Thursday, 2012-08-09

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contextup and running just need to get floating ip's to work00:07
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1034692 in nova "remove quantum v1 code" [Undecided,New]
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contextummm so, how do i get uec-publish-tarball on debian :x01:03
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UICTamalewhen glance complains "not authenticated", what's it looking for?  The credentials supplied when you make the mysql database glance, the credentials supplied when you create the glance user with keystone, or the settings in /etc/glance/*paste.ini ?01:13
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dolphmUICTamale: probably user credentials for keystone01:14
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UICTamaleno luck01:24
UICTamaleI'm 100% sure they match01:24
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UICTamalei'll check the inis again01:25
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WilliamHerrywhich table in nova contain floating ip to fixed ip nat mapp?01:29
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UICTamaleI'm not sure that's in its own table01:29
UICTamalefixed IPs have an instance ID, and floating IPs have an instance ID as well01:29
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WilliamHerrythere is one instance that already deleted but its iptables entry still in there, so when that floating assign to other instance, it will never get to the new instance01:31
WilliamHerryI want just delete it use iptables command, but I think it will return when restart nova-compute01:31
contextcan anyone explain how exactly you add the ubuntu uec images into glance01:32
WilliamHerryUICTamale, can I just set fixed_ip and floating ip 's instance id to null to delete ?01:32
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cooljWilliamHerry: have you tried nova remove-floating-ip <instance id> <floating IP address>?01:34
WilliamHerrycoolj, Ok, thanks01:34
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UICTamaleThis is what I get when I try to run "glance-manage db_sync" -  ValueError: you need to pass either an existing engine or a database uri01:57
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contextcan someone point me to a ubuntu or debian image that works on openstack and how to load it.  i got the ubuntu cloudimg to boot but i cant login as any user and the ip dashboard shows is not the ip of the vm02:30
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networkstatichere you go context02:36
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networkstaticglance add name=Ubuntu-12.04 is_public=true container_format=ovf disk_format=qcow2 < precise-server-cloudimg-amd64-disk1.img02:36
networkstaticyour image should be around ~200-230 Mb02:37
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contextkk ill try it again02:40
contextnetworkstatic: what user do you login as02:40
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networkstaticuse the key you create and the user name is ubuntu02:41
contextkk thats what i was thinking, wasn't working :/ will give it another go02:41
networkstaticie 'ssh -i key.pem ubuntu@
networkstaticcool check 'nova-manage service list'02:42
networkstaticlook for smiley faces02:42
contextyeah its all up and happy02:42
networkstaticand 'nova list'02:42
networkstaticto see the node you spun02:42
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contextnetworkstatic: ahh that works now :D02:47
contextnetworkstatic: thnx al ot02:47
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networkstaticoh great02:49
networkstaticanytime conext02:49
networkstaticheya Kool02:49
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uvirtbotNew bug: #1034730 in nova "qemu-img receives  'None' as source image to snapshot" [Undecided,New]
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alex88morning guys07:09
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koolhead11hi all07:11
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rosco_What is the most common way to offload SSL to your openstack swift cluster setup? I use pound, but i am not happy with the performance. Does anyone have another setup?08:46
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lucrosco_: have you try nginx ? we use it (not for openstack but varnish)08:51
rosco_luc: nginx for offloading swift?08:55
lucrosco_: yes, varsnish is a proxy, but don't do ssl. We have try pound and nginx, and nginx has better performance (less time to respond when we have a big load) ~15000req/s08:56
lucrosco_: i think with swift, it will do the same, even if swift is slower08:57
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rosco_luc: Thanks for your input, i have a proxy server with pound for redirection, but i am not getting more then 2500 requests per sec and with pound using 100% of 1 core.09:07
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lucrosco_: well, just configure nginx in reverse proxy, and add support to ssl09:09
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lucand for one nginx, you can do load balancing against your swift-proxy server09:10
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reedhi koolhead1109:41
koolhead11reed: hello there09:41
reedkoolhead11, I'm in Italy at the moment, more compatible timezone :)09:42
koolhead11reed: hehe. yes. how is vacation coming along?09:42
reed:) just a different timezone, no vacation so far09:43
koolhead11reed: lol i thought you on holiday :P09:43
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alex88reed, oh italy? where?10:42
*** deepakcs has quit IRC10:42
reedalex88, northern puglia10:43
alex88oh, near brindisi so10:43
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p3n74D4v1dmelmoth alive??11:04
melmothp3n74D4v1d,  whats up ?11:11
p3n74D4v1dhehe my setup is working now11:15
p3n74D4v1dcan't explain what happened11:16
p3n74D4v1dso you waddup?11:16
*** livemoon has joined #openstack11:18
* zynzel implement checking checksum in nova-compute for images from glance11:18
koolhead11livemoon: morning :)11:19
koolhead11melmoth: hola11:19
p3n74D4v1dmelmoth: whats up??11:20
melmothp3n74D4v1d, tired, had a lug meeting last night.. went back 2am. ENOSLEEP11:20
*** bharata has quit IRC11:20
melmothbut, a guy gave me good doc on how ot use vde, so i m on my way to simulate vlans in my kvm sandbox.11:20
melmothwell... it s just that today, my brain works sooo slowly :)11:21
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SkyManHi Stackers11:22
SkyMani have an openstack on multi nodes11:22
SkyManand i am trying to access a vm a compute node using noVNC11:22
SkyManbut i can't11:23
SkyMandoes the noVNC have to installed on the compute node too ?11:23
SkyManor it can be just put in the controller node11:23
SkyMan !11:23
p3n74D4v1dmelmoth: take a break :P11:23
zynzelSkyMan: only on controller node11:23
SkyManthen i think the 6080 port is blocked on the compute node11:24
SkyManright zynzel ?11:24
SkyManzynzel: ?11:27
p3n74D4v1dis it possible to configure glance to store only snapshots11:27
p3n74D4v1don swift??11:28
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melmothno idea, i only use "images" on glance. but there s a way to create images from a running vm (and its simple)11:31
melmoththen, as far as glanc is concerned, swift is just a backend. it does not change it s beahviour compared to when it s using a local fs11:31
zynzelSkyMan: 6080 should be open only on controller node11:31
zynzelon compute you shuld have configured libvirt11:31
