Thursday, 2010-08-26

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creihtholoway: Hey Adam, I just realized that the config changes to the current dev version of swift means that the chef scripts are not going to work05:42
holowaycreiht: do you have a summary of the changes?05:42
holowaycreiht: I'm happy to update mine05:42
creihtjust the config files were changed05:43
holowaycreiht: and I know littleidea has the ones cloudscaling wrote05:43
creihtI wasn't sure if they were related05:43
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holowayhis branched from mine05:43
holowaybut it's all one big tent, you know? :)05:43
holowaywhats the right way to handle this going forward05:44
holowayit feels like it could easily be a bug that gets opened05:44
holowayand assigned05:44
creihtNot sure05:44
creihtI meant to tell you earlier, but totally forgot :/05:44
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creihtholoway: and there is one more dependency (python-pastedeploy)05:46
holowaycreiht: hey, it's cool - I love that you remembered05:46
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holowaythis is how open source works, you know?05:47
holowayrandom IRC late at night05:47
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aghasterI just got my hosting on rackspace cloud, and uploaded some videos13:20
aghasterbut the mime type is set to application/octet-stream for mp4 and webm videos13:20
aghasterwhile it is correct for ogg theora13:20
aghasterI don't see anything to configure that in the panel13:20
aghasteris there anything in the API that could be used to set it?13:20
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notmynameaghaster: ya, the CP is, um, lacking in certain areas. you have to set the content-type properly on upload with the API to be sure that it is set properly14:05
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notmynamenice. looks like there is some somewhat official support for swift in cyberduck (latest snapshot)
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notmynameaghaster: if your storage url starts with storage101 (which it should if you just got a cloud files account), you can do a server-side copy to a new object name and set the content type that way.14:20
notmynameaghaster: that will be faster than reuploading the files from your machine (and no bandwidth charges)14:21
notmynameaghaster: there is no way to set the content-type on an object that is already uploaded. content-type is only set on object creation14:22
ctennisnotmyname: yeah, I talked with the cyberduck author about it - and tested it, and it works well14:24
notmynamegreat to hear!14:24
gholtI guess we'll be removing the howto at some point soon then, hehe.14:24
notmynamegholt: I'm happy to have docs that are made obsolete because the functionality becomes a first-class part of a third-party tool14:25
gholtMan, that's a lot of words for this early. Stop that.14:25
notmynameya, my body can't figure out if it's 7:30 or 9:30. yay (minor) jetlag14:26
ctennisI hear ya14:27
ctennisyou're in SF for the meetup, notmyname ?14:29
ctennisexcept my body thinks it's 10:3014:30
notmynameaghaster:  <-- changing an object's content-type with a copy14:31
notmynamectennis: yikes.14:32
ctennisso I'm not sure if I just ate breakfast or pre-lunch14:32
creihtnotmyname: btw breakfast is pretty decent down stairs14:33
notmynamegreat. I'm about to get ready and head down there14:33
aghasternotmyname: so I need to make a copy while specifying a new mime type, but I can14:34
aghastercan't just set the new mime type without making a copy?14:34
aghasterI've started playing with php-cloudfiles14:34
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notmynameaghaster: correct. since you can't set content-type except at object creation, the easiest way is to create a new object with copy and delete the old object) rather than reupload the old object again14:35
notmynamethis is especially true for large objects14:35
aghastereh, I have about 40 videos14:35
aghasterok then14:35
aghasterI'll try to script that14:35
notmynamehmm.. let me try something else14:36
notmynameaghaster: looks like you can copy to the same file and set the content-type that way :-)14:37
creihtaghaster: Unfortunatly it is a little more complicated than just flipping some bit to change the content-type14:38
notmynamethe bad news is that you won't have that functionality in any of the rackspace language bindings (now). so you need to write something (bash script for curl?) that does the copy14:38
creihtaghaster: btw, for future reference, ther is a #cloudfiles irc channel where you can ask questions about rackspace cloud files specific topics :)14:40
aghastercreiht: thanks :P14:41
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uvirtbotNew bug: #624687 in swift "test/unit/obj/ has a buggy test" [Undecided,In progress]
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gundlach_cerberus_: any chance you could look over ?15:35
gundlachand, did you apitest thing merge after you did the bzr mv stuff, or do you need me to review it?15:35
_cerberus_gundlach: per edays advice, I deleted my branch, recreated it, used bzr mv like a normal human being, and then moved all my files in and repushed. So I had to create a new merge proposal. I haven't had a chance to check this morning yet, but I suspect it's not been reviewed/approved yet15:37
gundlachgimme a link and i'll review15:37
_cerberus_gundlach: and yes I can look at your branch in a bit15:38
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gundlach_cerberus_: reviewed, needs a small fix15:52
mtaylor_cerberus_: just so you know for next time ...15:52
mtaylor_cerberus_: you could do bzr push --overwrite to push that new branch you made over top of the old bad one15:53
_cerberus_mtaylor: Ahh, thanks :-)15:53
mtaylor_cerberus_: and then there is a "resubmit proposal" link on the right hand side of the merge proposal page15:53
