Wednesday, 2011-05-04

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jaypipesvishy: still around?00:23
vishyjaypipes: yup00:24
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jaypipesvishy: got a sec to discuss a path for making the integration of Nova(-objectstore) and Glance cleaner?00:25
jaypipesvishy: specifically re: the issues raised in, for example,
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vishyah yes that is an issue00:28
vishybe nice to have some sort of clean cache command00:28
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vishyalternatively we could cache based on name_checksum or something like that00:28
jaypipesvishy: well, I'm a bit unclear as to what the root of the problem really is..00:29
vishyjaypipes: images are cached on compute hosts00:29
vishyjaypipes: based on the image id00:29
jaypipesvishy: I'm wondering if, once a euca-bundle-image completes, perhaps we should delete the image parts from the nova-objectstore?00:30
vishyjaypipes: doesn't really have anything to do with euca / ec200:30
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jaypipesvishy: sorry, I thought this was cached in nova-objectstore. :(00:30
vishyjaypipes: there is no way for the compute host to know that you uploaded a new image and reused the id00:30
jaypipesvishy: right... one more case for using UUIDs for identifying images ;)00:31
jaypipesvishy: is there a way to make the errors coming back from the virt layer (qemu-ndb, etc) more descriptive of what's actually going on?00:32
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vishythey usually are00:33
vishyjust the error log also says something like "Is virtualization enabled in the bios?"00:33
vishyso for some reason everyone ignores the traceback above...00:34
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vishyusually there is a very specific ProcessExecutionError with a traceback just above that line00:34
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jaypipesvishy: like the traceback in this question?
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vishyjaypipes: that might require a little investigation00:39
vishyit seems like there should have been an error raised before that if it is trying to pull a non-existant image00:39
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vishy libvirtError: operation failed: failed to retrieve chardev info in qemu with 'info chardev' is definitely not a very useful error message00:40
vishyand I'm actually surprised it got that far...00:41
vishyit seems like it should have bombed in the glance image service code somewhere00:41
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jaypipesvishy: Glance shows the images fine, just as in the queued status, not active...00:42
vishyright, but the download failed somehow right?00:43
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jaypipesvishy: hmm, looking at the code, there actually shouldn't be a way for the status to be manually set to 'queued'. Glance's API server does that automatically, and should not be possible to override that. I'll look more into it.00:45
vishyi think it happens if you put an image with only metadata and no image data right?00:46
Ryan_Laneit also happens if you put in an image without some of the metadata00:46
vishyand then when you put the image data it is supposed to automatically flip to active? or are you supposed to manually post active?00:46
Ryan_Lanefor example, if you use uec-publish-tarball00:47
vishyRyan_Lane: that is the issue we are discussing00:47
jaypipesvishy: should automatically handle updating status field in all cases. and no caller should be able to manually set it.00:47
vishyjaypipes: 51         metadata = image_service.get(elevated, image_id, image_file)00:48
vishyin the above traceback that call is failing to write image data for some reason00:48
vishyi don't see exactly how that can fail without an exception being thrown00:49
vishyso I'm not totally sure that the traceback is actually a problem with the image/glance00:50
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vishyjaypipes: the thing is I'd like to be able to display in the ec2 api the state of the image even if it isn't available...00:51
jaypipesvishy: what would you display?00:52
vishyjaypipes: so if we filter out queued images, I have to manually hack around it in painful ways00:52
vishyjaypipes: it shows the current state of the upload / conversion process -> decrypting -> untarring -> available00:52
vishyand allows us to put a state in if something fails00:53
vishyjaypipes: I could make that info only available if you specify the id (which uses show instead of details), but that is different from the way it used to work so it might be confusing to users00:53
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jaypipesvishy: thinking...00:54
vishy(if there is a way for me to create an image in the active state with just metadata and then send the image data later, that would also work)00:56
jaypipesvishy: there is a way to register an image and send the image data later. You are currently doing that in the S3ImageService.00:58
jaypipesvishy: on line 159:         image = self.service.create(context, metadata)00:58
jaypipesvishy: it isn't passing the actual image data at all.00:58
vishyjaypipes: right, but didn't you state above that that will put it in the queued state?00:59
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jaypipesvishy: yep.01:00
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jaypipesvishy: ok, so when we changed glance index to only return active images, we screwed you...01:00
vishyjaypipes: right so that doesn't work because then I can't show the state...01:00
jaypipesvishy: gotcha. OK, so our "fix" was to do this:01:01
jaypipes                   filter_by(status='active').\01:01
jaypipesvishy: looks like we need to instead do:01:01
jaypipes                   filter_by(status is not 'killed').\01:01
vishyjaypipes: that would work (as long as it doesn't break other people)01:02
jaypipesor:                    filter_by(status!='killed').\01:02
vishyi like killed? is it user settable?01:02
jaypipesvishy: well, the original bug that forced that change was that killed images were showing up in glance index, but the status was not shown in glance show, so nobody knew why killed images were showing up :)01:02
vishy(in general i'm a fan of lazy deletes for security reasons)01:02
jaypipesvishy: we never actually delete anything ;)01:03
jaypipesvishy: are you asking for us to also show killed images?01:03
jaypipesin glance index?01:03
vishyjaypipes: :) so I think the status != 'killed' works for me01:03
jaypipesvishy: ah, ok. bcwaldon's work on will give some more filtering ability too...01:04
vishyjaypipes: no, I just like the idea of glance keeping images around even if they are deleted by a user (very important for nasa for example)01:04
jaypipesvishy: gotcha. yeah, we don't get rid of anything.01:04
jaypipesvishy: OK, I will change the project of this bug to Glance:
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 773388 in nova "EC2 images controller not setting image status to 'active' properly" [Undecided,New]01:05
vishyas to the caching problem, UUIDs take care of it so I don't think we really need to worry about a fix for it at the moment01:05
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vishyjaypipes: I'm also curious why it doesn't go to active when the actual data is uploaded?01:06
vishyjaypipes: perhaps it fails before it actually uploads the data because it can't list the image anymore?01:06
jaypipesvishy: the reason that is happening is because the way that S3ImageService is calling glance.client.add_image() is by specifying only metadata, and then trying to upload an image later with glance.client.update_image(). Only problem is that the call to glance.client.update_image() never occurs...01:07
jaypipesvishy: heh, you beat me to the answer there..01:08
vishyok but why isn't occurring? is 177             self.service.update(context, image_id, metadata) failing because it depends on being able to list the image?01:08
jaypipesvishy: prolly worth adding a try: except around the upload and change the Glance image status to killed in a problem?01:08
jaypipesvishy: but then the image won't be listed in glance index and we're back to square one ;)01:09
vishyit should probably update the image_status to "error" at least01:09
jaypipesvishy: line 177 doesn't actually update the image data, though :(01:10
jaypipesvishy: so there's no upload at all...01:10
vishyyes the upload happens later01:10
vishyso it updates the state twice then finally uploads the image01:10
vishyis one of the intermediate updates failing?  Am I not allowed to update metadata for a queued image without giving it data?01:11
vishybecause it used to work...01:11
jaypipesvishy: until line 199, if an error occurs, the image will still be in queued...01:11
jaypipesvishy: no, you can update metadata just fine without an image file.01:11
jaypipesvishy: but if an error occurs in, say, decrypting, then the image will be stuck in queued status in Glance...01:12
vishyjaypipes: yes traditionally in that case it would show the image status as decrypting or untarring etc.  So you could see where it failed.  It would definitely be better to update it to say error decrypting or error untarring etc.01:12
jaypipesvishy: so I was suggesting putting a try block around those operations and sending an update to Glance if an error occurs.01:12
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vishyi think leaving it in queued with a reasonable error message is the clearest for users...agree on try except for sure, but setting it to killed just means it disappears from a users perspective01:13
jaypipesvishy: k, I'll get on this fix right away.01:14
vishybut i have that handy image_status field for a more useful error message01:14
vishyjaypipes: cool thanks.  I'll put some kind of try, finally in there for better error messages on the nova side01:15
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jaypipesvishy: coolio.01:16
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vishyjay, submitted bug77682501:20
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uvirtbotNew bug: #776825 in nova "When register_image fails, the state of the image isn't updated" [Wishlist,New]
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pLrcool project :)03:14
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znsWhat's the status of openstack-common? I'd like to use in Keystone and I see slightly different versions in nova, swift, and glance. Seems like there could be one shared version… any thoughts on which one to use?04:00
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zykes-wasn't there a goal to host a 2011 event for openstack in Europe ?05:42
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zykes-was there a mail from vish about some post summit stuff ?05:49
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koolhead11hi all06:42
HugoKuo__hello kool06:45
HugoKuo__how do you think once nova-network dead , could user access instance ?06:46
koolhead11HugoKuo__,  its like asking how will your access internet if someone has chopped off internet wire before it enters your home :D06:49
HugoKuo__I'm doing it now06:50
HugoKuo__I got an idea , testing06:50
HugoKuo__maybe I'll focus on "keepalive" later06:51
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HugoKuo__koolheadl : there r 5 india engineer here from your conutry :)07:03
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koolhead11HugoKuo__, awesome!! here as in ?07:16
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pgregoryin one last ditch attempt to get this working, I completely reinstalled Ubuntu 10.10 Server, and followed to the letter the instructions in the manual I was pointed to yesterday.07:35
pgregoryI used the "3.4.2 Scripted Installation" method, using the script on github from elasticdog.07:36
pgregoryWhen asked for input I chose the default IP of the machine for all such questions, for the "Network range for ALL projects" I entered, amount of IPs 24, "Desired network range for the 'pgregory' project", number of networks 1, available IPs 24.07:38
pgregoryIt seemed to install ok, I read through and skipped the section 10.1.1 as it seemed that the script did all that.07:41
pgregoryI did 10.1.2, with a bit of changing, as the instructions don't take into account that as a normal user you can't access the /root/creds/novarc, and the appended copy of that script to ~/.bashrc is nonsense, as the first thing it does is set NOVA_KEY_DIR to the same folder as the script, which when appended to .bashrc will be the users home, which is *not* where the key files are.07:43
pgregorySo I had to switch to root, source the novarc and then download and publish the tarball.07:43
pgregoryThe rest of 10.1.2 is weird, it says "We can realize what state an image is in using the 'euca-describe-instaces<sic>' comman." which doesn't make sense as a) that queries instances, not images, and b) there have been no instructions at that point to launch an instance.07:45
pgregoryMoving onto 10.1.3 we finally launch an instance, which seems to work, euca-describe-instances shows one instance in the 'running' state, with IP
pgregoryAll good so far...07:46
pgregoryHowever, pinging just sits there, and so does ssh'ing to it.07:47
pgregorySo I've done nothing but follow the instructions to the letter, on a clean system.07:47
pgregoryAnyone got any ideas how to track down why I can't see the running instance?07:47
pgregoryI've scanned all the /var/log/nova/nova-*.log files, nothing but DEBUG and INFO messages in there at all.07:48
HugoKuo__it's network issue07:49
HugoKuo__not error or bug07:49
pgregoryHugoKuo__: fine, but how do I fix it, or at least find out what is causing it?07:49
HugoKuo__if you want somemore info of instance ,07:49
HugoKuo__plz #euca-get-consol-output <instance-id>07:50
pgregoryHugoKuo__: did that, nothing showing as an error there.07:50
HugoKuo__ssh daemon is up ?07:51
HugoKuo__did you configure euca-authorize07:51
pgregoryeven if I hadn't, that wouldn't affect ping would it?07:51
HugoKuo__2011-05-03 23:03:15,432 -[WARNING]:   23:03:15 [ 1\/100]: url error [[Errno 113] No route to host]07:53
HugoKuo__there's the problem07:53
HugoKuo__check QA on Launchpad07:53
pgregoryok, but what does it mean in English?07:53
HugoKuo__your instance can not get metadata07:53
pgregorymore's the point, this is clean Ubuntu, following instruction manual to the letter, using image downloaded as per instructions, why would it not work?07:54
pgregorywhere is the QA? on
pgregoryStrange that the QA would be in a completely different place to the rest of the docs, why is that?07:55
HugoKuo__actually , there's a link in openstack.org07:56
pgregorycould you help me to properly identify the real solution amongst all those candidates please. I've found that if you try one solution and it doesn't work with OpenStack you very quickly end up going down a rabbit hole with no chance of return, and after 4 complete reinstalles, I'm just about 'reinstalled out.07:59
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pgregorylast time I tried the recommeded iptables fix from the manual, I ended up going backwards, and was no longer able to even launch an instance.08:00
HugoKuo__but , I'm working on different architecture now :\08:03
pgregorydifferent as in not OpenStack?08:04
* pgregory would be very happy to hear about a more workable alternative at this point.08:05
HugoKuo__just different topology08:05
pgregoryanyone else here able to help be get this damn thing working?08:06
pgregoryI had hoped that following the manual to the letter would actually result in a working system, silly me.08:07
openstackjenkinsProject dashboard-tarmac build #26,197: FAILURE in 36 sec:
openstackjenkinsProject nova-bexar-tarmc build #22,009: FAILURE in 36 sec:
HugoKuo__how manu hosts ?08:08
openstackjenkinsProject nova-tarmac build #83,753: FAILURE in 36 sec:
pgregorysingle machine install, it does everything.08:08
pgregorythis is just a very preliminary test to see if OpenStack will do what we want.08:08
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HugoKuo__how many NICs ?08:09
*** rcc has joined #openstack08:09
pgregoryI'm not trying to do anything complex or clever at this point, and it's a little worrying that even the most basic install/setup is failing so badly.08:09
pgregoryI'm trying to do it all within one machine, I'm not concerned at this stage about anything outside this single machine.08:10
pgregoryI just want to run the cloud manager, and launch an instance and ssh into it.08:10
pgregoryall within the same machine.08:10
pgregorynothing too complex you'd have thought.08:10
HugoKuo__how many nics do you have in your host08:11
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openstackjenkinsProject dashboard-tarmac build #26,198: STILL FAILING in 36 sec:
openstackjenkinsProject nova-bexar-tarmc build #22,010: STILL FAILING in 36 sec:
HugoKuo__what's your host's network08:13
openstackjenkinsProject nova-tarmac build #83,754: STILL FAILING in 36 sec:
pgregorysorry, not sure what you mean, can you elaborate?08:13
HugoKuo__what's your ip on eth008:14
HugoKuo__#ip link set dev br100 promisc on08:15
HugoKuo__what's up network mode08:15
pgregoryactually, that's not true, just looking at ifconfig output, it seems since the install, eth0 only has an ipv6 address, br100 is showing as
HugoKuo__sure ...08:16
pgregorythis is my ifconfig output...
