Friday, 2012-08-03

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Disconnectdamn. something is wrong with dhcp still. ok. time to bail and move on, i'll argue with it in the morning00:08
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contextso im following this guide to install openstack:
contextkeystone role-list doesnt show any roles at all00:11
contexti created one00:12
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chadhAnyone around to take a quick question on the keystone installation documentation?00:27
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context2012-08-02 19:34:40 CRITICAL nova [-] --bridge is required to create a network.00:35
contexti get this error but the docs dont show --bridge when creating a network00:35
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clarkbcontext: are you using the debian packages listed as being compatible with that howto?00:40
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contextclarkb: im running debian 7 beta00:42
contextclarkb: i got it working, i just told in eth0 (only have one eth for now)00:42
contextafter i get it running in gonna set up 1-2 vlans for private networking00:42
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chadhcontext: that's an old bug ( I hit it months ago).  bridge is specified in nova.conf, but nova-manage doesn't seem to read it, so you have to specify it on the command line as well00:53
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lucid2quick question - is there a client-facing RESTful API for volume management in openstack, or is it currently limited to manipulating compute and swift at this point?00:58
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lucid2(i.e. snap shots, attach/detatch - etc.)00:58
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jeremyblucid2: there's 2 APIs for nova (aka compute). ec2 and OS API01:07
jeremybidk if OS is REST or not01:07
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contextanyone know why i'd be getting this: 2012-08-02 20:07:39 CRITICAL nova [req-caf67a5d-2ccd-4839-a33b-8c23bc580231 None None] (OperationalError) (1044, "Access denied for user 'nova-common'@'%' to database 'nova'") None None01:08
contexti updated mysql privileges for more than single server01:08
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contextdamnit!@# i hate you mysql01:10
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contextthere we go fixed that01:11
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BuSerDsweet. reset the password or something context?01:11
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contextbuserd: had to update db table as well as user table in the mysql database01:12
contextinstall set the nova-common user strictly to localhost01:12
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BuSerDwonderful. notes for success. i'm sure I'll see it at some point.01:13
contextnow to get this thing to talk to my NexentaStor01:13
contextthis is just my first time installing01:14
contextonce i get it all working, im gonna re-do from scratch with VLANing and little bit cleaner01:14
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contextsays its running. need to get talking to san, then get some images on there and get some instances running01:16
contextfirst, some sake01:16
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1032430 in horizon "Provide an example customization module" [Undecided,New]
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annegentlelucid2: the Volume API is documented at api.openstack.org02:04
jeremybannegentle: see chadh above?02:05
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chadhWhat service/process is responsible for creating the default secgroups?  Somehow mine didn't get created.02:35
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chadh(btw, I answered my question about the documentation by looking at the keystone install script.  The docs are very wrong for the very last service)02:38
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annegentlechadh: could you report which page is incorrect in a doc bug at or email me anne at openstack dot org with details and URL?02:48
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chadhannegentle: sure.  I made a comment on the page in the docs, but I guess that's not the right place02:48
contextchadh: the user-role's ?02:49
context"creation" in i think quite a few things depends on distro, and how you installed. a lot lives in the database.02:50
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chadhannegentle: It's the last endpoint-creation in chapter 5, right before the troubleshooting section02:50
chadhcontext: I have a secgroup table, but there is nothing in it.02:50
chadhWhen I do nova secgroup-list, I get a 40402:50
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contextmy "security_groups" still has 0 records. though im still in the midst of getting everything working02:52
contextchadh: when the only one that existed was default, nothing existed in the db02:53
contextchadh: as soon as i created a secondary their were two records, default, and what i made02:53
chadhcontext: okay.  do you get results with nova secgroup-list ?02:53
contextchadh: looking at the actual database, their was nothing before i created blah02:55
contextchadh: create a dummy secgroup02:55
chadhI get a 404 when I try to add as well, so I may have another problem.  Maybe I have a service url defined wrong02:55
contextit will probably put the default in there02:55
contextif you get 404 its service url issue02:55
chadhcontext: yeah, that is probably a red herring.02:55
contextNexentaStor really can be a whiny bitch02:56
chadhso what service does secgroup-list talk to, I wonder02:56
contextfuck you debian02:57
contextchadh: keystone or glance, im new myself. i just know what DB to look in cause i had to fuck with mysql to get my second server to talk to it02:57
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contextpersonally i question why servers are all talking to the DB directly02:58
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contexti think their needs to be a nova-titan or nova-god or ..... nova-cloud service that hides direct db access itself03:00
Lilstupid question. is it possible to setup open stack on just one server? basically to just learn/play ?03:00
contextlil: yes.03:00
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contexttime to install dev-tools and compile latest nova-volume i think :x03:01
Lilcontext; would you happen to have a link to like a howto? all the ones i've looked at were for multiple machines. again this is just to learn/mess with it before i take it to multiple machines03:01
contextdoes anyone know what "version" on essex this requires:
contextlil: OS/distro ?03:02
annegentlechadh: oh, comments on the page are great also, I usually just turn those into doc bugs03:02
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contextlil: with ubuntu you can use stackops .. ? or the debian , or from source03:03
LilI will look into that. Thanks.03:04
contextcheck the left menu03:04
contextlil: just "combine" everything, thats kind of what im doing. i have one service/compute server and one compute server03:04
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contextand a seperate storage unit03:05
annegentlechadh: if your nova services aren't running you get a 404. Oh context is telling you this. :) Thank you context.03:05
contextannegentle: page comments can be useful unless its something like php, where you have 100+ comments and then they become useless03:05
contexti followed debians "openstack on sid install guide" and i had to do a bit of manual work myself.03:06
chadhannegentle: thanks.  yeah, nova-compute (<ip>:8774) is returning the 404.  I get a 401 when I try it in my browser.  weird03:07
contextwait nova-compute runs a web server ?03:07
contexti see nova-api (user) on :8773/4/603:08
annegentlecontext: we've found page comments super useful for improving the docs but that's also because we're newish and comments are only really active on the latest release.03:08
chadhcontext: it's probably nova-api?03:08
chadhforwards the request or something?  I don't know.  it's an endpoint, and 8774 is compute03:08
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annegentlechadh: so about the doc comment, what makes you say you don't have a default security group? The 404?03:08
contextannegentle: i imagine most people find leaving comment than finding the tracker, seeing if issue exists, creating if not03:08
annegentlecontext: definitely, and no Launchpad account required03:09
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chadhannegentle: I think context straightened me out on that.  I looked in the database, and there was no entry in the security_groups table for default.03:09
contextchadh: i started dashboard and run nova* commands at the head unit (which you should only have one)03:09
annegentlechadh: not to be annoying, but to try to help others, I asked in the doc comment too :)03:09
chadhannegentle: once I solve this 404, I"ll know if I screwed something up following the directions, or if somehting was off03:09
contextif you only have one point its a lot easier03:09
contextchadh: download the debian 7 beta netinst iso, installing openstack is easy03:10
context... unless you have a nexenta sa like me03:10
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chadhcontext: this is for an 80 node cluster, so I have to understand the process and be able to integrate it into our existing loads/processes03:10
contextchadh: stop trying to hit :8774 in your browser ?03:10
contextok.. why are you trying to hit :8774 in your browser ?03:11
contextis :8774 even HTTP ?03:11
chadhcontext: yeah.  whatever is listening there talks http03:11
chadhI can't do anything, though, because all the credential stuff isn't set up03:11
contextchadh: i havent seen v1.1 since i started setting up openstack03:12
contextif thats what you are following03:12
contexti havent even done a curl/wget request03:12
chadhthe url is v203:12
contextroot@openstack0:/etc# grep -r 8774 *03:13
contextkeystone/keystone.conf:compute_port = 877403:13
contextchadh: check admin_token on whatever uses that03:14
contextchadh: my first time setting up openstack, i changed as LEAST as possible03:15
chadhcontext: well, this isn't my first time, but I did start from scratch, and there are a lot of moving pieces03:15
chadhthis is pretty much following the docs straight03:15
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contextotherwise comment out admin_{tenant_name|user|password} and replace it with admin_token03:16
chadhI did play with internal/external/admin ips in keystone, so that's what I am looking at now03:16
COnerhello - i've been having trouble getting a second compute node to function properly and have been unable to resolve the issue; the controller is able to see the node and the other way as well03:16
contextchadh: tell your wife she just got replaced with: slash etc slash var slash log slash nova slash nova dash {service} dot log03:17
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context/var/log/nova < my best friend today03:18
chadhcontext: lol.  yeah, the logs have always been helpful in the past.  I'm getting nothing right now, though03:18
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COneryeah i'm looking at it - and i'm unsure what the proper behavior should be (other than the lack of errors); on the compute node, should it be trying to access the nova-api?03:18
contextchadh: so log has nothing at all ?03:20
contextno no no. log FILE... not --debug03:20
chadhcontext: well, I just upped some of keystones logging to DEBUG, and now I see where the request comes in, but no error03:20
