Wednesday, 2010-08-25

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PythonPupHowdy.  Probably nobody is still up.  I just setup a swift system.  It seems to have had no problems.  I don't know how to interpret everything for sure.  If I want to shut it down cleanly for the night, what do I do?07:01
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pandemicsynPythonPup: swift-init all stop07:05
pandemicsynshould shut down everything save for memcache and rsync07:05
PythonPupthank you07:05
pandemicsynmight be swift-init stop all ...i can never remember ;)07:05
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PythonPupswift-init all stop gave me a list of a bunch of things not running.  So, I guess that is it.07:08
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abieni cant seem to set a root password inside a gentoo CT (via --userpasswd).07:43
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abienHow do i best debug this?07:53
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abienignore what i wrote, fc08:29
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uvirtbotNew bug: #623888 in nova "euca-upload-bundle -b mybucket -m /tmp/vmlinuz-2.6.32-23-server.manifest.xml" [Undecided,New]
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gundlachi've got two branches out that can't merge to trunk because they are failing test_multiple-volume_race_condition and test_too_many_volumes.  They pass tests locally on my box.  Any idea what I'm doing wrong?14:42
gundlachmaybe i have the wrong version of some library installed?14:42
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mtaylorgundlach: eday and I were talking about that yesterday ... I'm going to try having tarmac run the tests in a venv and see if that helps15:37
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mtaylorgundlach: although if that _does_ help, there's something to investigate15:39
gundlachi run my tests in a venv, but maybe my libvirt version is different ,or something15:40
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mtaylorgundlach: well... the venv thing certainly went poorly on the hudson box16:20
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mtayloreday: can you look at the last comment on ...16:22
mtaylorjaypipes: or you16:23
mtaylorfirst thing I'm getting is     ImportError: No module named greenlet16:23
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spackestso, does swift spray blocks or files to individual servers?16:40
spackestI have a use case where I have a say 1 tb drive that I would want to ingest into swift as fast as possible16:40
spackestanyone done such a thing?16:41
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mtayloralright - so running nova-tests in the venv has a couple of additional depends - swig needs to be installed, apparently openssl-dev needs to be installed ... and the python packages that depend on greenlet really should be declaring them as depends16:41
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spackestor a 400 gig tape16:42
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spackestwow, this room has often been much more active, folks out at cowboys training camp down in texas or something? :)16:55
mtaylorgundlach: lp:~mordred/nova/fix-venv-test ...
mtaylorgundlach, eday, jaypipes, soren or someone... double check that for me ... I'd like to get the merge queue unstuck16:56
spackesthmm, guess five hours is a little ways16:57
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jaypipesmtaylor: looks fine.  why still in the pip-requires file though?17:01
mtaylorjaypipes: uh - I dunno. felt like it should be listed there since it's a require, even if pip's dependency ability is crappy17:02
mtaylorjaypipes: happy to remove it if you want :)17:02
jaypipesmtaylor: nah, was just wondering..17:02
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mtaylorjaypipes: (could you mark it approved so I don't look like a bad person...)17:05
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jaypipesmtaylor: of course :)17:06
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mtaylor    from twisted.scripts import trial as trial_script17:14
mtaylorImportError: No module named twisted.scripts17:14
mtaylorwhat does one install to get twisted.scripts?17:15
mtayloralso, I'm still getting failure in [ERROR]: nova.tests.volume_unittest.VolumeTestCase.test_multiple_volume_race_condition - even when I run by hand on that box17:17
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mtaylorit's an error around popping a key - coudl this have anything to do with either redis version (I'm up to date on the box) or the fact that we're re-using the same running redis for all of these tests?)17:19
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mtaylorI just restarted redis and all is good17:19
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zookomtaylor: twisted.scripts would come with Twisted.17:29
zookoHow did you install Twisted/17:29
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mtaylorzooko: using the thing that launches17:30
uvirtbotNew bug: #624150 in nova "test system should be self contained" [Undecided,New]
zookoAnd what command-line is it that results in that ImportError?17:31
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mtaylorzooko: not 100% sure - this is all in the venv-based test runner - I was testing to see if using that on the hudson machine would solve the test failures we saw - but now it's turned out it was a redis thing, so I don't need to use the venv system anymore17:33
