openstackgerritBalazs Gibizer proposed openstack/nova master: Improve error handling during service level check  https://review.opendev.org/76217517:21
openstackgerritBalazs Gibizer proposed openstack/nova master: Prevent nova-compute start with DB credentials  https://review.opendev.org/76217617:21
gibistephenfin, dansmith, sean-k-mooney: ^^ I followed what we discussed (or I hope so)17:21
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gibiI will leave for today now but tomorrow I can fix comments17:22
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stephenfingibi: ta17:25
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sean-k-mooneygibi: yep that is what we discussed or at least what i understood we said we should do.18:03
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openstackgerritLee Yarwood proposed openstack/nova-specs master: WIP libvirt: Allow the default machine type to be changed  https://review.opendev.org/76219919:44
openstackgerritLee Yarwood proposed openstack/nova-specs master: WIP libvirt: Allow the default machine type to be changed  https://review.opendev.org/76219919:45
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