Saturday, 2011-09-10

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rmknova compute is claiming it can't fetch the glance image00:17
rmkbut I can't see any issues with glance00:17
rmkthis is the largest inactive channel I've ever seen00:18
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OutBackDingormk: patience, people will help......00:28
deshantmrmk: are you running nova from package or trunk or what?00:30
OutBackDingodeshantm: he followed te same doc i did.......00:30
OutBackDingoblame me......00:30
rmkOutBackDingo: Sort of followed what you did00:30
OutBackDingormk: uhmmmmmm ??00:31
rmkI did that at first00:31
rmkUsing packages from --
OutBackDingodeshantm: you rmemeber the fight i had, until we realized iwas starting nova asa user ?00:32
deshantmyeah, that was fun debugging that one...00:32
deshantmrmk: you need to be careful not to have the version out of sync00:32
deshantmthe apis are evolving quickly00:32
OutBackDingormk: ahhhhhh00:33
rmkAll the nova packages are  2012.1~e1~20110909.1547-0ubuntu0ppa1~natty100:33
deshantmrmk: can you pastebin the nova-api log and also more of the compute log00:34
rmkmasked a few things but that's the logs (they aren't big)00:42
rmk -- nova config00:43
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rmkAnd yes the IP ranges don't make sense yet but I'm just trying to see instances launch before worrying about any of that00:44
deshantmrmk.... looking00:45
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deshantmrmk: I can't remember for sure, but this error seems familiar from some time ago00:52
deshantmI think it may have been fixed since then. Do you try working from trunk?00:53
deshantmdiablo should be getting more stable as it is nearing the release00:53
rmkHow far off trunk is what I am using?  based on the date string of these packages they should be from today00:53
deshantmah, I not sure actually, let me look at that link you sent00:55
deshantm(maybe a new problem) ...00:55
rmkSo it doesn't look like a config issue?00:56
OutBackDingormk: nope config looks fine00:56
rmkIs there a way to see the full list of hypervisors managed by nova?00:58
deshantmrmk: is this the PPA you are using:
rmklooks like it yes00:59
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deshantmrmk: did you do the xenapi testing from
rmkConfirmed that worked01:03
deshantmhave you checked the glance log and database?01:04
rmkLooking now and it looks fine01:08
deshantmthe error message is not very helpful (as far as I can tell).. can you take a look at the code:01:10
deshantm/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.7/nova/virt/xenapi/ line 60601:11
rmk606 is the last line of that01:13
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deshantmrmk: do you have /boot/guest setup?01:15
rmki do01:15
deshantmdoes it have the uuid for what you are trying to access (the uuid in the nova log)01:16
deshantmrmk: can you pastebin the whole file ( /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.7/nova/virt/xenapi/
deshantmit doesn't look like it is getting far (based on what is being written to the log)01:20
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OutBackDingormk: chmod -R 777 /boot/guest setup01:36
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rmkOutBackDingo: Yeah that dir is empty01:36
OutBackDingohrmmm it wount be01:36
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deshantmi think that cleanup is done on failure01:37
deshantmwatch it with ls during the boot attempt01:38
rmkgood idea01:38
rmkdoes it retry after failures?01:39
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deshantmit appears (based on the log) that the failure to get the glance image is a fatal exception01:40
rmksorry stepped away a few min01:41
rmkif glance wasn't setup right wouldn't I have issues doing a nova image-list?01:42
deshantmthe database entry could be set up right and the backend image could be inaccessible or corrupt01:44
deshantmor it could be a issue of interaction between nova and the hypervisor01:44
rmkI see -- I imported the test ami from this page ..
