Wednesday, 2010-09-01

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vishywow only 8000 changed lines00:49
vishyand here i thought my branch was big :p00:49
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uvirtbotNew bug: #627792 in openstack-common "Support getting a logger" [Undecided,New]
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masumotokmsg nickserv set hidemail on08:43
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sorenDoes anyone know where mtaylor is these days?10:10
sorencreiht, gholt: Unless you guys complain (much), I'm going to upload Swift to Ubuntu based on lp:~soren/swift/ubuntu today.10:11
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chmouel /msg nickserv set hide email on10:55
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jonesy_fell off for a while -- vacation you know :)12:36
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creihtsoren: Any reason to complain?12:45
sorencreiht: Not that I can think of. It's all very inoffensive.12:46
sorencreiht: I'd just feel rude not to ask.12:46
creihtwhat is the latest commit about jquery?12:47
sorenInstead of shipping jquery.js in swift-doc, we now depend on libjs-jquery and use a symlink.12:47
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creihtdidn't realize that was in there12:48
sorensphinx puts it there.12:48
creihtstill seems a little weird to require libjs-jquery :)12:49
creihtfrom an outsider's viewpoint12:49
creihtmaybe we should make a swift-doc package12:49
sorenThere is a swift-doc package.12:50
sorenThat's the package that depends on libjs-jquery.12:50
creihtdidn't get that far yet12:50
creihtcool then :)12:50
creihtsoren: which version of code is this based off of?12:51
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sorenWe can still fix bugs all we want. All the way up to Ubuntu's release.12:52
sorenWell, and after, if we insist.12:52
* soren really has to run12:52
creihtI have no objections then12:52
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creihthrm... trying to install python2.5 on ubuntu is a bit of a pain :/13:09
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gholtI thought you just did apt-get install python2.5 heh14:21
creihtThat is no longer in the standard repos14:21
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creihtprovides older ppas14:22
gholtFun, can't you just easy_install python=2.5 ;)14:22
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sorencreiht: What happens if you add a sources.list line for karmic and install python2.5?14:56
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creihtsoren: that is a good question... I got it working with that ppa though14:56
vvuksansoren: hello :-)14:56
sorencreiht: Alright.14:56
sorenvvuksan: Hi :)14:56
vvuksansoren: i was wondering if you were able to rebuild any of the Ubuntu packages14:57
sorenvvuksan: I've gotten the PPA builds to work again today, so they'll get built today.14:57
vvuksani'm eager to try them :-)14:57
sorenvvuksan: and once bug 628027 is approved, a new snapshot will land in Ubuntu.14:58
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 628027 in nova "[FFe] Fresh snapshot of Nova" [Undecided,New]
vvuksanbtw I added chef recipes to install them14:58
sorenvvuksan: ...and I'll upload swift to Ubuntu today, too.14:58
vvuksansoren: are you using the ?14:58
sorenvvuksan: No.14:58
vvuksanhow do you build them then :-) ?14:59
* soren looks at builddeb.sh14:59
vvuksanthat is what's in nova github repo14:59
vvuksani tried using it14:59
sorenOh, I do pretty much the same thing.14:59
vvuksanbut it fails15:00
sorenHow so?15:00
vvuksanie. i get15:00
vvuksantail: cannot open `debian/changelog' for reading: Nema takve datoteke ili direktorija15:00
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vvuksanit means no file or directory15:00
sorenOh, you need to run it from the ubuntu-packaging branch.15:00
vvuksanwhich is where ?15:00
sorenbzr branch lp:nova/ubuntu15:00
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sorenAlrighty. Swift uploaded.15:05
sorenvvuksan: If you can wait a couple of hours, there should be fresh nova packages in the ppa for both Lucid and Maverick.15:08
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zulsoren: you might want to add rabbitmq-server as a dependency to the debian packaging for nova15:10
sorenzul: Nope.15:11
zulwhy not?15:11
sorenzul: Because it's not :)15:11
sorenzul: It needs a rabbitmq-server *somewhere*.15:11
sorenNot necessarily on the same box.15:11
zulanother bacula *sigh* ;)15:11