pgregorybefore running the install script all I had was eth0 and lo, and I can still ssh into the host from outside on
HugoKuo__iptables -t nat -A nova-network-POSTROUTING -s -d -j ACCEPT           do ya have this rule in your iptable?08:17
openstackjenkinsProject dashboard-tarmac build #26,199: STILL FAILING in 37 sec:
openstackjenkinsProject nova-bexar-tarmc build #22,011: STILL FAILING in 36 sec:
pgregorysorry to be a pain, but what's the easiest way to tell (bit of a noobie I'm afraid, if you hadn't already guessed).08:18
openstackjenkinsProject nova-tarmac build #83,755: STILL FAILING in 36 sec:
pgregorysudo iptables --list | grep POSTROUTING doesn't show anything.08:19
HugoKuo__I don't know XD ........ it's a little complex for beginner @@08:19
HugoKuo__   take a look08:21
HugoKuo__#iptables -t nat -A nova-network-POSTROUTING -s -d -j ACCEPT08:22
openstackjenkinsProject dashboard-tarmac build #26,200: STILL FAILING in 36 sec:
HugoKuo__try this08:22
openstackjenkinsProject nova-bexar-tarmc build #22,012: STILL FAILING in 36 sec:
pgregoryok, when I've dont that should I restart networking or any nova services?08:23
pgregoryor just try pinging the instance?08:23
openstackjenkinsProject nova-tarmac build #83,756: STILL FAILING in 36 sec:
HugoKuo__try bootup new instance08:24
HugoKuo__then check the instance console08:24
pgregorynew instance running, still no response to ping.08:25
openstackjenkinsProject dashboard-tarmac build #26,201: STILL FAILING in 36 sec:
openstackjenkinsProject nova-bexar-tarmc build #22,013: STILL FAILING in 36 sec:
pgregorythen after waiting a little longer and getting the console output again...08:27
openstackjenkinsProject nova-tarmac build #83,757: STILL FAILING in 36 sec:
HugoKuo__still failed to get metadata08:28
HugoKuo__there's a clue08:28
HugoKuo__instance must be communicated with your host network08:29
pgregorysorry, lost me again I'm afraid.08:30
* pgregory thinks he has a lot of reading to do if this ever gets past testing stage.08:30
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openstackjenkinsProject dashboard-tarmac build #26,202: STILL FAILING in 38 sec:
openstackjenkinsYippie, build fixed!08:33
openstackjenkinsProject nova-bexar-tarmc build #22,014: FIXED in 1 min 12 sec:
openstackjenkinsProject nova-tarmac build #83,758: STILL FAILING in 37 sec:
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openstackjenkinsYippie, build fixed!08:37
openstackjenkinsProject dashboard-tarmac build #26,203: FIXED in 22 sec:
openstackjenkinsYippie, build fixed!08:37
openstackjenkinsProject nova-tarmac build #83,759: FIXED in 6.2 sec:
openstackjenkinsProject nova-bexar-tarmc build #22,015: FAILURE in 36 sec:
pgregoryanyone got any pointers how to resolve this?08:38
openstackjenkinsYippie, build fixed!08:41
openstackjenkinsProject nova-bexar-tarmc build #22,016: FIXED in 2 sec:
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*** Zangetsue_ is now known as Zangetsue08:42
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pgregoryanyone got any ideas?08:53
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*** smoser has joined #openstack09:06
pgregoryI've tried switching to FlatDHCPManager, and restarting/respawning, and now when I can ping, but I get connection refused when I try to ssh into it.09:09
pgregorys/when I can ping/I can ping/g09:10
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alekibangopgregory: euca-authorize?09:28
pgregoryalekibango: I've done "euca-authorize -P tcp -p 22 default" and "euca-authorize -P icmp -t -1:-1 default"09:29
alekibangohmm ok09:29
pgregoryI've actually hit another strange problem now, I terminated and respawned the instance, it was respawned on, and now when I ping it I get From icmp_seq=1 Destination Host Unreachable09:30
pgregorynot sure why it would fail to find when I was pinging
pgregoryI currently looking at the site, it seems to have a much more approachable interface, perhaps that would be better fit for my needs?09:30
*** Zangetsue has quit IRC09:31
pgregoryI'd love to use OpenStack, it seems to tick all the boxes, open, active, EC2 compatible (to a degree), but I just cannot get it working, and <deity> knows I've tried.09:31
alekibangopgregory: respawn is not possible09:32
alekibangoits either creating new one or rebooting it09:32
*** dmi_ has joined #openstack09:33
alekibangopgregory: i am having hard time with nova too09:33
pgregoryalekibango: that's what I did, "euca-terminate-instance i-00000005" followed by "euca-run-instances ami-??? -t m1.tiny -k mykey"09:33
alekibangothats destroying it09:33
alekibangoand creating another one09:33
pgregoryyeah, that's what I wanted to do, but now I can't even ping the new one.09:33
alekibangoits not reboot09:33
alekibangopgregory: rigorously check logs09:34
alekibangothat often helped me09:34
alekibangomaybe even reboot the server :)09:34
pgregoryI'm sure that might solve it, but it's not really practical, rebooting the host everytime I kill an instance and start a new one isn't really going to be that useful :)09:35
alekibangoif youare on flat now, do you have your own bridge?09:35
alekibangoconfigured in /etc/network/interfaces?09:35
pgregoryI'm now using FlatDHCPManager09:35
alekibangodid you remove bridges created before by nova?09:35
alekibangodid you reboot?09:35
alekibangomaybe try :)09:35
pgregoryI'll try09:35
alekibangopgregory: stop all nova services....09:36
alekibangodelete logs09:36
alekibangostart services09:36
alekibangocheck logs. line by line09:36
pgregoryI'm rebooting the host altogether.09:36
alekibangoand google parts of the log -- you will often find some answers on nova launchpad page09:37
alekibangobtw -- i am also for move to github09:37
alekibangopgregory: there was some discussion about possibilty to move from launchpad to other service -- and i like git much more09:38
alekibangobzr is slow and awkward somehow09:38
pgregoryme too, I use git a lot, it's great, and github has some very cool tools.09:39
alekibangowe can have answers in launchpad still...09:39
alekibangothey are useful09:39
*** miclorb has joined #openstack09:40
pgregoryrebooted, spawned a new instance, ( pinging it responded with Host Unreachable for a time, then I did a euca-get-console-output, and then pinged it again, and I got through. Can't ssh into it though.09:43
pgregoryconnection refused still.09:43
alekibangopgregory: and btw while nova is hard to use, most other solutions are in similar state too  and they also add some level of missing features and adaptability...09:43
pgregoryalekibango: possibly, but my major concern is that a) I'm not doing anything complex at the moment, just running a single machine, clean Ubuntu 10.10 install, and trying to launch a single instance on the machine, nothing outside, and it's failing at that simplest of levels, and b) I'm following the published documentation to the letter, and it's still not working.09:45
alekibangobugs everywhere...  last time i tried archipel...   very nice javascript gui, talking to servers using XMPP (which is also used for ralating users to servers)... but missing lots of features....  the gui is buggy...   (tells me i cannot add drive as the machine is running while it is not, etc)  and worst of all, the browser uses 2+GB ram and is often laggish when using it...09:46
alekibangostill the project might be fun for someone with lower needs09:46
pgregoryI'm looking at at the moment.09:46
naehringsandywalsh, around?09:46
alekibangoi just need nova to be production ready :)09:47
alekibangoit has most functions i need09:47
alekibangoi can adapt it to fill the need09:47
alekibangoi just need it to work09:47
pgregoryI just need it to work at the most basic level :)09:47
alekibangoby which i mean, i cant delete images from glance right now etc09:47
pgregoryby which I mean launch an instance locally on the host and connect to it, not much to ask really.09:48
alekibangoi understand your pain pgregory :)   its becoming much better after cactus09:48
alekibangobut its still not yet there09:48
*** rchavik has quit IRC09:48
alekibangopgregory: are you using glance?09:48
pgregory"I have this great car for you, it has no engine at the moment, and you can't actually open the doors and get it, but it looks great!"09:49
alekibango:)  i know how that feels09:49
pgregoryno, just following the basic install docs on Ubuntu, using the install script from github.09:49
alekibangopgregory: without glance, it worked for me... now... its pain again09:50
*** miclorb has quit IRC09:50
*** miclorb__ has joined #openstack09:50
pgregoryI just ran the script on a clean Ubuntu to get nova installed and configured, then I downloaded an image referenced also in the docs, and published it, launched it and.....09:50
RichiHwhat ram to ssd to spindle ratios make sense for swift?09:51
pgregorynothing, nada, zilch, neitt.09:51
pgregorysooooo frustrating.09:52
alekibangowe need to make deployment easier...09:52
alekibangofor now 90 % of people fail to run nova on one machine09:52
pgregoryneed to make deployment *possible*09:52
alekibangoand from the rest, most fail to run it on more machines09:52
*** onlany has quit IRC09:52
alekibangopgregory: but it is possible09:52
alekibangoin some setups09:53
pgregoryI'm sure it is, but I've not seen it yet, and it's not possible following the guide AFAICT09:53
alekibangojust people getting creative get in all sorts of horrible problems09:53
pgregoryif the basic steps in the guide to get the simplest setup working fail so miserably, what chance is there of doing anything *useful* with it?09:54
alekibangopgregory: i believe automated functional tests which will come soon will help a lot in this09:54
pgregoryIf I were getting creative and mucking about with stuff, I'd fully understand it failing, but I'm not, I'm working from a clean install and following the setup to the letter, that at least should always work.09:54
alekibangoplease dont get angry, nova is still very young and big project09:55
pgregoryI run an OS project, and we alway always always try to make sure that at any one time, the stable trunk works and you can follow the basic introductory documentation to get a simple test working.09:55
alekibangoi still have faith in it09:55
pgregoryand we only have a handful of developers doing it.09:56
alekibangopgregory: with nova, problem is that you can have many different configs09:56
alekibangomany strange things which will change the result09:56
alekibangojust little ones can do09:56
pgregoryI do understand that, and I'm sure there are some really obscure cases, but I say again, there should be at least one straightforward install that just works.09:56
sorenpgregory: We do have an automated test setup. It's just not super comprehensive as of yet.09:57
pgregoryI should be able to go to the site, follow a "Getting Started" guide that says, if you do this and this and this and this, you will get a working system.09:57
sorenpgregory: There most certainly is a straightforward install that just works.09:57
sorenpgregory: The Ubuntu packages should be exactly that.09:57
pgregorysoren: could you please point me at it then?09:57
pgregorysoren: I've done that, I've installed Ubuntu 10.10 Server 4 times on this machine, and followed the install guide in the manual to the letter, and still it doesn't work.09:58
sorenpgregory: Which install guide?09:58
sorenpgregory: We (unfortunately) have a few.09:58
alekibangopgregory: as i said, we are moving fast. I gave up holding hats, trying to hold my hair instead...09:59
sorenOh, good god, don't follow that.09:59
alekibangoannegentle: ^^ please note09:59
pgregoryyou are kidding me! that is the exact one that someone else insisted I follow here yesterday!10:00
*** naehring is now known as naehring|away10:00
alekibangoi think annegentle needs more help from devs...10:00
alekibangowe need to document the deployment more...10:00
alekibangosane architectures - examples with whole configs (etc.tgz)10:01