mtaylor_cerberus_: I've been meaning to start blogging some useful bzr/launchpad tips and tricks...15:53
_cerberus_mtaylor: that would be fantastic15:54
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murteasHi guys, I have a swift instance running, and I am trying to setup the cloudfiles java api so that it can talk to swift, however I am running into a problem.17:34
murteasI have setup swift with the suggested user and password of test tester and testing17:35
murteasHowever, when I try to create a client with the java api using a file and a simple java file like this:  public class Cftest {17:36
murteaspublic static void main(String[] args) throws HttpException, IOException {17:36
murteas FilesClient client = new FilesClient();17:36
murteas client.login();17:36
murteas client.createContainer("ApiTestContainer");17:36
murteas File f = new File("/tmp/testfile.djs");17:36
murteas client.storeObject("ApiTestContainer", f, "text");17:36
murteas }17:36
murteasI get a connection time out.17:36
murteasAny idea which service I should look at on swift to see if it is getting the connection?17:36
creihtmurteas: first place to look would be to see if you have any errors in /var/log/syslog or messages17:37
creihtmurteas: and can you also verify that you can make a request via curl or cf, as described in the saio doc?17:38
murteastrying now....17:40
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murteasSorry for the delay.   yes, I can make sucessful requests via curl as documented in the saio docs.17:48
creihtmurteas: Then it sounds like there may be something weird going on with the bindings17:49
creihtI'm not very familiar with the java bindings, sorry17:50
murteasnp... I appreciate any help.   I haven't done anything special.  Just built with ant and then tried to run the unit tests (which fail).17:50
creihtare the failures timeouts?17:50
creihtoh, I can imagine all the tests will not pass, since there is some functionality not available (like CDN stuff)17:51
murteasThe first thing the tests do is try to create a client (which fails)17:51
murteasI haven't been too concerned with the failures past that, as that is a "show-stopper" :)17:52
creihtmurteas: can you paste the whole stacktrace you are getting at
murteassure, just a moment17:54
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murteasIt is here:
creihtmurteas: I'm going to see if I can duplicate it on my VM17:58
creihtlooks like it is timing out when trying to login17:58
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murteasThe client is created (from the values in the and then it simply can't login.  I am trying to track down what is preventing the login.17:59
creihtI don't have very much bandwidth here to install java/ant/etc in a timely manner17:59
creihtmurteas: in your properties file, is your auth_url http or https?18:00
creihtare you running the auth server as https?18:00
creihtthe dev instructions set it up as http18:01
murteasI just followed the dev instructions, so it must be http.18:01
murteasLet me change that and see if that does the trick.18:01
creihtmurteas: ok first thing I would try is changing to http in your properties file18:01
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murteasNo luck, same error.18:04
creihtmurteas: can you paste your properties file?18:06
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creihtmurteas: what if you tried:
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murteasI'll try it18:11
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murteascreiht:  same result.18:14
murteasIt was worth a try.18:14
creihtmurteas: can you try turning on the debug logging?18:15
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murteasHow do I turn on debug logging on swift?18:16
creihtmurteas: for the java client18:17
creihtmurteas: what if you tried using this instead in your example above:18:21
creihtFilesClient client = new FilesClient("test:tester", "testing");18:21
murteasI've tried that as well, same result.   That is what I tried first.18:22
creihtwhat about18:22
creihtFilesClient client = new FilesClient("test", "testing", "tester");18:22
creihtFilesClient client = new FilesClient("tester", "testing", "test");18:22
creihtis what I meant18:22
murteasI'll try it.  :)18:23
creihtI'm just shooting in the dark at this point :/18:23
murteasHey, I appreciate it.  I've been banging my head against the wall, so I'm willing to try anything at this point18:23
creihtmurteas: And just for clarity, are you running the java examples on the vm, or on the host?18:24
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murteasEverything is on the same vm18:24
murteasjava examples and swift18:24
creihtgotta run for now... will bbl18:24
murteasNo problem.  Thanks for the help.18:25
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vvuksani am going through some of the swift documentation20:33
vvuksani created an account using swift-auth-create-account20:33
vvuksansudo /usr/local/bin/swift-auth-create-account account test test20:34
vvuksanwhich yields20:34
vvuksanhowever if I then try20:34
vvuksanst -A -U account:test -K test stat20:34
vvuksanit gives me20:35
vvuksanswift.common.client.ClientException: Account HEAD failed: 401 Unauthorized20:35
vvuksanso apparently it's able to pull up account info ie. d0cbbbb5-833a-4a05-a07c-bcd1abfa0f6c but i get 40120:36
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luciano11hi - i'm new to nova, and during setup instructions on the wiki  i have been unable to get a vpn created, and after looking through the code, I am still mystified as to how to get that accomplished.   How exactly is the vpn config created?21:47
luciano11this is using nova-manage vpn list, where it returns "project network data has not been set". I have already created a user and project btw21:49
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