Wednesday, 2021-06-16

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oneswig#startmeeting scientific-sig11:00
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oneswigNo fixed agenda for today but I did have a couple of items11:02
oneswigQuiet session today - anybody participating?11:09
oneswigHi b1airo, sorry was writing terms for a fair usage agreement 11:12
oneswignot something I do every day!11:12
oneswig#chair b1airo11:12
opendevmeetCurrent chairs: b1airo oneswig11:12
b1airogawd, sounds like a hell of a hobby11:13
oneswigSometimes you need one, it seems.11:13
oneswigI was also looking through this that one of the team posted:
oneswigThe usage agreement is for the SMS Lab - our public-access bare metal cloud project for free software projects.11:16
b1airooh cool, worth doing then for sure11:17
oneswigYes!  It's not strictly public access, more that anyone can ask 11:17
oneswigShaping up to be a fun effort all round.11:17
b1airothat Kelsey piece rings true to some extent, but at a meta level i do wonder why our industry needs to spend so much time reminding ourselves that software is hard and technology is hyped11:19
oneswigcoupling with the (slanted) opinions of the Hashicorp guy, I wonder if all's going well in Kubernetes11:20
oneswigIs there a software equivalent to the Peter Principle, in which a project develops increasing sophistication to the point where it buckles under its own complexity?11:21
oneswigMet somebody yesterday from your neck of the woods b1airo (well, Greta Point) in a local pub11:23
oneswigHe said the view from the canteen is the best11:24
b1airoeh?! A NIWA'n ?11:24
oneswigNow an RSE at Cambridge University11:25
b1airothat is funny. ex NIWA i take it? did they know the HPC crew?11:25
oneswigI didn't get to go into details unfortunately11:26
oneswigI was wondering about another SIG show-and-tell on control plane security monitoring.  One of our team has been working on this and it is looking neat.11:28
b1airoso, ISC is coming up pretty soon... any thoughts on survey?11:28
oneswiggood question.11:28
oneswigWho seeded the mentimeter presentation with questions?  Some of these are quite thorny11:30
b1airooh, that's topical - we've just put a 1-pager investment case together around security for our new infra... it's more focused on tenant-space and services that NeSI is running atop OpenStack, but obviously we need strong confidence in the control plane to underpin that11:30
oneswigThe question I might like to ask would be along the lines of "What is wrong with HPC in cloud?"11:33
oneswigAsking someone what is wrong with what they are advocating is often interesting.  If they say nothing, it's usually discrediting11:34
b1airoahh i haven't looked yet, I think last time it was some combination of inputs - will take a peak over the weekend i think. guess what we need to do first is decide how we're using the survey - is it purely an adjacent thing that we might refer to, or will we use it as an interactive tool to drive the discussion11:35
b1airoyep agreed11:36
oneswigb1airo: might be good to talk to heikkine from Basel University - he's on Slack.  They've been working with Wazuh agents for deployed platforms (this is also what we are using for the control plane).11:36
b1airosounds like a good lead, suspect we'll be asking you more directly for a steer if it gets supported...11:38
oneswigalready looking forward to it.11:38
oneswigb1airo: any other thoughts on new discussion content for the SIG?11:39
b1airoone other thing I'm thinking of is the automation / control point / glue for taking action based on vulnerability scans, e.g., if we see something bad open to the Internet (where "bad" might mean exposing a critical vulnerability or against policy etc11:41
verdurinThat security monitoring is of interest to us too.11:43
oneswigGood point.  There's hardening to prevent it, patching to fix it when we've discovered it, and incident response to fix it after someone else has abused it.  Each of those is a worthy subject for discussion11:43
oneswigHi verdurin11:45
verdurinHello. I managed to join even though I haven't updated my calendar entries for the time change yet...11:46
oneswigI'll report back on options for a show-and-tell11:46
oneswigverdurin: you managed to migrate from freenode as well11:46
verdurinMust admit I tried libera first...11:47
oneswigThis ansible-hardening patch from May might be worth trying:
b1airoon other topics for the SIG - i'm interested in a discussion about multi-tenant managed service hosting, i.e., what do I need to offer and manage as part of a platform-service that let's RSEs deploy production science (web)services (specifically not HPC - though they might integrate with HPC)11:50
oneswigThat would certainly be interesting for a discussion, if we could gather a few options together.  Good idea11:51
oneswigI'll try noting these11:52
oneswig#action follow-up discussion on security monitoring, hardening, incident response11:52
oneswignot sure if that worked.11:52
b1airoi'm selfishly putting the service provider lens on it as that's where we can add value and scale, people can always do their own thing if they have fundamental issues with technology choices11:53
oneswig#action b1airo platforms-as-a-service roundup11:53
oneswigWe'll see if they turn up in the minutes...11:54
b1airoit's just a question of what we can support and provide SLAs etc for11:54
oneswigb1airo: I think everyone's a service provider, nothing selfish about it I'd say11:54
oneswigverdurin: any further thoughts from you on future discussion topics?11:55
b1airoi mean i guess there are people just running OpenStack for fun, but those kind of people also have dungeons...11:55
oneswigI like the people who do it for fun at least as much as the people who do it for profit :-) 11:57
oneswignearly at time - and I'd like to put the kettle on.  Any more to add?11:57
b1airowho's holding the leather paddle?11:58
oneswigha!  If I had a dungeon it would be used for wine storage!11:58
b1airoi concur11:59
oneswigTime to close.  Thanks b1airo verdurin12:00
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