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SkyManI can't access ubuntu cloud images, it keeps on asking me for passwords !11:38
SkyManalthough i am using a private key :(11:38
SkyMandoes anyone know the password ?11:39
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*** davepigott_ is now known as davepigott11:46
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zynzelSkyMan: check nova-compute logs11:49
zynzelfor injectin keys11:49
zynzeland check logs from instance for cloud init11:49
SkyManzynzel: thx man11:49
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*** Dr_Who has quit IRC11:57
*** Dr_Who has joined #openstack11:57
SkyManzynzel: the key injection seems fine11:59
*** marrusl has joined #openstack12:00
*** maurosr has joined #openstack12:02
zynzelSkyMan: so paste how you log && output12:03
*** davepigott_ has joined #openstack12:03
*** miclorb has joined #openstack12:06
*** markvoelker has joined #openstack12:06
*** davepigott has quit IRC12:07
*** davepigott_ is now known as davepigott12:07
*** matwood has joined #openstack12:07
*** miclorb has quit IRC12:11
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack12:11
SkyManzynzel: what do i paste ?? the key got injected, there is no need for password12:12
SkyManbut it still asking for pass !12:12
*** msinhore has joined #openstack12:12
zynzelSkyMan: so paste output from ssh command you use.12:12
zynzelfull output.12:12
*** tserong has quit IRC12:13
*** ahasenack has joined #openstack12:13
SkyManzynzel: check this out
*** natea has joined #openstack12:14
zynzelSkyMan: ssh -i key user@ip12:14
zynzeloutput from this command.12:14
*** ahasenack has quit IRC12:14
SkyManI diiiiid but it is asking for a password !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!12:15
zynzelcan you paste this command and output?12:15
zynzelor not?12:15
*** dhellmann_ has joined #openstack12:16
SkyManzynzel: okay12:17
*** tserong has joined #openstack12:18
*** natea has quit IRC12:19
zynzelSkyMan: so now paste log from nova-compute.log after spawning instance.12:19
*** mnewby has joined #openstack12:20
*** gekko_ has quit IRC12:20
*** dhellmann has quit IRC12:20
*** dhellmann_ is now known as dhellmann12:20
*** desai has quit IRC12:20
*** shaon has joined #openstack12:21
*** lipinski1 has left #openstack12:21
*** dhellmann has quit IRC12:21
*** hungnv has quit IRC12:22
*** samkottler|nap has quit IRC12:22
*** hungnv has joined #openstack12:22
*** QRPIKE has joined #openstack12:22
*** QRPIKE has quit IRC12:24
*** samkottler|nap has joined #openstack12:25
*** samkottler|nap is now known as samkottler12:25
phschwartzWhere are logs for the dashboard stored? I don't think the error I am seeing in the apache logs are the reason for failure.12:27
melmothphschwartz when i need debug i change  /etc/openstack-dashboard/ so that DEBUG is set to true12:29
melmothand then i have them.. well.. directly on the generated web page12:30
melmoth(as well as in /var/log/syslog if i remember correclty, or was it apache's error_log ?)12:30
*** mrunge has quit IRC12:30
*** zehicle has joined #openstack12:31
phschwartzmelmoth: ty so much. That simple change allowed more logging so I can see that my memcache server was refusing connections.12:32
*** zehicle has quit IRC12:32
*** shaon has quit IRC12:32
phschwartzNow to working with my vm's.12:32
*** shaon has joined #openstack12:33
*** samkottl1r has joined #openstack12:33
*** ahasenack has joined #openstack12:34
*** samkottler has quit IRC12:35
*** samkottl1r is now known as samkottler12:35
*** dolphm_ has joined #openstack12:36
*** h0cin has joined #openstack12:37
*** h0cin has joined #openstack12:37
*** msinhore has quit IRC12:37
*** cryptk is now known as cryptk|offline12:39
*** wiliam has joined #openstack12:39
*** dprince has joined #openstack12:39
phschwartzMy instance was asigned an ip (displayed in dashboard and nova list), but upon starting it seems to have not setup the ip for eth0. I looked at network.log and compute.log and I didn't notice any errors. Is there anything else I can look at to see what is going on?12:40
phschwartzAlso, is it better to have 2 ip pools, public ips for floating and private ip's for the internals?12:40
phschwartzI have it setup using only the public ip's at the moment.12:40
*** BlackMaria has joined #openstack12:42
*** ahasenack has quit IRC12:42
*** ahasenack has joined #openstack12:43
*** lborda has joined #openstack12:46
*** rods has joined #openstack12:47
*** BlackMaria1 has joined #openstack12:48
*** GiBa has joined #openstack12:50
*** erikzaadi has left #openstack12:51
phschwartzAlso note, I have just verified (by cleaning all logs), that I am indeed not getting any errors.12:51
*** BlackMaria has quit IRC12:52
*** GiBa has left #openstack12:53
*** BlackMaria has joined #openstack12:55
*** tomoe_ has joined #openstack12:55
*** roge has joined #openstack12:55
*** BlackMaria1 has quit IRC12:58
*** QRPIKE has joined #openstack12:58
*** dprince has quit IRC13:01
*** davepigott has quit IRC13:02
uvirtbotNew bug: #1034890 in horizon "'Delete container' doesn't delete the objects in it" [Undecided,New]
*** markmcclain has joined #openstack13:07
*** rmartinelli has joined #openstack13:08
*** markmcclain has quit IRC13:08
*** dprince has joined #openstack13:08
*** mcolombo has quit IRC13:10
*** Glace_ has joined #openstack13:12
*** dolphm_ has quit IRC13:12
*** maurosr has quit IRC13:14
*** maurosr has joined #openstack13:14
*** bsza has joined #openstack13:15
*** dolphm has joined #openstack13:15
*** oneiroi|gone is now known as oneiroi13:16
*** NashTrash has joined #openstack13:16
melmothoneiroi, was it you who mentionned vde the other day ? If so, do you happen to have a kvm vm using a vde switch right now ?13:17
melmothif so, i would be curious to have a look at the dumpxml of this vm13:17
oneiroimelmoth, don't recall using vde13:22
*** DavidLevin has quit IRC13:22
melmothok. may be was it you then alex88 ?13:22
oneiroimelmoth, ? :)13:22
melmothahhh, it was alex88 after all :)13:23
alex88melmoth, that was me ;)13:23
alex88btw, actually i'm not using vde directly into vm, just on hosts13:23
melmothah ok.13:23
melmothtoo bad :)13:23
melmothi have some doc that mention how to do what i need, but they run kvm vm with kvm directly, or some wrapper13:24
melmothi wonder if it can be cleanly fitted within a libvirt xml file13:24
melmothwell, let s dig.13:24
*** DavidLevin has joined #openstack13:25
*** msinhore has joined #openstack13:28
alex88melmoth, as soon as you have the vm device you have just to plug them into the switch13:30
*** cloudvirt has joined #openstack13:30
alex88vm eth devices aren't tap interface? so just use "vde_plug2tap -d -s /tmp/vde1 veth0"13:31
*** eschnou has quit IRC13:31
rosco_luc: Just implemented nginx on our proxy13:33
rosco_We get better performance now13:33
*** supriya_ has quit IRC13:33
*** supriya__ has joined #openstack13:33
lucrosco_: cool !13:33
rosco_arround 3000 req per sec13:33
rosco_Still not extremely mutch, but better :)13:34
*** QRPIKE has quit IRC13:34
rosco_I see that the swift-proxy processes are shooting up to 100% cpu13:34
lucrosco_: you must add more proxy-server ;)13:34
rosco_luc: Wel, we are going to compile the swift proxy with pypy to get more performance13:35
*** lts has joined #openstack13:36
*** ayoung has joined #openstack13:36
phschwartzto use FlatDHCPManager, do I have to define flat_interface. I only have one active interface and it has an ip. I tried it with it set and it caused my system to become unaccessable due to eth0's ip being changed.13:39
phschwartzHere is the network config I tried.