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contextyou want from kiddie pool to ocean skipping the diving board, high dive, etc etc03:21
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contextconer: dont pull --debug out of the bag unless /everything else/ has failed03:23
contextgrepping everying in /var/log precludes /everything else/03:23
COnercontext: fair enough - the first part of the display is only out of the /var/log/compute , the rest don't seem to have anything pertaining to any type of exception03:25
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1032451 in glance/folsom "API Server doesn't validate client ssl certificate" [High,Triaged]
COneroutput of nova-manage service list:    (just so you know the layout that i am looking to get)03:27
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contextconer: looks exactly like my local03:27
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COnercontext: i am assuming that it is a problem with the setup on the node and not the controller ( i am able to start images on the controller just fine) i coppied over a basic openrc ( so i am unsure of where the problem is coming from03:30
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chadhCOner: that trace in your first pastie looks like a problem talking to the ampq server.  Are you using rabbitmq?03:31
chadhCOner: oh, nvm.  now I see it03:32
COnerjust in case - nova.conf on the node as well;
COner*i have disabled all firewalls and the laptops are behind the same wireless router, and the router has been set to allow for wifi nodes to communicate with eachother03:33
chadhCOner: what about /etc/nova/api-paste.ini ?03:34
contextconer: then check logs on the node03:34
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contextkk its time for me to go drink more beer03:35
contextsrry ;)03:36
contextbe back tomorrow03:36
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COnercontext: haha alright - thanks for looking at it03:36
contextconer: fix service_auth / auth_host / admin_uri03:36
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contextchadh: thats the NODE right? not controller. either way. make api-paste.ini so you it can be replicated.03:37
*** tualatrix has quit IRC03:37
chadhCOner: if you are using keystone, you need to fill in the last 3 lines of that file03:37
koolhead11hi all03:38
contextbottom of file. service_host* sorry, auth_host, admin_uri03:38
COnerchadh: i have keystone running on the controller, not on the node03:38
contextconer: and also comment the last three lines and put admin_token, like i was telling chadh earlier03:38
contextkk im off03:39
COnerthe admin token from the controller? into the api-paste.ini03:39
chadhCOner: the controller uses keystone for authorization to use the services.  you have to configure the client to use it as well03:39
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contextconer: fix the api-paste.ini and replicate it from host to host03:39
contextcharacter for character, better have the exact same md5 checksum03:39
COner(of course the fedora tutorial had nothing about this file in it at all)03:40
contextconer: what ive been following:
contextconer: check dates on ALL articles you read online before you actually start reading them03:40
contextim out for real03:41
COnerlol later03:41
COnerchadh: so i have to also install keystone into the compute node? i copied over a basic openrc with the username/pass03:43
chadhCOner: that openrc is just a convenience for you when running commands.  It isn't used by the nova services03:44
*** mjfork has quit IRC03:44
COnerahh gotcha - i updated the bottom of api-paste.ini to match the controller (except using the controller IP instead of localhost)03:45
chadhIf you add in the credentials to api-paste.ini, I think it will fix the current problem03:45
chadhyou should just be able to restart nova-compute on the node03:45
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COnerhmmm still no go - but looking over the other debian tutorial03:50
*** datajerk has quit IRC03:52
chadhCOner: try using the admin user and password as well.  That's what the official docs say to do03:52
koolhead11COner: if you will follow official guide step by step if will make things work easily :)03:52
chadh(I mean, instead of the admin_token, fill in the fields that were there originally.)03:52
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COnerthe official fedora guide got the primary node working - but i'm having problems distributing images to the other node03:53
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COnerwhen running a purly compute node - nova-api does not run there correct?04:14
COneri have all of those components running on a controller - and want to just add a single compute node04:15
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tixso what's the deal, the new rackspace cloud on openstack doesn't have something like security groups on EC2?05:06
*** zehicle1 has quit IRC05:06
tixis that coming with cloud networks?05:06
tixor is cloud networks just on the VLAN side?05:06
*** supriya has joined #openstack05:08
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tixdolphm, cryptk05:13
tixyou guys around?05:13
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bigmeowhi all:)05:48
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bigmeowkviiri__: meow:)05:51
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*** tix__ is now known as tix06:14
*** eglynn has joined #openstack06:14
tixso rackspace cloud isn't going to have something like "security groups" on EC2?06:15
tixor is that coming with cloud networks?06:15
*** melmoth has joined #openstack06:17
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack06:18
*** arBmind has quit IRC06:20
*** milner has joined #openstack06:22
*** chandanc has joined #openstack06:24
*** colinmcnamara has quit IRC06:24
openflyopenstack has had security groups since austin06:24
openflyso i assume they'll have something06:24
Tobarja_Officeis there a samba plugin to expose a chunk of storage as a filesystem? (i did this with ceph i think in previous testing)06:26
*** issackelly has quit IRC06:26
*** MarkAtwood has left #openstack06:28
openflythis channel has gone downhill06:28
*** openfly has left #openstack06:28
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1032502 in quantum "mac_ranges  in network is invalid" [Undecided,In progress]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1032516 in nova "jones" [Undecided,New]
*** alex88 has joined #openstack07:48
*** notze has joined #openstack07:52
*** shaon has joined #openstack07:53
*** rpawlik_ has joined #openstack07:53
melmothanyone here running keystone with ssl ?07:55
*** rpawlik has quit IRC07:56
*** shaon_ has joined #openstack07:56
*** eb_ has joined #openstack07:57
*** rpawlik_ has quit IRC07:57
*** shaon has quit IRC07:57
eb_I have two hosts: one controller and one compute (without network). When I launch an instance on the controller, all it is ok, when I try on the compute I have this problem: Instance failed network setup Timeout: Timeout while waiting on RPC response in nova-compute.log (on compute)07:59
eb_In nova-network.log (controller) I have 2012-08-03 09:59:27 DEBUG nova.utils [req-c2e6125d-38a9-48d5-a6e4-60e4fca42d9f None None] Attempting to grab semaphore "get_dhcp" for method "_get_dhcp_ip"... from (pid=2179) inner /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nova/ 2012-08-03 09:59:27 DEBUG nova.utils [req-c2e6125d-38a9-48d5-a6e4-60e4fca42d9f None None] Got semaphore "get_dhcp" for method "_get_dhcp_ip"... from (pid=2179) inner /08:00
*** bivab has joined #openstack08:00
*** eschnou has joined #openstack08:03
alex88eb_, nova-network is running on the controller? can you ifconfig both hosts and paste?08:03
notzedo you have the dhcp installed as well on the compute?08:05
eb_euca-describe-availability-zones verbose AVAILABILITYZONEnovaavailable AVAILABILITYZONE|- ubuntu AVAILABILITYZONE| |- nova-computeenabled :-) 2012-08-03 08:05:46 AVAILABILITYZONE| |- nova-schedulerenabled :-) 2012-08-03 08:05:53 AVAILABILITYZONE| |- nova-certenabled :-) 2012-08-03 08:05:55 AVAILABILITYZONE| |- nova-consoleauthenabled :-) 2012-08-03 08:05:55 AVAILABILITYZONE| |- nova-networkenabled :-) 2012-08-03 08:05:5308:06
alex88eb_, brctl show? do you have an interface between the servers?08:07
*** foexle has quit IRC08:07
eb_brctl show on compute: brctl show bridge namebridge idSTP enabledinterfaces virbr08000.000000000000yes08:08
eb_on controller: brctl show bridge namebridge idSTP enabledinterfaces br1008000.3c0754387f62noeth0 vnet0 virbr08000.000000000000yes08:08
eb_How I can check if there is dhcp?08:09
alex88eb_, can you paste somewhere else?  btw, both eth0 of controller is in the same network of eth0 of compute?08:11
eb_nova.conf on the controller:
*** b1rkh0ff has joined #openstack08:12
*** shaon_ has quit IRC08:13
alex88do you have the same on compute right?08:13
eb_nova.conf on the compute is the same, change only --my_ip=
*** primozf has joined #openstack08:15
eb_alex88 what's btw? Yes are in the same network08:15
alex88have you another dhcp server running on that network?08:15
eb_alex88 , how can check it?08:16
alex88i mean, are servers connected trough a switch?08:16
eb_I have my dhcp router...08:16
*** fc__ has quit IRC08:17
*** fc__ has joined #openstack08:17
eb_the network is composed by: router(dhcp) + controller + compute08:17
*** eglynn has joined #openstack08:17
eb_It will be better If I install nova-network on the compute ?08:19
eb_and I use the same nova.conf?08:19
eb_I don't understand if dnsmasq work as a dhcp server08:20
*** miclorb has quit IRC08:21
alex88eb_, it is, btw, you can't have a dhcp router on eth0 if you bridge br100 on eth108:23
alex88you should have a private network between servers, eg. eth1 with a switch, set static ip addresses, and use that as flat_interface08:23
*** Turicas has quit IRC08:24
eb_Interfaces on the controller:
eb_Interfaces on the compute:
*** notze has quit IRC08:27
*** notze has joined #openstack08:27
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack08:28
*** arBmind has quit IRC08:31
alex88eb_, nova-manage network list08:31
eb_network list: 4  None         None           None           None           a3c4d2d6-6cc6-4e2d-8b27-8028aa851f7308:32
*** arBmind has joined #openstack08:32
eb_on the controller in nova-network I have: Attempting to grab semaphore "get_dhcp" for method "_get_dhcp_ip"08:34
*** notze has quit IRC08:34
*** notze_ has joined #openstack08:34
eb_every 30 secons08:34
eb_every 30 seconds08:34
alex88mmhh… not sure man, i'm multi_host configuration, but afaik you have to bridge the br100 between the servers08:36
alex88it should have br100 on both hosts08:36
*** e1mer has quit IRC08:37
notze_how can you bridge between 2 servers?08:37
alex88notze_, you create br100 on both hosts and bridge on eth1 which is a switched network between servers08:38
*** e1mer has joined #openstack08:38
alex88that's how i do here at work08:38
notze_alex88 so if the servers are both in the public network, the bridge is spawned over the internet?08:39
alex88notze_, that's why you should have 2 nics08:39
alex881 nic is ok for single host08:40
alex88but you can use vde ;)08:40
*** bbcmicrocomputer has joined #openstack08:40
*** bbcmicrocomputer has joined #openstack08:40
*** pixelbeat has joined #openstack08:40
notze_we set it up with dhcp on each node08:41
alex88notze_, kind of a virtual switch08:41
alex88i've used it at ovh where we didn't had a private network between servers08:41
melmothi need help. I m still struggling to make kesytone replying to ssl connexion.08:42
alex88it just uses an encrypted udp/tcp tunnel and creates a tap device, using that you can connect as many servers as you want, like a real switch, with stp etc08:42
melmothaccording to it seems to me it should be implemented08:42