sorenI've yet to add the "nova-all-in-one" package that will install all the necessary components and run them on a single box.15:11
vvuksansoren: i can wait :-)15:12
vvuksanthat is why I have the nova-solo packages :-)15:12
vvuksanonce it's ready i just fire it up15:12
* soren is also working on Puppet recipes for Nova.15:13
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vvuksansoren: i checked out the ubuntu-packaging branch15:25
vvuksangot this error15:25
vvuksanerror: file '/home/vuksan/nova-packaging/ubuntu/bin/nova-rsapi' does not exist15:25
vvuksani see debian/patches/soren_nova_rsapi-rename.patch15:26
vvuksanyou need to also change  the path in setup.py15:27
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sorenvvuksan: That's what that patch does.15:40
sorenIsn't it?15:40
vvuksando i have to run the patches manually :-D15:40
sorendpkg should do that for you.15:41
vvuksanin that case it didn't run it15:41
sorenLet me check.15:41
sorenYou branched it and did what? ./
vvuksan bzr branch lp:nova/ubuntu15:41
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vvuksancd ubuntu15:41
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vvuksanthen sh builddeb.sh15:41
sorenworks for me.15:42
vvuksani'll try again15:42
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sorenwhich version of dpkg are you using?15:42
vvuksan# dpkg --version15:42
vvuksanDebian `dpkg' package management program version (amd64).15:42
vvuksan# uname -a15:42
vvuksanLinux cloud1 2.6.32-24-server #41-Ubuntu SMP Thu Aug 19 02:47:08 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux15:42
sorenvvuksan: Where on earth did you get that?15:43
vvuksandpkg ?15:43
vvuksanit's a stock 10.04 install15:43
vvuksani downloaded 10.04 server IOS15:43
vvuksaninstalled it15:43
vvuksanadded your repos15:43
vvuksanthat's the extent of it15:44
sorenStock lucid had
vvuksani just ran apt-get upgrade15:44
vvuksanstill no ubuntu415:44
sorenWhich mirrors are you using?15:45
sorenThis all sounds very, very odd.15:45
vvuksanstandard ones15:45
vvuksani didn't touch any of that15:45
vvuksanunless somehow I'm pointing to an outdated mirror15:45
sorenPlease try: dpkg-query -W -f '${Version}\n' dpkg15:46
vvuksan# dpkg-query -W -f '${Version}\n' dpkg15:46
vvuksan# dpkg -l | grep dpkg15:47
vvuksanii  dpkg                                                  Debian package management system15:47
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sorenPhew. Ok.15:50
sorenThat still doesn't explain why that patch isn't applied, though. Very odd.15:50
vvuksananyways i just did this15:51
vvuksanbzr branch lp:nova/ubuntu15:51
soren...and I just did the exact same thing.15:51
sorenI need t orun for a couple of hours for dinner and stuff.15:51
vvuksanand i will reattempt the builddeb.sh15:51
vvuksanyep fails right away :-(15:51
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jaypipesvishy: ping16:22
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_cerberus_So my api tests branch from the other day failed to merge based on volume test failures (which don't have anything to do with my ticket) What should I do?16:43
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gundlachmtaylor: you around?17:06
gundlachi imagine he'd be the one with the keys to fix it17:06
_cerberus_gundlach: I remarked as approved. It merged this time17:08
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edaygundlach: you're working on porting the ec2 API? I thought you were mostly focusing on the openstack/rs one?17:25
gundlacheday: i am working on the port at the moment, as Flavors and Images are done until Glance comes along.  Part of getting the RS API up is killing off the old Tornado code17:26
gundlachactually, the reworking is now done, i'm about to push to lp:~gundlach/nova/controllers-in-api, and then i'll have to figure out the unit tests.17:27
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edayahh, ok17:31
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vishyjaypipes: pong18:52
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*** squish is now known as vishy18:52
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jaypipesvishy: so...I have read all the code on your orm_deux branch and see you've come to a similar roadblock that I came to: that the project, user, and role information is in LDAP and doesn't follow the same API as all other dat aobjects...18:59
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jaypipesvishy: that said, I did like seeing sqlalchemy used.  Only I fear that sqlalchemy won't be usable for many of the things that redis is being used for19:00
