Wednesday, 2010-12-29

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masumotokDoes anyone know what is nova.exception.wrap_exception intend to?00:23
masumotokthere are some annotations  like exception.wrap_exception in nova.compute.manager00:24
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masumotokmy concern is understanding when I should use this annotation, because it seems to catch any exception and raise.00:26
masumotokWhen I would like to print traceback, we should use this annotation, am I right?00:28
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termiemasumotok: unfortunately it is somewhat unused at the moment00:32
termiemasumotok: early int he history of nova it was being used to make sure that we sent exceptions back across the rpc00:32
termiemasumotok: but it hasn't been being used consistently and so is now in a state of 'nobody knows whether it is being used'00:32
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masumotoktermie: thanks! so, I dont have to care now...00:34
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openstackhudsonProject nova build #341: SUCCESS in 1 min 16 sec:
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netkinganybody from tx?06:05
jeremybtexas? why do you ask?06:06
netkingto talk06:13
termieTEXAS TALK06:13
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termiei don't feel that that was offensive06:15
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openstackhudsonProject nova build #342: SUCCESS in 1 min 17 sec:
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fabiandnelson__: in the wiki you wrote that the write performance suffers when more and more objects are getting added to a container, can you say why or point me to somewhere?11:27
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notmynamefabiand: write performance decreases as containers get larger because and object PUT also updates the container (a sqlite db). as the sqlite db gets big (millions of rows), the insert performance suffers. reads are unaffected since an object GET doesn't need to update the DB14:30
fabiandnotmyname, ah, okay. thanks. do you know if sqlite's wal feature used?14:31
notmynamethat is something that came out after swift. we've done some testing on it. talk to redbo14:31
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fabiandnotmyname, ah okay. thanks, ye sit's quite new ... but it might improve write performance ... so this just came to my mind ..14:32
notmynamewe've also talked some about sharding the containers as they get big (to support fairly consistent write performance to unlimited sized containers), but it's not something that's been done14:32
fabiandnotmyname, mh okay. at least now i know the/one point why it slows down.14:33
notmynamethat should be the only issue. because the accounts and containers are very similar, large accounts (millions of containers) will suffer the same issue. but that use case is much more rare, and container PUTs are rarer than object PUTs14:34
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_cerberus_Hey guys, we could use another code review on The more the better18:15
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jk0what's the easiest way to run a single test, instead of the whole suite?19:01
jk0or single test file rather19:01
sirp1i use PYTHONPATH=. nosetest ./tests/blah.py19:02
jk0ahah, thanks19:02
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uvirtbotNew bug: #695467 in nova "nova-compute flag 'injected_network_template' definition is missing, causes vm creation failure" [Undecided,In progress]
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rlucioneed another volunteer to review plz, it will be painless, i promise!19:54
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openstackhudsonProject nova build #343: SUCCESS in 1 min 16 sec:
termiegrr, i had  'Always subscribe me to mailing lists' checked20:10
termiebut somehow still managed to be added to mailing list without getting subscribed20:10
termieand apparently i have missed a ton of email, again20:11
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jk0dendrobates: would you mind taking a look at ?20:47
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ctennisanyone know if there are plans to tag the releases on github?21:22
_cerberus_ctennis: last I knew, exlt was managing the mirror. That may no longer be the case21:25
ctennisok thanks _cerberus_21:33
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tr3buchetreviews quite welcome
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xtoddxQuick one line bug fix needs review:
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uvirtbotNew bug: #695504 in openstack-common "normal user authorization failed" [Undecided,New]
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Ryan_Lanenelson__: you around?22:53
nelson__yep, I'm here.22:53
Ryan_Lanenelson__: carrie is looking for you22:53
nelson__and she's probably talking to 'nelson'.22:54
Ryan_Lanecould be22:54
nelson__I can ssh into my desktop and look at hte logs. :)22:54
Ryan_Lanenelson__: pm ArtemisRich22:55
Ryan_Lanesorry for the channel spam :)22:55
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tr3buchetplease review, i'm leaving tomorrow23:11
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jeremybhah, interesting channel to use Ryan_Lane23:11
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openstackhudsonProject nova build #344: SUCCESS in 1 min 17 sec:
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