melmothbut if i look at the keystone code (essex branch git chekcout and ubuntu pacakge), i do not see trace of the patch i find linked in the blueprint08:43
alex88melmoth, sorry, never tried that :|08:43
melmothme neither :) that s a good reason to start :)08:43
melmothi really dont like the idea of having credentials and token send in clear form on the wire..especially on a public network.08:43
alex88melmoth, ubuntu packages are always out of date in heavily developed projects :)08:43
melmothyep, but i aslo do not find trace of those change in the essex branch of the git repo08:44
melmothand i just pull and merged this morning.08:44
melmoth(i m not using git every day, so may be i made a mistkae ?)08:44
alex88melmoth, give a try to ?08:44
*** Sweetsha1k is now known as Sweetshark08:45
notze_do you have dhcp-server also on the compute running08:46
notze_or only on controler?08:46
*** D4V1dp3N74 has joined #openstack08:46
*** almaisan-away is now known as al-maisan08:48
*** al-maisan is now known as almaisan-away08:48
melmothhmm, "keystone is already the newest version" after installing the ppa repo08:53
melmothlet s ask the openstack mailing list then...08:54
alex88notze_, i've dhcp-server running on each host because i'm using multi_host08:54
alex88so each server runs at least nova-api, nova-compute, nova-network08:54
alex88melmoth, no good :)08:55
*** tix has quit IRC08:55
uvirtbotNew bug: #1032546 in nova "Updating an instance with Personality file is not raising bad Request" [Undecided,New]
*** fred_l has quit IRC08:58
eb_when I stop nova-compute on compute, in nova-network.log disappers Attempting to grab semaphore "get_dhcp" for method "_get_dhcp_ip"09:00
*** mkouhei has left #openstack09:03
*** s34n has quit IRC09:04
*** tomoe_ has quit IRC09:06
*** s34n has joined #openstack09:07
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1032548 in quantum "update readme for v2 API and new email list" [Medium,New]
RaziqueHi guys09:21
alex88hi Razique09:21
Raziquehey alex8809:22
*** zhuadl_ has quit IRC09:23
davepigottjamespage: ping09:25
*** NimeshNeema has joined #openstack09:26
*** johnpostlethwait has quit IRC09:31
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*** fred_l has joined #openstack09:35
*** vuntz has joined #openstack09:36
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*** kyriakos has joined #openstack09:38
*** bivab is now known as bivab_away09:44
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1032558 in nova "Disassociate Floating IP with wrong servers ID is successful" [Undecided,New]
*** davepigott has quit IRC09:48
D4V1dp3N74hey man whats the default username and password for the ubuntu cloud image ??09:48
melmothD4V1dp3N74, there s none09:49
melmothyou need to use a ssh key that you tell about to nova at booting stage09:49
melmoth(the username to connect to with this key will be the ubuntu user though, so yes, there is a default user, just not a default password)09:50
D4V1dp3N74I know about the public key auth for ssh09:50
D4V1dp3N74but now Iam connected to the VNC console09:50
*** bivab_away is now known as bivab09:51
D4V1dp3N74melmoth any idea ?09:52
melmothwell, you can ssh in the box, and change the password from there09:52
*** Razique has quit IRC09:52
melmothother option would involve rebundling the image after having set a default password.09:53
melmoth(wich is not that complicated, but would you really want to do that ?)09:53
D4V1dp3N74but by default you should be able to connect to the console09:53
*** rods has joined #openstack09:54
melmothyou can read what s going on the console.09:54
melmothyou could also use cloud init to generated a password for the ubuntu user on post boot09:54
melmoth(though i m not sure how i would do that because of the fact that the passwd command is interactive)09:54
D4V1dp3N74how do you configure cloud init??09:56
*** aspiers has quit IRC09:57
*** Razique has joined #openstack09:58
D4V1dp3N74never used euca tools09:59
*** aspiers has joined #openstack09:59
melmothi guess you can do the same with nova itself09:59
*** z00dax6 has quit IRC09:59
melmothi just dont know how :)09:59
D4V1dp3N74now I have to read the ssh import thingy :(10:00
melmothi bet taht with nova it s simply --user_data10:02
*** bharata has quit IRC10:02
notzecan we use the cloud init for auto install applications?10:03
melmothsure, whataver you can do by script, you can run with cloud init10:04
melmoth(as long as your script is not too long if i rememebr correctly)10:04
D4V1dp3N74cool :)10:04
notzeperfect thats what we need10:04
*** z00dax6 has joined #openstack10:04
*** matelakat has joined #openstack10:04
*** z00dax6 is now known as Guest1300010:05
matelakatHi guys, I made some changes to openstack-common, and they are approved. How could I merge that change back to nova?10:06
*** simon_lucy has joined #openstack10:07
D4V1dp3N74melmoth got the answer to my question, you were right:here is no password for 'root' or 'ubuntu' user in UEC image. So I just use the private key and ssh to UEC instance, then create a new user/password. After that I can login in VNC console to that instanc10:08
D4V1dp3N74from ask.ubuntu.something :)10:08
notzeso you got it?10:09
notzeso in generall it works now10:10
*** bivab is now known as bivab_away10:10
matelakatkyriakos, that doc does not seem to answer my question10:13
*** bivab_away is now known as bivab10:13
kyriakosmatelakat, afaik the answer to your question is along the lines of 'file a bug in launchpad and submit a patch to gerrit' but in order to do any of these you need to follow the steps in the page I mentioned above10:14
*** Blackavar has quit IRC10:16
*** Guest13000 is now known as z00dax610:16
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*** glove has joined #openstack10:24
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*** miclorb has joined #openstack10:26
*** notze has quit IRC10:28
matelakatkyriakos, so nova is using openstack-common as a dependency. I detected a bug, fixed that, pushed, it was approved - so that is in master. I would like to merge those changes in nova the changeset is:
*** D4v1dP3n74 has joined #openstack10:30
kyriakosah sorry I got you now.10:30
*** bivab is now known as bivab_away10:30
*** Razique has quit IRC10:31
kyriakosa colleague has gone through this process, but he's on the phone at the moment. I'll ask him and let you know if someone else hasn't answered you until then10:31
*** garyk has joined #openstack10:32
*** jaypipes has quit IRC10:32
*** Razique has joined #openstack10:34
*** koolhead11 has joined #openstack10:35
matelakatthanks, kyriakos10:38
*** rods` has quit IRC10:40
*** rods` has joined #openstack10:47
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D4v1dP3n74melmoth there??11:00
*** bivab_away is now known as bivab11:01
*** reidrac has joined #openstack11:01
matelakatkyriakos: I was disconnected, did you get the info?11:04
*** arosen has joined #openstack11:09
*** arosen has quit IRC11:09
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*** nati_ueno has joined #openstack11:10
*** arosen has joined #openstack11:10
*** arosen has quit IRC11:10
*** arosen has joined #openstack11:11
*** arosen has quit IRC11:12
kyriakosmatelakat, no11:12
*** arosen has joined #openstack11:13
*** arosen has quit IRC11:13
*** arosen has joined #openstack11:14
*** markvoelker has joined #openstack11:18
*** agoddard has joined #openstack11:21
zykes-what kind of mysql does people here use ?11:21
*** msavy has joined #openstack11:22
*** arBmind has quit IRC11:22
trygvishmm, what is the default password for the ubuntu cloud images?11:23
*** miclorb has quit IRC11:24
*** notze has joined #openstack11:25
*** cloudvirt has joined #openstack11:26
*** marcus has joined #openstack11:26
*** nati_ueno has quit IRC11:26
marcushi all. could one of you perhaps explain the difference between nova-volume and glance?11:26
*** nati_ueno has joined #openstack11:27
melmothmarcus nova-volume purpose is to give your vm some persistant block device11:27
melmothlike, i dont know somehting you will mount in /var/lib/mysql and if the box dies, you can reinstalla mysql server and use the same data later on11:28
*** ijw has joined #openstack11:28
melmothglance is hosting disk "vanilla" images that user select to tell wich kind of os they want to boot11:28
marcusah, ok.11:28
*** k3rn has joined #openstack11:29
marcusand how are persistant block devices assigned to that vanilla images?11:29
ijwCan anyone tell me what OS-EXT-SRV-ATTR:hypervisor_hostname might be in the 'nova show' command?11:29
ijwIt's not the machine the VM's running on, nor is it the node with the API on it.  It seems to be just random.11:29
*** notze has quit IRC11:30
melmothi bet it is the name of the compute node the vm runs on11:30
marcusand is it also possible to make a complete os 'persistant'?11:30
ijwThat's OS-EXT-SRV-ATTR:host .11:30
*** cloudvirt has quit IRC11:31
melmothmarcus i do not know (i dont think so), but you can rebundle an image based on a running machine11:31
*** rmartinelli has joined #openstack11:33
*** mjfork has joined #openstack11:35
*** Billy_Way has quit IRC11:36
*** clopez has joined #openstack11:37
melmothmarcus, something that only make sense if your hypervisor is xen i guess11:37
*** D4v1dP3n74 has quit IRC11:40
*** Giulia has joined #openstack11:51
*** b1rkh0ff has quit IRC11:52
*** Giulia has quit IRC11:52
*** D4v1dP3n74 has joined #openstack11:54
melmothSo , if you had to ask tricky technical question for openstack related job interview , what woudl you ask guys ?11:57
kviiriI think I'd ask how the different openstack components work together, but that may be too easy12:00
kviiriEven better, I'd give the reviewee my current setup and ask them to fix it :)12:01
melmothnow, i have a funny issue with ssl, i wonder what you would do about it :)12:02
*** aspiers has quit IRC12:02
*** cloudvirt has joined #openstack12:04
*** mrunge has quit IRC12:04
*** b1rkh0ff has joined #openstack12:05
marcusdoes swift completly replace glance or is it an addition?12:05
*** Glace_ has quit IRC12:06
*** Glace_ has joined #openstack12:07
*** pvankouteren has quit IRC12:09
*** alex88 has joined #openstack12:09
*** cloudvirt has quit IRC12:10
*** tgall_foo has joined #openstack12:10
*** maurosr has joined #openstack12:11
melmothmarcus you can use swift as a backend for glance (but you ll still need glance)12:13
melmothplus swift let you use a bucket to store large data for your applications (well, those your developpers will write, or already have)12:13
*** salgado has joined #openstack12:14
*** salgado has quit IRC12:14
*** salgado has joined #openstack12:14
phschwartzI am getting the following error on nova-volume starting: Any idea's on what I might have wrong?12:14
*** iNdefiNite has quit IRC12:14
*** mhzarei has joined #openstack12:14
*** defect has quit IRC12:15
ijwdevstack, perhaps?12:15
*** aspiers has joined #openstack12:15
*** lts has joined #openstack12:15
ijwAnd you rebooted the devstack machine?12:15
*** alexn6 has joined #openstack12:15
*** ahasenack has joined #openstack12:15
ijwThe easiest fix is ; but that will clear out all of your images in glance.12:16
phschwartzijw: Was that directed at me or someone else?12:16
ijwYou, indeed12:16
matelakatkyriakos: Thank you for the info.12:16
ijwdevstack sets up a volume group in a file in the filesystem and tells the kernel to treat it as a disk.  When you reboot, that kernel instruction is lost, and devstack can no longer find the VG for storing volumes.  Even if you're not using volumes it screws things up.12:17
phschwartzijw: no, not devstack. Centos 6.2 install from the epel repo using the centos install guide.12:17
ijwDamn, I knew that would be too easy an answer ;)12:17
ijwDoes that tell you to set up a VG?12:17
