Friday, 2021-12-10

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opendevreviewRiccardo Pittau proposed openstack/releases master: Release bifrost 12.0 for yoga
opendevreviewRiccardo Pittau proposed openstack/releases master: Release ironic 19.0 for yoga
opendevreviewMarios Andreou proposed openstack/releases master: Release final TripleO stable/ussuri
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opendevreviewMerged openstack/releases master: Release bifrost 12.0 for yoga
opendevreviewMerged openstack/releases master: Release ironic 19.0 for yoga
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ttxI might be a few minutes late to the release meeting13:07
elodillesttx: ack, then we will not hurry :)13:12
opendevreviewMerged openstack/releases master: [mistral] Transition Ussuri to EM
opendevreviewMerged openstack/releases master: [adjutant] Transition Ussuri to EM
opendevreviewMerged openstack/releases master: [freezer] Transition Ussuri to EM
opendevreviewMerged openstack/releases master: [watcher] Transition Ussuri to EM
elodillesreminder: meeting will start in 2 mins13:58
elodillesaaaand, it's time. let's start14:00
elodilles#startmeeting releaseteam14:01
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elodillesPing list: hberaud ttx armstrong14:01
hberaudthe time flies...14:01
hberaudit's already 3pm14:02
elodillesttx will be late a few mins as he mentioned an ~hour ago14:02
hberaudno problem14:02
elodilleshberaud: well, and december :) almost yoga-milestone-2 :)14:02
hberaudI was just thinking it was 1 or 2pm14:02
elodillesso we are at line 11614:03
elodilles#topic Review task completion14:04
elodillesso the only task was:14:04
elodillesPrepare Xena cycle trailing, deadline is next week14:04
elodillesI've sent the reminder mail ( )14:04
elodillesand actually we didn't need to propose another patches14:05
elodillesas the former trailing-xena branch cut patches (with releases) were still open:14:05
elodillesand next week is the deadline for trailing-xena releases, if i'm not mistaken14:07
hberaudthe 1614:07
elodillesso these should be merged next week until 16th of December14:08
elodillesanything to add here?14:08
elodillescool, thanks14:08
elodillesthen next topic14:09
elodilles#topic Skipping next 3 meetings?14:09
hberaudAnyway I won't be online between the 20 and the 3 of january14:09
elodillessince that will be holiday period i think this is fair14:09
ttxyeah I think if we assign tasks in advance we should be fine14:10
elodillesI'll be also on PTO, but will read mails and check patches time to time14:10
elodillesttx: o/14:10
elodillesok, I see no objections14:11
fungii'll still be around if there are problems, feel free to reach out14:12
elodilles#agreed Skip meetings for week R-15, R-14 and R-1314:12
elodillesfungi: good, thanks! be careful what you offer, we might need your help :)14:13
elodilles#info next meeting is R-12, 7th of January14:14
elodilles#topic Assign R-15 and R-13/R-12 tasks14:14
elodillesnext week task is:14:14
elodillesReview any remaining trailing project exceptions14:15
elodillesi've added 'all' to it, hope it's not a problem o:)14:15
elodillesthen the next one is from tasks of week R-1314:16
elodillesAhead of MembershipFreeze, run governance_consistency.py14:16
elodillesoh, i see ttx added himself there \o/14:16
ttxall covered now14:16
elodillessweet, thanks to all \o/14:17
hberaudWhere are the task for milestone 2?14:17
elodilleshberaud: do we miss something?14:18
ttxthey have been trimmed a bit14:18
hberaudlet me check14:18
ttxbut they are there14:18
hberaudNo it's ok sorry14:18
hberaudttx is right14:18
elodillesi see only those:
ttx1 2 3 match, the description in truncated14:19
hberaudI was thinking that more tasks were there14:19
opendevreviewPierre Riteau proposed openstack/releases master: Release cloudkitty 13.0.1 for victoria
hberaudmy bad14:20
ttxwe all should refer to the process doc instead14:20