*** UICTamale has joined #openstack13:39
Diopterphschwartz: With one interface, FlatDHCP will make a bridge, put the if in it, and move the IP to the bridge. It shouldn't actually Change it, though, unless you're trying to use the same range for public as fixed, or something.13:40
phschwartzdiopter: The ip of the box is, when I tried to bring up a node, it changed the ip to and made it unaccessable.13:41
phschwartzI was able to get nodes booting with public and fixed in the same network But I couldn't get eth0 to come up in the instances so I was trying a few changes.13:42
*** desai has joined #openstack13:42
*** almaisan-away is now known as al-maisan13:42
Diopterphschwartz: Don't specify flat_interface, and you need to actually Set fixed_range to the fixed range.13:43
*** markmcclain has joined #openstack13:43
DiopterReally not sure what nova's going to think by you merging those networks.13:43
*** al-maisan is now known as almaisan-away13:43
DiopterUnless you go into the database and reserve the IPs you're using13:43
UICTamaleGood morning all.  I'm slowly rebuilding everything (more carefully this time)13:44
UICTamaleRun into a lot of config issues but I think I have them mostly all sorted out13:44
phschwartzdiopter: I have a script that reserves the ip's.13:44
UICTamaleI'm at the point where I'd like to make a project with nova-manage, but before doing that, I tried nova-manage user list and was surprised to see nothing13:44
UICTamaleare nova users different from keystone users?13:45
phschwartzOnly issue I would run into with it that way is each compute node takes up 2 ip's on the network.13:45
Diopterphschwartz: Of course. Because Nova thinks it's going to have a public and private in FlatDHCP mode. Single-NIC will work because it will bridge appropriately (and move the public IP for you)13:45
*** eschnou has joined #openstack13:45
Diopterphschwartz: But if your 'public' is in your fixed network, it probably doesn't know how to move it right. Though, if you set fixed_range appropriately, it might very well understand.13:46
Diopter(not setting fixed_range should be why you got
phschwartzDiopter: The fixed range is set. look at the paste.13:48
phschwartzThe range is set in that attempt that changed the interface to, the fixed_range=
*** halfss has joined #openstack13:49
Diopterphschwartz: But you said you wanted to use, which is what I mean by "not being set appropriately" :P13:49
Disconnectfinally back to openstack :)13:49
phschwartzI said that when I had it set that way, I was able to get it to spawn nodes with out hosing my networking, but I couldn't figure out why the interface in the instances would not come up.13:50
*** samkottl1r has joined #openstack13:50
*** eschnou has quit IRC13:50
phschwartzI switched to a sperate fixed_range to try and fix the issue, but it has hosed my networking.13:50
Diopterphschwartz: Ok, start over. Do you need your fixed network to be the same as your public? Is that what you want?13:50
*** samkottler is now known as samkottler_13:50
Disconnectis devstack a reasonable way to get started? it will be an enterprise setup but so long as we don't have to take a ton of outages I can migrate/change it at will13:50
*** samkottl1r is now known as samkottler13:50
*** samkottler has quit IRC13:51
*** samkottler has joined #openstack13:51
*** samkottler_ has quit IRC13:51
phschwartzDiopter: I just prefer something that works. I started  with public and fixed being the same.13:51
UICTamaleDisconnect:  It's a good way to learn your way around openstack13:51
*** dolphm_ has joined #openstack13:51
*** samkottler has quit IRC13:51
UICTamaleDisconnect: But I'd resign yourself to tearing everything down and starting over anyway - and when you do that, you'll probably want to follow the official docs13:51
*** dubsquared has joined #openstack13:51
UICTamale(for your enterprise setup)13:51
*** samkottler has joined #openstack13:52
Disconnecthmm. i've got about 10 vms i need to get running in a reasonable amount of time, and then i have time to play..13:52
*** msinhore has quit IRC13:52
Disconnectsounds like might just run them under libvirt/kvm for now and migrate them in later.13:52
Diopterphschwartz: FlatDHCP assumes they won't be, particularly with multi_host=true (which you almost always want), and is built around them not being. There's a set of NAT rules built around this, DHCP provides routes to the bridge so it can be a NAT point, etc13:52
Diopterphschwartz: If you squash them and reserve carefully, you can make it work, but that's subverting a lot of pieces.13:53
* Disconnect has too many new moving pieces (storage I've never used, openstack, etc)13:53
*** eternaltyro has joined #openstack13:53
Disconnectok well lemme get this storage running, server installed, switch configured, etc. i'll figure it out from there.13:53
DisconnectUICTamale: thanks :)13:53
*** SkyMan has quit IRC13:53
*** milner_ has quit IRC13:53
*** edygarcia has joined #openstack13:53
Diopterphschwartz: I recommend you use separate ranges (which you are now) and try not setting flat_interface, as a first step.13:54
*** vachon has quit IRC13:54
*** markmcclain has quit IRC13:54
Diopterphschwartz: You should be able to expect that when you first spawn a VM, nova-network will create your bridge, put eth0 in it, move eth0's public IP to the bridge and put an IP from fixed_range on it too13:54
*** vachon has joined #openstack13:55
*** mtreinish has joined #openstack13:57
UICTamaleBah.  I'm totally stuck with horizon.  Every time I try to log in I get "Error: Unable to retrieve usage information"14:00
*** tongli has joined #openstack14:03
*** aliguori has joined #openstack14:04
*** markmcclain has joined #openstack14:04
*** aliguori has joined #openstack14:04
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates14:04
*** natea has joined #openstack14:05
*** eternaltyro has left #openstack14:05
*** _et has joined #openstack14:06
*** mattray has joined #openstack14:06
*** egant has joined #openstack14:07
*** milner_ has joined #openstack14:07
*** pvankouteren has quit IRC14:07
*** rkukura has joined #openstack14:07
*** sandywalsh has joined #openstack14:08
*** talset has joined #openstack14:08
phschwartzdiopter: Is there a way to see all ip's associated with a bridge?14:10
Diopterphschwartz: ip a14:10
*** koolhead17 has joined #openstack14:10
DiopterUnless you mean something else by associated.14:10
phschwartzcurrently eth0 is set to should that ever change when starting nova-network?14:11
*** halfss has quit IRC14:12
*** ryanpetrello has joined #openstack14:12
*** dave_mcn has quit IRC14:12
DiopterNot when starting, but when you first spawn a VM, for single-NIC FlatDHCP, nova-network's going to run "ensure_bridge", which will make your bridge if it doesn't exist already, put eth0 in it, move eth0's IP to the bridge...14:12
*** EmilienM has left #openstack14:12
*** dhellmann has joined #openstack14:12
DiopterBut if you set flat_interface to the same as public_interface, that original public IP will get blasted14:12
*** marrusl has quit IRC14:12
*** marrusl has joined #openstack14:13
phschwartzDiopter: Reason why I am asking is with the fixed_range seperate from the public and flat_interface not set, be for I lost access to the box, the bridge had the ip and not my public ip.14:13
phschwartzwould `ip a` show more then one ip assigned to the bridge?14:14
*** lazyshot has joined #openstack14:14
Diopterifconfig is old and deprecated and can't handle multihoming properly. ip (from iproute2) has no such limitation.14:14
p3n74D4v1dmelmoth can you please share your doc on vde??14:15
melmothi hope you like french :)14:15
melmothbut i m still stuck trying to figure out how to start kvm vm with it14:16
UICTamaleOk, I traced my dashboard error into nova-api and found this:14:17