phschwartzijw: not really as it sounds like the exact issue, but it didn't tell me to setup a VG, just gave an example config to use.12:18
phschwartzijw: and yes a vg is set in it.12:18
phschwartzWhat can I do to get it working or is it easier to just remove the volume group?12:18
phschwartzThat is the example config.12:18
alex88someone knows why in mdadm --detail --scan some devices has /dev/md/2 and others /dev/md0? without the / before?12:19
ijwWell, you either need to set up the volume group it's looking for with the VG commands or tell it to look elsewhere for volumes.  Not an expert on volume options though, sorry12:19
phschwartzdo you have a link to a guide for setting up the vg by any chance? I think I keep over looking it on the doc site.12:20
*** defect has joined #openstack12:23
*** bencherian has joined #openstack12:23
phschwartzThe volumes is for extra storage for an instance correct? Not to support an inital disk attached to the vm correcT?12:25
alex88phschwartz, afaik it's for volumes only12:25
alex88nothing to do with instances12:25
marcusso is swift also able to replace nova-volume for persistant storage?12:26
phschwartzalex88: easy solution then. I am removing the lines for it from my config and not worrying then. I don't need to attach volumes to instances in this environment.12:26
alex88phschwartz, just shutdown nova-volumes, the config lines will use the default values12:27
*** notze has joined #openstack12:27
*** notze has quit IRC12:28
*** cbj has joined #openstack12:29
*** wiliam has joined #openstack12:31
phschwartznow to figure out my problem with networking.12:31
phschwartzI am getting a error in the logs about failing to create a lock. Any one seen this before?12:32
*** zoki has joined #openstack12:32
*** cloudvirt has joined #openstack12:33
phschwartzAh, some how the /var/lock/nova dir had the owner changed.12:33
*** vmlinuz has joined #openstack12:33
*** tgall_foo has quit IRC12:33
*** BlackMaria has joined #openstack12:33
*** notze has joined #openstack12:34
*** Rajesh has joined #openstack12:35
*** Rajesh has quit IRC12:35
phschwartzmy luck, new error with nova-network. Seems like a sudo configuration problem for passwordless sudo. Any ideas on what should be setup for the nova user, looks like the Centos packages didn't do it.12:37
*** tongli has joined #openstack12:37
*** dcramer_ has joined #openstack12:40
*** nati_uen_ has joined #openstack12:40
*** desai has joined #openstack12:40
*** nati_ueno has quit IRC12:40
*** zoki has quit IRC12:42
*** Billy_Way has joined #openstack12:43
*** arBmind has joined #openstack12:43
*** roge has joined #openstack12:46
*** KarinLevenstein has joined #openstack12:46
*** Billy_Way has quit IRC12:49
phschwartzAnyone seen that sudo issue before? The following is set in /etc/sudoers.d/nova nova ALL = (root) NOPASSWD: SETENV: /usr/bin/nova-rootwrap12:51
*** nati_ueno has joined #openstack12:52
*** Billy_Way has joined #openstack12:52
*** nelson1234 has joined #openstack12:52
*** Billy_Way has quit IRC12:53
*** nati_uen_ has quit IRC12:54
*** lazyshot has joined #openstack12:55
swinchenIs there a way to list which service an endpoint belongs to?12:59
*** deepakcs has quit IRC12:59
swinchenI try using endpoint-get and it returns this:  'Client' object has no attribute 'service_catalog'12:59
melmothswinchen, are you using a sql backend or a flat file catalog for endpoints ?12:59
swinchenmelmoth: sql.  I am about to start digging trhough the db13:00
melmothhmm, then the endpoitn get should work.13:01
melmothlet me try13:01
uvirtbotNew bug: #1032617 in nova "GET Keypair with XML request is returning 404 exception code" [Undecided,New]
*** marrusl has joined #openstack13:02
swincheni did 'keystone --token .... --endpoint .... endpoint-get [--service=compute --service=nova]'  (I tried both of those)13:02
melmothhmmm, the only stuff i can get is endpoint-list13:03
*** notze has quit IRC13:04
swinchenDo you get the same error as I do?  'Client' object has no attribute 'service_catalog'13:04
melmothkeystone endpoint-get --service ec213:05
melmoththis worked13:05
melmothso --service must be a type of service13:06
melmoth(collumn type in the output of keystone service-list)13:06
swinchenyeah, I keep getting 'Client' object has no attribute 'service_catalog''13:06
*** dcramer_ has quit IRC13:07
melmothare you using an admin user ?13:07
melmothnot sure if it change anything though :)13:08
swinchenYeah, I am using admin token/endpoint13:10
*** nati_uen_ has joined #openstack13:10
*** nati_ueno has quit IRC13:10
uvirtbotNew bug: #1032619 in python-swiftclient "Upload --change uploads everything" [Undecided,New]
swinchenmelmoth: hmmm, it worked with --os_auth_user,os_auth_url, os_tennant_name.   It only lists one endpoint though.  I might have to go in manually.  crap13:11
*** dolphm has joined #openstack13:12
*** timello has joined #openstack13:17
phschwartzHas anyone seen `nova image-list` return ERROR: string indices must be integers, not str before?13:18
*** DavidLevin has quit IRC13:18
phschwartzzynzel: You online this morning? If you are and can help me with that pipeline issue it would be appreciated.13:20
swinchenHas anyone seen this when adding an image to glance: ServiceUnavailable: The request returned 503 Service Unavilable. This generally occurs on service overload or other transient outage.13:21
*** ewindisch has joined #openstack13:21
*** DavidLevin has joined #openstack13:22
*** desai has quit IRC13:22
*** desai has joined #openstack13:22
*** desai has joined #openstack13:23
*** notze has joined #openstack13:24
*** tgall_foo has joined #openstack13:24
*** tgall_foo has joined #openstack13:24
*** dspano has joined #openstack13:25
*** littleidea has joined #openstack13:25
phschwartzswinchen: hmm, I am having a similar issue, but when I run commands from the nova command.
swinchenphschwartz: eeek, that looks like a tough one to track down.13:27
phschwartzswinchen: and I am not seeing any traces in the api log.13:28
*** D4v1dP3n74 has quit IRC13:28
*** Trixboxer has quit IRC13:30
*** notze has quit IRC13:30
*** Abhilash has quit IRC13:30
uvirtbotNew bug: #1032628 in nova "GET Limits extension is not returning Rate Limit details" [Undecided,New]
*** littleidea has quit IRC13:31
phschwartzI wonder if created some endpoints wrong13:31
*** littleidea has joined #openstack13:33
*** chrisfer has joined #openstack13:33
phschwartzAnyone mind looking at the endpoints in this config for and see if they look correct.
*** kbringard has joined #openstack13:34
*** shashin has joined #openstack13:39
*** dolphm has quit IRC13:40
*** nati_ueno has joined #openstack13:45
*** sacharya has joined #openstack13:46
*** nati_uen_ has quit IRC13:46
*** dprince has joined #openstack13:51
*** jaypipes has joined #openstack13:52
*** arosales has joined #openstack13:53
*** mhzarei has quit IRC13:54
*** dubsquared has joined #openstack13:54
*** john5223 has joined #openstack13:54
*** notze has joined #openstack13:55
phschwartzswinchen: wow that was annoying to track down. It turns out that the centos doc miss telling you to update /etc/nova/api-paste.ini to include your account info.13:55
*** sacharya has quit IRC13:56
*** mrjazzcat has joined #openstack13:57
*** uictamale has joined #openstack13:57
*** uictamale has left #openstack13:57
*** markmcclain has joined #openstack13:57
*** uictamale has joined #openstack13:57
swinchenphschwartz: I hear you.  I was missing a 'y' in one of host names.   :/   The error messages make it VERY hard to track down the problem.13:58
*** AlanClark has joined #openstack13:58
swinchenfor rng in {1..10}; do nova-manage network create --label vlan$rng --fixed_range_v4 192.168.$rng.0/24 --num_networks 1 --network_size 256 --vlan $rng; done13:58
swinchenoops sorry, wrong window13:58
*** desai has joined #openstack13:59
*** ewindisch_ has joined #openstack13:59
*** mhzarei has joined #openstack14:00
*** datajerk has joined #openstack14:00
*** ewindisch has quit IRC14:00
*** ewindisch_ is now known as ewindisch14:00
*** jedi4ever has quit IRC14:01
marcusdifferent nova flavors could have 'local' disk space allocated. is this space created in nova-volume?14:01
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack14:01
*** aspiers has quit IRC14:02
oneiroiafternoon all; weird issue my guest appliances can't connect out, I can connect back into them jsut fine but something is blocking access out i.e. yum can't resolve for one and a curl to just times out ip_forward is enabled, any thoughts? (Fedora 17 KVM)14:03
melmothdoes any packet comes out of the hypervisor ? if yes, is the source address correctly set ?14:06
swinchenroot@cloudy:/var/log/nova# nova-manage floating add; nova-manage floating list14:07
swinchenNo floating IP addresses have been defined.14:07
melmoth(by correctly  i mean matchint the public address of the nodes running nova-network, wich could be the current one, if you are in multi host)14:07
swinchenNo error messages or anything :/  and there is a delay like it is doing something :/14:07
melmothswinchen, i never added only 1 floating , i always create them by range.14:08
swinchenmelmoth: my range is 230-250  it doesn't fit nicely in CIDR :(14:09
*** rnorwood has quit IRC14:09
swinchenI will try adding a range for testing14:09
swinchenYeah, a range doesn't work either :/14:09
melmothis the _whats it s name again_ table in the nova db get populated ?14:10
*** hggdh has joined #openstack14:12
swinchenlemme check14:13
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack14:13
*** notze has quit IRC14:13
swinchenuse nova; select * from floating_ips;  => Empty set14:14
*** shashin has quit IRC14:14
phschwartzHow do I remove ip's from my ip list. I want ip assignment to start at, but it is starting at
*** aspiers has joined #openstack14:15
swinchenMaybe a problem with one of my *paste* files?  hmmm14:15
*** arBmind_ has joined #openstack14:15
*** supriya has quit IRC14:16
melmothswinchen, then i would expect nova manage not being allowed to list the existting ip (even if they are none), but wo knows ?14:16
melmothwhat about tcpdump, to see if nova can connect to mysql and if it send the right orders ?14:16
melmothso you know if you are experienceing a mysql problem, or a nova one ?14:16
*** zhuadl has joined #openstack14:16
*** vogxn has quit IRC14:17
swinchenmelmoth: Ok, do you know how nova-mange gets access to the database?   I was able to "nova-mange network create .... "  just fine14:17
melmothphschwartz, not sure ....and to be honest i ended up removing ip manually from the database last time i had to remove fixed ips14:17
*** halfss has joined #openstack14:17
*** arBmind has quit IRC14:18
*** arBmind_ is now known as arBmind14:18
melmothswinchen, --sql_connection= in nova.conf i guess14:18
melmoththen it s sqlalchemy magic14:18
phschwartzmelmoth: so removing ip's will work?14:18
melmothi dont know for you (i m not even sure you are dealing with a fixed network)14:18
swinchenvery odd, it seems quite peculiar that I can create 10 different vlans, but I can't create any floating IPs.14:18
melmothi know that for me, i _had_ to after removing a whole network with some nova command14:18
melmothbecause the ip were kept in the database14:19
Disconnectanyone using openstack as a general-purpose virtualization solution? in the short term I put it on hold, but once these stupid data restores are done (huge iscsi failure, sigh) i want to get something in place that can virtualize this pile.14:19
swinchenhmmm... I have an idea.  Maybe some of the paramters for floating IPs are incorrect in nova.conf14:20
Disconnectbtw if anyone is working with hp/lefthand iscsi, the tech working our cluster disaster is hassling the developers to add ssh key support to cliq so it will work with openstack (and scripts, and so forth..)14:21
melmothi dont have anythng related to floating ip in nova.conf (except auto_assign_floating_ip)14:21