elodillesmaybe "subtask" were added separately in the past?14:20
ttxno, probably just a copypaste error14:20
hberaudI was expecting more primary tasks14:20
opendevreviewPierre Riteau proposed openstack/releases master: Release cloudkitty 14.0.1 for wallaby
elodillesshould i add any task to the tracking pad?14:21
hberaudno it's ok14:21
hberauduntil the root task is there it's ok14:22
elodilleshberaud: ok, cool. of course if it's more that you volunteered for, then I can take over things14:23
elodillesjust let me know14:23
elodillesanything else regarding this topic?14:24
hberaudI think it's ok and you are on PTO monday and tuesday so let us help you :)14:24
elodilleshberaud: ack :)14:24
elodilles#topic Review week R-13's countdown email content (could be done at R-13 week meeting?)14:26
elodilleswell, let's review it now since we agreed to skip R-13 o:)14:26
elodillesbut R-12's mail can be reviewed in 1st week of January14:27
elodilleson the meeting14:27
elodillesfor now, please review:14:27
ttxthat "Changes proposing those deliverables for inclusion in Yoga have been14:30
ttx" part assumes there are governance inconsistencies14:30
ttxbut I guess people can ignore it14:31
ttxI updated the wording so that it works in all cases14:32
ttxLGTM now :)14:32
elodillesI see, thanks!14:32
ttxAlso added a happy new year14:33
elodillesI'll send it 30th or 31st of December :)14:33
ttxit's my non-robot side14:33
elodillesttx: :D14:33
elodilleseven better :]14:33
fungieven robots can be cheerful14:33
elodillesindeed :)14:33
ttxthere must be a gif for that14:34
elodilles* for everything :]14:34
hberaudhopefully it won't be to much happy14:36
fungimore like ol' bob from the black hole14:36
elodillesok, i guess we can go to the last topic14:37
elodilles#topic Open Discussion14:37
fungiwe seem to have recently acquired an inefficiency in updating zuul's persistent configuration state on project branch creation14:39
fungiit's not particularly noticeable on one or a handful of new branch events, but when all of openstackansible got new branches added earlier this week, or when starlingx added a new branch to all of their repos yesterday, it left the ci system running basically no jobs for a few hours14:40
fungiit shouldn't act that way of course, and it's on our radar, just wanted to give you a heads up14:40
elodillesyeah, i noticed that, and suspected that openstack-ansible's branch creation has to do something with it14:41
fungiand if you're about to merge a change which adds lots of new branches, maybe give us a heads up14:41
fungihopefully we'll have it fixed soon14:42
elodillesfungi: ack, thanks for the info, we'll try to remember that14:42
elodillesthough i guess we are not expecting now any other 'mass branch creation' patch14:43
fungiprobably not until rc time, but just in case14:43
elodillesyepp, thanks, noted!14:43
elodilles#action in case a change which adds lots of new branches is about to merge -> give heads up to infra team14:45
elodillesand added here as well ^^^14:45
elodillesfungi: ++14:46
elodillesanything else?14:46
hberaudbranch creation will start at R-614:47
hberaudso 3-4 weeks before RC14:48
hberaudelse nope nothing on my end14:48
elodilleshberaud: yes, around rc1 patches, right?14:49
hberaudnope around final library rlease deadline14:49
fungioh, branching for libs14:49
elodillesoh, i see, sorry14:49
fungiyeah, i didn't think about that14:50
fungiwell, hopefully it'll be fixed by then anyway14:50
hberaudit will happen in 10 weeks14:50
hberaudso we are a bit large14:50
elodillesok, i'll search for that in the tracking page and maybe add a note there14:50
elodillesokay, if there's nothing else, then let's close the meeting14:51
elodillesthanks everyone for joining! o/14:52
opendevmeetMeeting ended Fri Dec 10 14:52:24 2021 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)14:52
opendevmeetMinutes (text):
ttxthanks elodilles 14:52
hberaudthanks elodilles 14:53
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