UICTamale2012-08-09 09:13:57 DEBUG nova.api.openstack.wsgi [req-d8523c1e-3b05-47e5-8e87-5b6043645353 da71b82dba9343bea55f0b16b047e646 e0ac70cdacc547859b6f92cb98768655] Unrecognized Content-Type provided in request from (pid=13436) get_body /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nova/api/openstack/
UICTamale2012-08-09 09:13:57 INFO nova.api.openstack.wsgi [req-d8523c1e-3b05-47e5-8e87-5b6043645353 da71b82dba9343bea55f0b16b047e646 e0ac70cdacc547859b6f92cb98768655] returned with HTTP 40314:17
p3n74D4v1dhehe melmoth speak french??14:17
*** johnpur has joined #openstack14:18
*** ChanServ sets mode: +v johnpur14:18
melmothi am french.14:18
DiopterUICTamale: Got Apache installed and running and whatnot..? :P14:18
p3n74D4v1dcomment tu vas14:18
melmothpas mal :)14:18
UICTamaleDiopter: Yup, I can see the auth login pag14:18
UICTamaleDiopter: But as soon as I try to login, I get "Error: Unable to retrieve usage information."14:18
p3n74D4v1dde quelle region de la france viens tu? melmoth?14:19
*** samkottl1r has joined #openstack14:19
melmothI'm in alsace (strasbourg)14:19
*** samkottl1r has quit IRC14:19
p3n74D4v1dhehe that was english14:19
UICTamaleShouldn't I be able to get more detailed logging from something?14:20
phschwartzdoes keystone run on port 5000 or 3535714:20
UICTamaleApache error.log is useless14:20
DiopterUICTamale: Fun fun. Probably. Meeting'd though.14:20
dolphm_phschwartz: both14:20
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack14:20
*** samkottl1r has joined #openstack14:20
*** dubsquared has quit IRC14:21
p3n74D4v1dmelmoth: I thought you were somewhere in california, working from a beach14:21
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk14:21
dolphm_phschwartz: comparison of the calls available on each port
*** msinhore has joined #openstack14:22
melmothhuhu, nope, just next to the rhine actually :)14:22
*** dubsquared has joined #openstack14:22
p3n74D4v1dI am in germany...but a bit far14:22
*** blamar has joined #openstack14:23
*** samkottler has quit IRC14:23
*** blamar has quit IRC14:23
*** samkottl1r is now known as samkottler14:24
*** samkottler has joined #openstack14:24
*** ewindisch has joined #openstack14:24
UICTamaleThere we go14:25
UICTamaleUnauthorized: Policy doesn't allow compute_extension:simple_tenant_usage:list to be performed. (HTTP 403)14:25
UICTamaleSo, what's not authorized here?14:25
DiopterUICTamale: Weren't you mentioning an issue with not seeing any users earlier?14:26
UICTamaleYes, with nova-manage user list14:26
DiopterProbably the reason why :P14:26
UICTamalebut I never had to make a user with nova-manage to log into dashboard14:26
UICTamalethat login screen seems to match the users created with keystone14:26
UICTamalebesides, you can't set a password with nova-manage user create14:27
UICTamaleyou only get a secret key and access key14:27
UICTamaleand to login to the dashboard, you need a password14:27
*** pergaminho has quit IRC14:28
*** pergaminho has joined #openstack14:28
UICTamalethis guy had a similar problem I think14:29
*** Breaking_Pitt has quit IRC14:30
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates14:31
*** Ruetobas has quit IRC14:31
UICTamalesounds like I need to do something like this:  >>keystone-manage credentials add admin EC2 'secretword' openstackDemo14:31
DiopterSounds about right.14:32
*** Breaking_Pitt has joined #openstack14:32
UICTamalerawr - that command doesn't exist anymore for keystone-manage14:32
*** pergaminho has quit IRC14:33
UICTamaleclosest I can see is with standard keystone - ec2-credentials-create14:33
*** littleidea has joined #openstack14:33
*** e1mer has quit IRC14:34
dolphm_UICTamale: that's the same command14:35
phschwartzFor some reason after I rebooted the node keystone will not come up. If I run keystone-all directly it states ports in use, but I don't see the ports in a netstat --listen or lsof -i14:35
dolphm_UICTamale: or essex/folsom equivalent14:35
*** matiu has joined #openstack14:35
Diopterphschwartz: Try: ss -lntp, as root. It might be listening on :: instead of or whatnot14:36
*** Ruetobas has joined #openstack14:36
*** shanlar- has joined #openstack14:37
UICTamaledolphm_: Ok, sweet - I found the problme.  I had SERVICE_TOKEN and SERVICE_ENDPOINT env vars set again14:37
UICTamalethat's a nasty bug IMO14:37
phschwartzdiopter: ty, someone added a startup script to start unicorn on ::5000. Killed it and now running.14:38
*** shanlar has quit IRC14:39
Diopterphschwartz: np14:39
*** Breakin__ has joined #openstack14:40
UICTamaledolphm_: OK, adding ec2 credentials helped me finally be able to login to the dashboard.  BUT.. as soon as I logged in, I still see "Error: Unable to retrieve usage information." in a red box above the "Select a month to query its usage" in the Admin System Panel14:40
*** zodiak has joined #openstack14:40
swinchenHow do all of you handle the storage of instances?   Do you have enough storage in the compute nodes to handle the instances running on them, or do you something more exotic?14:40
DiopterUICTamale: Check to make sure you've got all the services running that need to be.14:41
UICTamaleThis is in apache's error.log:14:41
UICTamale[error] RESP:{'date': 'Thu, 09 Aug 2012 14:39:21 GMT', 'status': '500', 'content-length': '128', 'content-type': 'application/json; charset=UTF-8', 'x-compute-request-id': 'req-3790c4ec-2805-4c26-afc6-838af73ec6d2'} {"computeFault": {"message": "The server has either erred or is incapable of performing the requested operation.", "code": 500}}14:41
phschwartzdiopter: ok, now I am back in the same place I was before when I had the fixed_range the same as public with the node ip's reserved. I am able to start instances, but they fail to bring up the networking. I don't see errors in network.log or compute.log. The dashboard says it has a set ip.14:41
*** littleidea has quit IRC14:41
UICTamalefar as I can tell everything is running14:41
Diopterphschwartz: What's your bridge look like now?14:42
Diopter(ip a)14:42
UICTamaleIf I click on the project tab, I'm kicked back out to the login screen14:42
*** littleidea has joined #openstack14:43
*** markmcclain1 has joined #openstack14:44
*** dave_mcn has joined #openstack14:46
*** markmcclain has quit IRC14:46
dave_mcnHey all, wondering if anyone is available to review a change (
phschwartzDiopter: also for this I am using a standard ubuntu cloud image from their site.14:47
contextso when i assign a floating ip to an instance it can talk out, but other subnets on that router cant talk to it :/14:47
contextand it can talk out to the interwebz14:48
Dioptercontext: Does that router have an IP in the floating subnet?14:49
Dioptercontext: Or are you going through a different gateway IP14:49
contexthmmm good question14:49
contextthe gateway would have to be in that subnet.14:50
context<-- FAIL !14:50
contextwell, it can still talk to the internet :x14:50
DiopterIf the router doesn't have an IP in that range, it won't be able to ARP successfully into your fabric of floats14:50
contexti gotta play around with it a bit more14:50
*** mjfork has joined #openstack14:51
phschwartzDiopter: And if it helps, here is my current network config
Diopterphschwartz: Do you have your bridge in /etc/network/interfaces at all? And is eth1 supposed to be dormant?14:52
contextdiopter: oh i got my networking running since yesterday, went with VlanManager though, seemed to be a bit easier14:52
contexti just need to work on the router a little bit14:52
*** Glace_ has quit IRC14:53
phschwartzDiopter: No bridge coming up on boot. eth1 is not cabled as we don't have space in the switch, a second switch is on order. (48 nodes and 1 48 port switch).14:53
DiopterFun fun. And ok.14:54
*** datsun180b has joined #openstack14:54
DiopterSo, few things going on there. What's in the nova-network log when you try to spin a VM and it fails on networking?14:54
*** NashTrash has quit IRC14:54
*** imsplitbit has joined #openstack14:55
*** jporterfield has joined #openstack14:56
*** rnorwood has quit IRC14:57
phschwartzDiopter: I cleared the log and then launched an instance.