melmothit s all generated on the fly with nova manage here.14:21
*** desai has quit IRC14:21
*** desai has joined #openstack14:22
swinchenmelmoth: yeah, I just looked through the compute options reference.  poopsicle.14:23
swinchenThis might be one for the mailing list.14:23
*** sdake has joined #openstack14:23
*** mhzarei has quit IRC14:24
*** D4v1dP3n74 has joined #openstack14:26
D4v1dP3n74hey melmoth14:27
D4v1dP3n74you alive?14:27
D4v1dP3n74hola chico14:27
*** arosales1 has joined #openstack14:27
*** sacharya has joined #openstack14:27
D4v1dP3n74melmoth speaks spanish??14:27
edude03Disconnect define general purpose? I'm using it as sort of a hybrid14:27
phschwartzI am using this as my nova.conf Anyone have experience with flat networking? I followed the guides in the docs section of the site and can't seem to get it working.14:27
*** mhzarei has joined #openstack14:28
*** arosales1 has quit IRC14:28
edude03Using it for running just normal VMs, but I'm using the storage for other things14:28
melmothD4v1dP3n74, nope, all i can say is hola and "me gusta tortilla patatas"14:28
*** arosales1 has joined #openstack14:28
edude03like apps running on those VMs14:28
*** arBmind_ has joined #openstack14:28
*** arosales has quit IRC14:29
*** derekh has joined #openstack14:29
D4v1dP3n74melmoth: learning spanish , hope I will speak it in some time14:29
D4v1dP3n74I have a question14:29
D4v1dP3n74do I need juju to be able to access my ubunu image ??14:29
*** arBmind has quit IRC14:30
*** arBmind_ is now known as arBmind14:30
melmothno, you can use openstack and access vm without juju14:30
*** desai has quit IRC14:30
melmothphschwartz, i m using flat dhcp networking mode14:30
oneiroianyone know of a way for force nova to rebuild iptables rules? I appear to have some missing for running instances, and to ensure everything is being poplated or if there is a bug with the rule generation.14:30
D4v1dP3n74melmoth, how to I uplod my ssh public key in the server ? the guides that I have found up to now work with juju14:31
kyriakosrestart nova-compute14:31
kyriakosoneiroi, ^^14:31
*** mestery has quit IRC14:31
kyriakosor altenatively14:31
kyriakosreboot the instance14:31
oneiroikyriakos, isn't nova-network responsible for the iptables ?14:31
melmothD4v1dP3n74, when you boot a ubunut cloud image, once it boot it start cloud init, cloud init try to connect to a "metadata server"14:31
oneiroiand I've rebooted the instance and the host.14:31
melmothand there should be some iptables rules that redirect this connection to a host runing nova-api14:32
kyriakosand after rebooting the instance the rules were still not applied?14:32
melmothfrom there, it fetch the public key you ll use14:32
* D4v1dP3n74 wants to go private with melmoth14:32
phschwartzmelmoth: Here is the situation. We don't have space in our switch to add the second nic at the moment so we only have 1 nic cabled on all the nodes. I have br100 ip'ed to a /24 .1-.24 in use with .25-.254 for instances. When nova tries to launch an instance it gets a dhcp request for the next ip which lets say is .25., but it also tries to bind to .26 and fails.14:33
oneiroikyriakos, melmoth: I can access the instance frpm both the host and externally using the floating ip so for that part the rules are working same with api ... the issue is the guest has no internet access, it can access the host lan however :S14:33
melmothphschwartz, i never playes with 1 nic, but what about creating an aliased nic, use this one for the second nic, and use a completly separate network there as a static network ?14:36
melmoth(not sure i undertsand the situation clealry though)14:36
D4v1dP3n74yeah thats what I do14:37
D4v1dP3n74one nic with alias14:37
*** iNdefiNite has joined #openstack14:38
*** dolphm has joined #openstack14:38
edude03D4v1dP3n74 how'd you alias it? Like eth0:1 or whatever?14:39
*** dcramer_ has joined #openstack14:39
*** desai has joined #openstack14:39
melmothoneiroi, tcpdump is your friend.14:39
*** simon_lucy has quit IRC14:41
*** Breaking_Pitt is now known as Bp_Out14:42
*** ewindisch_ has joined #openstack14:43
*** ewindisch has quit IRC14:43
*** ewindisch_ is now known as ewindisch14:43
vachonhey all, running into a issue with greenlet (running essex)
vachontrying to run this new version of
vachonI don't see where it could be hitting greenlet in the code, but im guessing its somewhere14:45
*** msinhore has joined #openstack14:45
oneiroimelmoth, I'm pretty sure it's a missing iptable rule trying more to figure out why it's missing :-/14:45
*** zhuadl has quit IRC14:45
*** chrisgerling is now known as secbitchris14:45
uvirtbotNew bug: #1032657 in nova "nova-rootwrap incorrectly logs 'Deprecated Config: The root_helper....'" [Low,In progress]
melmothoneirois tcpdump, look that the outgoinf packjet have their source adress correctly nated to the one of the node running nova-network14:46
melmothif you are in single host mode, you need to set a souce_ip nova setting of some sort where you tell the ip of the nova-network mode14:46
melmothif you run on multi host mode, its ok by default as each compute node running nova-network will use their own public ip for snat14:47
*** arBmind has quit IRC14:47
phschwartzI noticed that my bridge is not named br100, but br16. I changed nova.conf and restarted everything, but when nova-network comes up, it still recreates the br100. Where might the setting still be saved?14:47
*** ewindisch has quit IRC14:47
trygvisphschwartz: in the database I think14:48
*** drewlander has joined #openstack14:49
phschwartztrygvis: any idea what table?14:49
*** ewindisch has joined #openstack14:49
trygvisnetworks, floaing_ips or fixed_ips14:50
swinchenHow do I add a secgroup to an instance?14:50
*** bivab is now known as bivab_away14:50
Disconnectedude03: we've got stacks of workstations (1 network) and servers (mostly 1 network) plus a few infrastructure servers and vms (1-3 networks) that I want to shove into something reasonable14:50
*** eschnou has quit IRC14:50
edude03Ah that sounds like openstack might be a good fit14:50
Disconnectperformance to the other networks isn't a big issue (in one case, it gets dropped to thinnet.. seriously..) so they can combine onto a gig link each.14:51
*** bivab_away is now known as bivab14:51
*** nati_ueno has quit IRC14:51
Disconnectthe biggest problem I have right now is finding contiguous ip space for them. but i own pretty much everything so we can do what we need to rewire/etc. readdressing is a different issue :/14:51
*** blamar has joined #openstack14:51
*** sean1 has joined #openstack14:51
* Disconnect doesn't own dns and is banned from using dhcp on the front-facing network14:51
*** bivab has left #openstack14:52
*** nati_ueno has joined #openstack14:52
* Disconnect inherited a gov system from a team that saw their job as "do what the users say" instead of "keep the infrastructure sane and help users accomplish their goals".. very different things :(14:52
edude03Poor Disconnect14:53
Disconnecti'm used to dot-com - my general plan is come in as the first-ever admin, get things sane and running, then move on. did that here, as much as possible, but its been a long year.14:53
phschwartztrygvis: ty, it was in networks.14:54
phschwartzDoes anyone know how to stop nova-network from changing the ip of your bridge interface?14:54
Disconnectedude03: do you know if quantum can do sane routing? (most of the instances on most of the compute nodes will be directly connected to the network, with those other 3 being routed through a quantum linuxbridge node) seems like it'd send everything through the quantum network node if I'm reading correctly14:55
swinchenAlright I am so close I can taste it.  I have an instance up and running, I assigned it a floating IP.   The NAT _looks_ correct (I am no iptables wizard) and I _think_ the instance has SSH and ping enabled in the secgroup, but I can not seem to ping or ssh to the public address.  What sort of troubleshooting might I start with?14:55
Disconnectthats not good, they move tons of data (and half the traffic is remote X desktops thanks to someone's bright idea of installing LTSP and xdcmp)14:55
edude03I'd like to think so since that's what's it's design for (from what I've read) however I'm new to openstack (barely have it setup) so I can't say for sure14:55
Disconnectswinchen: tcpdump on the instance. and connect out, see what IP the rest of the world is seeing14:56
uvirtbotNew bug: #1032663 in nova "Inconsistent quota consumption for failed-to-schedule instances" [Undecided,New]
Disconnectswinchen: might be worth bouncing nova-network as well just for S&G14:56
* Disconnect will brb, time to test the new vpn so maybe I don't have to drive in here this weekend14:56
*** arBmind has joined #openstack14:56
*** rnirmal has joined #openstack14:57
*** koolhead17 has joined #openstack14:57
*** arBmind_ has joined #openstack14:58
swinchenDisconnect: the world sees the correct public ip address.14:59
Disconnectthen i'd double check the security settings14:59
*** arBmind has quit IRC15:01
*** arBmind_ is now known as arBmind15:01
*** guigui1 has quit IRC15:01
*** supriya has joined #openstack15:01
*** datsun180b has joined #openstack15:02
*** reidrac has left #openstack15:03
*** reidrac has quit IRC15:03
swinchenDisconnect: do you see anything wrong with this?  from my understanding that is applied to the current tenant?15:03
*** arosales1 is now known as arosales15:03
*** littleidea has quit IRC15:03
*** avoine has joined #openstack15:05
*** littleidea has joined #openstack15:06
*** blitzrage has joined #openstack15:06
*** mnewby has joined #openstack15:06
*** mestery has joined #openstack15:07
*** primeministerp has quit IRC15:07
*** muka has joined #openstack15:09
*** Bp_Out has quit IRC15:09
*** jgriffith has quit IRC15:09
*** ewindisch has quit IRC15:10
uvirtbotNew bug: #1032673 in openstack-manuals "Task: determine impact on Compute API docs for" [High,Confirmed]
*** fm255005 has joined #openstack15:11
swinchenUgh, it has to be a NAT/SNAT thing.  I can ping/ssh the public ip from the server, but no where else.15:12
*** freeflying has quit IRC15:13
fm255005i need some help with nova not recognizing keystone tenant as a project15:13
Diopterswinchen: Have you checked the iptables rules?15:13
fm255005the project is shown when logging in to horizon15:13
fm255005but when i do a nova-manage project list15:14
fm255005nothing shows up15:14
swinchenDiopter: I have this rule - ACCEPT     tcp  --  anywhere             anywhere             tcp dpt:ssh15:14
*** freeflying has joined #openstack15:15
swinchenActually, my policies are all "ACCEPT"  that should probably be fixed at some point15:15
swinchenBut I think the NAT looks correct too.15:16
*** tdowg1 has joined #openstack15:17
*** shashin has joined #openstack15:17
swinchenAlthough, I don't see the path to the chain that has ssh.15:17
*** alexn6 has left #openstack15:18
Diopterswinchen: Try iptables -t nat -nvL, and watch the packet counters on the PREROUTING and POSTROUTING rules, as well as the floating SNAT15:18
Diopterswinchen: To get traffic in to your floating IPs, they'll hit the PREROUTING chains first, and get DNAT'd to the VM's fixed IP15:19
Diopterswinchen: Then they need to get reversed on the way back out, which is automatic and doesn't require a SNAT rule for the response. However, initiating outgoing traffic from the VM through the float does.15:20
*** monster_ has joined #openstack15:20
swinchenSo should I just ping the public IP while I watch this?15:21
swinchenDiopter: the numbers aren't moving :/15:22
Diopterswinchen: Want to pastebin "iptables -t nat -nvL"?15:23
swinchenDiopter: sure one second.15:23
*** Glace_ has quit IRC15:24
*** cp16net is now known as cp16net|away15:24
*** Glace_ has joined #openstack15:25
swinchenXXX.YYY.ZZZ is the public ip, I just masked it because the server isn't really locked down right now15:26