sorenpgregory: Hang on, let me find something for you.10:01
alekibangofor more machines10:01
pgregoryso, I'm willing to give it one more try, I'll reinstall Ubuntu 10.10 from clean on this machine, if someone can point me at a Ubuntu 10.10 guide that will just *work*.10:01
sorenpgregory: This one should be in order with just one change:10:02
sorenpgregory: Just skip the bits about adding the PPA.10:02
sorenpgregory: Oh, wait, no, not for maverick.10:02
sorenFor maverick, add the ppa:nova-core/release ppa.10:02
*** reldan has quit IRC10:02
pgregoryright, I'm just kicking off a reinstall of Ubuntu, fingers crossed, I'll follow that to the letter and see.10:03
* pgregory is not at all convinced, very jaded by now.10:04
sorenIf you follow it to the letter, you'll get get nova-core/trunk ppa which is not what you want right now, probably.10:04
sorenpgregory: Who told you to follow that guide, by the way?10:05
alekibangosoren: when i want to use glance and i want to use uec-publish-tarball --- > do i need nova-objectstore too ? why?10:06
sorenuec-publish-tarball works by pushing that images to our S3 implementation. That's nova-objectstore.10:07
pgregoryhold on...10:07
pgregoryRyan_Lane told me to read that guide.10:08
*** dirkx_ has joined #openstack10:08
sorenI'll have to talk to him later. I can't remember anyone reporting any sort of success with those scripts for a looong time.10:08
* pgregory has his fingers, toes, legs, arms, and everything else he can find crossed...10:09
alekibangosoren: but nova-objectstore is not scalable right?10:09
alekibangoso why is your howto telling users to use tools which need taht one?10:10
alekibangoi am confused too :)10:10
sorenalekibango: Well, you can run a bajillion of them on different hosts all connected to the same nfs store.10:10
sorenBut Swift is the way to go for production.10:10
sorenI'm just trying to get him started.10:11
pgregoryjust to be clear while this install is happening, I replace "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nova-core/trunk" with "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nova-core/release", right?10:11
alekibangowell i have swift + glance10:11
sorenWith something that just works.10:11
HugoKuo__I'm testing an unregular topology , but instance alway get "404 not found" metadata response from API  server  .....10:11
soren...and then we can work out from that.10:11
alekibangobut i would like to have way for users to upload images10:11
alekibangohow ???10:11
sorenpgregory: That's the idea, yes.10:11
sorenalekibango: I don't actually use glance myself yet.10:11
alekibangocan nova-objectstore somehow store images into glance(swift), while providing api for eucatools??10:12
alekibangothat might be best of both worlds10:13
alekibangoshared nfs really is not really nice idea for me10:13
sorenSwift supports the S3 interface.10:14
sorenNo, shared NFS is dreadful.10:15
alekibangoha, swift can be used directly?10:15
* alekibango needs to find out how.. but will eat something first :)10:15
sorenYeah, /me heads lunchwards, too.10:15
*** miclorb__ has quit IRC10:23
*** rohit_ has joined #openstack10:25
*** Pyro_ has joined #openstack10:27
* soren lunches10:31
*** rchavik has joined #openstack10:36
*** adjohn has quit IRC10:40
*** zns has joined #openstack10:41
*** TibshoOT has quit IRC10:52
*** TibshoOT has joined #openstack10:53
*** soosfarm has quit IRC10:54
*** soosfarm_ has joined #openstack10:55
pgregoryoh well, so much for that.10:55
sandywalshnaehring|away, here now ... ping me when you're back10:56
pgregorysoren: I did that, clean Ubuntu 10.10, followed the instructions on that page to the letter, apart from changing nova-core/trunk to nova-core/release, and I had to change nova.conf to include --libvirt-type=qemu as my h/w doesn't support VT-x, I can launch an instance, but can't ping it.10:57
Pyro_hi, im trying to install nova-cactus using Pkg installation and i'm at the step(3) that builds and installs nova services10:58
Pyro_the step 'sudo pip install -r tools/pip-requires'10:58
alekibangobtw is here anyone from czech republic?10:58
Pyro_fails with url timeouts10:59
pgregoryPyro_: good luck with that, I've been trying solidly for 2 days now, no success at all.10:59
Pyro_yes, it seems that the urls are incorrect, i've been struggling to install many of those tools manually!10:59
alekibangoPyro_: being you, i would first test it on ubuntu11:00
alekibangowith packages11:00
Pyro_im on a ubuntu 10.1011:00
alekibango2011-05-04 12:02] <soren>
pgregorysoren: if you get a mo, I'm *exactly* where I was before after trying that guide. I can launch an instance, can't ping it, (get error unreachable, irrespective of the instance IP), then I try euca-get-console-output, and ping it again, and magically it works, but when I try to ssh into it I get connection refused.11:02
alekibango2011-05-04 12:02] <soren> For maverick, add the ppa:nova-core/release ppa.11:02
pgregoryDeja-bloody-Vu, again, again, again....11:02
alekibangoPyro_:  try that ...11:02
pgregoryPyro_: and if you get it working, I'd be interested to hear, that's what I've just tried and failed with.11:02
Pyro_ok, let me try my best, because the Pylint URL that failed with pip just opened (and downloaded the tgz) manually11:04
pgregoryI'm going to wait until soren returns from lunch and see if there's any solution to this situation, then I'm going to give a try, see if I have any more luck with that.11:06
sorenpgregory: Are you using the image from that blog post11:06
sorenpgregory: ?11:06
sorenpgregory: Can you pastebin the console output (from euca-get-console-output), please?11:07
Pyro_lunch? which timezone is soren in11:07
pgregorysoren: yes, and just a sec...11:08
sorenPyro_: CEST.11:08
sorenPyro_: UTC+2.11:08
pgregorysoren: BTW there is a small error in that guide, the downloading of the image uses $image in the publish command, but it's never defined, small issue I know, but worth fixing.11:10
Pyro_thanks :) are you soren from the openstack intro video? that was a nice talk11:10
sorenPyro_: The one from FOSDEM?11:11
Pyro_yes i think, it was last year, july i think, i watched this video two days ago11:11
sorenpgregory: Ah. That's the image's fault. Plymouth is exploding because it doesn't have a console to talk to and then it gets lonely.11:11
sorenpgregory: I fixed that in Natty.11:12
pgregorysoren: is there a working image I can try with then?11:12
sorenpgregory: The natty one should work well. I fixed Plymouth to not throw its toys out of the pram if there's no console for it to play with.11:13
pgregoryso same place but with natty in place of maverick?11:13
sorenpgregory: Yes.11:13
sorenYou're rather unlucky. It only happens every once in a while.11:14
soreninit: mountall main process (54) killed by PIPE signal11:14 the indication that it did this time.11:14
alekibangowhich image are u talking about?11:14
sorenPyro_: Err... So Feb of this year? At FOSDEM?11:14
sorenPyro_: Anyways, if it's soeone named soren who works on OpenStack, it's quite likely that it's me :)11:15
alekibangohint: he is not the golf player :)11:15
pgregorysoren: mind if I ask where you're based?11:15
Pyro_cool, soren hansen11:16
alekibangopgregory: i am the same timezone as you two... (cz).. americans will come in 2 hours11:16
sorenpgregory: Denmark.11:17
pgregoryI'm UK11:17
* soren waves westwards11:17
Pyro_i'm a noob at openstack, so may ask lot of nooby questions in the coming days, please bear11:17
alekibango:) i thought you are italy :)11:17
sorenWhat, me? Really?11:17
alekibangoPyro_: we like questions!11:17
sorenI'd make a dreadful Italian.11:18
alekibangosoren: no, pgregory :)11:18
Pyro_thnx,im Rohit from India11:18
*** rostik has joined #openstack11:18
*** rchavik has quit IRC11:18
Pyro_and i feel soo bad to have missed the design summit by a whisker!11:18
pgregoryalekibango: :) what made you think I was from Italy? My bad English ;)11:19
alekibangoquick glance over line in whois: pgregory is online via (Milan, IT).11:19
sorenPyro_: Oh, but thanks! I'm glad you liked the talk.11:19
alekibangosoren: btw, thanks a lot for pointing something obvious for me11:19
sorenalekibango: hm?11:20
alekibangoi was somehow interpreting the text line  """For production use, you should use OpenStack Storage, aka. Swift."""  as 'TODO item'11:20
pgregoryI hop all over the place, I have a 'screen' running on a server in Oregon State University which I use to maintain a constant connection to IRC.11:20
pgregoryneed it for my OS project.11:20
rostikis it possible in swift to specify that data belonging to accountA should be stored in specific zone(s)?11:20
* soren is connected from... Dallas, I think. Or Chicago.11:20
alekibangopgregory: what project are u working on?11:20
*** ctennis has quit IRC11:21
pgregoryI run the Aqsis project, an OS RenderMan compliant renderer, but my interest in OpenStack is something else, sort of related.11:21
alekibangoah... ic :)11:21
alekibangoaqsis is nice11:21
alekibangobtw do you know makehuman?11:22
alekibangoi hope nova will launch faster than makehuman hehe11:22
pgregoryyes, very well, we've worked with the guys for some time on that project.11:22
alekibangoi am waiting for makehuman to be useable for long time :) i would love to make some dilbert like stories using it11:23
pgregoryhmm, qemu is going to be sllooooow right?11:28
pgregoryI'm monitoring the console output, and it's chugging along now, Plymouth gave some errors, but it seems to be making progress beyond the last one.11:28
pgregoryyeee-bloody-har, I'm in!!!11:29
pgregoryseems that when "euca-describe-instances" says "running", it's not 'ready' yet, takes quite a while after that before enough of the instance is up to be able to connect to it, understandable I guess with qemu11:30
pgregorysoren: thanks loads, what a relief to finally get something working.11:30
*** rchavik has joined #openstack11:30
*** ctennis has joined #openstack11:38
*** ctennis has joined #openstack11:38
pgregorynext question, is it possible to run a web dashboard on this configuration?11:39
*** markvoelker has joined #openstack11:42
sorenpgregory: Yeah, what I changed in plymouth is just to make it die, not take out mountall and whatnot with it.11:44
sorenpgregory: Yeah, euca-describe-instances will say running quite early.11:44
sorenpgregory: In physical-hardware terms it's once it's been switched on and has been determined to keep drawing power. It may still take a while before it's actually booted.11:45
sorenpgregory: And yes, QEMu will be sloooow.11:45
sorenpgregory: Even though "Q" stands for quick.11:45
sorenActually, QEMu is a pretty quick emulator. It's just that emulation is slow.11:46
sorenKind of like how the world's fastest snail still isn't very fast at all.11:47
*** hadrian has joined #openstack11:48
*** beebrox has joined #openstack11:49
*** hadrian_ has joined #openstack11:53
*** hadrian__ has joined #openstack11:55
*** hadrian has quit IRC11:56
*** hadrian__ is now known as hadrian11:56
*** dmi_ has quit IRC11:57
alekibangopgregory: can you please give me link to the image you were talking about?11:57
pgregoryalekibango: the one that didn't work?11:58
*** hadrian_ has quit IRC11:58
*** naehring|away is now known as naehring11:58
naehringsandywalsh, here I am. ping ;)11:58
alekibangopgregory: i would rather see one which works11:59
pgregorysoren: do you know if it's possible to run Dashboard on something like this?12:00
pgregoryalthough I suppose I ought to get public IP's and so on working first.12:00
*** gondoi has joined #openstack12:00
sorenpgregory: "something like this"?12:01
pgregorysoren: this setup, the Ubunutu 10 with maverick release ppa12:02
sorenpgregory: Sure it's possible. IT's what it was made for, pretty much.12:02
pgregoryany pointers to documentation?12:03
pgregoryI have a meeting on Monday, and it'd be fantastic to show the rest of the team a running cloud host that they can connect to and view/run instances in a web browser.12:03
