Thursday, 2021-06-17

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abhishekk#startmeeting glance14:00
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abhishekk#topic roll call14:00
abhishekklets wait couple of minutes for others14:00
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abhishekkmay be rosmaita is busy in other meeting14:02
abhishekkhe is here14:02
abhishekklets start14:02
abhishekk#topic release/periodic jobs update14:02
rosmaitasorry for being late, and sorry in advance for not paying attention14:02
abhishekk4 weeks for M214:02
abhishekkno worries14:03
abhishekkMeans we have 3 weeks for quotas and cache work14:03
abhishekkPeriodic jobs, 1 failure related to image failed to reach active state in 15 seconds14:03
abhishekkmight be due to some non related issues, I will go through logs 14:04
abhishekkmoving to next topic14:04
abhishekk#topic M2 Target progress check14:04
abhishekkUnified quota spec14:04
abhishekkPatches are up and we need reviews from volunteer reviewers14:04
abhishekkIts in good shape now14:04
abhishekkSo kindly review, rosmaita, Steap_ ^^ 14:05
abhishekkCache API14:05
abhishekkSpec is approved, client spec is under review14:05
abhishekkWe have 3 weeks to complete the work14:05
dansmithI haven't seen any more movement on the server side cache code, did I miss it?14:05
jokke_dansmith: nope, haven't got to it yet14:06
abhishekkjokke_, please let me know if you need additional resource14:06
dansmithokay, just didn't want to be ignoring it if so14:06
abhishekkI know you are busy with glance/swift stuff14:06
abhishekkI can volunteer myself for client side work 14:07
jokke_cheers, next week should be fine to look into that too. Have some other things on my plate I need to get done by tomorrow afternoon14:07
abhishekkcool, lets sync next week then14:07
abhishekkmoving ahead14:07
abhishekkpdeore, is also with us now, so we can share the work14:08
abhishekkmoving ahead,14:08
abhishekk#topic Policy refactoring14:08
abhishekkWith help of dansmith and his PoC, I have written a spec for policy refactoring work14:09
abhishekkThis is going to be big task and we need all possible help to achieve this goal14:09
abhishekkSo kindly have a look at the spec and PoC 14:10
abhishekkWe need to start putting active efforts into this ASAP14:10
abhishekkany questions around this?14:11
abhishekkI take that as no, I guess next week we will have more discussion around this14:11
abhishekkmoving ahead14:11
abhishekk#topic Launchpad and Gerrit team restructuring14:12
abhishekkLast week when rosmaita was not around, I noticed that we were unable to set/add new release or milestones in launchpad14:12
abhishekkHe was the only active launchpad admin for glance till then14:13
abhishekkWith help of fungi I have added myself and jokke_ to it14:13
abhishekkThere are lots of people who are not active and yet are LP administrator for glance 14:13
rosmaitasorry, i didn't realize how important i was14:13
abhishekkSame thing goes for our gerrit core reviewers team14:14
abhishekkI would like to remove/cleanup both the teams14:14
rosmaitai thought any core member can administer the core team?14:14
Steap_rosmaita: we were quite surprised as well14:14
abhishekkcore team can administer in gerrit but LP administrator is different14:15
jokke_rosmaita: yeah, gerrit teams are bit different. We just have people like Nikhil still in glance core14:15
rosmaitaah, ok14:15
abhishekkIf all are onboard then I will cleanup our both the teams after the meeting14:16
fungiteam members can be set as administrators by other administrators14:17
fungii recommend having several14:17
abhishekkyes, I want to remove only those which are not active14:17
fungiand at least making sure to update it to include the ptl as an administrator when there's a change in leadership14:17
abhishekkYep, I made a note of this, and will also include it in our documentation somewhere14:18
abhishekkthanks fungi for your help14:18
abhishekkmoving ahead14:18
abhishekk#topic Bi-weekly Bug discussion (3rd Meet)14:19
abhishekkLast week we skipped it as there were less members 14:19
abhishekkLets go through them one by one14:19
abhishekkthis was filed by jokke_ 14:20
Steap_DO we know when thre is going to be another eventlet release?14:21
