Friday, 2022-07-22

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opendevreviewMerged openstack/releases master: Update _CLOSED_SERIES set
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elodillesreminder: weekly meeting is about to start in 30 mins13:30
opendevreviewLajos Katona proposed openstack/releases master: Create EOL tags for neutron-vpnaas train and ussuri branches
opendevreviewElod Illes proposed openstack/releases master: WIP: Proposed release schedule for Antelope (26w)
elodillesoh, it's time14:00
elodilleslet's start14:00
elodilles#startmeeting releaseteam14:01
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elodillesPing list: armstrong ttx hberaud diablo_rojo_phone14:01
elodilleswe are a bit further down than the middle @ line 22814:01
elodilleshmm, folks are on summer vacation as it seems :)14:04
fungisounds like a good idea ;)14:05
elodilleslet's run through the agenda to have some logs about the tasks14:05
elodillesfungi: yepp, indeed, i was planning it myself, too, but was lazy to do that, so here i am :D14:05
elodillesmaybe i'll take some days off next week :]14:06
elodillesanyway, let's start14:06
fungii know what you mean. i've been forgetting to take time off ever since this pandemic started (and even before, i'm sure)14:06
elodillesexactly like that...14:06
elodilles#topic Review task completion14:07
elodilles1st task: '    Review any remaining milestone-2 exceptions (all)'14:07
elodilles    all the remaining patches were merged ( )14:07
elodilles2nd task: '    Reach out to project teams that have never-released deliverables and ask if they are ready to be included in Zed (or prefer to wait, or should be dropped). (elod)'14:08
fungiseems like skyline got their pypi projects fixed up so they can release?14:08
elodillesthis was technically the continuation of R-13 week's task about deliverables vs governance project list consistency check task14:08
elodillesfungi: yepp, they fixed it and ready to release14:09
elodilleswith the help of ttx (thanks!) skyline team managed to merge their patch14:10
elodillesfrom venus team i got no answer (July 22nd) but patch was proposed:
elodillesthis needs some work still, but hopefully will be updated & merged, not like last cycle14:11
elodillesi'll keep an eye on it14:11
elodillesfor the panko patch ( )14:12
elodillesi've proposed a fix in python-pankoclient repo:
elodillesafter that the validator should pass14:12
elodillesbut this one has no deadline anyway14:13
elodillesso only venus team's deliverables is the one which needs attention14:13
elodillesotherwise we are good with this task too14:14
elodilleslast task was: '    Plan the next release cycle schedule (elod, armstrong)'14:14
elodilles1st of all: we have the name for the next cycle: Antelope \o/14:15
fungithanks aprice and everyone else involved!14:15
elodillesindeed, thanks for managing the process! \o/14:16
elodilles(i was searching for the mail meanwhile) 14:17
elodilles#info Antelope is the next cycle's name --
elodillesand back to the task14:18
elodillesunfortunately armstrong had some emergency issue with hospital visiting involved :S hope everything is OK there!14:18
fungiyeah, hope all is well14:19
elodillesso i've started the planning myself:14:19
elodillesWIP patch proposed (26 weeks long) for Antelope cycle:
fungisee inline comments, i think the doc build failure is because parameters have to come immediately after directives, you can't have an empty line between them14:20
elodillesthe planned release date is 05 April, 202314:20
elodillesfungi: thanks14:21
fungiso it's thinking the parameter is supposed to be content, and that directive doesn't allow content, hence the rather strange error message14:21
elodillesthe date is just before Easter14:21
elodillesfungi: ack, i'll update the patch soon :)14:23
elodillesthanks for the pointers14:23
elodillesnevertheless, the question is about the release date and milestones14:23
elodillesmaybe the release date should be one week earlier14:24
elodillesconsidering Easter...14:24
fungiyeah, easter is 4 days later14:25
elodilleson the other hand i thought this fits just before it, and '26 weeks' is also a good length14:25
fungipassover also starts on the 5th14:25
elodilleshmmm, then it is also not that good14:26
elodillesi've tried to see different cultures different holidays but wasn't sure which are bank holidays14:27
elodillesi don't think we should have longer than 26 weeks long cycle,14:28
fungiif we're hoping to make the release more "visible" then after easter/passover could work better. releasing right before, much less on, a holiday people are likely to file the info away and then forget about it while they're enjoying time off14:28
elodillesbut then i'll propose a 25 week long schedule as well and folk can vote14:28
fungii can also check with foundation marketing folks and see if they think there might be a good "sweet spot" week in the calendar for improving our audience reach with the announcement14:30
elodilleshmmm, so you vote for longer schedule, which should be then around 28 weeks long, since there is Easter + holidays 14:30
elodillesfungi: ack, that would be awesome! thanks for doing that!14:31
elodilleslet me know when there is an answer and i'll update the plan accordingly14:31
elodilles#agreed fungi will check with foundation marketing folks if they have a preference about the release date14:32
elodillesfungi: ^^^ marked it, otherwise i might forget it o:)14:32
fungithanks. i've already asked them, but there may be some delay in getting feedback14:33
elodillesof course, they have to think it through as well14:33
fungieither they'll add comments to the review or i'll quote them there myself14:34
elodillesfungi: ++, sounds perfect14:34
elodillesokay, this is on track so let's move on with the topic14:35
elodilles#topic Assign R-9 tasks14:35
elodillesi've added my name to the tasks :)14:35
elodilles#topic Open Discussion14:36
elodillesfor starter, i had a quick topic: 'Skip next week's (R-10) meeting?'14:36
elodillesas there is summer as we can see + there is no listed tasks for R-10 anyway for release team14:37
elodillesgiven the low number of attendants of this meeting i think this is a sign that we can skip :)14:38
fungii'm doing my best not to let you get lonely!14:39
elodillesthanks fungi o:)14:39
elodillesanything to mention here under 'Open Discussion' topic?14:40
fungii have nothing, no14:40
elodillesthanks, then let's end this meeting! :)14:41
elodillesthanks for participating fungi ! :)14:41
opendevmeetMeeting ended Fri Jul 22 14:41:37 2022 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)14:41
opendevmeetMinutes (text):
fungiany time!14:41
elodillesit's better to talk to someone, otherwise schizophrenia would take over on me :D14:46
opendevreviewElod Illes proposed openstack/releases master: WIP: Proposed release schedule for Antelope (26w)
elodillesfungi: you were right about the patch, the empty line was the problem14:55
fungiawesome. it was just a guess14:55
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fungielodilles: see updated comments for pointers on the new doc build failure, and also feedback from foundation marketing folks15:26
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opendevreviewElod Illes proposed openstack/releases master: WIP: Proposed release schedule for Antelope (26w)
elodillesfungi: i've accidentally run tox with the wrong target, but fixed the issues after i realized :S ^^^15:55
elodillesfungi: thanks for the comments, will update the patch now according to it!15:55
fungiit's my pleasure, as always!15:55
opendevreviewElod Illes proposed openstack/releases master: Proposed release schedule for Antelope (25w)
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opendevreviewElod Illes proposed openstack/releases master: Proposed release schedule for Antelope (25w)
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