pgregorywe're probably 6-8 months away from *needing* the cloud resources, but it'd be nice to say "this is our solution".12:04
sorenpgregory: I think the repository includes documentation, but I'm not entire sure. HAve you deployed Django apps before?12:05
sorenentirely. Man, I type poorly today.12:05
pgregoryplayed with Django, yeah.12:05
sorenOk, then this shouldn't be hard at all.12:06
sorenIt's not packaged yet, unfortunately.12:06
pgregoryI'm a software architect by trade, so I'm more than happy getting my hands dirty with that sort of thing (prefer Rails thought ;) )12:06
alekibangoi cant find docs on how to use swift s3 with nova...12:06
sorenI've not yet come up with a good way to package django apps. :(12:06
alekibangosoren: can you give some hint please?12:06
*** hadrian has quit IRC12:06
sorenalekibango: Doesn't it "just work2?12:07
alekibangohow to start swift providing s3 ?12:07
alekibangoi cant find s3 in nova docs :)12:07
*** hagarth has quit IRC12:07
sorenalekibango: Again: Doesn't it "just work"?12:09
sorenalekibango: If you speak S3 to it, does it not work?12:09
alekibangosoren: how?12:09
alekibangoi am not speaking s3 myself :)  i never used amazon12:10
sorenYou've completely lost me. Can we start over? What are you trying to do?12:10
zykes-when will there be any design summit to europe ?12:10
alekibangosoren: i would love to store images in swift12:11
alekibangoin a way that endusers of public cloud will be able to use12:11
zykes-it's kind of hopeless for folks here to try to launch it when all the focus is in the states12:11
fabiand__zykes-, +1 from me for this.12:12
sorenzykes-: While I do agree we should do on in Europe, I don't see how the absence of one in Europe is holding anyone back from launching OpenStack?12:12
sorenIt's not a training event.12:12
alekibangoso in nova flag file i should use :  --image_service nova.image.s3.S3ImageService  ,  and --s3_host $SWIFT_PROXY_IP  --  right? what more should i do?12:13
alekibangoshouldnt nova need some account?12:13
alekibangopassword, etc?12:13
zykes-soren: just that the company i work for thinks that there's not focus towards .eu for it12:13
alekibangosoren: just one documented example would make this clear12:14
notmynamealekibango: I can't help with using nova, but to enable the s3 compatibility in swift, enable the swift3 middleware on the swift proxy server (see the proxy server sample config). also, can nova speak to swift using the swift api? perhaps this is where glance comes in?12:14
alekibangonotmyname: glance fails when i use uec-publish-tarballl12:14
alekibangoand euca-... commands12:15
alekibangoit tries to connect to s312:15
sorenaliguori: uec-publish-tarball has no idea about glance.12:15
sorenaliguori: Not you :)12:15
sorenalekibango: uec-publish-tarball has no idea about glance.12:15
alekibangosoren: yes i know this now :)12:15
alekibangobut how to store images for uec-publish-tarball in glance?12:15
alekibangoer.. in swift12:15
sorenWhy do you want to?12:16
alekibangosoren: i don not like storing image in nfs12:16
alekibangoi want users to be able to upload images somehow12:16
sorenalekibango: This whole mess is a hack to support people who are stuck with tools that are tied to AWS.12:17
zykes-there's no events so far after 1 year then for the project over here.12:17
sorenalekibango: If you can use the OpenStack tools instead, you should.12:17
alekibangosoren: i see... if  i have other option i would use12:17
alekibangois that documented/... and working?12:17
sorenalekibango: Use glance.12:17
alekibangoi failed to do so horribly12:17
alekibangoyou mean let endusers of public cloud to use public glance api?12:18
alekibangois that good idea considered that glance is not secure much and has no auth?12:18
sorenalekibango: Talk to jaypipes.12:18
alekibangosoren: nova with -- (s3 + swift) would be nice -- but i fail to find example of that12:19
alekibango i wanted to go into production after bexar... but even testing it is so crazy still....12:21
alekibangosandywalsh: ?12:22
*** burris has quit IRC12:22
*** zns has quit IRC12:23
sandywalshalekibango, just interesting12:23
alekibangoit is :)12:23
*** burris has joined #openstack12:26
pgregoryit just *worked*, does exactly what it says on the tin!12:26
pgregorywhat a pleasant surprise that is.12:26
alekibango?? what worked pgregory?12:26
pgregoryI just installed it and launched it exactly as described in the docs, and now I can access the host machine via a web browser on a separate machine and look at running instances, projects, images etc.12:28
pgregorysooooo cool.12:28
pgregorynot to me, to whomever is responsible for setting up the project and docs, couldn't have been easier.12:29
alekibangoi am glad you have some good result finally12:29
*** dirkx_ has quit IRC12:30
*** posulliv has quit IRC12:33
pgregoryI can even launch instances in it.12:33
* pgregory is a very happy bunny now.12:33
alekibangothe car started moving hehe12:33
*** kashyap has quit IRC12:34
*** kashyap has joined #openstack12:34
*** naehring has quit IRC12:38
*** naehring has joined #openstack12:38
*** ivan has quit IRC12:44
*** ivan has joined #openstack12:45
sorenI hate holidays. It takes *days* to catch up on e-mail once you're back.12:46
rostikswift.common.Ring.get_nodes('path') -> will the number of nodes be equal to number of replicas where the object is to be saved? does node == replica here?12:51
notmynamerostik: yes12:53
notmynameyou will get the partition and recplica_count nodes12:54
Pyro_why do command line installations from pypi time out so often?12:54
notmynameuse get_more_nodes(partition) to get handoff nodes, up to a total of zone_count nodes12:54
*** zns has joined #openstack12:56
rostik+notmyname: thanks. maybe you can also clarify the following. Is it possible to impose a restriction that data belonging to specific account has to be stored in specific zone(s)?12:57
*** dirkx_ has joined #openstack12:57
notmynameno. we talked about modifying the ring to allow for those types of constraints. currently, you are only guaranteed each copy in a unique zone12:57
notmynames/we talked about/last week at the conference we talked about12:58
*** hadrian has joined #openstack13:00
RichiHare there any recommended command line tools to get data into & out of swift?13:03
sorenSwift comes with a client tool.13:05
sorenIt's called st.13:05
*** beebrox has quit IRC13:08
notmynamest, as soren said, is nice. but swift has a REST-ful/HTTP API, so anything that speaks HTTP can be used (like curl and wget). st simply takes care of some of the extra typing13:11
*** posulliv has joined #openstack13:16
zulsoren: easy to solve...never go on holidays13:16
alekibangoor stop using email :)13:18
*** naehring has quit IRC13:18
*** dirkx_ has quit IRC13:20
*** msivanes has quit IRC13:27
*** msivanes has joined #openstack13:28
pgregoryhmm, anyone know how I make it possible for a user added via the Dashboard admin to be able to launch instances?13:28
alekibangosoren:   -- jaypipes thinks we do not need s3 at all13:28
pgregoryI just get permission denied, I've created a new key.13:28
*** lborda has joined #openstack13:29
*** santhosh has joined #openstack13:32
Pyro_I just got a 'Command failed, please check log for more info'13:33
Pyro_after running nova-manage13:33
Pyro_question is ...where is the log file?13:33
*** naehring has joined #openstack13:33
pgregoryPyro_: on Ubuntu, /var/log/nova/nova*.log13:33
Pyro_no nova/ for me in /var/log13:34
*** amccabe has joined #openstack13:35
Pyro_my installation is in /opt/nova-2011.213:35
alekibangoPyro_: try makng the directory, owned by nova13:35
alekibangoand configure it in nova.conf file13:35
Pyro_don't know what's wrong but my installation did not create a 'nova' user13:36
Pyro_none in /etc/passwd13:36
Pyro_nova-manage user create and project create worked fine13:37
alekibangohmm installing from source its imho on you13:37
Pyro_and I could get the access keys13:37
alekibangou need to make sure it runs as user you want13:37
alekibangonova works good when runned as root13:37
alekibangobut its not that secure13:37
alekibangoyou can run nova as user johndoe if you want... just make all rights ok13:38
alekibango(which is sometimes 'fun')13:38
Pyro_i did not run anything as root, but with sudo13:39
Pyro_and my user has privs in /etc/sudoers13:39
alekibangops faxw |grep nova   ---- will reveal who is running it13:39
alekibangops fauxw |grep nova   ---- will reveal who is running it13:40
Pyro_yikes, no nova running!13:40
Pyro_is there a service start thing here?13:40
alekibangoi dont know if there is in src13:41
Pyro_   this is what i followed till the dot13:41
*** dmi_ has joined #openstack13:41
alekibangobut you definitelly need to run few services13:41
*** yair has joined #openstack13:41
sorenalekibango: That's what I keep saying!13:41
*** dmi_ has quit IRC13:42
alekibangosoren: if you are talking about glance/s3 now,  ok... but glance still is buggy and obscure a lot13:42
alekibangoand not auth?13:42
sorenalekibango: I thought glance worked rather well.13:42
alekibangowatch bug list13:42
alekibangoyou cant delete image13:42
alekibango... no auth13:42
Pyro_i remember installing using and at the end i had 6-7 services running on the single host13:43
*** mahadev has joined #openstack13:43
alekibangowhich means anyone can add mirriade of images13:43
sorenalekibango: I also keep saying: Talk to jaypipes. :)13:43
*** zenmatt has joined #openstack13:43
alekibangoi can imagine content sharing network -- which will misuse it13:43
Pyro_and each on a different screen (?)13:43
sorenAnyways, I need to run guys. My daughter is in the hospital.13:43
alekibangosoren: i will, sorry for bugging you so much :)13:43
alekibangoand thanks for answers, you helped me a lot13:43
Pyro_take care soren, hope she is better13:44
alekibangoget her some vitamines, food in hospitals is generally not good13:45
*** dmi_ has joined #openstack13:45
*** f4m8 is now known as f4m8_13:47
*** agarwalla has quit IRC13:47
znsalekibango: on auth, we're working with jaypipes to integrate glance with keystone soon to provide auth. Keystone is proposed identity & auth - see
*** santhosh has quit IRC13:50
jaypipesalekibango: once we have an auth tenant from keystone, we will have shared image groups. expect that for the D2 milestone in this release series.13:50
Pyro_i dont the log dir should be manuall created13:50
*** yair has quit IRC13:50
Pyro_the installation must create it13:50
*** santhosh has joined #openstack13:51
alekibangoPyro_: you can configure it to store logs in other place13:52
alekibangojaypipes: thanks  for info13:52
alekibangozns: also13:52
alekibango... so when i could think about nova ready for production on 20-100 servers?13:52
alekibangoi mean in HA mode13:52
alekibangoand with sane storage and auth and stuff13:53
pgregoryI've created a new project for a colleague to test, he is project manager, so is able to launch instances (all this done throught he dashboard, which is cool), but when he launches is stick in 'networking' state, and the logs have a NoMoreNetworks error.13:53
pgregorydo I have to allocate a new network to the project? if so, any pointers to the docs for doing so?13:53
alekibangotry looking on mova-manage network13:54
*** santhosh has quit IRC13:55
pgregoryalekibango: I did, but I can't find anything in there that associates a network with a project.13:55
pgregoryor doesn't it matter, will it just pick a network that isn't in use?13:55
*** med_out is now known as medberry13:56
*** mahadev has quit IRC13:57
*** deshantm_laptop has joined #openstack13:59
*** troytoman-away is now known as troytoman13:59
pgregoryno worries, sussed it, just create a couple of networks and the projects will pick them up it seems.14:00
*** troytoman is now known as troytoman-away14:01
alekibangojaypipes: i have seen another maybe related problem with glance - image URI  seems to be missing port in details. not sure if its connected to the hottest bug yuo have...14:02