phschwartzthat is the network log.14:58
*** Glace_ has joined #openstack14:58
*** krow has joined #openstack15:00
DiopterDoesn't really look wrong.15:00
*** loceur has quit IRC15:00
phschwartzThis is from the console in the instance.
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack15:01
phschwartzNormally I would see ci-info: eth0: 1 <ip> <mask> <mac>15:01
UICTamaleOK, running the dashboard in dev mode I can get a bit more detail.  I'm definitely still running into some sort of 'policy' issue:15:01
UICTamalePolicy doesn't allow compute_extension:simple_tenant_usage:list to be performed15:01
*** MarkAtwood has left #openstack15:01
UICTamaleGoogling for that error is completely useless though15:01
*** loceur has joined #openstack15:02
*** jaypipes has joined #openstack15:02
phschwartzDiopter: I think that if I can get this issue figured out, I might be ready to bring up the other compute nodes. But not sure what is going on.15:03
*** azret has joined #openstack15:04
*** derekh has quit IRC15:04
*** pguth66 has quit IRC15:04
*** reidrac has quit IRC15:04
uvirtbotNew bug: #1034941 in devstack "Cinder and multi-host" [Undecided,New]
*** azret has quit IRC15:05
*** azret has joined #openstack15:06
Diopterphschwartz: Can I see "brctl show"?15:06
*** matiu has quit IRC15:07
*** ecarlin has joined #openstack15:07
*** matiu has joined #openstack15:07
*** matiu has quit IRC15:07
*** matiu has joined #openstack15:07
UICTamaleCan someone clear up for me if I should be using a NOVA user to log into the dashboard or a KEYSTONE user?  (basically mysql table nova.users or keystone.users)15:07
*** paulw has joined #openstack15:07
*** paulw has left #openstack15:08
contextuictamale: try both ?15:08
contextcould find out relatively quickly in about 5 seconds15:08
UICTamalecontext: lol, I have actually.15:08
UICTamaleI'm trying to trace down this "policy doesn't allow" error15:08
UICTamaleI don't see 'policy' in any mysql table15:09
*** networkstatic has joined #openstack15:09
*** pweiss has joined #openstack15:10
*** freeflying has quit IRC15:10
swinchenstart_guests_on_host_boot=true <--- Does anyone know if this would leave suspended servers suspended?  I could reboot a node to see, but it is easier to ask.15:11
UICTamaleWhen I use my keystone user / password, I don't get a "Invalid user name or password", so I'm pretty sure that's the right one to use15:11
UICTamalebut in the nova tables, I see "user_role_association" - which sounds very suspect.. especially since it's empty.15:11
UICTamalebut in nova's users table, I don't see the user I was able to log in as anywhere15:12
p3n74D4v1dany idea where the snapshots are stored with nova??15:12
UICTamaleonly the user I just made with nova-manage15:12
*** krow has quit IRC15:13
*** freeflying has joined #openstack15:15
*** Breakin__ is now known as Breaking_Lunch15:15
UICTamalewhere it's something interesting.15:16
UICTamaleI have a blank /etc/nova/policy.json file15:16
UICTamalefilling it out with:
*** p3n74D4v1d has quit IRC15:17
phschwartzDiopter: Does that brctl show look correct?15:18
*** cloudvirt has quit IRC15:18
*** hemna has joined #openstack15:19
*** supriya__ has quit IRC15:20
*** Triade has quit IRC15:21
uvirtbotNew bug: #1034948 in nova "Rescue doesn't use supplied admin_pass" [Undecided,New]
*** alanmac has quit IRC15:22
Diopterphschwartz: It's not moving eth0 into the bridge like I'm expecting. But I'm not sure that should matter in this case.15:23
*** dprince_ has joined #openstack15:25
*** dprince has quit IRC15:26
*** zz_jathanism is now known as jathanism15:26
*** dave_mcn has quit IRC15:28
*** jfluhmann has joined #openstack15:29
*** livemoon_ has joined #openstack15:29
*** cp16net|away is now known as cp16net15:29
*** supriya__ has joined #openstack15:29
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk15:30
*** Gordonz has joined #openstack15:31
*** livemoon has quit IRC15:32
*** livemoon_ is now known as livemoon15:32
phschwartzDiopter: Would eth0 not being in the bridge stop the instance from getting a device on that bridge?15:33
cooljswinchen: Be aware, on stable/essex (haven't check elsewhere) start_guests_on_host_boot=true will reboot all instances on a host every time the nova-compute service is restarted:
*** Glace_ has quit IRC15:36
swinchencoolj: thanks.  I am having a really crappy time getting my server to handle a reboot cleanly.   All my instances go to a state where nothing can be done and there are no errors in the logs.   It is really ticking me off15:37
*** Glace_ has joined #openstack15:37
UICTamalefinally!  I can log into dashboard.  Great!15:38
*** guigui3 has quit IRC15:41
*** maploin has joined #openstack15:42
*** maploin has joined #openstack15:42
cooljswinchen: there's a bug about having resume_guests_state_on_host_boot=true causing nova-compute to fail to start, but it has a traceback in the log in the report. thowing it out anyway, just in case.