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rmkDo I need to import ova or will it accept a vhd?01:45
deshantmthat one should work. I had to tweak it very slightly to get it to work fully, but it might have been related to my setup01:45
deshantmyou are not getting to the booting stage even01:46
deshantmoh, earlier i asked for a pastebin of /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.7/nova/virt/xenapi/vm_utils.py01:47
rmksorry yes I will get that now01:47
deshantmi think we can track down a bit closer where it is getting to01:47
rmkappreciate your helping me01:48
deshantmcan you pastebin: /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/XenAPI.py01:54
deshantmnot a lot of hints as to what is going wrong in the logs, I wonder if we can turn up the verbosity of the logs at all01:54
deshantmwe might be able to run the script in a python debugger even01:54
deshantmI don't have much experience myself, but probably it is as easy as using something like gdb, which I have used01:55
rmkIs nova-volume of any relevance at this point?01:57
deshantmpastebin the log, we can look01:57
rmkIs anything even going to use it with this setup?01:58
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deshantmI'm not yet an expert (I am reading a lot and learning by doing), but I'm not a dev yet01:59
deshantmThere actually may be something useful in the xapi log... on the XenServer/XCP server ... /var/log/xensource.log02:00
rmk[20110910T01:51:47.815Z|debug||1887| R:9d9b870de50b|dispatcher] Server_helpers.exec exception_handler: Got exception XENAPI_PLUGIN_EXCEPTION: [ download_vhd; OSError; [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/var/run/sr-mount/331661f5-f82e-f51c-b6bd-ff0bcf935767/tmpejMHRs' ]02:01
deshantmI think that seems a bit more helpful, can you pastebin the rest of that log to see what is and isn't working?02:02
deshantmthe nova-volume log doesn't look so good either.. that might be another possible issue to look into more02:05
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rmkI created /var/run/sr-mount/331661f5-f82e-f51c-b6bd-ff0bcf93576702:11
rmkAnd got further02:11
rmkthats the new failure :)02:12
rmkSeems like the code I am using is broken02:13
deshantmwhat I think might be happening is that there is a xapi (XenAPI) version mismatch02:13
deshantmthe code in trunk is new02:13
deshantmand the XenServer version you are using seems old02:13
rmkWonder if I can use an older build02:13
deshantm5.6 FP 1 right?02:13
deshantmI'd expect that to be new enough actually02:13
deshantmsomething still seems off though02:14
deshantmxapi/XenAPI seems not very happy about something02:14
rmkdoesn't make sense that it's expecting a directory on the hypervisor too which isn't there02:14
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deshantmright, something is failing likely and not being handled properly02:14
deshantmdo you have any restrictions about the XenServer version that you use?02:15
rmkdoing this all in a lab basically02:15
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deshantmok, so I would suggest to try XenServer 6 (i think it is still in beta) and if you can trying XCP 1.1 when it goes to RC next week might be worth a shot02:16
deshantmrmk: save your logs though and email me about this02:17
deshantmI can try to reach out to Citrix/OpenStack contacts about this02:17
rmkgreat thank you02:17
deshantmI can do some testing on XCP myself at some point, but the Citrix team might have some insights for XenServer02:17
deshantmzip/tar and email any logs that you think relevant and I'll see if I can find out if others are having the issue and if they have overcome it02:19
rmkThere's a new build and I just installed the packages02:19
deshantmthis code moves so fast02:19
deshantmmaybe a fix already....02:19
deshantmwe can hope at least02:19
deshantmactually it wouldn't hurt to send a summary of this to the openstack mailing list02:20
deshantmsomeone else may have some hints02:20
rmkinteresting... 2011-09-10 02:18:45,965 DEBUG nova.virt.xenapi.vm_utils [-] Detected DISK_VHD format for image 4, instance 5 from (pid=14180) log_disk_format /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.7/nova/virt/xenapi/
rmktook 30 seconds that time02:20
rmkand then failed, so something relevant changed02:20
deshantmmaybe somebody is actively hacking on it02:21
deshantmits the weekend, but who knows02:21
rmkseems like it02:21
deshantmI guess we could check the version control logs02:21
deshantmwhat changeset are you on?02:21
deshantmthat is recent... let me see if i can find the git log online02:22
deshantmnova is still using bzr yet? or did they switch over to git?02:23
deshantmlaunchpad or github....02:23
rmkdocs were pointing at launchpad02:25
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rmkwonder if i have the wrong xenserver nova plugins02:27
deshantmthis code is definitely actively being developed. Josh Kearney made changes to  /nova/virt/xenapi/ hours ago according to:
deshantmrmk: where did you get them from?02:30
deshantmtrunk as well?02:30
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rmkbut they haven't changed in a while02:31
deshantmyeah, I don't think that they change that much02:31
deshantmI think the best thing to do at this point is email the openstack mailing list02:34
rmkok will do thanks for all your help02:34
deshantmit's the weekend so not sure what kind of response it will get02:34
deshantmfeel free to ping me or email me next week and I can try to look into it more and/or reach out to others02:34
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rmkDoes cactus fully support xenserver?04:53
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HektorHello everyone.10:27
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Hektoranyone knows what is needed to setup a vlan on network node11:06
HektorI created an instance and it get ip of but I need vlan11:07
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berto-is it possible to mount a VM's disk on the host to tweak the filesystem?  i managed to remove the ubuntu user from the sudoers file and now can't administer the VM.15:42
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berto-just learned about qemu-nbd, which allowed me to mount the filesystem on the host.16:25
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dopryhey are there there PPA's for Diablo? is it the milestone PPAs I should be looking at?17:55
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bnightHi guys I just install OpenStack in a VM using qemu for the virtualization part everything works amazing however can someone give an example for practical uses of such cloud I want to see some thinks working for example scalling up an wordpress my install has  nova-compute and nova-volumes also nova-network my test instance is ubuntu-10.04 LTS 32 bit19:19
bnightplease provide me examples howto use and improve my infrastructure ?19:19
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rmkAnyone know what this means when attempting to start a VM on a xenserver -- SR_HAS_NO_PBDS19:58
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bnightrmk looks like some kind of a storage problem when xenserver use iscsi for storage20:15
rmknot using iscsi though20:16
bnightso how you deliver images to xen server ?20:18
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rmkAnyone know what this means -- Failure: ['SR_HAS_NO_PBDS', 'OpaqueRef:d5110e59-d97d-978f-ff59-31ea1ebe0d68']23:06
rmkOpenstack talking to Xenserver 5.6 SP223:06
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