alekibangobut i would sure love to have this fixed14:03
*** mahadev has joined #openstack14:04
alekibangoso... when you think will nova be ready for production (managing 100 servers)?14:07
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack14:09
Pyro_hope its not n(e)va14:09
alekibangoi am not happy with nova release schedule. i would love it being more agile... and working all the time...14:10
jaypipesalekibango: hmm... unrelated to the hot bug. Could you file a bug for that? Thanks much!14:11
alekibangojaypipes: i might even try to fix it14:11
jaypipesalekibango: even better! :)14:12
alekibangojaypipes: but i first need to fix few things with my nova...   may i have few questions on you?14:13
pgregorywhat's the best way to get access to instances from outside the host?14:14
jaypipesalekibango: I will try my best :)14:14
alekibangohere i think i have similar problem --
alekibangodo you think i should not use s3 backend + swift14:16
alekibangoand i should rather use glance14:16
alekibango... i cant find howto  (docs) to help me store nova images in swift s314:16
alekibangosimple example would be nice14:16
alekibangobut i am not sure if its worth the job14:17
alekibangoi am afraid to open glance on public ip14:17
alekibangopeople will start uploading anything really14:17
alekibangousing it as content sharing14:17
alekibangoi cant wait few months to get it fixed - i need people to be able to upload images asap14:18
alekibangointo public cloud14:18
alekibangoand using nfs storage for images  doesnt look good for me... i want to use swift14:18
*** santhosh has joined #openstack14:19
*** mahadev has quit IRC14:20
*** mahadev has joined #openstack14:21
alekibangojaypipes: ^^14:21
jaypipesalekibango: can I ask why you want to do that? (as opposed to just using Glance with Swift backend?)14:22
alekibangopublic glance  api without auth ==>  swift full of anything people will feed into it14:23
jaypipesalekibango: why do you need to open glance IP to public?14:23
alekibangojaypipes: so how will endusers of the cloud upload images?14:23
alekibangoi dont get this part... maybe i am not smart enough :)14:23
jaypipesalekibango: via Nova :)14:23
alekibangonova-manage image ?14:24
alekibangooh ****. i forgot about that one14:24
jaypipesalekibango: I mean, I understand your concern, I do. Until we get auth done, the way I'm suggesting interacting with Glance is through Nova and the tools you normally use for your API. If you use EC2, then you would use the euca-bundle/upload stuff, and if you use the OpenStack API, you would use python-novaclient.14:24
*** mahadev has quit IRC14:25
alekibangoeuca- commands failed for me without objectstore14:25
jaypipesalekibango: in other words, if you set up Nova to use Glance, you simply don't need to interact with Glance manually...14:25
*** mgoldmann has joined #openstack14:25
jaypipesalekibango: yes, you need objectstore in order to use the EC2 api. there's no way around that currently, since the eucatools work over the S3 api.14:26
alekibangoso i will end up having objectstore with images stored in filesystem?14:26
alekibangousing swift would fix that14:26
alekibango(as s3)14:26
jaypipesalekibango: nova-objectstore will store the intermediate image parts (kernel, ramdisk), and glance will store the decrypted image (AMI)14:26
alekibangoi dont think i understand your last line well, can you please  explain?14:27
*** Pyro_ has quit IRC14:27
alekibangojaypipes: i am sorry, i just fail to understand this from docs14:27
jaypipesalekibango: ok, no worries, let me walk you through it.14:27
*** YHershko has joined #openstack14:27
alekibango(iam not user of amazon so some things are new to me)14:28
alekibangoso nova-objectstore might store some parts which glance will comebine and store in swift?14:29
alekibangois that what you mean?14:29
*** zenmatt has quit IRC14:30
jaypipesalekibango: ok, so when someone does image bundling using euca2ools (euca-bundle-image/uec-publish-tarball, etc), what happens is that euca-bundle-image does a few things: a) create the kernel and ramdisk image pieces (intermediate image files) b) encrypt these intermediate files with the user's key, c) create the manifest.xml file that describes the image and d) tar up a kernel, ramdisk, and machine image into an encrypt14:30
jaypipesed tarball.14:30
alekibangojaypipes: may i start some etherpad which we can edit together?  i will try to insert it into wiki somewhere. it would help a lot to newbies14:31
jaypipesalekibango: euca-bundle-image does not talk to Glance directly. It talk to the EC2 API, issuing image-related commands as well as the S3 API for storing the intermediate image files and the manifest.xml file.14:31
jaypipesalekibango: that's a good idea, yes.14:31
jaypipesalekibango: awesome.14:32
jaypipesalekibango: OK, so open up the file nova/image/s3.py14:32
*** imsplitbit has joined #openstack14:32
*** jkoelker has joined #openstack14:33
jaypipesalekibango: you will see in the _s3_create() method the various interactions between nova-objectstore, nova, and Glance. Basically, the S3ImageService reads the manifest.xml file from nova-objectstore, then registers metadata about the kernel and ramdisk image parts in Glance. It then decrypts that machine image and stores the decrypted machine image file in Glance, along with a set of metadata that tells it which kernel14:34
jaypipesand ramdisk are in use for that machine image.14:34
*** photron has joined #openstack14:34
alekibangojaypipes: write that into the etherpad directly :)14:34
*** jamesurquhart has joined #openstack14:35
jaypipesalekibango: when you do things like euca-describe-images, what is happening is euca-describe-images is talking to the EC2 API controller, which is routing the request to the S3ImageService, which then queries Glance for image information...14:35
jaypipesalekibango: I was writing in case anyone else was interested... ;) I'll copy to etherpad14:35
alekibangoi am copying right now :)14:36
jaypipesalekibango: ah :)14:36
*** zenmatt has joined #openstack14:36
jaypipesalekibango: heh, and that's just the EC2 API... for OpenStack API, it's completely different. :(14:37
alekibangojaypipes: what is shim ?14:43
alekibangoa small library which transparently intercepts an API, changes the parameters passed, handles the operation itself, or redirects the operation elsewhere. :)14:44
*** rnirmal has joined #openstack14:45
jaypipesalekibango: you got it :)14:45
jaypipesalekibango: hey, running to a meeting... I'll catch up to you in a short while. Please add questions to the etherpad that I can answer!14:46
alekibangok, thansk!14:46
*** knorthcut has joined #openstack14:46
alekibangothis clears it a lot for me14:46
alekibangobut there will be still few questions :)14:46
imsplitbitwhy hello fellow openstackers14:47
imsplitbitit's a great day to be alive14:47
alekibangomorning, imsplitbit :)  -- jaypipes is helping me understand glance on
alekibangoimsplitbit: enjoy the radioactive fallout... dont worry, be happy!14:49
imsplitbitalekibango: nice, jaypipes is freakin awesome.  He is helping me learn pymox/nosetests.14:49
*** hub_cap has joined #openstack14:50
* alekibango runs away from java...14:50
imsplitbitalekibango: LOL that is a good thing to do14:50
imsplitbitI have been a ruby developer for about 8 years so I am not yet pythonic, but I am learning.  and no, I didn't do ruby on rails.  I curse the day rails was created, it has destroyed the ruby community and the public image of a great language.14:52
alekibangoimsplitbit: why it was such problem?14:54
alekibangoi do not understand14:54
alekibango(i avoided ruby also, but it is not freaking me out)14:55
*** santhosh has quit IRC14:55
alekibangoi was friends with perl... hehe14:55
alekibangonow for 10 last years, python is the love story14:56
imsplitbithmm I wish I could find love for python, it is more utilitarian for me.  I don't dislike it.14:56
imsplitbitrails devs ruined the ruby community for the most part with their religious zealotry.  No one language is right for everything and they didn't really see that.  It made people making good honest ruby based apps have trouble trying to sell their project.14:58
imsplitbitPeople would say "well yeah but ruby doesn't scale" which is completely idiotic.  Rails has problems at scale but that is due to the rails infrastucture, not because the ruby language somehow doesn't have the ability to run on several machines.14:59
imsplitbitanyway I shouldn't get myself started14:59
imsplitbitso far my python experience is with writing a virt connector for nova and it is treating me ok thus far15:00
*** dmi_ has quit IRC15:01
*** daveiw has quit IRC15:02
*** dragondm has joined #openstack15:03
*** mray has joined #openstack15:04
*** mray has left #openstack15:04
*** zns has quit IRC15:06
*** mray has joined #openstack15:06
alekibangoimsplitbit: :)15:06
alekibangoimsplitbit: pythons power is in simplicity.. it reads like english poem15:06
*** zns has joined #openstack15:07
alekibangowith python, mostly there is 'one really obvious way to do it'   :)15:08
*** rchavik has quit IRC15:09
*** ewindisch has quit IRC15:10
*** jdurgin has joined #openstack15:13
*** zns has quit IRC15:14
*** nelson has joined #openstack15:15
*** yamahata_lt has joined #openstack15:18
HugoKuo__does anyone knows where's docs about instance metadata ?15:19
*** cole has joined #openstack15:22
*** zns has joined #openstack15:23
*** burris has quit IRC15:23
*** mancdaz has joined #openstack15:24
*** YHershko has quit IRC15:25
*** rostik has quit IRC15:26
*** jmckind has joined #openstack15:27
*** hiddentoken has joined #openstack15:30
RichiHjust to make sure: current swift is 100% api compatible to swift, correct? /me is trying to hack Net::Amazon::S3 to speak to swift15:31
imsplitbitalekibango: I think we will have to disagree on that but I am working towards becoming more proficient15:31
*** zenmatt has quit IRC15:31
*** hiddentoken has quit IRC15:31
*** jmckind has quit IRC15:31
*** jmckind has joined #openstack15:31
*** obino has quit IRC15:32
creihtRichiH: yes, swift is 100% api compatible with swift :)  If you were intending to ask about cloudfiles, then that is also mostly true :)15:34
*** yamahata_lt has quit IRC15:34
creihtthings like the CDN features are not in swift15:34
*** dirkx_ has joined #openstack15:38
*** tomeff has joined #openstack15:38
pgregoryis it possible to get remote access to an instance with having public IP's?15:40
*** czajkowski has joined #openstack15:41
*** kbringard has joined #openstack15:41
HugoKuo__associate a floatip or fixed_ips in same network of your pulic internet15:42
RichiHcreiht: in that case, i have yet to figure out what the correct access key & secret key are. for st, i am using -U foo -K bar and thought those would be my access & secret key15:43
creihtRichiH: are you instead trying to ask if swift is compatible with s3?15:45
*** zns has quit IRC15:46
creihthehe15:46 :)15:46
*** naehring has quit IRC15:46
creihtWhile there are similarities they are not exactly the same15:46
creihtthat said there is an s3 compatibility layer15:47
*** zaitcev has joined #openstack15:47
pgregoryHugoKuo__: but doesn't that involve public IP's?15:47
creihtfor basic features15:47
RichiHis that enabled by default?15:47
creihtno it is not15:47
creihtIs there a reason that you need s3 compatibility?15:47
RichiHand as i am at the "try to list buckets" stage, i would say basic is fine15:47
RichiHcreiht: there are a few tools that rely on s3 which i'd like to be able to use15:48
creihthrm... just realized there isn't an example swift3 config in the example proxy conf15:49
creihtRichiH: the compatibility layer is a bit experimental, but you can give it a try15:50
creihtis the only doc about it at the moment15:50
creihtto enable it...15:50
*** koolhead17 has joined #openstack15:50
pgregoryI'd like to know if there is a way to SSH into a VM from outside the same way I can with an Amazon EC2 instance, without it having a unique public IP.15:50