mtaylorzooko: although someone should probably figure out what was going on at some point - all I was doing was: bash -V17:34
creihtspackest: most of us are on our way to the left coast17:36
creihtbut files are streamed from the proxy to the obect nodes17:36
creihtoff to catch the next flight :)17:36
zookomtaylor: ok17:40
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_cerberus_eday, gundlach: Can I get one of you guys to peek at I want to merge it in and then continue down the testing path19:47
gundlachsure, will do19:47
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gundlachif you think it's ready for merging, click "Propose for merging"19:48
gundlach(I don't actually know how to view the diff on launchpad unless you've done that :/ )19:48
_cerberus_gundlach: ahh, of course19:49
gundlach_cerberus_: You might need to 'bzr merge lp:nova' and then 'bzr push', to get more inline with trunk.19:49
gundlach(and if you have merge conflicts, you use 'bzr status' to see what conflicts, i think, and then you edit the conflicting file to remove the conflict around the >>>>>>>> line, and then you 'bzr resolve <filename>')19:50
gundlachoh yeah, and there's a 'bzr commit' between the merge and the push19:50
_cerberus_gundlach: thanks man. Last patch I had go out you pulled from me and pushed ;-)19:51
mtaylorgundlach: your branches should merge now19:51
gundlachmtaylor: i saw that they both merged; thanks!  so was it something i did, or a problem on the server?19:52
gundlach_cerberus_: yeah, no idea what the normal flow is but i'm sure we'll get the hang of it19:52
mtaylorgundlach: problem on the server - restarting redis fixed it19:52
gundlachmtaylor: great19:52
mtaylorgundlach: which makes me feel more strongly that we should not depend on an already running redis in the test suite :)19:52
mtaylorgundlach: your description to _cerberus_ is pretty right on, actually19:53
gundlachmtaylor: yeah, i would agree with that!  again, i don't know enough to actually go *implement* it rather than gripe about it, but i think having a one-button deployment including running the test suite would be a Real Good Thing19:54
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gundlachmtaylor: so would a FakeRedis backend solve the problem?19:54
gundlach(this particular problem)19:54
mtaylormight be easier to just add code to start a redis server on a random port and use that...19:55
gundlachmaybe one day we'll get to the point where we're stubbing redis, but maybe we'll be removing redis entirely so it's not worth it19:55
mtaylorgundlach: btw, once you guys upgrade to bzr 2.2 you can do the merge proposal submission on the command line right after the push ... bzr lp-submit19:55
gundlachmtaylor: good to know, thanks.19:56
gundlachi've got bzr 2.1.1 now (maybe i sudo apt-got it?)  -- do i need to go compile from source to get 2.2?19:56
letterjmtaylor: I have our multi-server lab set up to start testing swift branches.  Should I create a lab account in launchpad to use to pull branches?19:57
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eday_cerberus_: still looking at the new stuff you did, but the one thing that needs to be fixed is reworking the branch to rename files rather than rm/add (for the two tests you moved into tests)20:08
edayI know you said you had some difficulties with git/bzr interface or something, but we should work out how to do that :)20:08
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letterjmtaylor: nevermind20:12
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johnbergoonanyone know of a networking irc channel, preferably something focused on procurve or ospf/bgp routing discussions20:13
jerosuch as #cisco ?20:14
johnbergoonyeah, but cisco calculates ospf costs a bit different than HP procurves from what I understand.... I guess I could try #procurve20:15
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spackest1anyone tried to use java-cloudfiles with swift?  I get 36 failing java-cloudfiles tests, many around junit.framework.AssertionFailedError: Unrecognized SSL message, plaintext connection20:26
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sorenmtaylor: I looked at the python-sphinx thing in Ubuntu. Apparantly, there was some amount of fallout from going from 0.6.6 to 1.0.x when they tried it in Debian, so I'm really hesitant to ask for an update in Ubuntu at this point. I'm in no mood to spend more time on non-openstack things and I'd feel somewhat compelled to help clean up the mess if the world breaks because of it.20:39
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jaypipes_cerberus_: did that comment on the code review about bzr mv make sense?20:55
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gundlachcan anyone tell me how to create a new milestone for Nova in launchpad (milestone = 'later') for bugs that are filed that we won't address before the Austin release?21:06
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_cerberus_jaypipes, eday: yeah, I follow. Sorry, was in a meeting21:23
_cerberus_eday: You say reworking. Is there a way I can readily do that in my existing branch now that it thinks I've deleted and added it elsewhere?21:26
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eday_cerberus_: probably easiest to branch trunk new again, do the bzr mv's, and then just copy your new files in and add/commit21:27
_cerberus_eday: ahh, ok21:28
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edayvishy: can you review lp:~eday/nova/remove-cloud-topic for me?23:29
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