*** Razique has quit IRC15:26
* Diopter nods15:26
*** cloudvirt has quit IRC15:27
fm255005does nova recongize projects with capitals?15:27
fm255005i cant figure out why nova is not showing the default tenant as the project15:28
fm255005i need it to get a nova api15:28
*** senilegenius has joined #openstack15:28
*** ewindisch has joined #openstack15:29
Diopterswinchen: So, first question. seems to be your fixed network, what's
*** sandywalsh has joined #openstack15:30
swinchenDiopter: Managment network... that is what mysql and many of the endpoints are.15:30
Diopterswinchen: Gotcha. I figured, but wanted to verify15:30
Diopterswinchen: So, if you "ip a", can you verify that the .230 IP is on the compute node?15:31
*** monster_ has quit IRC15:31
*** monster_ has joined #openstack15:31
swinchenDiopter: inet scope global eth115:32
swincheneth1 is the correct interface.15:32
*** aspiers has quit IRC15:32
swinchenHmm, and now everyone knows XXX.YYY.ZZZ haha15:33
*** derekh has quit IRC15:33
*** senilegenius has quit IRC15:33
DiopterCool. So, might be helpful to throw a -j ACCEPT in PREROUTING to override the DNAT for a moment, and verify you have end-to-end connectivity to it15:34
*** senilegenius has joined #openstack15:34
DiopterLike... iptables -t nat -I PREROUTING -d xxx.yyy.zzz.230 -j ACCEPT15:34
DiopterTo insert it at the top, before any custom chains15:35
uvirtbotNew bug: #1032683 in nova "Inconsistent DB existence for failed-to-schedule instances" [Undecided,New]
fm255005does nova use keystone tenants as projects?15:36
Diopterswinchen: Now see if you can pings it from outside. Or ssh, etc15:36
swinchenDiopter: no15:37
swinchenDiopter: do I need to uncomment this in sysctrl.conf?  #net.ipv4.ip_forward=115:38
*** Blackavar has joined #openstack15:38
Diopterswinchen: You would to allow the DNAT to work, yes. But just to hit the /32 with us short-circuiting the DNAT, no.15:39
Diopterswinchen: So, you have a routing issue, first off, since you can't hit the public IP on eth1.15:39
*** ServerTechLaptop has quit IRC15:40
swinchenWhen I talk out it is coming from that ip though.  So it is only the incoming that is a problem15:40
*** jgriffith has joined #openstack15:41
*** mhzarei has quit IRC15:41
*** dachary has quit IRC15:41
*** dachary has joined #openstack15:41
*** arBmind_ has joined #openstack15:42
swinchenI I wonder if it could be a problem with the filter table and not the nat table?15:42
*** salgado is now known as salgado-lunch15:42
*** matwood has joined #openstack15:43
Diopterswinchen: Could be! Easy to short-circuit that one too.15:43
Diopterswinchen: iptables -I INPUT -d xxx.yyy.zzz.230 -j ACCEPT15:43
*** arBmind has quit IRC15:44
*** arBmind_ is now known as arBmind15:44
swinchenDiopter: no good.  Wow this is crazy frustrating15:44
Diopterswinchen: So, next thing I'd try, is changing the /32 to whatever your public mask is15:44
*** aspiers has joined #openstack15:45
Diopterswinchen: Because my assumption is either A) your router can't route this network through the gateway you have, or B) there's an ARP issue with the router and the /3215:45
*** senilegenius has quit IRC15:45
*** nati_uen_ has joined #openstack15:46
swinchenDiopter: is there a way to modify with ip?  or do I need to delete it and re add it?15:46
*** senilegenius has joined #openstack15:46
swinchenI see change/replace as an option but it never works for me15:46
Diopterswinchen: There is, but, probably easier to just: ip a a dev eth1 x.x.x.x/yy15:47
DiopterThen you can ip a d dev eth1 x.x.x.x/yy to remove after15:48
DiopterNo reason why you can't have both on there at once.15:48
*** desai has quit IRC15:48
*** nati_ueno has quit IRC15:49
swinchen inet XXX.YYY.ZZZ.230/24 scope global secondary eth115:49
swinchenStill no go.  What the heck15:49
*** derekh has joined #openstack15:50
swinchenThere better not be something between me and the server that is doing this... the a transparent firewall or something.15:50
*** johnpur has joined #openstack15:51
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v johnpur15:51
*** ev0ldave has joined #openstack15:52
Diopterswinchen: iptables -nvL INPUT, iptables -t nat -nvL PREROUTING15:52
*** primeministerp has joined #openstack15:52
Diopterswinchen: To make sure you're getting hits on those ACCEPTs15:52
*** hemna has joined #openstack15:52
Diopterswinchen: Maybe you should also short-circuit POSTROUTING, just in case one of the SNATs is matching. heh15:53
Diopteriptables -t nat -I POSTROUTING -s x.x.x.230 -j ACCEPT15:53
DiopterFor response packets. Of course, you could also have just tcpdump'd up front and at least seen if traffic was getting to you :P15:54
*** primozf has quit IRC15:54
*** xjen has quit IRC15:55
*** monster__ has joined #openstack15:55
*** Blackavar has quit IRC15:55
swinchenDiopter: I just contacted the network admin... there IS a transparent firewall between me and the supercomputer and it  aggressive.   :(15:56
Diopterswinchen: yey15:56
Diopterswinchen: Might want to tcpdump just to really be sure.15:56
Dioptertcpdump -i eth1 -npv host x.x.x.23015:56
Disconnectthat'd do it15:56
swinchenNothing coming through as I ping it.15:57
*** cloudvirt has joined #openstack15:57
swinchenI am SO sorry.  What a frigging pain the buttocks I am.  I can't believe that.15:57
*** monster_ has quit IRC15:57
*** monster__ is now known as monster_15:57
DiopterSo get that fixed first, verify end-to-end connectivity, then start unraveling the props we put in one by one15:58
swinchenWill do.  I really need to brush up on iptables, SNAT, NAT, DNAT etc.   Thank you so much for all your help.15:58
swinchenDo you have "advanced" linux networking reading material you suggest.15:59
*** nati_uen_ has quit IRC15:59
*** nati_ueno has joined #openstack15:59
*** osier has quit IRC16:00
*** clopez has quit IRC16:01
*** maoy has joined #openstack16:02
phschwartzDoes the flat_networking_bridge interface have to be different then the public_interface? I have eth0 connected to the network, with br16 as a bridge of it. br16 is ip'ed and eth0 is not. I want to get nova-network to assign ip's on the network that br16 is ip'ed on. How would I do this?16:02
*** alex88 has quit IRC16:03
*** dubsquared1 has joined #openstack16:03
*** littleidea has quit IRC16:04
Diopterswinchen: Hrm! Yes.16:05
*** dubsquared has quit IRC16:05
*** cbj has quit IRC16:05
*** maoy has quit IRC16:06
*** maoy has joined #openstack16:07
swinchenThanks Diopter, I will give these a read16:08
Diopterswinchen: Also probably helps to join #netfilter here and lurk :)16:09
*** wiliam has quit IRC16:09
swinchenhaha ok, thank you.  I would have banged my head against this for days.16:09
*** whenry has joined #openstack16:10
*** robix has joined #openstack16:11
*** lloydde has joined #openstack16:14
*** halfss_ has joined #openstack16:15
*** relling has quit IRC16:16
*** halfss has quit IRC16:16
*** monster_ has quit IRC16:18
*** monster_ has joined #openstack16:19
*** shanlar- has joined #openstack16:20
*** shanlar has quit IRC16:21
*** desai has joined #openstack16:22
*** zodiak has quit IRC16:22
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*** nati_ueno has quit IRC16:24
*** warik has joined #openstack16:24
*** zodiak has joined #openstack16:26
*** acidprime has joined #openstack16:26
*** manu-db has quit IRC16:28
*** desai has quit IRC16:28
*** renier has quit IRC16:30
*** renier has joined #openstack16:30
*** halfss_ has quit IRC16:30
*** uictamale1 has joined #openstack16:30
*** matwood has quit IRC16:30
acidprimemorning all16:32
acidprimequestion: nova secgroup-add-rule default icmp -1 -1 -s
acidprimedoes not seem to be mirrored in horizon when set16:32
acidprimeand I can't find an option in keystone for this16:33
acidprimeis this still the preferred method for setting these?16:33
*** uictamale has quit IRC16:33
*** ericcc has joined #openstack16:33
acidprimeerrr: nova secgroup-add-rule default icmp -1 -1
*** manu-db has joined #openstack16:34
*** senilegenius has quit IRC16:34
*** jayfordddd has joined #openstack16:35
*** kindaopsdevy has joined #openstack16:37
*** kindaopsdevy_ has joined #openstack16:37
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates16:38
*** jog0 has joined #openstack16:42
*** drewlander has quit IRC16:42
fm255005is the keystone default tenant suppose to show up as a nova project automatically ?16:42
*** KavanS has joined #openstack16:43
*** roaet has joined #openstack16:43
*** uictamale has joined #openstack16:43
*** uictamale1 has quit IRC16:45
*** cloudvirt has quit IRC16:45
guimalufshould I use RAID5 with my volume/instaces disks?16:47
zthat's a very subjective question16:47
*** supriya has quit IRC16:48
Diopterguimaluf: Of course not ;P16:49
guimalufDiopter, why? Don't worth waste one disk for garantee?16:50
phschwartzdoes anyone have an example nova.conf using FlatManager and a single nic>16:50
contextphschwartz: im doing that right now16:51
guimalufDiopter, why? Don't worth waste one disk for caution?16:51
*** simon_lucy has joined #openstack16:51
zguimaluf: there are other options. RAID-6, RAID-10, RAID-50.16:51
contextphschwartz: whats wrong with it ?16:51
zguimaluf: It depends on the server. How many spindles. How big. Are they HDDs or SSDs?16:51
guimalufz, but use something else too backup is a good ideia?16:52
phschwartzcontext: I can't seem to get it configured where it doesn't try to change the ip set to my  bridge.16:52
zguimaluf: It depends on your anticipated workload. It depends on your tolerance to data loss.16:52
guimalufz, 16 server with 4x2TB disks16:52
zRAID is not a backup :)16:52
contextphschwartz: im not using a bridge at all16:52
guimalufI know, but in case of disk failure16:52
*** koolhead17 has quit IRC16:52
Diopterguimaluf: RAID 5 has a large write penalty16:52
contextguimaluf: you are asking the wrong question16:52
*** anticw has quit IRC16:53
Diopterguimaluf: There are other redundancy solutions which can achieve the same redundancy with better performance. But it's a complicated question16:53
guimalufDiopter, depends on the cenario, right?16:53
*** anticw has joined #openstack16:53
DiopterDepends on what your requirements are, and what you're willing to tradeoff in terms of disks/chassis space/total space16:53
DiopterEr, s/total/storage/16:53
guimalufperfomance is the main goal...16:54
zRAID0 :)16:54
guimalufbut raid0 is too dangerous! xD16:54
DiopterThen mirror two of them.16:54
DiopterAnd use RAID 1016:54
guimalufdam! a difficult question! raid10 will lose half of disk space :/ but will increase performance...16:56
zif performance is the core requirement, 4x2TB LFF is the wrong hardware :)16:56
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk16:56
guimalufz yes, you are right.16:57
guimaluflets assume then perfomance it's not the main goal but it's important.16:57
phschwartzcontext: for your flat setup, did you have to add the routing to iptables for the metadata server?16:57
guimalufmy case is a university cloud, to use with big data.16:57
zthis is Nova, right?16:58
guimalufz nova, and cloud controller16:58
guimalufall server have this setup.16:58
*** davepigott has joined #openstack16:59
*** Tobarja_Office has left #openstack16:59
guimalufI was thinking to use the cloud controller also as a nova node16:59
*** mislam has joined #openstack17:00
mjforkHas anyone tried devstack in the last few hours? Horizon fails with ncompressableFileError: 'horizon/js/horizon.js' isn't accesible via COMPRESS_URL ('/static/') and can't be compressed on F16 for me.17:01
*** dubsquared1 has quit IRC17:01
*** fc__ has quit IRC17:02
*** mnaser has joined #openstack17:02
*** aspiers has quit IRC17:02
*** nati_ueno has joined #openstack17:03
*** eglynn has quit IRC17:04
*** vinsh_ has joined #openstack17:05
*** jtran has joined #openstack17:05
*** DavidLevin has quit IRC17:07
*** cloudvirt has joined #openstack17:08
uvirtbotNew bug: #1032738 in nova "DB is no longer recreated for individual tests" [High,In progress]