RichiHfwiw, google did not find that one15:50
creihtRichiH: yeah we need a better overall doc for that15:50
creihtyou will need to change your proxy server conf file to add the swift3 middleware15:52
creihtmy pipeline has a lot of extra stuff, but should give you an idea how to add swift3 to yours15:52
creihtRichiH: the doc that I sent you should have enough info to give you an idea of what you will need for credentials15:53
creihtIt has only really been tested with the boto library15:53
*** zns has joined #openstack15:53
RichiHyah, i guessed those, anyway15:54
RichiHthat part is easy/obvious :)15:54
*** koolhead17 has quit IRC15:54
*** koolhead17 has joined #openstack15:55
RichiHcreiht: the only thing i need to restart is the swift-proxy, correct?15:55
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk15:56
*** zenmatt has joined #openstack15:56
creihtRichiH: correct15:56
hallynhaving trouble spawning instances with openstack on natty - nova-compute.log shows:
hallynshoudl i just hack the .py file to ignore that key?16:00
hallynor make a change to libvirt setup?16:00
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates16:00
*** MarkAtwood has left #openstack16:01
RichiHcreiht: in that case, i need to dig deeper as the perl lib is still unhappy. tcpdump it is16:03
creihtRichiH: someone else had problems trying to get s3curl to work with it as well16:03
RichiHcreiht: any idea who that someone was or where to get that info?16:04
creihtmy first guess is maybe it is having issues with the extra : in the key16:04
RichiHmaybe they fixed it16:04
RichiHwho had that problem16:04
creihtRichiH: I don't think so, or at least I hadn't heard anything else16:04
creihtI'm digging up the link...16:04
*** zns has quit IRC16:06
*** zns has joined #openstack16:08
*** fabiand__ has quit IRC16:09
RichiHcool, my amazonaws pcap makes most current wireshark segfault16:10
*** patcoll has joined #openstack16:11
*** RickB17 has joined #openstack16:13
* RichiH is lucky, today16:14
*** deshantm_laptop has quit IRC16:17
*** obino has joined #openstack16:17
*** Vladimir_ has joined #openstack16:18
jaypipesalekibango: ok, I'm back. going to work on answering your questions now.16:18
RichiHcreiht: assuming the colon does indeed cause this error, wouldn't it be possible to simply teach swift3 to expect an underscore or similar?16:18
RichiHhopefully, underscores are not allowed in openstack name16:19
hallynok, adding '--use-ipv6=true' to nova.conf worked.  Still it looks like a bug in to not set mapping['ip6s'] without checking for has_key before using it later16:19
kbringardhallyn: yea16:19
kbringardthat's been fixed in trunk, but it's not been pushed to the ppa repos from what I can tell16:19
hallynok, good to know, thanks!16:20
hallynI'm in business, so I"m happy :)16:20
kbringardmy problem was deeper... I don't have IP6 stuff set in the DB16:20
ccooke... Okay, what on earth went wrong with the forum?16:20
kbringardso when I'd go to launch instances it would still fail because the ip addr command would be trying to assign the address "None"16:21
*** nacx has quit IRC16:21
kbringardno idea why it's not been pushed to the repo though16:21
jaypipeskbringard: heyo.16:22
kbringardjaypipes: what's up homie16:22
hallynkbringard: phooi :)16:22
*** gregp76 has joined #openstack16:22
jaypipeskbringard: hope all is well with you? :)16:22
jaypipeskbringard: care to give a review?16:22
kbringardjaypipes: yessir, I made it back to CO alive16:23
kbringardsure, let me go check it out16:23
*** ewindisch has joined #openstack16:23
kbringardhow's life in the OH?16:23
jaypipeskbringard: cold and rainy :(16:23
*** ewindisch has quit IRC16:23
kbringardhaha, yea, it's cold and snowy here16:23
*** ewindisch has joined #openstack16:23
jaypipesthe golf clubs are calling me...16:24
*** maplebed has joined #openstack16:24
nhmAre any of you guys looking at security scanning for your network?  Nessus?16:24
*** obino has quit IRC16:24
RichiHcreiht: if i changed line 403 in /usr/share/pyshared/swift/common/middleware/ and /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/swift/common/middleware/ to split on _ instead of :...?16:24
kbringardthat is an ephing monster test16:25
*** Shentonfreude has joined #openstack16:25
RichiHthough i have no idea how to create a .pyc from a .py -- i will need to find out how to do that tomorrow16:25
*** obino has joined #openstack16:25
RichiHcreiht: fwiw, i don't speak python, but i do speak perl. we should be able to make this work :)16:26
*** woleium has joined #openstack16:26
ccookeRichiH: you don't generally need to do anything to get pyc files16:27
kbringardjaypipes: does python have anything like VCR in ruby... it automagically records the network transaction and then replays it in subsequent calls16:27
*** throughnothing has joined #openstack16:27
kbringardfor offline testing... could help with your expected stuff16:27
kbringardjust a thought16:27
jaypipeskbringard: nothing comes to mind, but creiht might know of something.16:27
RichiHccooke: so i just move them away and that's it?16:27
* RichiH tries16:27
ccookeRichiH: when you include a .py file from a script, it saves the byte-compiled inclded .py as a .pyc to speed up subsequent loads16:28
*** jakedahn has quit IRC16:28
*** jakedahn has joined #openstack16:28
ccookekbringard: VCR was a nice tool. I wish that existed on a few other languages16:28
kbringardyea, I love it16:29
ccookeGenerally, I love ruby. If only the packaging and threading models could be fixed, it would be my favourite language for anything - and the threading *will* be sorted soonish16:30
RichiHccooke: k16:30
RichiHcreiht: simply changing line 403 and using an underscore in my auth string does not work16:31
*** rcc has quit IRC16:32
*** sdadh011 has joined #openstack16:32
kbringardjaypipes: looks like it should work fine, so long as things below that aren't relying on glance returning an image to determine if it's "ready"16:33
nhmah, looks like openVAS is the way to go now for opensource vulnerability scanning.16:33
kbringardnhm: yea, they vastly improved how it works16:33
kbringardit was such a pain in the ass in like, version 216:33
kbringardbut it's way easier now16:33
*** kashyap has quit IRC16:34
nhmkbringard: I need to plan out my production openstack deployment now that I've got a proof-of-concept working.16:34
jaypipeskbringard: cool, thx for the review.16:34
kbringardheh, no problem :-)16:35
RichiHcreiht: ah, if i understand correctly, the split is done several times and thus i can't simply replace : with _16:35
kbringardit was such an inconvenience ;-)16:35
nhmSo vulnerability scanning, ldap integration, remote file system mounts, configuring vlans, blah balh blah.  :)16:35
kbringardnhm: sounds like a good time16:36
nhmAt least I've got the puppet/tftp/kickstart stuff more or less done for the underlying cluster.16:36
*** sdadh01 has quit IRC16:36
nhmkbringard: this kind of stuff is actually something that the community could use more documentation on.  It's (relatively) easy to get a test setup up and going.16:37
kbringardnhm: have you looked at Dell's crowbar stuff?16:37
kbringardthey were demoing it at the design conference last week16:37
kbringardlooks pretty nifty16:37
antonymI yanked a list of all the etherpads created during the Diablo Summit and posted them here:
nhmkbringard: I've just kind of glanced at it.  It would be more useful if we didn't already have tons of clusters and remotely managed workstations here.16:39
kbringardyea, makes sense16:39
*** troytoman-away is now known as troytoman16:39
*** _h0c1n_ has joined #openstack16:40
*** _h0c1n_ has joined #openstack16:40
*** _h0c1n_ has quit IRC16:40
nhmIf all you want to do is deploy cloud infrastructure it could be great though.  My task is to figure out how to integrate an openstack cloud with our traditional HPC resources in a way that makes sense. ;)16:40
*** joearnold has joined #openstack16:40
*** Vladimir__ has joined #openstack16:40
kbringardanyone know why the trunk ppa repo is on 1039 still?16:42
*** sdadh011 has quit IRC16:42
OutBackDingokbringard: yeah too bad dells only allowing testing of crowbar on their hardware solution also16:44
*** gondoi has quit IRC16:44
*** cole has quit IRC16:45
kbringardOutBackDingo: yea, agreed16:46
OutBackDingokbringard: itll heavily limit their scope16:46
kbringardalthough, the guy said that the idea is that they opened up the... APIs? I guess for lack of a better word... so that other hardware manufacturers can write little plugins for their BIOSs16:47
OutBackDingokbringard: which is kind of a joke16:47
kbringardso if HP for instance, wanted to provide crowbar support, they could just write a little thing16:47
kbringardyea, *shrug*16:47
kbringardwho knows16:47
*** jamesurquhart has quit IRC16:47
*** sdadh01 has joined #openstack16:48
kbringardit's pretty obvious that the ultimate point is to sell Dell hardware16:48
OutBackDingothough im biased ive never had 1 good experience with dell16:48
OutBackDingoill stick with Intel systems16:48
jaypipesalekibango, vishy, sirp_, kbringard: I just created Let me know what you think...16:49
kbringardwow, that's weird to see it change while I'm reading it16:49
*** jamesurquhart has joined #openstack16:49
jaypipesalekibango, vishy, sirp_, kbringard: obviously dependent on Keystone integration, but I think it's worth exploring the API now.16:50
*** kashyap has joined #openstack16:51
*** Dumfries has joined #openstack16:53
*** photron has quit IRC16:53
*** mahadev has joined #openstack16:53
kbringardone real quick ?... so anyone can still do a GET /images/<IMAGE ID>/shares... or a GET /images/<IMAGE ID> or whatever? or will it do an auth check before returning any of this stuff?16:53
KnightHackerjaypipes: How can I get all the images that are shared under my tenant?16:53
kbringardI see you have a 401 unauthorized deal, but it's under the POST, so I wasn't sure if that cascaded up to all the calls16:53
jaypipesKnightHacker: GET /images/<ID>/shares16:54
jaypipesKnightHacker: oh, sorry...16:54
jaypipesKnightHacker: good point.16:54
KnightHacker:) thanks16:54
kbringardyea, that was my next question :-)16:54
jaypipesKnightHacker, kbringard: think it should be something like: /images/<ID>/shared-images?16:54
jaypipesor should I try to adapt the return of GET /images/<ID>/shares to also return an images collection?16:55
kbringardhmm, it makes more sense to me16:55
kbringardor rather... hrmm16:55
KnightHackerWell, I was thinking it would be something like GET /<tenantID>/images16:55
kbringardsorry, let me stop and think16:55
KnightHackerThis should return all images collection16:55
KnightHackerThen we can have a filter on the "shared" ones.16:56
KnightHackerGET /<tenantID>/images?shared or whatever.16:56
jaypipesKnightHacker: you mean GET /tenants/<TENANT_ID/images?16:56
KnightHackerIf you don't provide <tenantID> then you are asking for the public ones.16:56
jaypipesKnightHacker: yeah, that makes sense. lemme add that to the spec.16:56
KnightHackerThat way you can authorize that the requestor is asking for images under the tenant that he belogs to .. or delegated to.16:57
*** zns has quit IRC16:57
*** GasbaKid has joined #openstack16:57
kbringarddoes anyone know the status of live migration with KVM?16:59
*** GasbaKid has quit IRC17:00
*** thingee has joined #openstack17:00
*** GasbaKid has joined #openstack17:02
*** zns has joined #openstack17:02
kbringardooooooo, it looks like tmpfile needs to be on the nfs mount as well?17:03
Dumfrieshey all, attempting to get persistent storage going, when I start nova-volumes I am getting the "no such table: volumes ..." I have ensure it is using proper db. any one bump into this ?17:03
*** Vladimir__ has quit IRC17:06
*** winston-d has quit IRC17:06
*** bcwaldon has joined #openstack17:07
*** Vladimir_ has quit IRC17:07
DumfriesMy nova.conf looks like ....