edayvishy: I'm reading your branch too... why are you passing context all around if it's never being used? Always _context in the actual db.api implementation19:01
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soreneday: Good catch on my uml branch. I need to come up with a better workflow. I deploy it all on a cloud server, hack until stuff works, and then apply the diff from there locally, commit and push. Sometimes I split stuff up into multiple branches (because they're orthogonal changes) at which point there's too much manual fiddling involved and stuff like this happens.19:12
edayahh, yeah19:16
creihtsoren: btw, this has been sitting around for a while19:17
creihtcould you take a look at it?19:17
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sorencreiht: Well, um... I understand what it does, but my Swift-fu isn't strong enough to know whether what it does is desired.19:26
creihtThe end effect I believe is desired, my debian packaging-fu isn't strong enough to know whether the way it does it is desired :)19:27
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creihtthe main thing is that rsync needs to be a dependency for swift object, container and account servers19:29
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sorencreiht: Well, it certainly does that.19:37
sorencreiht: not-tools is not needed?19:38
sorencreiht: heh :) I meant net-tools.19:38
*** rsampaio has joined #openstack19:40
creihtsoren: net-tools is already a dependency of python-swift19:42
sorencreiht: Ah, the infamous missing context.19:43
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vishyeday: the idea is to be able to always have a context for logging and/or authentication on the data layer19:48
vishyjaypipes: all of the stuff that we needed sets for in redis, I've managed to make work with sql using SELECT .. FOR UPDATE19:50
vishyjaypipes: I haven't spent time thinking about exactly the best way to do users/projects/roles because the system works and It will probably stay as is for the nebula 1.0 release19:51
vishyjaypipes: but I think it really should be integrated somehow for openstack19:51
vishysoren: I tried running with uml inside my vm on my mac and didn't make it very far.  I get no instances showing up in virsh.  Is there additional setup that needs to be done besides just libvirt_type=uml19:54
sorenvishy: Are you running bleeding edge libvirt?19:55
vishysoren: no19:55
sorenvishy: Then you will lose.19:55
sorenvishy: I've sent 5-7 patches for this stuff to libvirt upstream. that lost two got accepted yesterday.19:55
vishysoren: is there a ppa or something that i can get it from, or do i have to build from source?19:55
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vishysoren: qemu works, but i wanted to try uml19:56
sorenvishy: I was meaning to upload it to the nova-core ppa this evening, actually.19:56
* soren does so.19:56
sorenvishy: You need it for Lucid, right?19:56
sorenOr maverick?19:56
vishysoren: running lucid in my vm19:57
sorenvishy: Oh, and you'll need my user-mode-linux package from lucid-proposed.19:57
vishysoren: i saw the linked bug...just need to add the proposed to sources list and do an update?19:57
sorenvishy: Once you've tested that, I'd appreciate an ack on bug #61794419:58
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 617944 in user-mode-linux "Stack limit testing broken in Lucid" [Undecided,Fix committed]
sorenvishy: I'd just grab the single binary directly.19:58
sorenvishy: For amd64:
edayvishy: writing up the merge prop review including this, but I'm suggesting having the db API be instances and have context be an instance member. passing it through every method/function seems messy19:58
vishyeday: that is fine with me, i wasn't responsible for the design of the db layer19:59
edayvishy: I may be missing some context (different context) of why this won't work/isn't as clean :)19:59
vishyeday: the author really likes flat, non-oo interfaces19:59
vishyeday: and I really don't mind it as long as it is clear20:00
vishyeday: the context needs to be passed in manager method calls20:00
vishyeday: because some of them are remote20:01
vishyeday: so when does the context get injected to the db object?20:01
edayvishy: not sure when, or how it would work exactly, just when I see that pattern it screams 'instance member variable' :)20:02
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vishyeday: it does seem cleaner that way, but avoiding shared state in distributed systems is always a plus20:03