*** mnaser has quit IRC17:11
*** DavidLevin has joined #openstack17:12
*** mokas has quit IRC17:12
*** jedi4ever has joined #openstack17:12
*** aspiers has joined #openstack17:15
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*** sstent has joined #openstack17:18
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*** desai has joined #openstack17:20
*** k0rupted has joined #openstack17:21
*** cloudvirt has joined #openstack17:23
*** jplewi has joined #openstack17:23
*** anniec has joined #openstack17:23
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates17:24
*** disposable has quit IRC17:24
*** dubsquared has joined #openstack17:24
*** anniec_ has joined #openstack17:25
*** fm255005 has quit IRC17:25
*** simon_lucy has joined #openstack17:25
phschwartzIs there any better documentation about openstack networking then what is on the openstack site?17:26
*** anniec has quit IRC17:28
*** anniec_ is now known as anniec17:28
*** markmcclain has quit IRC17:28
*** disposable has joined #openstack17:30
uvirtbotNew bug: #1032741 in nova "libvirt list_instances causes InstanceNotFound" [Medium,In progress]
*** cloudvirt has quit IRC17:32
*** epim has joined #openstack17:32
*** cloudvirt has joined #openstack17:34
*** issackelly has joined #openstack17:35
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*** mokas has joined #openstack17:37
*** cp16net|away is now known as cp16net17:37
*** edygarcia has joined #openstack17:38
*** hemna has joined #openstack17:39
*** jdurgin has joined #openstack17:40
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack17:41
*** issackelly has quit IRC17:44
*** issackelly has joined #openstack17:46
uictamalehey all, getting further with my openstack install, but I'm at the point of testing glance for the first time and I'm getting an authentication error17:47
uictamalewhich settings are OS_TENANT_NAME and OS_USERNAME referring to?17:47
phschwartzIs there a reason why no mater what setup I try to use that I get  bridge created with an ip and nova-network reporting that the ip it just created the bridge with is in use17:47
uictamaleAs I understand it OS_PASSWORD should match the keystone.conf admin_token, right?17:48
*** kindaopsdevy_ has quit IRC17:48
*** kindaopsdevy has quit IRC17:48
*** mokas has quit IRC17:48
*** kindaopsdevy has joined #openstack17:50
*** kindaopsdevy_ has joined #openstack17:50
*** kindaopsdevy_ has quit IRC17:50
*** mokas has joined #openstack17:50
lucid2hello folks - quick question, does anyone know if the volume management functionality (create/attatch/detatch/snapshot) is exposed through a RESTful API of some sort?17:52
lucid2(like compute and swift)17:52
*** martin has quit IRC17:53
clarkbuictamale: OS_USERNAME and OS_PASSWORD are the credentials for the account you are using to access OS_TENANT17:54
*** littleidea has joined #openstack17:54
vachonugh, i need a way to force "Detach" a volume17:55
vachoni dont care about data integrity on it17:55
*** kindaopsdevy has joined #openstack17:55
swinchenWOHO It works!!!!!  Although network performance sees really really bad.17:56
*** milner_ has joined #openstack17:56
*** kindaopsdevy has quit IRC17:56
*** tmichael has quit IRC17:57
uictamaleclarkb: I'm looking at the python script /usr/bin/glance and I'm confused how these environment variables are supposed to be used at all - the python script uses optparse, but this guide says to just run 'glance index'17:57
*** tmichael has joined #openstack17:57
*** kindaopsdevy has joined #openstack17:58
*** milner has quit IRC17:58
*** martin has joined #openstack17:59
Diopterswinchen: Yay! Just end-to-end or the whole float/VM stack?17:59
clarkbuictamale: glance reads the environment variables. If you set them then you don't have to provide them as command options17:59
clarkbI think17:59
*** nati_ueno has quit IRC17:59
*** relling has joined #openstack17:59
*** cloudvirt has quit IRC18:00
uictamaleclarkb: That's my point - I don't see anything in this script that reads from the environment variables18:00
swinchenDiopter: I can ssh into a VM using a public ip :)18:00
uictamalemaybe it happens in another script htough18:00
*** cloudvirt has joined #openstack18:01
*** rnorwood has quit IRC18:01
uictamaleIn any case, regardless of what combination of variables I try, I keep getting this:18:01
uictamaleThis server could not verify that you are authorized to access the document you requested. Either you supplied the wrong credentials (e.g., bad password), or your browser does not understand how to supply the credentials required.18:01
Diopterswinchen: Sweet18:01
swinchenDiopter: I am confused as to why I didn't need to enable ip forwarding though :/   but it works, so I shouldn't complain.   Connecting to ssh there is a several (5 or 6) second delay that I am not sure about.18:01
*** Blackavar has joined #openstack18:02
Diopterswinchen: Append "UseDNS no" to your sshd config and restart the daemon.18:02
Diopter(/etc/ssh/sshd_config on Debianish boxes, usually)18:02
swinchenAhh, in the vm I assume.18:02
swinchenDiopter: this a Fedora image, but lemme give it a shot.18:03
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack18:03
*** shashin has quit IRC18:03
DiopterAs for the IP forwarding, Nova should enable it for you.18:03
swinchenOh, that is awful nice of nova.18:03
DiopterSo although the sysctl isn't in there, you can sysctl -a | grep forwarding18:03
DiopterTo verify18:03
DiopterOr grep forward, to see the meta-flag net.ipv4.ip_forward18:03
lucid2did you guys see my question about volume management? don't want to bug you wiht a repeat18:04
Diopterswinchen: Might want to make absolutely sure sshd is running again after you restart the service before you log out of ssh and reconnect18:05
swinchenDiopter: I see a bunch of them set to 1...  cool :)18:05
Diopter(pgrep -fl sshd)18:05
*** milner_ has quit IRC18:05
Dioptersshd seems to like to silently fail to start if you mangle the config18:05
swinchenAhh!  So much better.  Thank you.  How did you figure that one out?   I was terrified it was a configuration issue :)18:06
*** blamar has quit IRC18:06
DiopterHaha. Many years of ssh'ing into a crapton of boxes :P18:07
swinchenWell thanks, I will stick that one away for further use.18:07
swinchenI wish someone was in the lab so I could celebrate.18:07
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk18:08
DiopterYou are! Biwinning, party of one, your server is ready :P18:08
swinchenHaha I had to look up Biwinning.18:09
vachonwell i "fixed" my problem18:09
DiopterSounds robust. Ship it18:11
vachonhere is a new problem, the volumes are stuck in "deleting"18:11
vachonthey are gone off the SAN (yes this is stuff)18:11
swinchenvachon: This is probably not the correct way... but I usually go into the DB and delete them manually, and check to make sure the lv got deleted :P18:12
vachoni use a san, i know its fone18:12
ev0ldaveyou around crazed?18:12
*** markmcclain has joined #openstack18:12
vachonbut yes, its shouldnt be stuck in deleteing, and that is how i fixed it18:13
vachonbut like the conversaton from yesterday18:13
vachoni shouldnt HAVE to go into the DB18:13
*** littleidea_ has joined #openstack18:13
* vachon waits for zynzel18:14
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates18:14
swinchenOh crap!  it is a good thing I didn't party too soo... my VM can't access the outside world18:14
swinchenmight be a dns thing18:14
Diopterswinchen: Try ping
uictamaleah good 'ole google dns18:15
swinchenyep it is a dns thing18:15
*** littleidea has quit IRC18:15
*** NimeshNeema has quit IRC18:15
*** NimeshNeema has joined #openstack18:16
*** roaet has quit IRC18:16
*** cryptk|offline has quit IRC18:16
*** cryptk|offline has joined #openstack18:17
*** cryptk|offline is now known as cryptk18:17
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*** milner has joined #openstack18:19
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*** derekh has quit IRC18:20
*** sandfish8 has quit IRC18:21
*** salgado` has quit IRC18:21
*** pquerna_ has joined #openstack18:22
swinchenawesome.  I put as a nameserver in resolv.conf and it still doesn't work :/18:23
*** arBmind has quit IRC18:24
ev0ldaveis anyone here using nova-dns from grid dynamics?18:25
*** littleidea_ has quit IRC18:25
*** Ryan_Lane has quit IRC18:25
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*** pquerna_ has joined #openstack18:33
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*** DavidLevin has joined #openstack18:34
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swinchenSo nova acts as a dns server?18:34
*** edude03 has joined #openstack18:34
*** johnpostlethwait has joined #openstack18:35
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uictamaleI'm totally stuck with glance.  I need a better understanding of how the glance environment variables map to the various values in keystone's config files and the values currently in the mysql tables18:37
uictamaleis there a clear guide explaining these relationships anywhere?18:37
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fm255005is the nova users compleetly independent from the keystone users or should they be linked?18:39
fm255005nova-manage user list doesn't show keystone users nor does it show the projects18:40
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ev0ldavethat's because nova looks at keystone for those18:41
vachonok, every time i offically have a ghost image, i updated the DB to match what a good deleted image should be, but its causing 500's in horizon.  Horizon says it can't find instance id = 118:41
ev0ldavethey are not stored in nova18:41
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fm255005so i have a question about nova api key....instructions for zenoss' openstack module tells me to run a nova-manage project zipfile18:43
*** sandywalsh has quit IRC18:43
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fm255005to get the API keys18:43
*** littleidea has joined #openstack18:43
fm255005im not sure which keys they are asking for ?18:43
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phschwartzWhat log would show the most help if I get instances stuck at spawning?18:47
kbringardI'd probably check the scheduler first18:47
*** littleidea has quit IRC18:47
*** nati_ueno has joined #openstack18:47
kbringardsee if they got assigned to a compute node or not18:47
*** no`x has joined #openstack18:47
kbringardif they did, then I'd look on that compute node in nova-compute.log18:48
kbringardalso, if they didn't get assigned an IP, i'd check nova-network.log18:48
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk18:48
kbringardphschwartz: ^^18:48
*** mutex has joined #openstack18:48
vachonfound it, stupid floating ips18:49
uvirtbotNew bug: #1032788 in openstack-manuals "Task: Document how to configure Keystone with SSL" [High,Confirmed]
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uictamaleOk, I finally ran glance index successfully by specifying EVERYTHING manually, as follows:18:52
uictamalesudo glance --os_tenant_name=service --os_username=glance --os_password=openstack --os_auth_url="" -S keystone index18:52
uictamalethis shouldn't be necessary though, should it?18:52
contextnot if your env vars are set properly18:53
* swinchen absolutely hates transparent firewalls18:54
*** salgado-lunch has quit IRC18:55
*** salgado_ has joined #openstack18:55
uictamaleyah, I can verify glance isn't reading my env vars18:55
*** allsystemsarego has joined #openstack18:57
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uictamalewhoops, flubbed the password18:58
*** qazwsx has quit IRC18:59
uictamalei suppoe I have one difference - localhost vs.