*** GasbaKid has quit IRC17:09
*** johnpur has joined #openstack17:10
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v johnpur17:10
*** GasbaKid has joined #openstack17:11
*** tblamer has joined #openstack17:12
*** amccabe has quit IRC17:14
*** GasbaKid has quit IRC17:14
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack17:15
*** bcwaldon has quit IRC17:16
*** GasbaKid has joined #openstack17:16
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*** msivanes has quit IRC17:19
*** GasbaKid has quit IRC17:20
*** deshantm_laptop has joined #openstack17:21
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*** GasbaKid has joined #openstack17:22
*** foxtrotgulf has joined #openstack17:22
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk17:22
kbringardanyone familiar with this:17:24
kbringardCannot confirm tmpfile at /var/lib/nova/instances is on same shared storage17:24
kbringardwhen attempting to live migrate a vm?17:24
kbringardthat path is on an nfs mount which both nodes have mounted17:24
kbringardto the same logical path17:24
HugoKuo__how to check the correction of instance metadata ?17:25
nhmkbringard: alas, you are farther ahead than me. :)17:25
kbringardsomeone awhile back said live migration was bugged17:25
kbringardbut I've not been able to get anyone to confirm it, nor can I find a bug report about it17:26
*** bcwaldon has joined #openstack17:26
nhmkbringard: probably not enough people testing it yet.17:26
nhmkbringard: though I would think the NASA guys must have it working.17:26
*** GasbaKid has quit IRC17:26
kbringardone would think17:26
*** GasbaKid has joined #openstack17:28
j05hkbringard: looks like it is having a problem creating a file on the destination host.17:29
*** dprince has joined #openstack17:29
j05h"This method enables compute nodes to recognize that they mounts same shared storage."17:29
j05hbut maybe you knew that.17:29
kbringardj05h: yea, I saw that, but they do have the same shared storage mounted17:29
kbringardso either I'm missing a setting or it's not doing what it's supposed to :-)17:30
*** GasbaKid has quit IRC17:31
*** deshantm_laptop_ has joined #openstack17:31
dprincemtaylor: around?17:31
*** irahgel has left #openstack17:32
*** dmi_ has joined #openstack17:33
*** deshantm_laptop has quit IRC17:34
*** deshantm_laptop_ is now known as deshantm_laptop17:34
*** evil_e has quit IRC17:35
*** dprince has quit IRC17:35
*** evil_e has joined #openstack17:36
*** evil_e has quit IRC17:40
jaypipesalekibango: added some answers to that etherpad on images... I'll work on adding examples for the openstack API.17:41
*** evil_e has joined #openstack17:48
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack17:49
jaypipessirp_: added some commentary to about ownership vs. membership...17:56
jaypipesKnightHacker, sirp_: feel free to comment/update17:57
sirp_jaypipes: cool will checkout17:57
*** zns has quit IRC17:58
*** hub_cap has joined #openstack17:59
KnightHackerjaypipes: Will do. Thanks.17:59
*** jamesurquhart has quit IRC18:00
*** zns has joined #openstack18:03
*** jonkelly has joined #openstack18:03
*** deshantm_laptop has quit IRC18:04
*** hiddentoken has joined #openstack18:04
*** jmckind has quit IRC18:04
*** obino has quit IRC18:05
*** obino has joined #openstack18:06
*** bcwaldon has quit IRC18:07
jaypipeszns: ready for me in the keystone meeting?18:07
*** MarkAtwood has quit IRC18:07
KnightHackerjaypipes: I was about to ping you on that.18:07
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack18:08
*** msivanes has joined #openstack18:08
KnightHackerDid you get the invite?18:08
znsjaypipes: yes.18:08
jaypipeszns: link to meeting agenda?18:09
alekibangore... thanks jaypipes... will look on it now18:12
*** photron_ has joined #openstack18:13
*** hub_cap has quit IRC18:14
*** hub_cap has joined #openstack18:14
vishyalekibango: the images end up in glance if you use glance service and ec2 api18:15
alekibangovishy: i am nto sure if i understand how18:17
alekibangois there some url you can point me to?18:17
alekibangovishy:  we are editing
jdurgincreiht: do you know when you plan on having the driver api settled so other backends can be added to lunr?18:19
creihtkbringard: I'm not aware of any tool like VCR in python18:22
*** jamesurquhart has joined #openstack18:23
creihtjdurgin: it may still be a bit before we get to that point18:24
vishyalekibango: one sec.  In a meeting will help soon18:24
alekibangovishy: np. i can wait. thanks alot18:24
creihtRichiH: yeah it would probably be easier to figure out how to fix that library if it doesn't work :)18:24
RichiHcreiht: well, i confirmed that i am sending everything _exactly_ as i am sending it to s318:25
RichiHcreiht: i can extract a text dump with removed passwords if you want18:26
*** johnpur has quit IRC18:26
*** clauden_ has joined #openstack18:27
jdurgincreiht: is that a few months, or not until diablo?18:27
*** throughnothing has quit IRC18:28
creihtjdurgin: I would hope sooner than a few months :)18:28
alekibangoSeptember 22nd - diablo release :)18:29
Dumfriesis there a simple way to migrate from sqlite to mysql while preserving existing data18:29
creihtRichiH: The problem with the script was that it wasn't signing the request correctly18:29
*** throughnothing has joined #openstack18:29
RichiHcreiht: you mean base64 encode the password?18:30
RichiHcreiht: if yes, as i am using s3ls to connect to s3, it has to encode correctly18:31
creihtwell each request is signed (and the backend knows the secret key so it can verify the signature)18:31
*** santhosh has joined #openstack18:32
creihtMy first hunch was that the : messed up the parsing of the secret key, so it signed the request incorrectly18:32
vishyalekibango: FYI, i gave a pretty detailed description of the interactions here:
creihtbut I'm not very proficient in Perl, so I couldn't debug further18:32
alekibangovishy: i think i have seen that before... but i will read it vigorously again18:33
vishyalekibango: it doesn't specify how you could replace nova-objectstore with swift/s3 front end.  I don't know if anyone has tried it yet18:34
vishyalekibango: but glance/swift back end means the images all end up in swift18:34
alekibangovishy: jaypipes suggested that it should not be neeed to use s318:34
alekibangothat we can use openstack tools   for client uploading images18:35
alekibangobut apart from glance tool i fail to see how18:35
vishyalekibango: unfortunately, we don't really have any control of ec2 api so it will need an s3 clone18:35
alekibangovishy: if i can provide endusers *some* way to upload images18:36
vishyalekibango: but it is possible to upload images without using euca commands.  nova-manage image commands work just fine for example18:36
alekibangowithout putting glance api on public network unprotected.... i would be happy18:36
vishyalekibango: well glance on public will be fine when auth is in place...18:36
alekibangoheh right18:36
*** alandman has joined #openstack18:36
*** zenmatt has quit IRC18:36
alekibangobut that will take how long? months?18:37
*** zenmatt has joined #openstack18:37
alekibangoi need to start public demo soon18:37
alekibangoand i sure do not want users to be able to put whatever content into my swift backend by using glance api18:37
vishyalekibango: i would suspect it is a couple months off18:38
*** obino has quit IRC18:38
alekibangoi was said diablo D2... June 30th18:38
alekibangowhich is 2 months... hmm18:38
creihtalekibango: the diablo release is now in September18:39
*** agarwalla has joined #openstack18:39
j05hdammit…my brain read that as the Diablo 3 release date is June 30th.  Now I am disappoint.18:39
*** MarkAtwood has quit IRC18:40
vishysorry alekibango, must hit another meeting18:40
creihthah... didn't realize they had split it into separate releases like that18:40
vishyI'll be back on later this afternoon18:41
vishycreiht: they aren't releases18:41
vishythey are milestones18:41
creihtvishy: ahh, well that isn't exactly evident from that page18:41
*** jamesurquhart has quit IRC18:42
*** jamesurquhart has joined #openstack18:42
mtaylordprince: morning hombre!18:43
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack18:44
*** alekibango has quit IRC18:44
*** Joelio has joined #openstack18:45
*** matt25 has joined #openstack18:48
*** throughnothing has quit IRC18:49
*** alekibango has joined #openstack18:52
*** troytoman is now known as troytoman-away18:55
*** santhosh has quit IRC18:58
*** jmckind has joined #openstack19:01
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*** cjonrun has quit IRC19:04
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates19:05
kbringardcreiht: yea, no biggie, I was just looking at Jay's expect return stuff and thinking that it'd be sweet to have the test use real life transactions that are captured and replayed19:10
alandmanHello I'm new to using Openstack and am trying to get it running on HyperV19:11
alandmanI've followed the steps at and running into an error and hoping someone can point me in the right direction19:11
alandmanWhy I try to launch python bin\nova-compute I get an error loading module wsgi.py19:12
alandmanThe error is "ImportError: No module named routes"19:12
alandmanAm I missing a python module?19:13
kbringardalandman: yea, looks like the routes module isn't installed19:14
kbringardwhat OS are you running?19:14
alandmanWindows 2008 R219:14
kbringardah, hrmm, sorry, I have little experience with Windows in general, and none in regards to OpenStack19:15
kbringardin theory when you install python it should install an easy_install command, and/or a pip command19:15
kbringardyou should be able to do easy_install wsgi19:15
kbringardwhich should in theory install all the deps19:16
kbringardif it says it's already installed, then you should be able to do easy_install routes19:16
kbringard... at least that's how it works in *nix19:16
*** openstackjenkins has quit IRC19:16
*** sward_ has joined #openstack19:17
*** openstackjenkins has joined #openstack19:17
alandmanI will just step throught depdencies then thanks19:17
*** sward_ has quit IRC19:17
*** MarkAtwood has left #openstack19:18
*** sward_ has joined #openstack19:18
*** sward_ is now known as namaqua19:18
kbringardalandman: no problem, best of luck sir19:18
*** namaqua has joined #openstack19:18
*** openstackjenkins has quit IRC19:23
*** openstackjenkins has joined #openstack19:24
*** Shentonfreude has quit IRC19:26
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk19:26
kbringardanyone have experience with the CloudPipe stuff?19:35
*** joearnold has quit IRC19:35
kbringardit all makes sense, but I'm wondering how you get the VPN client side data?19:35
*** ianweller has quit IRC19:36
*** ewindisch has quit IRC19:37
*** jakedahn has quit IRC19:37
*** ianweller has joined #openstack19:39
*** alandman has quit IRC19:39
*** ianweller is now known as Guest7366419:40
xtoddxkbringard: nova-mange can spit out the credentials.  then you just email them or whatever is convenient19:41
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates19:42
kbringardah, cool, I figured it would be in there somewhere19:42
kbringarddo you happen to know which sections it's under? I've checked vpn and project, but don't see it there19:43
*** DigitalFlux has quit IRC19:43
*** DigitalFlux has joined #openstack19:44
*** DigitalFlux has joined #openstack19:44
*** namaqua has quit IRC19:46
*** namaqua has joined #openstack19:47
*** jmeredit has joined #openstack19:49
*** obino has joined #openstack19:49
*** rdw has quit IRC19:50
*** rdw has joined #openstack19:50
*** lborda has quit IRC19:51
*** lborda has joined #openstack19:53
*** _nil has joined #openstack19:54
xtoddxkbringard: i thought it was project zipfile?19:55
kbringardhmmmm, I thought that was just your nova creds and the certs to bundle images, but let me reread this, it may be both19:55
*** openstack has joined #openstack19:58
namaquaany idea when the openstack wiki for release cycle will be updated to reflect any changes discussed at the design summit?20:00
*** obino has quit IRC20:00
*** obino has joined #openstack20:00
xtoddxkbringard: yea, looks like project zipfile calls AuthManager's get_credentials method, which checks for vpn information, so I'd look there to understand what's happening20:00
*** erik-s|detached is now known as erik-s20:00
kbringardah, you know, you may be right... come to think of it I've not exported a zipfile since setting up cloudpipe, so it's likely that if the VPN data exists then it'll export it20:01
kpepplenamaqua: Diablo release schedule is updated at
kbringardthanks, you rock20:02
*** pothos_ has joined #openstack20:08
*** n1md4 has left #openstack20:09
*** pothos has quit IRC20:09
*** pothos_ is now known as pothos20:10
*** amccabe has joined #openstack20:14
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk20:15
jaypipessandywalsh: lmao.20:16
*** jakedahn has joined #openstack20:18
_nilwhere is the information about starting to contribute?20:20
_nilis there any OpenMP or MPI in the codebase?20:20
kpepple_nil: and no20:21
*** deepy_ is now known as deepy20:23
*** deepy has joined #openstack20:24
*** photron_ has quit IRC20:28
*** allsystemsarego has quit IRC20:28
*** mahadev_ has joined #openstack20:32
*** mahadev has quit IRC20:34
hallynI dunno, uploading my own kernel image (following as a guide) is not working out for me.  the images never get out of 'decrypting' state, and I keep these in nova-api.log:20:38
hallyn2011-05-04 15:37:07,260 DEBUG nova.utils [-] Running cmd (subprocess): openssl rsautl -decrypt -inkey /var/lib/nova/CA/private/cakey.pem from (pid=2400) execute /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.7/nova/
hallyn2011-05-04 15:37:07,270 DEBUG nova.utils [-] Result was 1 from (pid=2400) execute /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.7/nova/
kbringarddoes anyone know why the ppa trunk maverick repo is still showing build 1039?20:39
*** tblamer has quit IRC20:41
hallynhm, maybe a combination of chowning and rebooting will help20:42
*** jakedahn has quit IRC20:48
*** jakedahn has joined #openstack20:48
*** ewindisch has joined #openstack20:49
*** joearnold has joined #openstack20:53
*** mahadev_ has quit IRC20:54
*** mahadev has joined #openstack20:55
*** jakedahn_ has joined #openstack20:56
*** ctennis has quit IRC20:57
vishykbringard: the project zip includes vpn creds20:58
