Friday, 2022-08-12

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opendevreviewElod Illes proposed openstack/releases master: [OpenStackSDK] Releasy python-openstackclient for Zed
opendevreviewElod Illes proposed openstack/releases master: [OpenStackSDK] Releasy python-openstackclient for Zed
elodillesreminder: 10 minutes until the weekly meeting!13:50
elodillesready, steady,13:59
elodilles#startmeeting releaseteam14:00
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elodillesPing list: armstrong ttx hberaud diablo_rojo_phone14:00
elodilleswe are at L27114:00
elodilles#topic Skipping next week meeting? (no hberaud, reduced ttx availability for meeting)14:01
elodillesthis seems OK to me14:02
ttxyeah we just need to assign tasks and review things today for next week14:03
elodillesR-6 is the one with heavier tasks (actually, 1 task, the autorelease task)14:03
elodillesttx: ++14:03
elodilles#agreed Skip R-7's weekly meeting14:04
elodilles#topic Review task completion14:05
elodillesthere was 1 task, which i realized as part of an other ongoing task:14:05
elodilles'    Make sure the next development series name has been added to the data/series_status.yaml file. (elod)(armstrong)'14:05
elodilles    part of schedule plan patches:
elodillesso we *just* have to make sure that one of them lands soon14:06
ttxyeah, we just need to ask the TC to pick one14:07
ttxunless they see the thread14:07
ttxif they ask us to pick, I have a slight preference for the 24w one14:07
elodilles#action elod to ping TC to pick preferred schedule plan (24w vs 25w long)14:08
ttx(as explained in the thread)14:08
elodillesttx: yes, seems logical to chose the 24w long (if the PTG can be planned the next week after release)14:09
* Guest139 sneaks in late14:09
* elodilles noted ttx preference in case the decision comes back14:10
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elodillesdiablo_rojo_phone: o/14:10
diablo_rojo_phoneHello :) Sorry :) 14:11
elodillesokay, i think we can move on14:11
elodilles#topic Assign R-7 tasks + R-614:11
elodillesactually, i've added my name already to all tasks,14:12
elodillesas tasks are mostly some signaling ones14:12
elodilles(except the autorelese one as I mentioned)14:12
elodillesokay, let's move on14:15
ttxthanks elodilles !14:15
elodillesttx: np :)14:15
ttxelodilles: to be clear wwe do not know when we'd schedule teh PTG... just the 24w schedule gives more options14:15
elodillesttx: ack, thanks for the info14:16
elodillesttx: definitely it is easier to pick a date if the week after the release is among the options14:16
elodilles#topic Review countdown email contents (+R-6?)14:17
elodilleslet's review first the mail for R-714:17
elodillesplease review ^^^14:17
ttxshould we place the deadlines on Thursdays?14:19
ttxprobably.. fixing14:20
elodillesoh, weren't they Thursdays? :-o14:20
armstrongAugust 18 is a  Thursday :)14:21
ttxmost were on Thursdays, just some weren't14:21
ttxI fied it, lgtm14:21
armstrongOK 14:21
armstrongLGTM! 14:22
elodillesttx: thanks!14:22
elodillesRC1 is tricky as we always mark the week there14:23
ttxyep :)14:23
elodillesbut the deadline is thursday14:23
elodillesthanks again for fixing14:23
ttxdo you have the other one to review?14:23
elodillesttx: not yet14:23
elodillesif you give me 2 mins i'll send this one and prepare the next mail14:24
ttxworks for me!14:25
elodillesOK, i think that is ready, please review:
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armstrongelodilles: "Zed-3 milestone: September 1st, 2022 (R-5 week)"14:33
armstrongsould this be : Zed milestone-3 ?14:33
elodilleswell, we sometimes refer the milestones as milestone-3 and sometimes Zed-314:34
elodillesso as far as I know these are equal o:)14:35
armstrongOK thanks14:35
elodillesno problem, thanks for reviewing :)14:35
armstrongLGTM! 14:36
elodilleswill do! (but not now :))14:38
elodillesonly next Friday :)14:38
elodilles#topic Open Discussion14:39
elodillesanything to discuss?14:39
fungii guess the release managers are still planning to have a session at the (now virtual) ptg?14:39
elodillesoh, fungi , you are right!14:40
elodillesthanks for mentioning that!14:40
elodillesi've signed up the team to the PTG :)14:40
fungiif so, i'll try to make sure to join so long as i don't have any conflicting sessions14:40
elodillesbefore the deadline \o/14:40
elodillesfungi: ack, thanks in advance!14:41
fungiwell, now today is no longer the deadline ;)14:41
* fungi continues to willfully procrastinate14:41
ttxnothing more on my side14:42
elodillesnothing comes into my mind either14:43
elodillesso let's finish then!14:43
elodillesas usual, thanks for joining the meeting!14:43
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opendevreviewElod Illes proposed openstack/releases master: [murano] Transition Pike to End of Life

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