Friday, 2022-02-11

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elodillesreminder: weekly meeting starts in less than 10 minutes13:52
elodilles#startmeeting releaseteam14:00
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elodillesPing list: hberaud ttx armstrong 14:01
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elodilleshello everyone \o/14:01
elodilleslet's see where we are14:01
elodilleswe are @ line 24914:01
elodilleswaaaay down14:02
elodilleshi o/14:03
elodillescool, let's start14:03
elodilles#topic Review task completion14:03
damanisorry i forgot to put my name i will do it now 14:03
elodillesdamani: np :)14:03
elodillesso the 1st task:14:04
elodilles    Review Skyline ACL settings (from R-12 week's task outcome) (ttx)14:04
elodillesttx: you mentioned last meeting that it is actually OK already, right?14:05
ttxyes, that was done14:05
ttxIt was already ok, no change needed14:05
elodilles    Notify the Infrastructure team to generate an artifact signing key (but not replace the current one yet), and begin the attestation process. (diablo_rojo)14:05
fungishe did14:06
diablo_rojo_phoneI did!14:06
fungii hope to take care of it in the next week or so, but there's plenty of time14:06
elodillesthanks for that!14:06
fungithanks diablo_rojo_phone!14:06
elodillesboth of you :)14:06
elodillesthe next 2 tasks seems to dependent on the release naming,14:07
diablo_rojo_phonefungi: you'll be doing the hard part lol14:07
fungiit's all cut-n-paste anyway ;)14:07
elodilleswhich will happen hopefully next week14:07
elodillesso i guess we can track these next week14:08
hberaudit could be worth to repeat these tasks in our agenda14:08
elodillesi'll add them to the tasks of next week14:08
fungiyeah, the last one was as well, now that i think about it14:09
fungii can't properly label the new signing key without a cycle name14:09
elodillesohh, so that too14:09
fungireminder to the tc to pick names more than one release ahead in the future14:10
fungiin debian, the release team gets to pick release names. solves this particular deadlock ;)14:11
elodillesfungi do you want me to add a reminder for the signing key task as well in our agenda?14:11
fungielodilles: no need, i'll just set myself a reminder to do it as soon as we have a name to put on it14:11
elodillesfungi: ack :)14:11
elodillesthen let's go to the next topic14:12
elodilles#topic Assign R-6  week tasks14:12
elodilleshberaud damani : can i keep your names on the 1st task? 14:13
damanielodilles, yes sure 14:13
elodillesgood, thanks!14:14
elodillesi'll take care of the other moved task that was mine already14:14
damanii will check with them when they have determined the name and update the document 14:14
elodillesdamani: +114:14
elodillesso one is still open:14:14
elodillesPropose autoreleases for cycle-with-intermediary libraries (excluding client libraries) which had commits that have not been included in a release.14:15
damanielodilles, do you need help with something else ?14:15
damanii can help you with other tasks if you need 14:15
elodillesdamani: can you take maybe the autoreleases?14:16
damanielodilles, ok 14:16
ttxI prefer not to take anything since I won;t be around to report on those or followup14:16
elodillesttx: sure, no problem14:16
damanielodilles, just can give me a bit more information and i take it :)14:16
elodillesdamani: let me know if you need help14:16
damanielodilles, ok14:17
elodillesdamani: the task has details in the rekease process page,14:17
damanielodilles, yes i will check sorry 14:17
elodillesso i can help you with that :)14:18
elodillesand as always, i'll take care about the countdown email14:18
elodillesso we are done with the task assignments14:19
elodillesnext topic14:19
elodilles#topic Review countdown email contents14:19
elodillesplease review if everything is correct ^^^14:20
damanielodilles, seems good 14:21
elodillesnext topic then14:21
elodilles#topic PTL Nomination period (ends 15th February)14:22
elodillesi was surprised that we are at this period already14:22
ttxtime flies!14:23
ttxMeans you are ready for another term.14:23
elodillesanyway, i'm happy to continue, though i don't know yet how stressful the time will be around the release deadline 14:23
damanittx, i think he have no choice actually :)14:23
hberaudelodilles president!14:24
hberaudelodilles: we will be around to help you14:24
elodillesthanks, hberaud that really helps a lot :)14:24