*** aliguori has quit IRC15:46
*** led_belly has joined #openstack15:46
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates15:49
*** ev0ldave has joined #openstack15:51
*** jmckind has joined #openstack15:53
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*** primeministerp has joined #openstack15:54
*** primeministerp has quit IRC15:54
*** RDove has joined #openstack15:54
*** alex88 has quit IRC15:55
*** aliguori has joined #openstack15:57
*** aliguori_ has joined #openstack15:57
*** sdake has quit IRC15:57
*** aliguori has quit IRC15:57
*** maploin has quit IRC15:58
cooljswinchen: what exactly is being rebooted? (compute node, controller, all in one...?)15:58
rosco_luc: We switched back to pound because of this:
rosco_Client react different on nginx15:59
*** sdake has joined #openstack15:59
*** Rajesh has joined #openstack16:02
*** Rajesh is now known as Guest3807016:02
*** ayoung is now known as ayoung-afk16:02
phschwartzDiopter: Any other ideas? I am all out.16:03
*** supriya__ has quit IRC16:04
UICTamaleOn one of my compute nodes, I'm getting two br100 IPs created by nova-network16:07
UICTamaleAnyone had this problem before?16:07
*** ahasenack has quit IRC16:07
*** cloudvirt has joined #openstack16:08
*** ewindisch has quit IRC16:09
*** ecarlin has quit IRC16:09
*** lloydde has joined #openstack16:10
uvirtbotNew bug: #1034970 in nova "config for logging options uses dash but code uses underscore" [Undecided,New]
*** ahasenack has joined #openstack16:10
*** jathanism is now known as zz_jathanism16:11
*** SvenDowideit has quit IRC16:11
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk16:13
*** rnirmal has joined #openstack16:16
uvirtbotNew bug: #1034972 in glance "POST /v2/images without an image body raises exception" [High,Triaged]
*** Gordonz has quit IRC16:17
*** objectiveous_ has joined #openstack16:17
*** ewindisch has joined #openstack16:20
*** objectiveous has quit IRC16:20
*** objectiveous_ is now known as objectiveous16:20
*** primeministerp has joined #openstack16:23
*** garyk has quit IRC16:24
*** primeministerp has quit IRC16:27
*** networkstatic has quit IRC16:27
*** networkstatic has joined #openstack16:27
ev0ldaveuictamale:  two br100 interfaces or br100 interface with 2 ups?16:28
ev0ldavestupid autocorrect: ups = ips16:28
*** primeministerp has joined #openstack16:28
UICTamalesecond - 2 ups16:29
*** dubsquared1 has joined #openstack16:30
*** dubsquared has quit IRC16:30
guimalufhow can I force the deletion of a VM? should I edit some nova table?16:30
*** EmilienM has joined #openstack16:32
*** Breaking_Pitt has quit IRC16:33
*** Breaking_Lunch is now known as Breaking_Pitt16:33
ev0ldavethat's weird are you manually defining the br100 interface in your interfaces with a static ip?16:33
*** imsplitbit has quit IRC16:33
ev0ldaveguimaluf:  you make sure nova-compute is running properly first?  everytime i've had a hung delete i needed to fix the nova-compute service16:34
*** EmilienM has quit IRC16:36
*** QuinnMurphy has joined #openstack16:36
guimalufev0ldave, this is the problem, nova-compute is XXX cause there is no instace-0005c directory on /var/lib/nova/instances16:37
UICTamaleev0ldave: No, it's not defined in /etc/network/interfaces16:37
UICTamaleIn any case, I used one of the commands diopter gave me yesterday to remove it - ip a d dev br100
UICTamaleseemed to have worked.16:37
*** colinmcnamara has joined #openstack16:39
*** rnorwood has quit IRC16:39
*** primozf has quit IRC16:39
*** livemoon has quit IRC16:40
*** ondergetekende has quit IRC16:42
*** ecarlin has joined #openstack16:42
*** Ryan_Lane has joined #openstack16:42
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*** anniec has joined #openstack16:46
*** EmilienM has joined #openstack16:47
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*** inteq has joined #openstack16:57
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*** DuncanT has joined #openstack17:19
*** k0rupted has joined #openstack17:19
*** dprince_ has quit IRC17:19
phschwartzDiopter: Could the cause of my problem be related to how I set the network up. I told it to use br16 as the bridge.17:19
*** dprince has joined #openstack17:19
*** dubsquared1 has quit IRC17:19
Diopterphschwartz: Maybe comment that line in the nova.conf17:20
DiopterShouldn't be the issue, but...17:20
phschwartzwait, confused. Which line? I was talking about when I created the network with nova-manage.17:20
DiopterMaybe your fixed network was added with specifying a different bridge, or something else in the database stored17:20
phschwartzI specified --bridge_interface=br16 when I created it.17:21
*** ryanpetrello has quit IRC17:21
DiopterMight try without17:21
phschwartzWithout creating the network or without the fixed_range set in the conf?17:21
*** oubiwann has quit IRC17:22
*** oubiwann has joined #openstack17:22
DiopterYou need fixed_range in the conf. Try recreating the network without specifying the bridge device. Or try commenting the bridge in the conf.17:22
*** jdurgin has joined #openstack17:23
*** Guest38070 has quit IRC17:24
*** johnpur has left #openstack17:24
*** mrjazzcat has joined #openstack17:25
phschwartzDiopter: created the network without specifying a bridge, starging an instnace.17:25
phschwartzsame result.17:25
*** jaypipes has quit IRC17:25
UICTamalephschwartz - did you restart nova network after doing so?17:27
UICTamaleI had to17:27
phschwartzyes, Here is the flow I have been using. Stop all nova components. clear DB. change config, db sync, network create, start nova components.17:27
UICTamaleand right before start nova components, you have no bridge when you do ip a ?17:28
*** ondergetekende has joined #openstack17:29
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack17:29
*** talset has quit IRC17:29
*** pweiss has quit IRC17:29
phschwartzUICTamale: The bridge doesn't come down when nova-network does17:29
UICTamaleRight, it won't until you remove it with ip a d or restart ubuntu networking17:30
UICTamaleIn my experience nova-network never removes things17:30
UICTamalejust adds them :)17:30
DiopterYou can blow away the bridge yourself pretty easily17:30
swinchencoolj: sorry about the delay.  I am rebooting everything17:30
*** colinmcnamara has joined #openstack17:30
phschwartzUICTamale: Let me try that. ip a d?17:30
UICTamaleit's a dancy diopter command :)17:30
phschwartzbtw running Centos 6.2 not ubuntu.17:30
Diopterip a d <- just deletes the address you specify17:30
Diopterip a d dev <if> <ip>17:30
*** ayoung-afk is now known as ayoung17:31
*** darraghb has quit IRC17:31
*** wairk has joined #openstack17:32
*** azret has quit IRC17:32
Diopterip a help, or ip help, if you're curious17:32
phschwartzshould I delete the bridge also, or just do the ip a d dev br16 on it.17:32
*** aliguori_ has quit IRC17:33
*** wairk has quit IRC17:33
*** Leseb has joined #openstack17:33
UICTamaleI'm having the best luck with a manual eth1 entry but no bridge in /etc/network/interfaces17:33
*** aliguori has joined #openstack17:33
UICTamalethen letting nova-network make the bridge17:33
*** raziel_ has joined #openstack17:34
*** Leseb has left #openstack17:34
phschwartzthat is what I am doing, but with eth0 as eth1 isn't cabled.17:34
phschwartzBut the issue is instances come up and don't get their network info.17:34
*** joesavak has joined #openstack17:34
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack17:34
raziel_anyone knows why the flag: "instances_path=" makes the instance to fail spwanning?17:35
*** markmcclain has joined #openstack17:36
phschwartzUICTamale: Yeah, doing the ip a d didn't help. I am going to try completely removing the bridge this time.17:36