ev0ldavefm255005:  that documentation ancient?19:00
uictamalewait a sec19:00
uictamalewhen I sudo the command, I lose my vars don't I19:00
uictamaleis glance supposed to always be run by root?19:01
uictamale<== so sorry for wasting all your time19:01
uictamaleglance user?19:01
ev0ldaveit doesn't care19:01
uictamaleindeed - took the sudo off and it works a trick.19:01
ev0ldavejust pass the correct tenant/user/pass19:01
ev0ldavethis is so regular users can upload their own images into their projects19:02
uictamalehot digitty.  It's available over pure http too, right19:02
uictamaledon't have to use the cli?19:02
ev0ldavethen if you set it public, everyone in any tenant can use the images19:03
ev0ldavei dont believe so yet19:03
fm255005which documentation19:04
fm255005its awful19:04
fm255005i think i figured it out though19:04
ev0ldavebefore keystone it was stored in nova19:04
ev0ldaveso it is out of date19:04
fm255005i emailed the guy who wrote the module and he didnt seem to know whats going on19:04
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1032798 in glance "update_image HTTP headers issue" [Undecided,New]
phschwartzkbringard: They are making it out of the scheduler to compute, but I don't see any errors. they just hang there.19:13
ev0ldavefm255005:  what are you trying to do with zenoss?19:14
ev0ldavephschwartz: is this a puppet deploy?19:15
*** simon_lucy has joined #openstack19:16
phschwartzev0ldave: no19:17
phschwartzkbringard: It looks like it is hanging here
swinchenHow do you add a security group to a running instance?19:17
kbringardyou don't19:17
swinchenSo if I had an instance I decided I wanted to run a web server on... I would be out of luck?19:18
*** mnewby has quit IRC19:18
*** vmlinuz has quit IRC19:19
swinchenI guess I could make a snapshot.19:20
*** Zurullo has quit IRC19:21
fm255005im trying to use it as my main monitoring tool19:21
fm255005so im trying to get the libvirtguest, puppet and openstack module to work19:21
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates19:22
*** ewindisch has joined #openstack19:23
*** milner has quit IRC19:23
ev0ldavefm255005:  i only ask because we had to move away from request monitoring models and go with a push type like graphite when our environment got too large19:27
*** mestery has quit IRC19:28
fm255005good to know19:28
*** datajerk has quit IRC19:28
*** retr0h has joined #openstack19:29
*** retr0h has joined #openstack19:29
*** NashTrash has joined #openstack19:29
NashTrashHello Stackers19:29
*** Breaking_Pitt has quit IRC19:30
NashTrashI could use some help with my nova.  On an Ubuntu guest VM I run apt-get dist-upgrade and reboot.  But when the VM comes back up it is still on the old kernel version.  What am I doing wrong?19:31
*** milner has joined #openstack19:32
*** arBmind has quit IRC19:33
swinchenOk, so would this work?  If I have an instance that I wanted to add a security group to I make a snapshot, terminate the orig. instance, and boot the snapshot with the new security groups?19:34
*** albert23 has joined #openstack19:34
swinchenI am only asking because it didn't seem to work and I am wondering if I did something wrong, or it just isn't possible.19:34
acidprimequestion: nova secgroup-add-rule default tcp 22 22
acidprimedoes not seem to be the correct way of setting this anymore19:35
acidprimeas its settings are not honored/mirrored in horizon19:35
acidprimeI don't see a way in keystone to do this, do I have do it via the api?19:36
swinchenacidprime: that looks right to me19:36
*** AlanClark has quit IRC19:36
acidprimeswinchen: I will double check but I can confirm its at least not updating horizon19:38
*** relling has joined #openstack19:38
acidprimeswinchen: setting in horizon works, so I may just have to dig through the code19:38
swinchenHmm sorry, I don't have horizon installed.  With that sort of problem I am usually tripped up by authentication.  You are using the same os_username/os_password as with horizon?19:39
cooljswinchen: that should work, if you launched the new instance with appropriate new security groups...19:40
*** sean1 has quit IRC19:40
swinchencoolj: ok thanks.  I am not sure what is going on... if I try telneting to port 80 on my VM I get "no route to host" yet I can ping it just fine :)19:40
*** vmlinuz has joined #openstack19:41
*** davepigott has joined #openstack19:42
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acidprimeswinchen: duh yeah wrong tenant19:45
acidprimeswinchen: for some reason I though default was global19:45
*** arBmind has joined #openstack19:45
swinchenGlad to hear it.19:45
*** davepigott has quit IRC19:46
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack19:47
*** Edd0w has joined #openstack19:47
NashTrashQuestion: running apt-get dist-upgrade and rebooting a guest should in fact reboot it into the latest kernel, correct?19:48
*** dev_sa has quit IRC19:50
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*** zehicle has joined #openstack20:00
Edd0wNashTrash: Yes20:00
*** cloudvirt has joined #openstack20:01
*** adrian17od has joined #openstack20:01
*** sean1 has joined #openstack20:01
NashTrashEdd0w: Ok.  For some reason mine are not.  They always boot to an old kernel version.  If I purge that kernel I get a modprobe error and the VM will refuse to boot.20:01
*** sean1 has quit IRC20:01
*** sean1 has joined #openstack20:02
*** aspiers has quit IRC20:02
mgriffinmaybe updating grub default is the problem?20:03
*** adrian17od has quit IRC20:03
NashTrashmgriffin: running update-grub only shows the new kernel, but it still won't boot to that20:03
*** chasing`Sol has joined #openstack20:04
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uictamaleIt sounds like flat DHCP is preferred for a single node install, but I have 5 phyiscal servers which I'd like nova to take advantage of, and each of them have a separate static IP address on eth0 and eth1 currently doesn't have anything plugged into it.  Should I be configuring flat DHCP or can I have each VM actually grab its own static IP on our lan?20:06
*** nati_ue__ has joined #openstack20:07
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mani___I am trying to start nova services. it starts but service is not listed in 'nova-manage service list'. there is no process for it and there is no entry in /var/log/nova/nova.log20:17
mani___how can i debug it?20:18
*** milner has quit IRC20:18
Edd0wNashTrash: Could be a problem with the new kernel, take a look at the logs to see if something crashes..20:19
mani___which logs? the nova-api.log files is showing old entries20:20
*** fm255005 has quit IRC20:20
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Edd0wmani___: Do you have logging enabled in the nova.conf?20:36
mani___i have logdir=/var/log/nova entry in nova.conf20:37
*** simon_lucy has joined #openstack20:37
mani___i tried running nova-api service manually.. it started, i could see process but the service is not listed in nova-manage service list command20:38
*** datajerk has joined #openstack20:43
Edd0whmm, have you tried starting the rest of the services20:43
*** monster__ has joined #openstack20:44
Edd0wi dont think the nova-api is supposed to show up in the service list20:44
*** simon_lucy has quit IRC20:45
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Edd0wmani___: any updates on that?20:50
*** mattray has joined #openstack20:50
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uvirtbotNew bug: #993596 in tempest " teardown() should be tearDownClass()" [Undecided,Fix released]
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uvirtbotNew bug: #992116 in tempest "tempest test fails when code -> Tempest handles misconfig better  checked -in " [Undecided,Fix released]
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mani___sorry for late response.. the log gets updated if nova-api is run manually.. but nothing happens when run as a service21:29
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1032837 in quantum "Rename tenant_id to project_id in API request body" [Undecided,New]
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uictamaleShould I be worried about these?    -       WARNING nova.utils [-] /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/sqlalchemy/ SADeprecationWarning: The 'listeners' argument to Pool (and create_engine()) is deprecated.  Use event.listen().21:56
uictamale  Pool.__init__(self, creator, **kw)21:56
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comptonacan anybody suggest a mechanism for scaleable volume and image storage that isn't "go buy a big SAN"?22:12
comptonaI've been considering GlusterFS, but I can't find anybody to talk to who uses it in production22:12
*** littleidea has joined #openstack22:13
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notmynamecomptona: within openstack, there is the "cinder" project for volumes and "glance" for image storage and management. glance can use openstack swift (an object storage system) to store the images22:14
*** mnewby has quit IRC22:14
comptonanotmyname: right, but when cinder, glance, and swift need to write those objects to some kind of persistent storage, what do they use?22:15
*** adjohn has joined #openstack22:15
notmynameswift is the storage system22:16
notmynamewell, cinder is block storage and swift is object storage22:16
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comptonathe thing I'm trying to understand is, what does swift itself use to write data to? local spinning disks, a SAN, a NFS server, etc.22:32
*** datajerk has joined #openstack22:32
*** msinhore has joined #openstack22:35
torgomaticcomptona: swift writes things to local disks22:35
comptonatorgomatic: thanks. so does that mean people scale swift by adding more and larger local disks?22:36
notmynamecomptona: what torgomatic said ^, but with swift, the client doesn't have direct access to the disks22:36
*** johnpostlethwait has quit IRC22:37
torgomaticcomptona: more larger disks, and also more nodes (each with its own disks)22:37
comptonayep, I get that the client doesn't have direct access to the disks, I'm just trying to figure out where I'd put stuff if I implemented openstack22:37
notmynamecomptona: yes, the swift deployer will add more and/or larger disks to the swift cluster to grow22:37
comptonaawesome, thank you22:38
notmynamecomptona: a swift cluster can be anything from a single box with a few disks to racks and racks of servers each with many disks across a DC campus22:38
*** johnpostlethwait has joined #openstack22:38
comptonaso I wouldn't need to implement a distributed filesystem myself; swift would be able to just use any new disks or nodes I pointed it to?22:38
*** edude03 has quit IRC22:38
notmynamecomptona: right. swift uses disks with a local filesystem on it22:39
torgomaticcomptona: correct22:39
comptonathis sounds very promising, thanks guys22:39
*** edude03 has joined #openstack22:40
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luis_hi folks, how can i enable the os-hosts api extension, im running a simple 1 node os installation with libvirt driver, and when i invoke the os-hosts api it comes back empty23:50
luis_i was expecting to see my single compute host23:50
*** tmichael has joined #openstack23:50
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