vishyeday: if we can find a good place to set the context, then it seems fine20:04
vishyotherwise we might end up doing:20:04
vishydb.context = context20:04
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sorenvishy: There should be a fresh libvirt package built and ready in the nova-core ppa within half an hour or so.20:04
vishywhich is even uglier than db.instance_get(context, instance_id)20:04
vishysoren: cool, thanks20:04
sorenvishy: Sure thing.20:05
sorenvishy: You can repay me by commenting on the above bug saying it works (when you've determined that it does).20:05
edayvishy: yeah, assuming there is a reusable instance for db setup.. still grokking the new setup20:05
sorenvishy: Things don't land in ubuntu's -updates thing until someone other than the developer pushing the change has verified it.20:06
vishyeday: let me know if you have questions20:06
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vishyeday: we went through 3 different versions, moving stuff in and out of the db layer20:06
vishyeday: we finally decided that we needed a clear middle tier for business logic20:07
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sorenvishy: amd64 libvirt packages in nova-core/ppa now apt-get'able.20:40
* soren heads bedwards20:40
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maplebedHi all, is my impression correct that even though openstack is not production ready (or even really beta), everything does more or less work, and if you're willing to poke it and prod it, you can get things working right?21:33
*** xfrogman5 has quit IRC21:33
zaitcevCloudFiles was in production since forever, so I expect Swift being "ready'. Didn't give it a real workout though.21:35
zaitcevNova, I dunno.21:35
maplebedand nova?21:35
luckythetouristto be fair, Swift is CloudFiles v221:36
zaitcevsoren just went to bed an hour ago or so21:36
maplebedsome european timezone?21:36
zaitcevNorway, I think.21:36
zaitcevTry asking a bit later what's the official word is.21:37
maplebedI can aim for daytime CET21:37
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jbrycemaplebed: the official word is that it depends on how brave you are. both systems are running in production at places, but those places employ core developers and lots of smart engineers. we aren't really recommending widespread general production deployments for most people21:44
maplebedI can be brave.21:44
jbrycemaplebed: with nova, there are also going to be some pretty big changes as well in the code between now and the october release21:45
*** vvuksan has quit IRC21:45
maplebedI'm also evaluating euca-lyptus, and am rather dissatisfied with some of the things I'm finding.21:45
maplebedword on the street is that this is the place to be instead.21:45
jbrycemaplebed: i'm biased, but i'd agree. = )21:45
maplebedbut we'll see.  To start I've got 5 machines for each and am seeing what I can do.21:47
maplebedit's fun!21:47
*** vvuksan has joined #openstack21:47
jbrycemaplebed: i'd say that your impression is right that if you're willing to poke and prod, you can get it working. i think the biggest thing to keep in mind is that there will be potentially non-backwards-compatible changes in the upcoming release and upgrading may be a lot of work21:47
maplebedyeah, that's fine.21:48
maplebedI'm just doing a PoC and will probably have to redo the whole thing 2 or 3 times anyways.21:48
jbrycemaplebed: great! let us know how it goes21:49
maplebedI'll keep notes!21:49
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rlucioanyone know what the ec2-compatible endpoint is for the cloud controller?  services/Cloud doesn't seem to be the place to be, I just get 404s from the cloud controller...22:16
rlucioas in: http://<Cloud_controller_ip>:8773/services/Cloud22:17
vishythat should be it22:17
rlucioI get things like this:"WARNING:root:404 GET /services/Cloud?Actions=invalid ( 0.24ms" in the log22:18
rluciowhy is it returning 40422:18
vishyexport EC2_URL=""22:18
vishyyou are trying to run a command that doesn't xist?22:18
rlucioright, that would be like a 500 or something, 404 is like site not found or something. but if that is expected then ok22:19
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vishy?Actions=invalid is unrecognized22:21
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rlucioWARNING:root:404 GET /services/Cloud?Actions=DescribeInstances ( 0.24ms22:25
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