*** negronjl has quit IRC17:36
UICTamalephschwartz makes sense, good luck17:36
*** negronjl has joined #openstack17:36
UICTamaleI've got a flood of 'unable to retrieve details for instance "xxx" ' errors in the dashboard17:37
UICTamalebut I can't find the id it references anywhere17:37
*** ryanpetrello has joined #openstack17:38
UICTamalewhere the F is it getting that?17:38
phschwartzUICTamale: No luck. Man this is getting agrevating. lol17:39
*** ecarlin has quit IRC17:39
*** azret has joined #openstack17:39
UICTamaleis there a flat-file list of instance IDs somewhere?17:41
*** relling has joined #openstack17:43
*** raziel_ has quit IRC17:43
*** rmartinelli has joined #openstack17:43
phschwartzBah, I think I am done for the moment. I need to take a break, I just hosed the bridge.17:44
*** jaypipes has joined #openstack17:45
*** MarcMorata has quit IRC17:47
*** relling has quit IRC17:47
*** ayoung is now known as ayoung-afk17:50
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*** phschwartz-rm has quit IRC18:00
*** phschwartz-rm has joined #openstack18:01
uvirtbotNew bug: #1035004 in nova "TypeError: prep_resize() takes at least 6 arguments (7 given)" [High,In progress]
*** jplewi has quit IRC18:02
*** joesavak has joined #openstack18:02
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*** Leseb has joined #openstack18:10
uvirtbotNew bug: #1035008 in python-quantumclient "unable to see details of the messages between the client and server" [Undecided,New]
*** avoine has joined #openstack18:11
smokes2345can someone shed a little more light on the nova live_migration options? like, what are the live_migration_flag values and what does each of them mean?18:13
*** mutex has left #openstack18:13
*** arBmind has quit IRC18:15
*** networkstatic has joined #openstack18:17
*** Blackavar has joined #openstack18:18
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*** dolphm has joined #openstack18:51
*** erikzaadi has joined #openstack18:51
*** adiantum has joined #openstack18:53
*** ondergetekende has quit IRC18:54
smokes2345can someone shed a little more light on the nova live_migration options? like, what are the live_migration_flag values and what does each of them mean?18:56
annegentlesmokes2345: bottom of this page
*** pweiss has joined #openstack18:57
annegentlesmokes2345: though those descriptions are plain awful18:57
smokes2345yeah, thats exactly what i mean, they don't really tell you anything useful18:57
*** dubsquared has quit IRC18:58
*** ryanpetr_ has joined #openstack18:58
*** dhellmann_ has joined #openstack18:58
annegentlesmokes2345: please log a doc bug at
smokes2345the uri and retry counts are fairly obvious (i think) but flags and bandwidth? what are the available flags? what do they mean? does the bandwidth option limit the used bandwidth or define the minimum necessary?18:59
*** ryanpetrello has quit IRC19:00
*** dhellmann has quit IRC19:01
*** dhellmann_ is now known as dhellmann19:01
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*** arBmind has joined #openstack19:09
UICTamalecan someone explain what 'flat_injected=False' does with nova-networking?19:10
UICTamalemy new VMs aren't coming up with networking on some of my compute nodesd19:10
UICTamalebut on some of them they're fine19:10
UICTamaleeven though the nova.conf and /etc/network/interfaces configs are the same19:10
Diopter^ explains the injection when you're not running FlatDHCP19:11
uvirtbotDiopter: Error: "explains" is not a valid command.19:11
*** rnorwood has quit IRC19:11
*** matiu has quit IRC19:12
UICTamaleaha, so with flatDHCP i need flat_injected=false19:12
UICTamaleor at least, it's a best practice19:12
UICTamalehmm.  I'm very confused what's different between my nodes again19:12
UICTamalethis time I built them all identically for sure19:13
*** MarcMorata has joined #openstack19:13
*** Leseb has joined #openstack19:14
*** pweiss has quit IRC19:15
*** johnpostlethwait has joined #openstack19:15
*** pweiss has joined #openstack19:15
*** ExxonValdeez has left #openstack19:16
uvirtbotNew bug: #1035035 in openstack-common "git review autorebase should "die in a fire"" [Undecided,In progress]
UICTamalecloud-init-nonet gave up waiting for a network device19:17
*** pweiss has quit IRC19:18
*** steveb_ has joined #openstack19:18
UICTamaleshould eth1 be in promiscuous mode?19:20
*** dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates19:20
*** mrjazzcat has joined #openstack19:20
*** erikzaadi has quit IRC19:21
*** ayoung-afk is now known as ayoung19:21
*** colinmcnamara has joined #openstack19:21
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack19:21
ijwWith ubuntu essex, the base64-encoded (and why is it base64 encoded?) userdata in my database is being truncated at 65535 bytes, resulting in something that can't be decoded.  Is that something people know about?19:21
*** tmichael has quit IRC19:26
*** natea has joined #openstack19:26
*** joesavak has joined #openstack19:27
*** matwood has quit IRC19:27
*** adiantum_ has joined #openstack19:27
*** MarkAtwood has quit IRC19:27
*** tmichael has joined #openstack19:27
*** clopez has quit IRC19:28
smoserijw, the api should probably just reject your attempt19:28
smoserthe client base64 encodes it (this is per specification and following of amazon)19:28
*** ecarlin has joined #openstack19:29
smoserbut amazon allows 64k binary data19:29
smoserso that is a bug.19:29
ijwsmoser: yes, I think that's true, and as for the b64 encoding that doesn't mean it should be stored as base64, since it has to be decoded at some point.19:29
smoserand its a bug that the api didn't just say "go away"19:29
smoserijw, clearly. the size limit was not intended to be put on the b64 size.19:29
ijwsmoser: yup, looks like.19:30
smoseryou can/should file 2 bugs.19:30
smoseror 1.19:30
smoserbut both should be fixed.19:30
*** adiantum has quit IRC19:30
*** joesavak has quit IRC19:31
*** pixelbeat has quit IRC19:32
*** joesavak has joined #openstack19:33
*** clopez has joined #openstack19:33
uvirtbotNew bug: #1035049 in openstack-manuals "migration options documentation is unclear" [Undecided,New]
shanlarwith cloud-init, do i have to specify my cloud-config in the user data or is it possible to leave user-data blank and have cloud-init always use a static cloud-config file?19:36
*** johnpostlethwait has quit IRC19:38
*** llang629 has joined #openstack19:38
*** dprince has quit IRC19:45
uvirtbotNew bug: #1035055 in nova "metadata cannot be fetched into client if it's an inconvenient size" [Undecided,New]
*** koolhead17|zzZZ has quit IRC19:47
*** tmichael has quit IRC19:49
*** colinmcnamara has quit IRC19:49
*** mnewby has quit IRC19:49
UICTamaleshould dnsmasq be listening on the private IP or the public one?19:50
UICTamaleI can reach my VMs via private IPs finally (rebooted ALL nodes and things magically started working) - but floating IPs still aren't routing properly19:51
*** tmichael has joined #openstack19:51
*** matwood has joined #openstack19:52
UICTamaleI can use the floating IP FROM the node the VM is on19:53
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack19:53
UICTamalebut not from any other computer on our network19:53
*** bsza has joined #openstack19:53
*** spg has joined #openstack19:54
*** MarkAtwood has quit IRC19:55
*** MarkAtwood has joined #openstack19:55
spgthat is hello19:56
UICTamaleah, hello :)19:56
uvirtbotNew bug: #1035059 in nova "Metadata is still broken in a default install, if you're unlucky" [Undecided,New]