elodillesanyway, just wanted to note this, who knows, maybe some of you want to be PTL as well ;)14:25
elodilleslet's move on then14:25
elodilles#topic Release cadence adjustment proposed14:26
elodillesyesterday TC had a video conf regarding this,14:26
elodillesand we have a proposal for resolution:
elodillesbasically as I understand it doesn't impact us really14:27
elodilles6 months release cycle remains14:27
ttxIt does affect how fast or slow we drop branches14:27
ttxbut otherwise should be fine14:27
elodillesas i understand the 18 months is there in general, but every second (tick) release will be longer maintained (24 months)14:28
elodilles18 months in 'maintained'14:29
fungiyeah, from the examples we discussed, the oldest branch in a maintained state will always be between 12 and 24 months old14:29
elodillesfungi: ++14:30
fungiit can be as little as 12 right after a "tick" release, because we drop maintenance for the "tock" release following any "tick" which leaves maintenance14:30
fungiso the oldest maintained branch will always be a "tick"14:30
fungiand we'll plan to always have precisely two "tick" branches under maintenance14:30
fungi(as well as the "tock" branches which follow them)14:31
ttxrolling over to A should have more impact14:31
elodillesttx: that's right14:31
ttxwe still need to make progress on reviewing the code and see how much it will be affected14:31
fungii guess one way to look at it is that we'll switch to moving two branches out of maintenance at a time, once yearly, instead of just one at a time every 6 months14:32
diablo_rojo_phoneThats an interesting shift14:32
elodillesfungi: yepp14:33
fungithe other bit of complexity is that it has implications for what upgrade test jobs we'll run for which branches14:33
elodillesfor what ttx mentioned:14:33
fungi"tick" branches will test tick->tock and tick->tick upgrades, while tock branches will only test tock->tick upgrades14:34
elodilles#action review alphabet rollover impact at
elodilles(i need to remind myself as well to review the scripts in the list)14:34
elodillesfungi: yes, that is another important point14:35
armstrongDo we need to run any test on the tool?14:36
elodillesso if anyone have time for reviewing the scripts for alphabet rollover impact, that would be awesome ^^^14:36
elodillesarmstrong: i don't think we have specific tests for that, but probably some can be tested locally beyond reviews14:38
elodillesttx hberaud : correct me if i'm wrong14:39
hberaudI don't think (AFAIK)14:39
hberaudI'll have check next week 14:40
elodilleshberaud: ++14:40
elodillesanything else regarding either of the tick-tock release cadence or the alphabet rollover?14:41
armstrongNot from me14:42
elodillesok, then last topic14:42
elodilles#topic Open Discussion14:42
elodillesif there is something we missed in the agenda...14:43
hberaudnothing on my end14:43
damaninothing on my side 14:43
elodillesokay, then let's wrap up the meeting!14:44
elodillesthanks everyone for joining!14:44
hberaudthank you elodilles 14:44
opendevmeetMeeting ended Fri Feb 11 14:44:30 2022 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at . (v 0.1.4)14:44
opendevmeetMinutes (text):
damanithanks a lot14:44
elodillesthanks too o/14:44
elodillesdamani: here is the release process:
elodillesdamani: i'll point you the task,14:45
ttxthanks elodilles !14:46
elodillesso the 1st task there ^^^14:46
elodillesttx: my pleasure :)14:47
damanielodilles, thanks i will check 14:47
elodillesdamani: we can try to do that together if you want14:47
damanielodilles, ok why not :)14:48
damanimonday ?14:48
elodillesdamani: monday afternoon looks fine to me!14:49
damaniok perfect :)14:49
elodillesdamani: around 13:00 UTC ?14:50
damanielodilles, yes 14:50
fungidansmith has just now pushed up a formal proposal for the release cadence change we discussed during the meeting:
damanielodilles, thanks a lot 14:50
elodilles(not that sharp but some time around that I'll ping you)14:50
elodillesdamani: thanks, too :)14:50
elodillesfungi: ++14:51
elodillesfungi: he updated the table, which i need to check as well, but in general i think i'm on the same page with what you described during the meeting14:52
fungioh, yes sorry, i missed that he pushed the original at 18:23z yesterday14:53
elodilles(always 2 tick releases in maintained + tock release transitions together with the oldest tick release)14:53
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