vishykbringard: and you can get it from the dashboard as well20:58
kbringardah, and if it doesn't, it's because I don't have VPN stuff setup, yea?20:58
kbringardthat's perfect, thank you sir20:59
*** Guest73664 is now known as ianweller20:59
*** ianweller has joined #openstack20:59
*** koolhead17 has quit IRC21:00
*** jakedahn has quit IRC21:00
*** jakedahn_ is now known as jakedahn21:00
_nilkpepple: thanks.21:01
_nili'd like to help if i can21:01
*** h0cin has quit IRC21:02
*** mgoldmann has quit IRC21:02
*** OutBackDingo has quit IRC21:03
*** kbringard_ has joined #openstack21:09
*** kbringard has quit IRC21:09
*** kbringard_ is now known as kbringard21:09
*** mahadev_ has joined #openstack21:10
*** mahadev has quit IRC21:10
*** mahadev has joined #openstack21:11
*** Ryan_Lane1 has joined #openstack21:12
*** Ryan_Lane1 has joined #openstack21:12
*** Ryan_Lane has quit IRC21:12
*** Ryan_Lane1 is now known as Ryan_Lane21:12
*** ctennis has joined #openstack21:13
*** ctennis has joined #openstack21:13
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*** msivanes has left #openstack21:24
*** imsplitbit has quit IRC21:27
*** jdurgin has quit IRC21:28
*** namaqua has quit IRC21:29
kpepple_nil: cool, there are lots of place to help (docs, code, etc)21:30
*** deshantm has joined #openstack21:38
*** zns has quit IRC21:40
openstackjenkinsProject nova build #880: SUCCESS in 2 min 40 sec:
openstackjenkinsTarmac: Don't fail the test suite in the absence of VCS history.21:44
kbringardhallyn: are you using the prebuilt images?21:47
*** jmeredit has quit IRC21:48
Dumfriesrunning "euca-describe-instances" yields "Unexpected error raised: invalid literal for int() with base 10: 'ami-u0ndzalr'" after upgrading.21:53
kpeppleDumfries: did you convert your images via the release notes instructions ?21:54
Dumfrieskpepple: I did, yes.21:54
DumfriesI even went as far as removing the old images, and upload using the new method. However I am still getting the same errro.21:55
*** clauden_ has quit IRC21:55
kpeppleDumfries: do you get a stack trace in nova-api.log that you can paste on ? this sounds familiar ...21:57
Dumfrieskpepple: sure one moment.21:57
*** mahadev_ has joined #openstack21:58
* kpepple fires up vim to peer into cloud.py21:59
*** mahadev_ has quit IRC22:00
*** hub_cap has quit IRC22:00
*** mahadev has quit IRC22:01
*** mahadev has joined #openstack22:01
*** jmckind has quit IRC22:02
*** GasbaKid has joined #openstack22:02
*** _vinay has joined #openstack22:02
_vinayI am using the nova_adminclient module22:02
_vinayand I need to increase the quota for a project22:03
_nilkpepple: i'm mostly a C/Go programmer now22:03
_nilso i'll just need to read some stuff22:03
*** agarwalla has quit IRC22:03
kpeppleDumfries: you are using Cactus release version correct ?22:04
Dumfrieskpepple: 2011.3~bzr103922:04
*** OutBackDingo has joined #openstack22:04
_vinayIt looks like the method to call this isnt there22:04
_vinayany ideas ?22:04
*** tomeff has quit IRC22:07
*** tomeff has joined #openstack22:07
*** clauden_ has joined #openstack22:08
*** tomeff has quit IRC22:08
openstackjenkinsProject nova build #881: SUCCESS in 2 min 40 sec:
openstackjenkinsTarmac: Fixes for nova-manage vpn list22:09
kpeppleDumfries: this seems like it is a bug ... it's passing the image_id where it looks like it should be passing the internal (non-ec2) instance_id22:10
Dumfrieskpepple: lovely, rekon there is a way around it?22:10
*** patcoll has quit IRC22:11
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates22:13
kpeppleDumfries: hold on .. let me see if vishy is around22:13
Dumfrieskpepple: cheers22:13
kpepplevishy: got a question on some code in nova/api/ec2/ that you changed just before Cactus RC ( ... you around ?22:14
*** knorthcut has quit IRC22:19
kpeppleDumfries: soooo ... i *believe* the problem here is that we are passing the image_id to ec2utils.id_to_ec2_id where we should be passing the instance_id ... this could be because we have a bug in the code but it also could be that your nova-manage image_convert went south22:20
*** dirkx_ has joined #openstack22:21
kpeppleDumfries: what image service are your using ?22:21
DumfriesI betting on the conversion going south.22:21
uvirtbotNew bug: #777460 in nova "OS API xml deserialization missing imageRef and flavorRef" [Undecided,New]
Dumfrieskpepple: I was using the default in bexar, haven't moved up the glance yet.22:21
*** kbringard has quit IRC22:22
*** dirkx_ has quit IRC22:22
kpeppleDumfries: if you are using local imagestore, list the directory where the images are stored ...22:22
Dumfrieskpepple: I removed them manually previously.22:23
Dumfriesthey were under "buckets" but are now gone.22:23
kpeppleDumfries: my machine just crashed :(22:25
Dumfrieskpepple: hell of a day for the both of us it would seem ;)22:25
kpeppleDumfries: try uploading a new image and then launching that22:25
DumfriesI can bring up a new instance with the new image however the same error is yielded when running "euca-describe-instances"/22:26
Dumfrieskpepple: ^^22:30
kpeppleDumfries: i missed that one ... switching between iphone and mac ...22:31
DumfriesAh, got it ;)22:31
pgregoryis it possible to have a single network (FlatDHCPManager) and have all projects associate with that?22:32
kpeppleDumfries: do you have any instances running that don't have images in your image directory ?22:32
*** jamesurquhart1 has joined #openstack22:33
*** jamesurquhart has quit IRC22:33
Dumfrieskpepple: Yes22:33
*** lborda has quit IRC22:36
uvirtbotNew bug: #777467 in swift "No command line utility exists for setting container ACL's" [Undecided,New]
*** jakedahn has quit IRC22:38
*** rnirmal has quit IRC22:39
*** jmckind has joined #openstack22:40
*** miclorb has joined #openstack22:45
*** donkdonk has joined #openstack22:45
*** donkdonk has left #openstack22:45
*** mray has quit IRC22:45
vishypgregory: yes, that is the way flatdhcp works22:46
vishypgregory: they only get their own networks in vlan mode22:46
pgregoryvishy: I've created a new project, and when I try to run an instance on it, I get an error in nova-compute.log NoMoreNetwork.22:47
pgregoryany idea why?22:47
vishypgregory: probably you are using vlan mode somewhere?22:47
kpeppleDumfries: sorry, interrupted by phone call.22:47
Dumfrieskpepple: no worries, appreciate the help.22:48
pgregoryvishy: hmm, looks like you might be right, I'll check it out.22:48
*** jamesurquhart1 has quit IRC22:48
kpeppleDumfries: it could be that the describe instances call is trying to lookup the image_id of something that doesn't exist anymore ... but it's strange that it's failing there22:49
Dumfrieskpepple: Is there a way to go about removing the reference or updating it to point to another image id?22:50
kpeppleDumfries: i don't think so ... not on a running instance22:51
vishypgregory: you have to be careful switching modes22:51
Dumfrieswell at least to get me to a point where I could spawn new instances to replace the old ones.22:51
kpeppleDumfries: unless you hacked it in the database22:51
vishypgregory: generally the best strategy is to recreate the db22:51
Dumfrieskpepple: I am not against that to be honest.22:52
vishypgregory: (although you can manually go in and try to edit it, it is easy to mess things up)22:52
pgregoryvishy: seems to be ok, I switched mode and can now launch instances in either project (via Dashboard)22:52
kpeppleDumfries: you'd have to update the instance's image_id to the new image's image_id ... it's an integer number, but i am not sure how it is generated. you can probably find out by reading nova-manage source code22:53
pgregoryvishy: for future reference though, how do I clear and recreate the db?22:53
vishypgregory: delete the sqlite file (or drop the db in mysql)22:53
Dumfrieskpepple: it is an option, although my python is more than a little rusty22:53
vishypgregory: then run all the basic nova-manage commands you did when starting...22:53
vishynova-manage db sync22:53
vishynova-manage network create ...22:54
*** markvoelker has quit IRC22:54
pgregoryvishy: thanks, I'll make a note of that.22:54
vishynova-manage user admin ...22:54
* pgregory can't beleive what a difference a day makes.22:54
vishypgregory: sorry the docs were so tough to get through22:54
vishypgregory: I'll have a chat with anne and see if we can get some people testing all of the ones that are in the docs and remove any that are outdated22:55
pgregorythis time yesterday I was frustrated to death, now I have an excellent proof of concept running with Web interface, multiple users, and multiple projects.22:55
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack22:55
pgregoryvishy: if you want any help doing that I'd be happy to try some stuff out, or at least share my findings thus far.22:55
pgregoryI'm beginning to get a proper feel for the whole system now.22:56
pgregoryI've got VNC proxy working too, but am interested if there are any other options for remotely accessing an instance apart from public IP's?22:57
*** MotoMilind has quit IRC22:57
pgregoryfor example, Amazon allows you to access an instance via a url, without having to have a costly public IP associated with it.22:57
vishypgregory: interesting.  what can you access?  Do you ssh to the url?22:58
alekibangovishy: ajax terminal session?22:59
alekibangoconsole using ajax is fun22:59
vishypgregory: yes we have ajax console suport as well, but I find it less useful than vnc console as it requires special setup in the guest23:01
pgregoryvishy: yes, you get a url which seems to have the ip encoded in it, so I presume they have some script hackery that extracts the ip and redirects you to the right instance.23:02
vishyso i guess they have some sort of ssh proxy?  That could be useful, but we don't have anything like that23:03
*** jkoelker has quit IRC23:03
vishyif your cloud is private you can give out rfc1918 ips and add a route to reach them23:03
pgregoryvishy: so you might do ssh -i myec2_key.priv
pgregoryvishy: where can I find information about the ajax console?23:05
vishypgregory: the bottom of this doc, shows you how you can add a route to get to private ips:
*** medberry is now known as med_out23:05
vishyalthough keep in mind that you will need to use euca-authorize to add in rules if you want to ping / ssh23:06
*** agarwalla has joined #openstack23:07
alekibangovishy: i would be very thankfull if you could help a bit here:  (many people stumble on this, we need to it in docs)23:07
vishypgregory: not sure that there is good docs about the ajax-console-proxy23:07
alekibangovishy: :) you need to be cloned23:08
pgregoryvishy: ok, I'll stick with VNC for now, I don't suspect we'll need to access the instances externally for much anyway.23:08
*** amccabe has quit IRC23:08
*** jonkelly has quit IRC23:10
vishyalekibango: believe me I know23:12
alekibangousing swift with s3 could work as an alternative for now?23:13
alekibangoinstead of nova-objectstore..?23:13
*** joearnold has quit IRC23:14
*** joearnold has joined #openstack23:14
alekibangovishy: imho using agile development could help a bit23:15
alekibangoplease think about it for nova23:15
*** MotoMilind has joined #openstack23:17
vishyalekibango: we have been agile from the beginning, but agile * 10 teams and 70+ devs is a bit hard23:18
alekibangoi know, maybe even impossible23:18
vishyalekibango: I don't know if you saw that we are doing 1 month milestones, but this is to help make us a bit more agile23:19
alekibangoi have seen it23:19
vishyso that teams can line up milestones with sprints23:19
alekibangovishy: sounds nice23:19
alekibangoi would like it to be even shorter ... :)23:19
alekibangobut i dont see it from your perspective23:20
vishyalekibango: when our automated testing is up to snuff, we'll revisit shorter milestones :)23:21
alekibangovishy: thats what i wanted to hear, thanks a lot23:21
vishyalekibango: in theory yes, although no one i know has actually tried it, it may require a few hacks in the code for auth/etc.23:21
*** matt25 has quit IRC23:21
alekibango??? in theory?? what?23:22
vishyalekibango: in theory, actual s3 should work too23:22
*** GasbaKid has quit IRC23:22
vishyalekibango: I don't know how the s3 front end for swift handles auth23:22
alekibangoi dont know this too lol23:22
vishyalekibango: i do know that the nova code that is pulling data out of s3 doesn't pass any auth creds23:22
*** GasbaKid has joined #openstack23:23
vishyalekibango: so I think that would need to be added23:23
alekibangohmm so best what i can do is make glance api public?23:23
alekibangoif  i want to run public demo cloud23:23
alekibangoi am afraid of getting unwanted 'images'23:24
alekibango2nd best tip: let them mail it to someone who will put it into glance for them (lol, mail)23:24
*** thingee has quit IRC23:25
alekibangohmm but having popular warez/porn site would make good demo for the cloud hehe23:26
alekibangoi mean, guys, we need auth asap!23:26
alekibangofor glance23:26
vishyalekibango: agreed...23:31
vishyalekibango: i added a bunch of comments to the etherpad23:31
*** MarkAtwood has quit IRC23:33
alekibangovishy: i see them, thanks a ton !23:34
alekibangohow to use python-novaclient for image upload  <--- that would be very nice to have23:34
alekibangoi think adding few commands into it would be best idea23:35
alekibangoanyone interested in glance, please join editing this little document
*** namaqua has joined #openstack23:36
*** namaqua has quit IRC23:42
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk23:44
*** jero has joined #openstack23:46
*** jero has left #openstack23:46
alekibangobtw xnbd looks like interestng project
*** rchavik has joined #openstack23:47
*** _vinay has quit IRC23:48
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates23:49
*** londo_ has quit IRC23:49
*** londo_ has joined #openstack23:50
*** icarus901 has joined #openstack23:50
vishyagreed, interesting23:51
alekibangostill not 'stable' but i would like to try this one too23:52
vishyalekibango: yes, seems like it could allow an alternative live-migration scheme23:53

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