*** cdub has quit IRC19:57
*** Guest78961 is now known as dpb__19:58
*** ayoung_ has joined #openstack19:58
*** dpb__ is now known as dpb___19:58
*** dolphm has quit IRC19:58
*** cdub has joined #openstack19:58
*** ayoung has quit IRC19:58
ijwUICTamale: to ask the stupid question, is the floating IP routeable?19:59
UICTamaleNot a stupid question - I don't even know how to check that.19:59
*** supriya__ has quit IRC19:59
*** rnorwood has quit IRC20:00
*** adiantum_ has quit IRC20:00
*** vmlinuz has quit IRC20:00
UICTamaleNova network adds the floating IPs to the bridged interface - I can see it in ip a output20:00
DiopterUICTamale: Add one of your floats that's not associated onto your bridge, and try connecting to the host through it from externally, or from it to somewhere external20:00
Diopter(ping -I lets you choose an interface/IP to source from)20:00
UICTamaleadd with dashboard?20:01
DiopterJust manually20:01
Diopterip a a dev br### x.x.x.x/3220:02
*** dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk20:02
UICTamalewait, it's adding the floating IP to eth1, not br10020:02
*** jsavak has joined #openstack20:02
UICTamaleis that the problem?20:02
UICTamale(it being nova-network)20:02
DiopterHrm. Not sure. Wasn't your private range bridged to eth1?20:03
*** spg has left #openstack20:04
*** joesavak has quit IRC20:04
UICTamaleprivate range shows up on br10020:04
DiopterBut eth1 is in br100, no?20:04
UICTamalefloating range shows up on eth120:04
*** ecarlin has quit IRC20:05
DiopterSo that's your problem. Your floating IP(s) should be on eth0, with your public.20:05
*** ecarlin has joined #openstack20:05
*** melmoth has quit IRC20:05
*** joesavak has joined #openstack20:05
UICTamalesudo nova-manage floating list20:06
UICTamaleis it that 'eth1' that's f'ing me up?20:06
DiopterOstensibly, yes.20:06
UICTamalesweet, that's an easy fix20:06
UICTamaleremove and re-add the pool right20:07
DiopterTry it, yep20:07
*** jsavak has quit IRC20:07
*** jsavak has joined #openstack20:08
*** dubsquared has quit IRC20:08
*** rnorwood has joined #openstack20:09
*** rnorwood1 has joined #openstack20:10
*** joesavak has quit IRC20:12
*** joesavak has joined #openstack20:13
*** jsavak has quit IRC20:14
*** rnorwood has quit IRC20:14
*** steveb_ has quit IRC20:15
*** natea_ has joined #openstack20:16
*** natea has quit IRC20:18
*** natea_ is now known as natea20:18
UICTamalewell, I see the floating IP on eth0 now20:19
UICTamalestill can't ping it from other machines though20:19
swinchenWell, I just lost my cool and swore a lot.  I feel better.20:20
ijwCan someone tell me the yum package in centos for the glance CLI client?20:21
ijw(essex, if it matters)20:21
*** warik has joined #openstack20:21
UICTamale2: eth0: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 1500 qdisc pfifo_fast state UP qlen 100020:21
UICTamale    inet brd scope global eth0  #  <=== actual node IP20:21
UICTamale    inet scope global eth0    # <==== floating IP20:21
UICTamale    inet6 fe80::230:48ff:fed7:3e8/64 scope link20:21
UICTamale       valid_lft forever preferred_lft forever20:21
*** natea_ has joined #openstack20:21
UICTamaleis that part after the node IP supposed to be with the floating IP as well?20:22
*** Breaking_Pitt has quit IRC20:22
*** ecarlin has quit IRC20:22
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ijwaha, openstack-glance.20:23
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mckrakenUIC:  looks fine.  One thing I've always had to do is turn off reverse packet filtering on the involved interfaces:  echo 0 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/eth0/rp_filter20:32
UICTamalemckraken: thanks, tried that - still no luck20:32
UICTamaledoesn't it cause problems to have two IPs on the same interface, one "within" the subnet of the other?20:33
*** epim has joined #openstack20:33
mckrakenthat's how it looks/works for me20:33
UICTamaleand you can reach both IPs from other machines on your network?20:33
mckraken"both" ip's?20:34
UICTamaleyes, the physical machine via its standard eth0 ip and the VM20:34
UICTamalealso, where did that /32 come from?20:34
UICTamaleshouldn't it be /24 ?20:35
mckrakenactually that's not how it's working for me.  sorry didn't read closely20:35
mckrakenbut yes, the floating ip's will have /32 as individual prerouted addresses20:35
UICTamale*whew* - i'm tired of my setup being the same as others but only mine's failing ;)20:35
UICTamaleok - then my question is how are they supposed to be routed from other machines on the network?20:36
mckrakeni have another interface that is dedicated for public_ips though and it has the network range assigned to it as well20:36
UICTamaleshould they have a broadcast?20:36
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UICTamalea third interface?20:36
UICTamalethird physical or just two physical20:36
mckrakentwo physical but with trunked vlan's20:37
mckrakenso the public_ip interface is actually vlanXXX20:37
*** anniec_ has joined #openstack20:37
mckrakenso yeah, never mind, I'm totally different. :)20:37
UICTamalethanks anyway? :)20:38
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contextso... networks shows a gateway of x.y.z.1, but the VM is showing the openstack's bridge ip, which on this one is x.y.z.521:00
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contextso how do i get my router to talk to them :/21:02
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noobhey guys.  I seem to be having an odd issue where every 3rd or 4th instance will boot.  all others will fail to launch21:15
*** smiley7791 has quit IRC21:16
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noobI think i found the error.  could not retrieve tenant list from the httpd logs21:20
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warikwhy another instance_path than /var/lib/nova/instances will fails spwanning the instance?21:36
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QuinnMurphycan I ask a quick stackops question here?22:07
*** Dr_Who has quit IRC22:09
QuinnMurphyactually, just answered it :)22:11
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Vinsh_HPI am noticing in the horizon dashboard.. with folsom.. with each new project created.. there is a duplicate "default" security group added.22:30
*** k0rupted has joined #openstack22:30
Vinsh_HPHowever.. I can not delete the extras.22:30
Vinsh_HPMaybe each default group belongs to a specific project? If so, there is no way to tell from the horizon dashboard.22:30
Vinsh_HPAnyone else know whats going on with that?22:30
Vinsh_HPThis is a devstack setup fyi.22:31
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UICTamaleHey everyone, I'm having a heckuva time with floating IPs.  Are we really supposed to run iptables commands to manually route each assigned floating IP as this document suggests?
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UICTamale400+ idlers.. and nary a peep :)22:52
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noob2can someone show me a working keystone example?  I keep getting stuck on it23:06
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mckrakenUIC:  you shouldn't need to do that, no.  But there are some issues with running everything through a single physical interface.23:11
mckrakenHaven't done it myself, as our earlier conversation so aptly demonstrated, but I remember reading that you need to create a bridge device if you're going to run public/private on the same interface.23:12
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noob2are the endpoints in keystone arbitrary?23:18
warikthoughts on clean the _base directory?23:20
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