abhishekkjokke_, could you please update the recent status of eventlet release on the bug?14:21
jokke_I think we got rid of caps already, probably need to check the minimums before closing that off14:21
jokke_abhishekk: Yeah, I'll add that to my next weeks todo list14:21
abhishekkack, thank you14:22
abhishekkglance-manage utility tool doesn't recognize config dirs14:23
abhishekkDo we need to fix this issue?14:24
abhishekkglance-manage has now nothing to do with any other config file than glance-api.conf 14:24
Steap_if glance-manage is not supposed to read any other file, then this bug feels invalid14:25
Steap_doesn't it?14:25
abhishekkbut, glance-manage help text shows --config-dir option14:26
Steap_do we have --config-dir for any other utility?14:27
abhishekkSteap_, we removed registry so glance-manage now only need to read api.conf14:27
abhishekkAFAIK, no14:27
jokke_I think it still initially defaults to glance-manage.conf, and then gapi.conf14:28
Steap_maybe we just want to remove --config-dir14:28
abhishekk#action abhishekk to submit a patch to remove --config-dir option and defaults utility to read api.conf 14:29
abhishekkNext one is trivial, so skipping it, I will submit a patch for that14:29
abhishekkNon existing property protection file raises 500 Internal server error Edit14:29
jokke_but I'm not sure what is not working as the bug mentions conf.d dirs which IIRC we have never had anything to do with14:30
Steap_apparently we read both glance-api.conf and glance-manage.conf14:30
Steap_if I'm reading the source correctly14:30
jokke_Steap_: yup, that's what I just said we do go through them both if they exists in the --config-dir specified14:31
abhishekkI think generally the utility looks for config files in 3 locations14:32
abhishekk1. default one, 2. --config-dir path to config files and 3. If neither then from conf.d directory14:32
abhishekkNext one is doc issue14:34
abhishekkthis is also related to config file 14:34
abhishekkI think this is deployment specific issue14:35
jokke_yeah, that bug should be closed as invalid14:36
abhishekkand last one is related to our policy refactoring stuff, I have added it as reference to my spec14:37
abhishekkSo, what should be the status of this bug, as we are going to consider it as a feature14:38
dansmithconfirmed? it's definitely correct :)14:38
abhishekkOk, we need to keep it in mind to refer this bug in our patches in that case14:39
dansmithI dunno,14:39
dansmithwe don't have to be that strict, IMHO, and we could also refer to it in the final doc patch or something14:40
jokke_opinion maybe?14:40
dansmithopinion means we're not going to fix it (according to the description)14:40
jokke_IMHO one should not have change perms without read but 14:41
dansmithI dunno, you can have -w- perms on a dir in unix, but not r--14:41
dansmithbut either way, this is just an example of get/modify14:42
abhishekkOK, we can continue discussion on the spec :D14:42
dansmiththe real confusion comes when you end up with things like get-image-location and get-image conflicting or something like that14:42
dansmithabhishekk: maybe mark the spec as related-bug to this and then be done with it?14:42
abhishekkhmm, sounds good14:42
abhishekkwill do it in next revision14:42
abhishekkmoving to Open discussion14:43
abhishekk#topic Open discussion14:43
* abhishekk miss old bots :D14:43
dansmithSteap_: would love to see you take another trip through the quota patches if you can, just to get your +1 on things14:43
abhishekkrosmaita, Steap_ reminder to review quota patches14:44
Steap_dansmith: I will :)14:44
dansmithit'll help rosmaita when he gets there too, knowing more eyes have looked14:44
dansmithSteap_: thanks :)14:44
* rosmaita can use all the help he can get14:44
abhishekkNothing from me 14:44
jokke_I'm good too14:45
Steap_I'm good14:45
rosmaitanothing from me14:45
abhishekkSo just to inform all of you14:45
abhishekkpdeore, is going to help us in maintaining glance-tempest-plugin14:46
abhishekkshe is also going to increase her presence in glance in terms of reviews and contribution14:47
abhishekkThat's it14:47
abhishekkI guess we can wrap it then14:48
abhishekkthank you all14:48
abhishekkhave a good weekend, and don't forget to review spec and patches :D14:48
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